All Mine

Oblivion In A Kiss by Kate
At the end, a beginning, with an eventual end.
Her Point Of View by Katie
In an alley way, losing herself to her.
Our Lady Of The Flowers by Kate
Watching and remembering in a dingy hotel room, salvation in a kiss.
Siamese by Katie
A haze-filled bar, New Orleans lights filtered through smoke and darkness, dancing and passion.
Have To Be by Katie
Prophecies on the road and old lovers return.
When Flowers Are Gone by Katie
Disappearences after calming passion.
Mark Of Cain by Kate
Abandonment and obsession. Long drives and death.
This In Me by Katie
Sweat and coolness mingling together in reconciliation.
Beauty In My World by Kate
Carnival faith. Faith wants to believe.
Living End by Katie
Returning to endings. Degradation and death.
Almost Like You by Katie
Lonely searching. Finding someone like Faith but not.

Faith and Drusilla

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