written by Kate Bolin and last edited on 09/23/04

What does UCSL stand for?
UCSL is short for "Unconventional Relationshippers ('shippers) List."
What is an "unconventional relationship?"
An unconventional relationship is a romantic/sexual relationship that is NOT canon on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "Angel" at the time the story is set. Willow/Oz, Xander/Cordelia, Buffy/Angel, and Willow/Tara are (or were) canon. Examples of unconventional relationships would be Willow/Giles, Xander/Angel, Buffy/Faith, etc.
What is the UCSL list?
It's a fanfiction list devoted to any unconventional relationship. Slash (homosexual/homoromantic/homoerotic) and heterosexual fiction is gladly welcome.
Are there any requirements for joining?
Subscribers MUST be over the age of majority in the place they live. In the United States, the age of majority is 18. This list commonly includes adult material, and while we know that preventing minors from reading this material is practically impossible, we do have to cover ourselves by getting people to send in an age statement. You don't have to give your real name, you don't have to give your full birthdate -- all we ask is that you're over 18.
How do I get on/off this list?
Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ucsl/. Click on "Join this community," and wait for the emailed instructions on sending an age statement.
Or send email to ucsl-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and wait for the emailed instructions on sending in an age statement.
Once you send in your age statement, you'll be subscribed to UCSL.
Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ucsl/join?referer=1. Click on the "leave group" button.
Or send email to ucsl-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
Any other list-related problems:
Yahoo Groups' help page is at http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/groups/.
What do I do if there's too much email?
If the amount of email is getting to be too much, you have several options.
One, you can set the list to DIGEST. This means that you'll get one email from UCSL every day. While this does save on the amount of email, the digest will be long, possibly too long to download.
Two, you can set the list to NO MAIL. You're still subscribed, but you receive no mail from the list. This is good for when you have to go on vacation or something like that. If you want to see how the list is doing, you can read the UCSL archives at YahooGroups (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ucsl/messages/) or you can join ucsl-announce, which gives you the list of fics archived each week.
Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ucsl-announce/ for details.
What can I post?
Fanfiction, obviously. Also advertisements for your new BtVS/Angel-related site or mailing list.
What can't I post (general)?
Chain letters, including Get Rich Quick, virus warnings, etc. If you're going to forward ANYTHING, make sure to remove ALL the excessive headers.
No public flames or public bashing of characters/ideas/etc.
No attachments. UCSL is specifically set to deny any messages with attachments, so it's not going to get through no matter what you do.
No whining about the lack of interest in your website/story/life/etc.
No administrative questions to the list. If it involves the technical aspects of the list or the site, it should be sent to the listowner at ucsl@dymphna.net PRIVATELY.
Do NOT post more than SIX posts a day. This includes sections of stories, complete stories, anything. Each post will be counted, and each post will be counted against you. SIX A DAY. Total.
What can't I post (fic-related)?
No canon relationship fic. This means that the characters can NOT be dating at the time the story is set. This includes Buffy/Angel up until "Graduation 2," Willow/Oz until "Wild At Heart," Willow/Tara after "New Moon Rising," and Xander/Cordelia until "Lover's Walk," plus others. Canon relationships can be in the background of the story, but they can NOT be the main focus of the story.
No archive fic. Whenever the characters on the show either mention something you've done, something you have to complain about, or talk to you personally about your life -- that's archive fic. This includes apologies, website reviews, fanfiction requests, etc. It is crass commercialism and will NOT be tolerated on UCSL.
No reposting of fic. Please check the UCSL archive (http://www.dymphna.net/ucsl/archive/) and the YahooGroups archive (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ucsl/messages/) before posting.
What's the process for posting fic?
First, CORRECT ANY TECHNICAL ERRORS. This means spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Double-check your story for any "smart punctuation." When you save in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, save as TEXT ONLY.
Make sure your mail program is set specifically to TEXT ONLY.
Use a beta reader. A beta reader is anyone who will look over your story to check the content and point out any possible errors. A quick post to the list saying "Hi, I wrote this fic, and I need beta readers," will more than likely get you several people wanting to see what you have.
What about the size of my fic?
If your story is OVER 30k, break it into sections. Find a spot in your story where you can split it into two (or more) emails, and post your story in sections.
When you do this, your story MUST be numbered in parts. The subject line of your emails should be:
Subject: Title 1/_
The blank is the number of sections your story is in.
Remember -- do not post more than six parts per day!
What do I post?
Once you feel like your story is ready, set it up as follows (* indicates a MUST HAVE):
The subject line should be "Title, part _/_."
In the body of the message, have first:
*TITLE: Title of the story. Indicate part what of what (like 1/1, 5/253, 4/?)
*AUTHOR: Who wrote it.
*EMAIL: An email address so that people can feedback you.
*SUMMARY: One or two sentences about the plot. This WILL be used in the archive, so please make this sellable. You don't have to give it all away, but a little warning would be helpful.
SPOILER WARNING: This is if it takes place after an episode that hasn't aired in a particular area. Being that we're an international community, it helps to list spoilers for episodes that have recently aired in the US. Nothing elaborate, just the basic "spoilers for ___."
*RATING: What you think the story should be rated. Err on the side of the higher rating.
*DISCLAIMER: These characters aren't yours and we know it, so please give credit where credit is due.
An example is: "The characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Kuzui, Sandollar, and David Greenwalt Productions, 20th Century Fox, and whoever else may have a hold upon them. The situation is wholly mine, and I do not mean to infringe upon any copyrights."
NOTES: Anything you have to say about the story, feedback requests, dedications, etc.
And then your story
What happens after I post my story?
Hopefully, you will get feedback.
The story itself will go up on the UCSL archive. This stands for ALL stories posted to the list, unless you SPECIFICALLY work out a situation with the listowner before you post. Otherwise, sorry, you shouldn't have posted.
This holds true for after you unsubscribe as well. If you've posted, it goes on the archive. And, no, it's not removed.
Why hasn't my story been archived?
It may be that it isn't complete. Stories are not archived until they are complete.
It may be because you did not number it properly. If it's a part of a series, you need to number it according to the story, not the series. In the subject line, you should have: Fic: Small World 1/1, not: Fic: Small World (Dead Man) 1/20.
It may also have been because it came after the cut-off time of the week. Check the messages at YahooGroups and see if your story comes after the last story archived.
You may have broken a rule on the UCSL FAQ. Please re-read this FAQ before complaining.
If you feel that your story doesn't fit under any of these conditions, email the listowner at ucsl@dymphna.net.
I don't want to join the list, but I want my fiction archived. How do I do this?
If you are not subscribed to the list or do not send it via someone subscribed to the list, your fiction will NOT be archived. Do NOT send it to ucsl@dymphna.net in any shape or form. It will be automatically deleted.
What happens if I don't follow this FAQ?
The first time, you'll be given a warning and told to re-read the FAQ. If you refuse to follow the FAQ again, your posts will be moderated until you can prove that you will follow the FAQ.
There will be no discussion over this.
If I have any questions, who do I ask?
Email the UCSL listowner at ucsl@dymphna.net.