UCSL was started in February 1998 by Sali, as a list where people could post both slash fiction and heterosexual fiction, but without the canonical fluff. Kate was first a list mod, then a co-owner, then, in April 1999, took over the list when Sali retired.

The mailing list moved from Sali's private listserv to Yahoo! Groups (formerly Egroups, formerly Onelist) in February 1999. The site moved from Bestweb, to Simplenet (where it was removed due to "adult content"), to Tripod/Dencity, to its current home on Dymphna.Net.

The UCSL archive was rebuilt from scratch starting in May 1999. It houses over 60 MB of fiction, all in plain text format, for easy viewing and downloading.

UCSL is hosted by Dymphna.Net, which runs on an Apache server hosted by Ventures Online. It is designed using the following tools: A Powerbook G3 named "Speck," Netscape Communicator, SimpleText, Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Fetch, and scripts from Matt's Script Emporium.

UCSL is viewable on most browsers, save the earlier versions that do not allow tables. It is Lynx-friendly, and archive's fiction can be downloaded onto e-books.

If you have any questions, email the list owner at ucsl@dymphna.net.