Things I Can Show You

Pulling his van to a stop at the curb in front of the house that was his destination, Oz shut off the engine. When he opened the door and jumped out, he winced slightly from the dull ache that was shooting through him. Trying to play off the slight limp that he had received from his earlier exertions, Oz made his way up the walk and climbed the stairs to the front porch.

With a sigh of resolution, Oz lifted his finger and punched the doorbell. Looking idly out into the darkness, he waited almost impatiently for the door to be answered. Sunnydale sure as hell wasn't the safest of places at night. A minute later, the door was answered by the person Oz had wanted to see. "Oz," Xander said in surprise, blushing a bit and skirting his gaze away nervously.

"Hey, Xander," Oz said, successfully holding back the laughter that wanted to come up when he saw the shameful way Xander was looking down at him, then away just as fast. "Can we talk?" Oz asked the younger boy.

Looking into his house, Xander turned back to Oz quickly. "Now really isn't the best time," he told Oz half apologetically, half relieved.

"God damnit, Alexander LaVelle! Shut the damn door. I can't afford to air condition the entire fucking neighborhood!" Oz watched Xander wince as the loud and deep voice of an older man echoed over to them. Curling his brow in concern, Oz tactfully slipped into the house just before Xander quickly shut the door. Turning to Oz with a tight-faced expression, Xander made a motion with his hand for Oz to follow him.

Oz followed him quietly into a slightly cluttered, but surprisingly spacious living room. Two older men were sitting in worn looking recliners as they watched a baseball game. "Um," Xander began slowly, shifting his feet uncomfortably. "Dad, Uncle Rory, this is my friend, Oz," he introduced in a low voice.

The disgruntled-looking man that wore nothing but a pair of fading jeans slung low on his hips, grunted and gave the two boys a dismissive wave. The other man, turned and gave them a drunken smile. Holding out his hand for Oz to shake, the man said, "Rory Harris, Oz. Good to meet ya. You an A's fan, young man?"

"I don't follow sports much, sir," Oz said, after shaking the man's sweaty hand.

"Alexander, get me and Rory a couple of new beers," Xander's dad ordered.

"Yes, sir," Xander said, immediately. Making Oz jump a bit, Xander grabbed him by the sleeve of his black and white, plaid over-shirt and dragged him out of the room. They moved through a hallway and stopped in a cluttered dining room that looked as if it weren't used for anything but storage.

Stopping Oz, Xander faced him. "Why did you come here, Oz," he asked irritably.

"I just want to talk about what happened today," Oz clarified. Pursing his lips a bit, Xander studied the shorter boy. How could he continue to remain so calm, even after being faced with his father? Oz's cool and neutral demeanor had always annoyed Xander to a certain extent, but at the moment Xander was getting down right pissed off.

Xander opened his mouth to comment, but was quickly cut off by his father's bellowing voice. "Alexander! The game will be over before you hurry your lazy ass up! Get a move on it!"

"Yes, sir!" Xander called back, and grabbed Oz again to drag him through a swinging door. Xander let Oz go just inside the door as he made his way over to the fridge to retrieve the beers. Oz raised his eyebrows a bit as he saw an older looking woman sitting at the table, scribbling on a piece of paper. "Mom, that's Oz," Xander introduced them, his head still stuck in the refrigerator.

Looking up from the table, Mrs. Harris gave Oz a small, tired smile. "Nice to meet you, honey. It's been a while since Xander's brought home a friend. I hope you haven't already been scared off from visiting us again."

"Don't worry, Mom, we won't bother Dad," Xander said, letting the door to the fridge close.

Her attention was on the papers before her again. "Looks like the phone's going to have to go this month," she mumbled, as if she were talking to herself.

"What's new?" Xander said dismissively as he dragged Oz out of the kitchen.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Harris!" Oz called as he let himself be pulled through the house once again. He was released again in the doorway to the living room. He watched as Xander handed his father and uncle each a can of Busch Lite. His uncle thanked him quickly then turned his attention back to the game.

"What the hell is this?" Xander's dad asked, and he closed his eyes briefly before turning to face him again. "This beer is warm."

"It's only been in the fridge for about a half hour. Do you want me to get you some cups with ice?" Xander asked tiredly.

