Really Enjoying The Evening

"I need a shower. You want to take one first?"

Xander shook his head. "I took the first one last time. It's your turn to have all the hot water this time."

After Oz left the living room, Xander just sat on the couch, thinking about the evening. And grinning. He was sure he looked like an idiot, but he really didn't care. Finally, the water shut off, and Oz was informing him that it was his turn.


The shower created mixed feelings for him. On one hand, he was glad to wash away the events of the day -- mainly the stress and pain of seeing Oz crumple when he saw his old friend. On the other hand, he was also washing away the mark he had put on himself that morning -- the mark that he felt ready to admit indicated that he belonged to Oz. But it was almost completely gone, flaked off throughout the day as fluids tend to do after drying, so maybe the fact that he was washing the remains of it away wasn't that big of a deal.

He had just finished rinsing when it happened. The bathroom door opened, and the shower curtain was pulled back to admit a naked Oz. "Hey, what --"

"Just let me do this?"

"Do what?"

Oz sank to his knees. "This."

"Oz, you don't --" And then he had to lean forward, arms outstretched against the shower walls, just to be able to stand upright after Oz flicked his tongue. After he finally caught his breath, he moved his hands to Oz's head, gently running his fingers through the wet hair there and massaging Oz's scalp as he watched his cock glide in and out of his friend's mouth. His friend, the one whose lips he had kissed just a couple of hours before while straddling a sculpture. The lips, currently on the same face as the eyes gazing up at him in rapt adoration. "Oz, I --" Before he could finish the warning, he came, clumsily pulling out of Oz's mouth and spurting all over the kneeling man's hair, face and torso.

Oz smiled self-consciously, standing and turning to rinse himself off in the shower stream. "I guess it's a good thing we were in the shower."

"Yeah. Good thing." Xander leaned against the shower wall, trying to give Oz as much room to move in as possible. "I'm sorry, Oz."

The response was a shrug. "Hey, it happens." Oz grinned. "It's a risk you have to take sometimes."

"Okay." He watched Oz finish rinsing, using all of his willpower to not help. He had a feeling they would never get out of the shower if he helped, and the hot water supply had to be almost depleted. "Um, can we do what we did this morning, but the other way around?"

"Huh?" Finally clean once more, Oz turned his attention to Xander. "You mean from behind?"

Xander blushed, a brilliant shade of scarlet. "Um, no." He trailed a finger across Oz's hip, smiling when Oz's pelvis thurst forward. I mean you in me."

"Xan --"

"Oz, I want this." Shyly, he turned his gaze to their feet, afraid he would decide against saying the words if he had to actually look at Oz. "I want to know what it feels like. And I want it to be you." He leaned over, murmuring in Oz's ear before he gently kissed his way down to Oz's neck. "I want to know what I did to you to make you sigh like that."

Oz smiled. "I sighed?"

Xander pulled away, gazing into Oz's eyes. "Yeah. It was almost as nice as your smile."

Now Oz blushed. Xander watched, amazed at the effect his words were having on Oz. "Okay."


"Okay, first I'm going to put some of this stuff on, and then I'm going to put my finger in." Xander was just staring at the tube of lube. "Xan? Are you all right?"

Xander nodded. "Just a little nervous."

"If you want to change your mind --"

"No." He blinked nervously. "It's just -- Will it hurt?"

"Well --"

"No." Xander cut him off quickly, as if he hadn't even noticed Oz attempt to answer his question. "If I can handle fighting vampires and an attempted strangulation, I can handle receiving a little anal sex from one of my best friends."

"Really?" Oz's voice suddenly changed. It took a few seconds for Xander to identify the emotion coloring the words. Then it hit him. Tenderness. "One of your best friends?"

The delight in Oz's voice and smile sent a fluttery feeling through Xander's body. A very, very good feeling. "Yeah." Xander took the tube from Oz's left hand, slowly drawing the index and middle fingers of Oz's right hand into his mouth and gently sucking until Oz made another sighing noise like he had that morning. "Although I think you're approaching the best friend status very quickly." Now he opened the tube and squeezed a healthy amount onto the fingers that had just been in his mouth. "Could we start now?"

Oz nodded, carefully redistributing the lube evenly on his fingers. "Okay, lift up your legs. Here." He grasped Xander's limbs and helped position him properly. "Ready?" Xander nodded. Carefully, Oz slid his index finger into Xander, waiting until Xander relaxed before sliding it back out.

