First Time For Everything

Oz sat back on a loveseat and silently observed the rest of the rowdy party- goers. Some idiot was dancing drunkenly on top of a glass coffee table as his friends shouted obscenities at him. In the corner some big guy was busy taking advantage of an inebriated girl that couldn't have been much older than Oz.

This was the third party on the third night that he and Devon had been there. Devon had bragged that his cousin's house was Party Central, but this was getting ridiculous. The parties usually started around seven at night and lasted well into the morning. Oz couldn't even begin to count how many people showed up to these things.

He couldn't believe that he would be here for another three days. He looked back and cursed the conversation that had gotten him strung into embarking on this little escapade. "Come on, Oz!" Devon had whined. "It's Spring Break, we're sophomores, live a little."

"Oz!" Devon's voice cut into Oz's hated thoughts. His best friend stood before him, one of his arms wrapped around the waist of a pretty blond. The other was casually draped around the shoulders of a short brunette. The bottle he held in his hand was rested on her full breast that was heaving up and down with giddy excitement. "Oz, my man, this.." Devon nuzzled the neck of the tall blond, who giggled in return, " Marie. And this..." he tapped his beer bottle against the other girl's breast, " Tammy."

Oz groaned inwardly. He knew this to be another one of Devon's lame attempts to set him up with some vapid teeny-bopper. He wasn't sure if he could take three more days of this. "Tammy," Devon said to the girl. "This is Oz. He plays lead guitar in my band." Tammy giggled and plopped down next to Oz.

"Really?" she asked, wide-eyed, running her hand down Oz's arm. "I love guitar players. Especially Alex Van Halen. Who do you like the best?" Oz didn't answer her retarded question, he just shot Devon an I-hate-you look. Devon ignored it and winked at him.

"Well, we're going to let you two get to know each other a little better," Devon said, staring down into Marie's cleavage. "Have fun," he grinned at Oz before leading the bubbly girl away.

"So," Tammy said, clutching his upper arm. "Do you have a car?" Oz visibly flinched at her question, but she didn't seem to notice.

Oz decided not to even waste a good excuse on this girl. He wrenched his arm free of her grasp and said, "You know what? I forgot that I promised my mom I would call her. I'm gonna go do that. Now." With that he jumped up and rushed off without looking back.

Oz made his way up the stairs to the second story of the house. He was careful not to trip over the splayed limbs of a couple that was making out on the stairs. He shook his head in self pity. He didn't know how he let Devon talk him in to this kind of shit. Oz enjoyed a good hootenanny as much as the next sixteen year old guy, but three nights in a row and a promise for more was just a little too much for him.

When he got to the door of the room he and Devon were sharing for their stay, he put his ear to it. He could clearly hear the tell-tale sounds coming from inside. Quickly, he backed away from the door and made his way further down the hall to the master bedroom. He repeated the process with that door, and entered when he didn't hear anything.

He stepped inside the four foot enclosed entryway and shut the door behind him. He let out a relieved sigh as he twisted the door knob lock into place. Turning, he quickly made his way into the open space of the room, but he stopped when he saw that he wasn't alone.

On the king-sized bed lay a tall lanky guy, stretched out comfortably and puffing away on a cigarette that dangled from his lips. He had shaggy brown hair that fell over his forehead and a little willie under his lower lip was the only facial hair on his otherwise clean face.

"Sorry, man. I didn't know that room was occupied," Oz said, preparing to turn and leave the room.

"S'okay, dude," the guy said, raising a hand to stop his departure. "You can hang here too. Plenty of room to go around."

"Hey, Pike!" Oz heard a voice call out from the open bathroom door. A second later a guy with greasy brown hair and an olive drab army coat appeared in the doorway. "Max has, like, a stack of skin mags under the sink." The newcomer walked further into the room and threw one of the said magazines at his friend.

"I'm Pike," the guy on the bed told Oz, ignoring the 'Hustler' in his lap. "This is my compadre, Benny."

"I'm Oz," he introduced himself.