Sneering crudely, Xander's dad popped open the can of beer. "Only women and faggots drink beer out of a cup." Taking a long gulp of warm beer, he winced. "Go on upstairs and keep that crap you call music down," he told Xander dismissively. Before the two teens left the room, Uncle Rory looked up at Xander with a smile and winked at him. Xander smiled back faintly before leaving the room, Oz trailing behind him.

Instead of heading up the stairs, like Oz had expected, Xander went out the front door. Shrugging, not really able to blame Xander for wanting to get out of the house, Oz followed. "You wanna talk?" Xander threw to Oz over his shoulder. "Then we'll talk while you drive."

"Sure," Oz said, unlocking the passenger side door of his van for Xander. "Where do you want to go?"

"Somewhere that's not here," Xander said, getting in and slamming the door.

Once they were on the road, Oz looked over at Xander, who had his face pressed against the window. Heading the van towards his house, Oz decided he wouldn't start their conversation until they got there. His mom didn't spend much time at home, liking to spend her nights at her boyfriend's house, so Oz usually had the place all to himself.

It was only about a five minute drive and they were there in no time. Sitting up in his seat, Xander gazed out of the window up at the fair-sized two story house whose driveway they were parked in. "We're at your house," he said finally.

"Wow, you noticed," Oz said blandly and exited the van. As he made his way up the steps to his porch, he realized that Xander wasn't following him. Turning expectantly, Oz saw Xander still standing right outside the van, looking like he was debating on whether to follow Oz or to run in the other direction. "Hey, I promise not to bite too hard," Oz joked, but sometimes his joking voice sounded a lot like his regular voice and Xander wasn't exactly sure whether he was serious or just being playful.

Since he really had nowhere else to go, and he didn't want to go home yet, Xander nodded and followed Oz into the house. It was pitch black when they entered, but Oz quickly flicked on a light on the end table next to the door. Xander wandered over to lean against the back of the couch that was only a few steps away from the door as Oz closed and locked the door.

"Make yourself comfortable. I'll be back in a sec," Oz said, before shedding his plaid over-shirt and tossing it on the back of the couch. Moving into the dining room, he called over his shoulder, "Want something to drink?"

"Yeah, whatever you got, thanks!" Xander called back as he sat in the corner of Oz's sofa. Picking up a little soap opera guide that he hoped belonged to Oz's mother, Xander flipped to the GH section to see what was going on with Luke and Laura.

A few seconds later, Oz came back with a couple of chilled cans of Dr. Pepper and sat in the opposite corner of the couch. He handed a can to Xander before sitting back and plastering his gaze on the other boy's face. After popping open the can and taking a sip, Xander finally acknowledged that stare. "You give me the wiggins when you do that," Xander told him, rubbing his neck a bit.

"Sorry, force of habit," Oz said and finally looked away. "So, about today," he began, noticing out of the corner of his eye that Xander shifted uncomfortably. "I'm sorry. I didn't want to interrupt anything."

"You didn't. Nothing was going on," Xander lied lamely. He knew he was lying and he knew Oz knew he was lying, but talking out loud about what happened was a little too scary for Xander to think about. It was bad enough that he was having all of these new...emotions, he guessed they could be called, but having to talk about it was a frightening thought.

Kicking his Converse off and shoving them under the coffee table with his foot, Oz turned to face Xander completely, tossing one leg up on the space between them crookedly. "Gotta call your bluff on that one, Xand. It didn't look like nothing." Xander opened his mouth to protest indignantly, but Oz stopped him by holding up his hand. "Look, I know that you're feeling really confused about this because I felt the same way when I realized I was bi. And after hearing that comment that your dad made about 'faggots' today, I understand even more why it would scare you, but I want to tell you that being bi-curious isn't at all unnatural."

Rolling his eyes, Xander leaned forward to set his soda can on a coaster. "How can you assume to know what I'm feeling? You haven't had to grow up in a house with that man."

Weighing his next words carefully before continuing, Oz ran his fingers through his hair. "You're right. It was wrong of me to assume that I know how you're feeling, I don't. What I do know is what I saw today, and that was you getting pretty hot and heavy with Devon. And, hey, who could blame you? He is pretty hot."

"I'm freaked out, though, Oz," Xander said, standing up and rounding the coffee table for a free space of floor to pace in. "I've always been...I hate to admit this...kinda homophobic, since I've had my dad pounding into me how wrong being gay is for all of my life. And now I'm finding myself attracted to a guy and it scares me."