That's when Xander froze. Oz's heart sank, afraid he had inadvertantly injured Xander. But Xander's awed voice erased that fear. "Do that again?"

"Do what?" Oz smiled innocently. "This?" And the finger slowly went back in.

Xander nodded enthusiatically. "That's it. You can just keep doing that for a while."

"Why?" Oz's brow furrowed. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

"It just feels --" Oz's finger went back out and in again. "-- too good to stop."

"Ah." He pulled his index finger all the way out, grinning at Xander's protest. "Let's go to the next step, okay?" Xander sighed and nodded. This time, the index finger was joined by Oz's middle finger. Again, Oz waited for Xander to relax before beginning movement.

"You have the best ideas." Oz had been busy concentrating on Xander's mouth, so he had missed the worshipful glaze that had taken over Xander's eyes.

Now Oz grinned. "If you like that, you're going to love this." And he slowly bent his fingers, timing his movements so he stroked Xander's prostate at the same time his tongue stroked Xander's.

Finally, Xander pulled away, gasping. "How are you going to top that?"

An odd light went on in Oz's eyes. "Funny you should use the word 'top.'" He removed his fingers completely.

"Oz --"

"Shh." Oz sat back, unrolling a condom onto his own erection and applying lube. "Are you ready for this?" Xander stared for a long moment before nodding. "And you promise that you'll tell me if you want to stop -- that you won't keep going, just because you think it will make me happy, if you decide you don't like it?" Xander nodded again. Slowly, Oz eased in. "It might help if you exhale."

Xander winced for a moment, closing his eyes. But, as he kept reminding himself, he had made it through much worse. He exhaled, concentrating on relaxing further. And remembering that this was Oz.

That thought snapped his eyes open, meeting Oz's steady gaze with his own. "Are you all right there?" Xander nodded, finally relaxing completely. "I'm going to start moving now, okay?" Again, Xander nodded, gasping when Oz hit a certain spot previously discovered when Oz had bent his fingers. "Remember, you have to tell me if I'm hurting you."

He shook his head, trying to piece together a coherent sentence that would explain the problem. "New stuff. You just --" Again with the recent discovery. "There."

"Ah." Oz sped up his thrusts, trying to hit that spot as frequently as possible.

Xander's brain registered that this was good. His mind decided it was very good. His body informed his mind and brain that this was heaven. All three demanded that he ask a certain question. "Oz?"

Oz's rhythm didn't change one bit. "Hmm?"

He waited a few more seconds before asking his question, hoping that he didn't break the spell they were under, just blurting it out before he could change his mind. "Is this what making love is like?"

No answer. But Oz abruptly changed from quick thrusts to gentle, seemingly endless strokes. No more jerky in-and-out. Now was the time to savor the experience.

Xander squeezed his eyes shut. "Never mind. I don't want to know."

Then he felt something warm and wet fall onto his face. He opened his eyes to see Oz gazing at him with teary eyes. Slowly, Oz lifted one hand to Xander's cheek, wiping his own tears from Xander's face. "I didn't realize..." He bent his head and kissed the remaining tears away. "Yeah, it is."


Much later, as both were drifting on the edge of sleep, Oz cradled in Xander's arms with his head comfortably resting on the larger man's chest while long, slender fingers trailed through his hair... "Oz, can I ask you something about what just happened?"

Oz sighed, dreading the question. "Yeah."

"Why did you cry?"

Not the question he had expected. It took a long moment for him to realize exactly what Xander was talking about. "You."

"Me." Xander's fingers stilled. "I made you cry."

The emptiness of Xander's voice brought tears to Oz's eyes once again. "No, Xan, that's not what I mean." He tightened his arms around Xander's body. "It was the fact that you had to ask. That you didn't know, that you didn't have a better reference point. That's what made me sad." Now he gently traced random shapes on Xander's abdomen. "But the fact that I was the first person who made you feel like it could be more than just sex... Well, that very definitely does not make me sad."

"Really?" Oz smiled and nodded. "Wow." Now it was Xander's turn to tighten his arms around Oz. "Can you do someting for me?"


"Don't leave the bed until I wake up in the morning?" Xander flushed. "I know, it's a silly request, but --"

Oz silenced Xander with a kiss. "Of course." He placed his head back on Xander's chest after turning off the bedside lamp. "Of course, the same goes for you."

In the dark, Xander smiled. "Good."