The members of UCSL-The people who subvert the media

With a membership of over 240, it would stand to reason that UCSL is wildly diverse, with people ranging from all walks of life. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The Internet is still primarily a white, middle-class phenomenon, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer is geared towards a 14-24 market. The members of UCSL therefore, more often than not, fit comfortably within those boundaries, save the insistence that members of the list be over the age of 18, for legal reasons.
In March, I sent out a call onlist for survey participants. I recieved 45 surveys back, approximately 20% of the list. The ages of the respondents varied from 18 to 41, with the average age being 24 and the largest group being 19. It stands to reason that the primary makeup of UCSL is 18-24.
Many members have either been or are in college, with a select few still in secondary school.
Ages of members of UCSL
NL = Not listed
Experience with FanFiction
UCSL, in its most basic description, covers three very important categories: Buffy The Vampire Slayer adult fanfiction. When asked about their experience with fanfiction in general before joining UCSL, 13% said they had no experience with fanfiction, 16% said they had some experience, 31% said they had moderate experience, 18% said they had a lot of experience, and 20% said they had major experience with fanfiction. This includes all genres and medias, from Star Trek to X-Files to General Hospital.
With Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction, the experience level changes slightly. Only 7% said they had no experience with Buffy fanfiction and 38% said they had some experience. 22% said they had moderate experience, 18% said they had a lot of experience, and 13% said they had major experience.
Experience with Buffy Fan Fiction
Experience with Sexually explicit fanfiction
Sexually explicit fanfiction is often one of the last boundaries to be crossed by the fanfiction reader. It is no wonder then that the respondents had a more even set of results across the divisions. 16% had no experience, 21% had some experience, 16% had moderate experience, 26% had a lot of experience, and 17% had major experience.

We can identify a typical subscriber to UCSL from this information. She is college-age, more than likely in college, has spent some time looking at fanfiction in general, a little less time involved in Buffy fanfiction, and little more time involved in sexually explicit fanfiction before joining the list.
But now that we know who is subscribing, what are they writing?

The Fanfiction of UCSL -- The Stories That Shaped the World

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