Enjoying The Evening

"Come on, you've got to see this."

Dutifully, Xander followed a very bouncy Oz. They had consumed extremely large burritos (purchased along with t-shirts and bumper stickers that read, "Roll a fat one today") while sitting under the world's tallest statue of Russion Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin. Now was the time that they needed to either just sit like lumps and digest or else get up and walk around while their dinner settled. Oz clearly wanted to do the latter.

And so Xander let Oz lead him, not really paying much attention to his friend's enthusiastic tour guide patter. He vaguely recognized a sculpture of a group of people (and one dog) waiting for a bus. Some unknown person or persons had decorated the figures with streamers, flowers, and balloons, propping a handmade sign (wishing someone named Davey a happy birthday) against a child in its mother's arms. The next stop on the tour was a tall rocket (if the plaque in front of it was to be believed, this spot was the center of the universe). Finally, the pair backtracked several blocks out of the way and up a bit of a hill to a huge creature under a bridge. The Fremont Troll, he was informed. Xander sat on one of the stone benches next to the troll and watched Oz examine the sculpture.

"Don't you want to check it out?"

Xander shook his head. "I'd rather watch you looking at it."

"Oh." Oz climbed up onto the troll's left hand before jumping off and sitting on its right index finger. Then he held his hand out to Xander. "Sit with me?" Nodding, Xander moved to the troll's hand and sat down behind Oz, straddling the troll's finger just as Oz did. Oz sighed and leaned back against Xander's chest. "This is nice."

Xander wrapped his arms around Oz's waist. "Yeah." They were both quiet for a long moment. "Oz?"


"Are you okay?"

Oz pulled away and turned to face Xander, a concerned look crossing his face. "Yeah. Why?"

Xander shrugged before moving his arms to Oz's chest, pressing the smaller man back into place. "You're being quiet. I got worried." He gently dragged his fingernails down Oz's arm, watching the pale skin develop angry-looking yet benign red marks from the scraping. Then he moved his arms back to Oz's waist, this time carefully inching his fingers under the hem of the smaller man's t-shirt.

"Just enjoying the evening." He closed his eyes as Xander's fingers moved higher along his torso on a steady path to his chest, sighing when Xander lowered his mouth to Oz's neck.

"Are you okay there?" Xander didn't bother to lift his mouth from Oz's skin when he uttered the words. He grinned when Oz scooted back on the sculpture's finger, grinding his rear against Xander's crotch.

"Really enjoying the evening." Oz's voice dropped to a whisper as he pulled Xander's right hand out from under his shirt and away from his nipple and moved it to his groin, keeping his own fingers twisted with Xander's. After he was finished with the repositioning of hands, he pulled his neck away from Xander's lips, turning his head and catching Xander's mouth with his own.

For an unknown amount of time, they sat like that, intertwined right hands kneading Oz's erection, Oz's left hand stroking Xander's thigh, Xander's left hand caressing Oz's chest under his shirt, each mouth mimicking the actions of the other. The only sounds they could hear were those of the traffic passing overhead and the soft noises they themselves created.

Then they heard the voice. "Oh, you two are just so cute together!" Sheepishly, they pulled apart. And then saw the source of the voice. Mike, of Frank and Mike fame. "Never mind me. I'll just sit on this bench over here. I'm waiting for Frank to get here so we can go to dinner."

Since there was no way he could pick up where they left off after that interruption, Xander spoke up. "Where is he, anyway?"

Mike shrugged. "On his way. He had to work late, so we decided to just meet here and walk down to Costas Opa for dinner."

"Oh." That question had taken all of his available concentration, so he was unable to form any other queries or statements.

Fortunately, Frank chose that moment to appear. "Ready?" The pair still huddled on the troll's finger caught his eye. "Oh, hey there. Care to join us for dinner?"

Oz shook his head. "Taco Del Mar. Can't eat another bite."

"Ah." Mike nodded in understanding. "Well, have a good evening, you two." As the two older men walked away, the teens could hear Mike chatter away about his day, Frank nodding patiently and silently.

"They're just like an old married couple." Oz's voice was tinged with something that sounded very much like awe as far as Xander was concerned.

"Yeah." Xander started to resume their earlier activities when a small boy -- about five years old -- dashed up to the statue and called to his parents to come take his picture. "Maybe we should get going?"

"Probably." But he didn't move.

"Oz? Want to get up and get moving?"

Oz was silent, watching the child for a moment before he finally nodded and stood. "It's going to be a long bus ride home, isn't it?"