Giving Xander a crooked smile, Oz said, "Sit down, Xander. You're making me dizzy with all of that pacing."

Looking at the passive guitarist with a bit of surprise, Xander took a moment to think before taking his seat up again. "Xander, I probably don't have to tell you this, but your dad is an asshole."

Xander shook his head. "No, you don't have to tell me."

"So, now that we have that established, let's make clear that his view on homosexuality has nothing to do with what you're feeling." Xander bit his lip and glowered at the floor. After a moment, he nodded agreeably, trying to see where Oz was taking this. Leaning back against the arm of the couch, Oz studied Xander closely. "When you were kissing Devon earlier, what did it feel like?"

Xander's eyebrows shot up questioningly, but Oz just cocked his head to the side, waiting for an answer to his question. "It felt....good, I guess."

"You guess?" Oz asked and quirked an eyebrow. Shaking his head as if to clear it, Oz said, "Nevermind anyway. I know what it's like to kiss Devon. It's like an automatic hard-on." Xander's eyes widened with surprise, but Oz continued. "Devon, though? He's a dangerous choice there, Xand."

"I can see that, but maybe you should explain it to me further," Xander said, crossing his legs.

Oz stared off at something just over Xander's shoulder, pausing for a long time. He seemed to be caught up in a memory of something. Xander was afraid that he might be going back into that quiet, no-more-than-three-sentences-phase that he wore most of the time. Then he began to speak again. "Devon's been around the block more than once, not that I'm saying he's dirty and diseased or anything. He's always been really careful. What I'm sayin' is, there are just things that he can do to your body until you feel like you may be on a breaking point. I suppose that's natural most of the time, but I'm just worried about you having your first time with a man be with someone as experienced and hot-blooded as Devon. When he gets into it, there's basically nothing Devon will stop at. He'll drive you crazy."

Xander shook his head, still confused. "I'm not getting you here, Oz."

"Let me put it another way. Do you want your first time with a man to be like a non-stop rollercoaster or do you want to have some idea of what you're doing?" Oz asked.

Xander looked down and thought about it for a moment. "I want to be able to control myself. I don't think I could stand it if I lost it in front of Devon. And to be able to...well, ya know. Do things, too."

Standing up, Oz looked down at Xander. "Come on, I have something I want to show you," he told him. Oz made sure Xander was following closely behind him as he lead the way up the stairs to the second floor. Opening the first door on the right in the hallway, Oz entered the room, tugging Xander in behind him. Xander shut the door behind him as Oz gravitated to somewhere between the bed and the door. "There are things I can show you, Xander. Do you want me to?"

Xander fell back against the closed door of Oz's bedroom, which was lit only by the small study lamp on his desk. Not much light in the room at all, leaving Oz shrouded in shadows. Oz's words fell heavy on Xander's usually oblivious ears, and he could almost imagine those green eyes going from neutral to something else, something that Xander still wasn't used to seeing when a man's eyes were directed at him. Licking his parched lips, Xander felt his cock beginning to harden as he finally realized what that whole talk had been about. Oz was ready to prepare him for bigger fish, so to speak.

"Um, sure," Xander said, wincing at how stupid he just sounded, but still not sure how to respond to a question like that.

"Are you sure?" Oz asked, taking a few steps closer to Xander.

"Pretty sure," Xander managed to say, though his voice trembled a bit.

"Come closer to me," Oz told him. "Pressed against a wall like you are now, you'd make perfect prey for Devon."

So, Xander pushed himself away from the door and took a couple of shaky steps closer to the other man. He stopped only a few steps away from Oz, unsure on how to proceed. "We'll go slow, I promise," Oz told him as he closed the distance between them. Wrapping his arms around Xander's waist, he pressed himself against him. "I'll show you some of what he'll want to do to you, then I'll show you some of the stuff you can do to him," Oz said in a low whisper, before letting his lips fall on the skin just above the collar of Xander's shirt. The sensations that rippled through him, made Xander tremble a bit and Oz pulled back.

Holding onto both of Xander's hands, Oz pulled him closer to the bed. "You might want to sit for this," he suggested, pushing Xander down on the bed, careful to be gentle so he wouldn't scare him. Moving, so that he was standing between Xander's spread legs, Oz placed his hands on Xander's shoulders and leaned down to kiss him. The kiss started off slow at first, then it deepened as Xander began to feel more comfortable with it. Feeling Xander's tensed muscles begin to relax, Oz suddenly pushed him so that his back was pressed was against the bed. "Scoot up a bit," he suggested, nudging Xander.

