Oz wasn't feeling all that bad as he fell backwards onto his sofa. Somehow he'd always thought getting attacked by a vampire in his own home would be...disconcerting, at the least.

"You know, when I said 'come in'..." He shrugged as his legs lost all contact with the silk of his paisley boxers. "I think what we have here is a double-entendre."

Angel knelt on the sofa, one knee firmly planted between Oz's. "Technically, I don't have to be invited there."

Oz smiled softly. "Yeah, but like you said, that's a technicality. You have to be invited for you."

Angel nudged the other man's nose with his own, busily working shirt buttons to get them open. "Hush, or you'll ruin my reputation as a merciless vampire."

"You know me, always opening my big mouth -"

"Am I going to have to seal those lips for you?" Cool lips crushed against Oz's mouth, clamping down and manipulating to make the way for the vampire's flecking tongue.

Soft growls rumbled up from both throats at the same time, forcing Angel to break away, laughing. "That's new."

"Prefer your men a little meeker?" Oz taunted.

Angel shuddered. "'re perfect." He drew in a long, deep breath. "You smell so good...good enough to eat."

Oz lifted one bemused eyebrow. "No biting, Angel. I bite back."

A wicked grin transformed the vampire's face, and he eased lower on Oz's bare flesh. "Is that a promise?" he mumbled when he reached the belly button. "Because I can get...very upset...when I'm teased."

Oz bit down hard on his lip and laced his fingers in Angel's silky locks, trying to ease his mouth lower. "I promise..." he groaned.

Angel planted a light kiss on the oozing tip of Oz's erection. "Swear?"

Something akin to a snarl erupted from above Angel's head. "I...swear."

Angel laughed. "In that case..." After a long, drawn-out caress of his tongue along the underside of Oz's cock, he relented, taking the entire length into his mouth.

With the expert skill of years of experience, he scraped one fang across the pulsating and sensitive flesh with feathery tenderness. Unable to stop himself, Oz bucked upwards, thrusting into Angel's accepting mouth, which sucked and nibbled eagerly. Angel drew it out as long as possible, but sooner rather than later, Oz arched up and came with a howl that rattled the windowpanes.

After easing Oz through it with gentle cleansing swipes of his tongue, Angel slid back up along the lithe body beneath him and smiled. "Now you just remember, you promised."

Oz kissed him eagerly. "How could I forget?"