Benny waved shortly before jumping onto the bed and landing next to Pike with a series of bounces. Oz quirked an eyebrow at his verve before seating himself at the foot of the bed.

"So, Oz, do you go to Hemrey?" Pike asked as he took a silver flask out of the breast pocket of his flannel. He offered it to Oz first, who declined with a wave of his hand, and then took a sip.

"No, I'm from Sunnydale," Oz told him.

"Sunny-who?" Benny asked.

"Yeah, I didn't think you looked like a Los Angeles native," Pike said, ignoring his friend's question and handing him the flask to shut him up. Benny in turn tipped the flask over his mouth and poured out half of it's contents. He let out a loud 'aaaahhhh' and winced at the burn the liquor had left behind in his throat.

"Is it that obvious?" Oz asked, laying back on the bed.

"Only to the other non-natives. I'm originally from Ohio, but I move around a lot," Pike said.

"Bullshit, man!" Benny cried. "The only places you been to before you came here were Phoenix and some bumfuck town in Alabama." Pike sneered at Benny before focusing on Oz again.

"Let me guess, you got tired of the all of the drunken valley girls," Pike ventured.

"How did ya guess?" Oz asked with a wry smile.

"What sane person wouldn't?!" Benny practically yelled. "The only thing that those silly bitches are good for is bouncin' in my lap."

Oz cringed a little at Benny's phrasing and the thought.

"Hey, Pike," Benny said, leaning back against the large, fluffy pillows behind him. "Light up."

"Oh, yeah," Pike seemed to remember and pulled a loosely rolled joint from his pocket. He popped it into his mouth and lit up. The pungent scent hit Oz's nostrils immediately. Pike leaned forward, offering the joint to Oz, who didn't hesitate in accepting it.

Oz passed it on to Benny. As he puffed on it greedily, Pike picked up the earlier discarded porn mag and opened it to the centerfold. His eyes seemed to bulge out of his head at what he saw. He accepted the joint from Benny and took a couple of puffs before passing it back to Oz. "Man," Pike said, his voice strained as he held the harsh smoke in. "If I..." he exhaled quickly, "..didn't have penis envy before, I have it now." Benny leaned over Pike's shoulder as he turned the mag in different angles. "I guess what they say about black guys is true," Pike joked.

"Looks purple to me," Benny said before bursting into a fit of laughter. Pike joined him and threw the mag at Oz. "Check that out, man."

About two joints and a bunch of fits of laughter later, Oz, his head rested on his arms, stared transtixedly at Pike. After much thought, he figured out where he was trying to place him. "Hey, has anyone ever told you that you look like that guy on 90210?" he asked Pike, who automatically flinched.

"Yeah," he said, a little grumpily.

"No, I mean, if you cleaned up some and got a Porsche, you'd be him," Oz admonished.

"Yeah! I know! I was almost mobbed by a group of thirteen year olds at the mall. I think I get it." Pike snatched up the remote on the nightstand and flipped on the TV. Automatically, the sounds of a woman moaning filled the room, followed by the picture on the screen coming in clearly.

"Yes! Porn channel!" Benny said, sitting up for a better view. Pike smiled and set the remote down. Oz flinched inwardly, but turned to watch the scene like any normal guy would do. His mouth dropped open when he saw a buxom blond getting done in both ends and screaming in pleasure.

As the scene progressed, Oz was fairly ashamed to feel his pants become tighter in the crotch. Normally, this kinda stuff didn't faze him, but he had consumed a good amount of herb that night, and his little friend was disregarding his normally laid back demeanor. The camera moved in for a close up of both men slamming into both of the woman's lower orifices. Oz bit his lower lip and turned to ask Pike if he was really enjoying this. His question was answered by the look of lust on his face. He didn't even venture to look at Benny.