Oz clearly heard Xander swallow before complying. Once Xander's head was rested right under his pillows, Oz crawled onto the bed, surrounding Xander with his limbs, arms and legs on either side of him. Finally, he eased his slight weight against the other boy's body as his lips descended on his neck. Jetting his tongue out, Oz licked a line over Xander's collarbone and heard a low groan in return. "Oh, I remember that," Xander whispered faintly.

"Mmmm, he stole that move from me," Oz murmured, in Xander's ear before sucking the lobe into his mouth. Moving his hands to Xander's waist, Oz pushed the material of his shirt away and scraped his fingernails up his sides. The sensation caused Xander to surge forward, grinding his erection into Oz's thigh. Pushing himself onto his knees, Oz pulled at Xander's shirt as he undulated his hips. "Little help here, Xand," Oz said with a chuckle, noticing the way Xander had his head pressed tightly against the bed.

"Oh," Xander said in realization, taking the shirt out of Oz's hands and pulling it off himself. As Xander shed the top layer of his clothes, Oz did the same, leaving both of them shirtless. A small smile curled at the corner of Oz's lips, as Xander raked his lazy gaze over the slim form of his naked chest. Taking Xander's hands into his own, Oz guided them up and over his chest. "You can touch me, Xander," Oz told him. He squeezed his eyes shut and let his hands fall away as Xander began to lightly pinch his nipples.

Falling forward again, Oz placed his lips over Xander's, kissing him slowly and deeply, stroking his tongue with his own. His kiss wandered from Xander's lips, down and over his chin, down his throat, dipping his tongue in the pronounced hollow there. Pinching one of Xander's little, pink nipples, he sucked in the other one. A loud groan came from Xander and his hand moved up to rest lightly on the back of Oz's head. It continued on the journey down his quivering abdomen as Oz nudged his nose through the light trail of hair that went passed the band of Xander's jeans. Dipping his tongue into Xander's navel, Oz's hands slid down his body make quick work of the fly on Xander's jeans.

Hooking his fingers into the waist of Xander's pants, Oz pulled back to watch Xander's face as he slowly pulled his jeans down, along with his boxers. Xander's eyes were squeezed tightly shut, his lower lips sucked in as he lifted his hips for Oz to shed the last of his clothes. Oz paused for a moment, to pull Xander's shoes and socks off, then the pants and boxers quickly followed, leaving Xander completely bare-butt naked.

Kneeling at the end of the bed, Oz drank in the image of the naked man spread vulnerably out on his bed. Xander's eyes slipped open into slits and he squirmed under the close scrutiny of Oz's wandering eyes. "Impressive," Oz said shortly, before sliding his hands up the outsides of Xander's legs. Starting at Xander's knee, Oz kissed a trail up one of his legs. Resting his cheek against Xander's hip and trailed a finger up the underside of his erect shaft. Xander's fingers dug into the bedding beneath him as Oz leaned over and slowly ran his tongue up the side of his cock.

"Oh, God," Xander sighed, his hand moving to rest on Oz's shoulders. The tip of Oz's tongue swirled around the head of Xander's cock, licking at the pre-cum that had formed there. Wetting his lips, Oz dove in, taking in about half of Xander's substantial size before bobbing up again. Relaxing his throat muscles, he took him in again, this time far enough for his lips to touch the fingers of the hand that was holding Xander at the base. His pace sped up and he applied a strong suction that made Xander buck his hips forward, moaning in pleasure.

Xander somehow found the strength to lift his head off the bed to look down. He saw Oz's head bobbing quickly up and down and his own fingers wrapped tightly in the other boy's red hair. His head fell back again as Oz's tongue ran over the sensitive vein in his cock.

Moving his other hand so that he could lightly caress Xander's sac, Oz pumped with the other hand and increased the power of his suction. "Oz...oh, god....I'm gonna come," Xander panted as he tried to pull Oz back. Oz ignored Xander and continued sucking furiously until Xander's hips arched off of the bed and his hot, salty come filled his mouth. Swallowing the semen, Oz kept pumping his hand, milking Xander clean until his cock grew soft in his grasp.

