UnConventional Relationshippers-A Brief Overview

UnConventional Relationshippers is an adult fanfiction mailing list/website/chatroom devoted to the non-canonical relationships of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. By the term "non-canonical", we mean any relationship that has not appeared upon the show, known for mixing the supernatural with teen romance. Non-canonical includes both heterosexual relationships (eg. Willow/Angel, Cordelia/Giles) and homosexual relationships (eg. Willow/Cordelia, Xander/Angel), also known as slash.
UCSL, as it is called, was started in March of 1998. It currently has 246 members, almost all of which are women. UCSL began as a slash list, a way for the two list owners, Sali Wynants and myself, to post, comment, and receive commentary upon our slash fanfiction, namely Sali's Larry/Xander and my Xander/Angelus. Over the course of the past year, however, the list moved from being predominantly slash to being predominantly heterosexual sexually explicit fanfiction.
The website has moved, due to size constraints and banning of adult content, three times, and the mailing list, due to cost, has moved once. Currently, the website is at http://www.dymphna.net/ucsl, the list, ucsl@onelist.com, and the IRC chat room, #ucshippers at us.chatnet.org.

The Members of UCSL -- The People Who Subvert the Media

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