Oz turned back to the screen and looked on glassy eyed as his erection grew painfully. He started when he felt the shifting on the bed, but didn't turn to see who had made the move. He nearly shrieked like a woman with surprise as his bulge was cupped. His head snapped to the right and he saw Pike hovering over him on his hands and knees. He only got out an 'eep' of surprise before his mouth was covered with Pike's hungry one. Pike's fingers danced over Oz's hard member through the material of his jeans as his warm tongue slipped into his mouth. No, no, no, stop, stop, stop Oz chanted in his head, but made no move to stop the other man. His hands gripped onto the bedspread when he heard his own zipper being pulled down.

"Relax," Pike whispered before delving his hand into Oz's pants and between the opening of his boxers to grip his prominent erection. Pike moved himself between Oz's legs and both hands went to the waist of his jeans to pull them down to his knees. All the while Oz was having a little argument with himself. Dude, you gotta stop this.
But why? It feels good
But you're not gay.
No, but maybe I'm bi
Eh, why not?

His thoughts were cut off when he felt Pike's wet tongue flick across the head of his hyper-sensitive cock. With all of his self control, he kept himself from thrusting up into Pike's face. If someone did that to him, it would really annoy him. Oz felt more movement on the bed and opened his eyes to see Benny scrambling off of the bed as Pike's mouth enclosed around the head of his cock.

A thousand sensations ran through Oz's body as Pike took more and more of him, gently cupping his balls. His fingers danced over the thin sac and Oz moaned in response. He let his eyes drift open into slits to see Benny rummaging in the nightstand drawer for something. When he found it, he held up a bottle of lube triumphantly. By now he couldn't stop himself from thrusting forward into Pike's hot mouth, in return the other boy pulled back until only the head was in his mouth. He smiled around his toy, when Oz groaned in protest. Teasingly, Pike swirled his tongue around, but did not take him any further. He wanted to wait for Benny.

Oz continued to try and thrust forward into Pike's mouth, but Pike was having none of it. Oz watched, shaking in desire, as Benny shed his jacket and shirt and proceeded to unzip and pull down Pike's pants. Benny noticed Oz watching him and made a big show out of what he was doing. He raised the bottle of lube and squirted a large amount into his palm. Quickly discarding the bottle, his rubbed his hands to together and greased over his engorged prick. He gave the same attention to Pike, spreading his cheeks with one hand as he spread the lube over his puckered anus. (hee hee, I did it, I finally did it!)

Pike groaned around Oz's straining shaft as he felt Benny enter him slowly, stretching him. Hungrily, he plunged his mouth down around Oz, relaxing his throat muscles as it hit. He sucked like a Hoover, gaining a loud moan from Oz. Benny's slick hand snaked around to grip Pike as he started pounding into his ass at a fast rate.

Oz could hear the sounds of skin slapping against skin and looked down to see Pike's head bobbing vigorously up and down. His toes curled and his fingers gripped the bedspread again as he fought back his orgasm. He figured that it would be rude to come before the other two even really got started. He didn't know if he would be able to pull it off with the feel of Pike's tongue running furiously over the underside of his cock.

In a time old rhythm, Pike thrust forward into Benny's hand and then back into his pelvis. His mouth was full of Oz's cock and he sucked as hard as he could as he felt the tension growing in his own balls. Benny was jerking behind him spasmodically now and when he felt his friend/lover unload deep inside him, he thrust one more time and joined him in his orgasm.

Pike's hand tightened around Oz's base as his mouth worked him over. When he felt Pike slump forward and his teeth scrape against his sensitive member, he lost it, shooting his come down the other man's throat. Pike swallowed hungrily, only a small amount escaping his mouth to dribble down his chin.

Completely spent, Oz let his muscles untense as Pike sagged to the floor. Benny sat in a trembling heap, his back against the bed. Leaning forward, Benny licked the small trail of Oz's semen off his friend's chin and smiled. "Mmmm, salty," he said and fell back again.

Oz started when he heard someone banging on the door. "Hey, Oz! You in there? Man, Tammy's pissed!" Oz laid back again and chuckled to himself. His eyes drifted closed as he listened to Devon yelling at him through the door. Maybe he would get a chance to explore this new discovery in his sexuality further. Maybe with that dick behind the door, but for right now, all he wanted to do was sleep.