With one last kiss to the tip, Oz crawled up to lay at Xander's side, his head on the pillows. Laying his hand on Xander's head, Oz's finger began stroking his soft hair. He had a look of complete contentment on his face and Oz couldn'' help but smile, despite the discomfort he was now in. Xander moaned and stretched languorously, turning towards Oz.

Looking up at Oz, Xander gave him a nervous, but happy smile. "You okay?" Oz asked, still stroking his hair. Xander nodded as he scooted further up on the bed.

"What now?" Xander asked. "It's your turn."

Oz spread his arms invitingly. "You have free reign over my body. That is, until I can't take anymore," he added.

"Um, okay," Xander said, sounding a little unsure of himself. He pushed himself up on his knees and looked down at Oz. At that moment he was very aware of just how naked he was. His hand twitched to cover certain parts of himself, but stopped he himself as he realized it was a sign of vulnerability. Licking his lips, Xander decided to go for the most comforting route. "Well, first off, you're wearing way more clothes than me."

Hunching over a bit, Xander took one of Oz's feet into his hands, pulling off the sock then working on the other. His eyes darted up to meet Oz's as he leaned in a bit to glide his fingers over the skin just above the waist of his jeans. Oz just watched him, his arms folded casually under his head, only the slight shiver running through him defying his calm facade. Slowly, Xander began undoing Oz's button fly, his hands fumbling at first. His shaky fingers hooked into the waist band of Oz's boxers and pulled them down slowly, along with his jeans. Xander kept his gaze avoided from Oz until he had finished his task. Finally, he looked up, focusing his eyes on Oz's erect penis that looked like it was standing up to say 'hey' cause it is Oz's cock so it would have to be understated.

Crawling closer to the older boy, Xander leaned over a bit, brushing a tentative kiss over Oz's lips. When Xander flicked his tongue over his lips, Oz let out a loud moan, wrapping an arm around his waist to pull him closer. The skin of Xander's heated body pressed against his was nearly enough to make Oz lose control, but he held in the urge to flip the inexperienced boy over and take him right then and there.

Liking the reaction he got from the small kiss, Xander was emboldened. He didn't want to be a tease, so he'd try and do it as fast as he could. Pressing his palm flat against Oz's chest, he skimmed his fingertips over the sensitive bud of his nipple, eliciting a short hiss from him. Moving his hand further down, he trailed his fingers through the thin line of Oz's happy-trail. His other arm was crooked over Oz's head, his fingers playing in the red strands of mussed hair.

Xander's slow touch was almost maddening and Oz arched forward, trying to urge Xander's hand to where he really needed. Usually, Xander wasn't one to take a hint, but he'd been in the same situation before so he moved his hand lower. Oz gritted his teeth as Xander cupped his erection, trailing his fingertips over the head. Placing one last kiss to Oz's mouth, Xander gripped Oz's cock at the base, he heard the low growl of pleasure as he started kissing his way down Oz's body. While he left small nipping kisses along Oz's body, his hand started to pump up and down along his shaft. He used slow, fluid motions, stopping once to wipe the small drip of pre-cum off the tip with the ball of his thumb.

Oz gasped in disappointment when Xander's hand left him. Looking down questioningly, he watched as Xander sucked his thumb into his mouth, tasting him. A wicked grin suddenly spread across his features and he looked up at Oz. "You taste spicy," he said, ducking his head to slide his tongue down the toned line in the middle of Oz's abdomen. When Xander's hot lips met with the base of Oz's cock, he pushed his head further into the pillows. Opening his mouth a bit, Xander let his tongue run the considerable length of Oz's cock. Thrusting his hips forward, Oz placed his hand at the back of Xander's head. Xander opened his mouth and guided Oz's penis, suckling experimentally at the tip. After a moment of getting used to the foreign act, Xander took more of Oz into his mouth. He started bobbing his head, mimicking Oz's earlier actions as he realized how hard sucking Oz off was making him.

Pressing his erection into the bedding beneath him, trying to gain some friction on his hungry cock, Xander began sucking fervently. Barely, he noticed that his cheeks and jaw were starting to ache from the pressure of the suction he was applying, but he ignored the dull ache as he focused his full attention on trying to make Oz come as hard as he did. Oz, however, had other ideas. Putting his hand on Xander's shoulder, he pushed him away from his throbbing member.

