I Woke Up Gay!

Angel Woke Up Gay by Prophecy Girl (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
He struck a pose, and looked at the photo of himself stuck to the mirror. Damn, he was sexy. If he weren't him, he'd surely hit on himself...
Angel Woke Up Gay by Stephanie (Angel)
Instead of rolling over and pulling his brocade comforter over his head in a haze of pain filled angst, he popped out of bed and ran straight (not too straight, mind you) for the shower.
Buffy Woke Up Gay! by Faithtastic (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Willow and Tara beamed proudly at Buffy. Having recruited another one, this meant they got the toaster oven.
By The Progenitor! by Ana (Andromeda)
That's when it struck him. This morning he felt lighter, happier, less tense. He suddenly knew why. 'By the Progenitor!' he thought, 'I am so gay'.
Chloe Sullivan Woke Up Gay (Smallville)
Chloe arrived at the bus stop, still munching on her muffin. Clark and Pete greeted her, and Lana smiled from across the street. Lana nodded at Lana and turned to Clark. "Look at her boobs in that shirt! My GOD, Lana is looking fine today."
Clark Kent Woke Up Gay (Smallville)
When they got in, Clark put his head on Lex's shoulder and his hand on Lex's knee. Normally, Lex had hard alt-rock playing in his car, but turned it off when he noticed Clark was softly singing "Like A Virgin".
The DC Universe Woke Up Gay by 'rith, Carmen, and Falstaff (DC Comics)
John Constantine woke up gay, started to tell the world to kiss his arse, and stopped cold.
Deanna Troi Wakes Up Gay! by Faithtastic (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Much as she would have liked to stop and enjoy the show of Sapphic lovin', Deanna had responsibilities, even as her empathic abilities were assaulted by all the dykeadelic goings-on. She had to inform the Captain.
Drusilla Woke Up Gay by Buffonia (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
"Waking up gay isn't so bad." Cordelia's face softened from fear into a demure smile. "But, trust me, going to bed gay is much more fun."
For The Honour Of Gayskull by Dolores Labouchere (She-Ra and He-Man)
Then Kowl, the strange Koala-owl creature clearly copied from the Wuzzels, glides down to meet her, his rainbow coloured ears flapping in the wind. "She-ra," says he, "you are most dykeadelic today."
Gay Paris by Dolores Labouchere (Star Trek: Voyager)
When the helm officer had finished, he sank to his knees and looked back up into Chakotay's eyes and said, "Wow, a matching tattoo down here? That had to hurt."
Jen Woke Up Gay by John Allenson (Dawson's Creek)
She went to her mirror, looked at herself and said, "Finally, a lesbian with a good hair cut. Neat!"
Joyce Woke Up Gay by Dolores Labouchere (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
She pulled on her black and white robe, then walked to the bathroom, adjusting her Monet print on the wall as she went so it wasn't quite so. . . straight.
Liz Woke Up Gay by Sara (Roswell)
"No! And it's not like it's anything personal. Max just has the wrong chromosomes, that's all," Liz tossed off breezily.
The Marvel Universe Woke Up Gay by Danell Lites (Marvel Comics)
Jamie Madrox woke up gay and slapped himself silly.
Michael Woke Up Gay by Debbie (Roswell)
Where did he think he was? The YMCA? With a wave of his hand, he transformed the cracked plaster on the walls into Laura Ashley wallpaper. Much better.
Mulder Woke Up Gay by Jennifer-Oskana (The X-Files)
He grabbed his casefiles and walked out of the apartment. Instead of looking full of man pain, he looked young, happy, full of pep and swing.
Nightwing Woke Up Gay by Kerithwyn Jade (DC Comics)
Sometimes he and Bruce had issues about his being Bruce's student, almost his son. Most of the time he and Bruce had to work through mass quantities of emotional turmoil before, inevitably, they ended up in bed together, regardless of any "issues."
Ray K. Woke Up Gay by Amy B. (Due South)
Fraser stared at him in puzzlement until Ray explained, "You plus red serge plus big brown boots equals *rrroowwrrr*. You are really workin' that uniform today."
Riley Woke Up Gay by Pixie (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
Why, one might even compare him to the Incredible Plastic GI Joe - but, of course, with actual genitalia. ('I'm a GI Boy, in a GI world...') No more farmer-turned-Buffy's-new-slut for Riley - no, that's SIR to you, boy!
Ryan Woke Up by El (OZ)
Ryan's neck tingled, and he glared back. Shit. He knew that look. It was the same one he'd had on his face looking at Alvarez. Looked like he hadn't woken up a little bent all alone.
Snape Wakes Up Gay by Siren (Harry Potter)
""You are entitled to your opinion, but I would prefer it if you would not refer to me as 'poof' or 'fairy'. If you must call me anything at all it will have to be 'homosexual' or perhaps 'gay'. Both of those other words are very insulting," he responded."
Spike Woke Up Gay by Katta (Press Gang)
Slightly out-of-tune, he hummed to himself: "I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gay, and I pity any boy who isn't me today."
Things Look Swell by Pilar (Dawson's Creek)
"It's great, Pacey." She turned back towards Mr. Leery. "He has been the biggest freak all day, this morning he practically skipped up to me, kissed me on both cheeks and started going on and on about the day. Really, you should have seen him, Mr. Leery. I hardly recognized him."
Too Darn Hot by Erin M. (Dawson's Creek)
There was one problem with waking up gay in Capeside -- the avenues open to you making such a fabulous announcement to the community at large were, to be kind, quite restricted. So, here she was, sitting at the only restaurant in Capeside, downing glass after glass of Old-Fashioneds.
White T-Shirts Everywhere by Jen (Big Wolf On Campus)
He made sure to scrub particularly hard with the coconut shower creme he'd found hiding behind his usual supermarket-brand gel: the buzzing in his stomach told him that this would be a fabulous day, and he wanted to greet it smelling clean and fresh. And coconut-scented.
Wolvie Woke Up Gay by Sineya (X-Men: The Movie)
The leader grinned, his hand moving to encircle the bulky man's waist. "Don't ya know? I'm already an expert."
Xander Woke Up Gay by Kate (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
Xander danced his way down to the schoolyard, still humming a variety of happy pop songs. His eyes were sparkling, his face beaming, and his step light. He was gay, as gay as a spring morning, as gay as the 'Gay Nineties'. And it felt good.
Xander Woke Up Gay...Again by Kate (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
God, if he knew how much fun Giles could be in bed, he would have done that a long time ago...what was stopping him? Oh yeah, Cordelia.