Boogie On The Bath Mat

Oz blinked. And for a damn good reason, as well.

'Cause well, when it comes right down to it, nothing says more than a blink.

Except actual words, of course. But Oz had a feeling Xander would have plenty of those for the both of them.

So Oz blinked. Then he blinked again, just for good measure.

Nothing like a nice, swift blink to express your surprise at having a naked Xander in front of you. Boy, was he surprised. He hadn't planned this.

No, sirree, no plan at all. Honest. He hadn't really expected Xander to just jump up and shed his clothes. That wasn't really a Xander-ish thing to do. Even under the circumstances.

And the circumstances were as follows: Xander and Oz were having themselves a grand old night. They were watching CNN.

Well, to be accurate, Xander was staring at the TV, which happened to be tuned to CNN. And Oz was lazily strumming his guitar, thinking thoughts to himself. Oz-type thoughts. But when Pat Robertson appeared on the screen and begin spouting off about the "homosexual agenda" and the evil schemes of ultra-liberal feminists, Oz had to stop thinking his thoughts. Because Oz thoughts run pretty much perpendicular to right-wing political thoughts.

Xander, in the meantime, went right on thinking no thoughts at all. Thoughts weren't needed at that particular time, so he didn't think them. He wasn't worried. They tended to pop up when they were needed.

And wouldn't you know it, that they did. Xander was staring at the TV, and Oz was staring at the TV, and then Xander had a thought. A big thought. So he asked Oz the question that naturally came to mind from his thought.

"Oz?" he asked. "What the hell do they think happens if two guys get nekkid with each other? Is the world supposed to explode or something?"

Oz shrugged. "Dunno, Xander. You could always strip and I guess we'd find out."

Oz knew he was joking, of course. But it's hard to tell with Oz, especially when you're Xander. So Xander stared at the ceiling for a second, and he decided maybe Oz was right. Maybe they should find out. Never mind that Oz hadn't actually said they should find out. That was just semantics.

That's how Oz was left blinking. He had to blink a good three or four times before he discovered something that relates even more than a blink.

He raised an eyebrow.

And when his eyes happened to wander not-so-innocently down the length of Xander's body, the other eyebrow went up too. "Look, Xander. The world didn't explode."

"Guess not." Xander started to reach for his jeans, and another of those pesky thoughts occurred. "Hey, wait. I'm just one nekkid guy. What if the world only explodes when two nekkid guys get together."

"Huh." Xander had a point. So Oz stood up and stripped. Xander didn't blink, and his eyebrows didn't move. It probably would have required another thought to be surprised.

His dick, on the other hand, had a little something to say, and it said it, stiffening a good bit. Oz noticed this, naturally, but he was preoccupied with the stirring below his own waist. And of course with the fact that the world had not, after all, exploded. Xander noticed, as well, and said accordingly, "Look, Oz, the world didn't explode."

Oz nodded, preoccupied. "True. But think about it. Football players and the like get nekkid together all the time. In locker rooms, you know? That's never been a big deal."

So Xander thought about it. Xander could think thoughts rather well, in fact; he just didn't particularly care for the task. After thinking about it, this is what he came up with. "So you're saying the only way we'll really know is if we get down to the horizontal hokey-pokey. The mattress marengue. The floor flamenco -"

"Yeah, that," Oz cut in. He stepped forward and licked his lips. "Xander, you know the world won't really explode, right?"

Xander licked his lips, too. "Right. But -"

"But we're two nekkid guys, and there's a floor here."

"Right." He nodded, rather thoughtfully in fact. "Let's boogie."

So they did. Oz kissed Xander, and Xander liked that quite a bit, so he went right ahead and kissed Oz back. Oz had a nice warm tongue, and he liked to caress Xander's with it. He liked that a lot, so much in fact that he was about to be disappointed when Xander pulled his mouth away.

But then, how can you be disappointed when you're on the receiving end of one fantastic blow job? Oz sure couldn't, because Xander, after snaking a wet trail all the way down Oz's chest and belly, was steadily proving himself remarkably skilled at giving head. "Xand, have you done this before?"

Xander pulled his mouth away for a moment and squinted up at Oz's face. "Nope. I'm not gay."

Oz didn't much feel like analyzing the validity of Xander's claim. "Right. Course not. Hey, Xand?"

"Oz, do you want to get off, or do you want have a philosophical debate?"

"I just want to lie down," Oz murmured weakly, his knees about to buckle. "We can discuss Sartre at a later point in time."

So Xander let Oz lie down before taking his fingers and tongue back to their task. He sucked and nibbled, and Oz moaned and squirmed, and before too long, Oz had indeed gotten off. He smiled, pleased, as Xander looked up and licked his lips like he had one last cookie crumb to catch, and he reached to pull Xander up to him.

Xander slid back along Oz's body, first tasting his belly button, then his nipples, and then finally his mouth again. He was thinking again, on the one hand worrying that he'd formed a habit of thinking, and on the other acknowledging that it wasn't such a bad thing when Oz flipped him onto his back on the floor and worked his own way down, kneading muscle groups and placing tiny, well-timed kisses. When he finally got to Xander's cock, he paused, taking his time, swiping it with a few licks and nibbles. He cupped the warm sac in his hand, testing its weight for no particular reason other than to make Xander squirm.

Xander was squirming, all right. He was digging his fingers into what he vaguely recognized as a bathroom mat, but he didn't really care to wonder why Oz had chosen to put it there of all places. He was much better off thrusting up into Oz's mouth and catching the occasional glimpses of orange hair attached to a bobbing head, and of course wondering, as he always did, about the state of his sexuality.

Even that didn't last so long, because first there was the exquisite release, and then Oz was crawling up into his arms and snuggling up for some pretty tender kisses. "Oz?" he eventually asked when they parted to pull in deep breaths. "Why do you have a bath mat in your living room?"

Oz ran his fingers lightly over Xander's chest. "I already had one in the bathroom," he replied, as if the answer were obvious.

"Oh." Seemed simple enough. That's just how Xander liked it, so he asked his next question. "Oz? Can we do this again sometime?"

Oz raised an eyebrow. "I hope so."

"Okay...let's not watch CNN next time, okay?"

"Sounds good to me."