Xander pushed up to his knees and looked at Oz with a confused look on his face. When Oz sat up and kissed Xander hungrily on the lips, Xander fell into him. Swiftly, Oz rolled them until Xander's back was pressed against the bed, Oz's light body pressed on top of him. Xander made a small whining noise when Oz pulled away from the kiss and leaned over to open the drawer in his nightstand. Xander watched as Oz rummaged around for a moment, then his eyes widened with comprehension when Oz pulled out a condom and a packet of AstroGlide lubricant.

Oz heard the nervous swallow that Xander made and looked up to smile reassuringly. "Ssshhh," he murmured comfortingly as he spread Xander's legs and moved between them. Sitting back on his heels, Oz ripped open the condom and rolled it down the length of his shaft. He couldn't help but smirk at the wide-eyed look on Xander's face, but he realized how nervous he must be. Leaning down, Oz kissed Xander smoothly and slowly, teasing Xande''s tongue with his own. He smoothed his hand over Xander's cheek to reassure him, before opening the packet of lube and squirting it into his hand. He made sure his cock was generously covered with the wet substance then used the excess to slip one finger into the tight opening of Xander's ass.

Xander was so tense that Oz thought his finger might break from his inner muscles clenching around it. Still, he added another and began pumping slowly, trying to loosen Xander for his entrance. It took a moment, but Xander started to relax. When Oz crooked his fingers a bit Xander moaned and pushed forward against the invading digits. Pulling his fingers out of Xander, Oz slipped his arms under Xander legs, pulling him up for better positioning. Pushing Xander's heavy legs up onto his shoulder, Oz took his cock into his hand and pressed the tip against Xander's slick opening.

Watching Xander's face carefully, he pushed slowly passed the first ring of muscles, gasping at the unbelievable tightness. He waited for the grimace on Xander's face to drift away, before pushing further in. "Oz!" Xander cried, grasping the bedsheets beneath him. "Just do it! Fast!" Complying with Xander's command, Oz plunged all the way into Xander's tight ass with a grunt. Xander let out a whimper that sounded like a cross between pleasure and pain, as Oz pulled back. This time Xander met Oz's thrust, pushing against the other man's pelvis.

It wasn't long before they were moving together in a rhythm that was comfortable for them both. Xander continued to wince on each out-stroke, but his moans on each in-stroke became deeper and longer. Sweat started dripping over both of their bodies as they started to speed up. Realizing how close he was to the edge, Oz's arm wrapped around Xander's thigh so he could grasp his swollen phallus. Taking a firm grasp, Oz pumped to his perfectly timed thrusts. Arching off of the bed, Xander's eyes rolled into the back of his head, as he cried out and spurted semen all over him and Oz. With two long strokes, Oz surged forward coming in Xander's tight ass, pumping until his orgasm subsided.

Letting Xander's legs slide off his shoulders, Oz sighed in Xander's ear while he pulled out. Slipping the condom off, he tied a knot in it and disposed of it in the small trashcan at the side of his bed. Even that small movement exhausted Oz and he collapsed in a sweaty tangle of limbs with his body pressed firmly against Xander. He placed his head on the larger boy's chest and listened carefully as his heart started to slow.

Tracing slow circles around on of Xander's nipples, Oz finally broke the silence. "Xander, I don't want you to be with Devon."

"What?!" Xander asked in surprise. "Isn't that what this was all about?"

"That's what I was telling myself at first, but now I realize I was just hoping that you were kinda curious and that this would be enough." Oz propped his head on his hand and looked down into Xander's confused gaze. "Devon.....he's like another species. His sexuality is almost addictive. I don't want to see you get caught up in him the way I did."

Xander sat up quickly, jarring the rest of Oz's body off of him. Jumping out of the bed, Xander quickly located his pants and boxers. Pulling them on, Xander looked down at Oz's naked form. "It's not like I plan on marrying him. I just want to fuck him," he said angrily.

"I know, but, Xander, it's not always that easy. That's what you say now. What happens when it becomes a weekly thing, then a nightly thing, then suddenly he blows you off for the next conquest? You'll end up hating him."

Tugging on his shirt, Xander swooped down to collect his shoes and socks. "I already hate him," he said, before turning to the door and walking out. Oz looked mutely at the door, contemplating whether he should go after Xander or not. Finally, he decided to just trust Xander's better judgment. The only problem was, Xander's very bestest judgment was mediocre at best.