After Cheerleading Practice
by Mac

One look.

That's all it takes.

I take a long drag on my cigarette as I watch the cheerleaders file into the girl's locker room.

But just before the head cheerleader goes in, she turns around and looks at me, sitting over in a corner of the football field smoking a cigarette.

Her eyes burn into mine for no longer than a second, before she turns around to her little preppy group and participates in their inane chatter.

Watching her jump around in that little skirt had definitely got me excited and worked up. Watching her breasts move and sway under her top had made me almost salivate. Knowing that she had done most of that for me, made me hotter than hell.

And boy, was she gonna get burned tonight.

Last week I had waited too, watched her jump around screaming 'Go, team, GO!' got turned on by her legs, her panties under her skirt, her braless breasts as she jumped up and down. Cheerleading practice seems to go on for a long time after school, only finishes after it gets dark. They're really dedicated to the cheerleading cause. I hated cheerleaders when I was in school, really pissed me off, mainly because I could never have them.

Didn't hate Cordelia though.

Last week I waited around, waited for all the cheerleaders to file back out of the locker rooms, before I slowly approached and entered. I was feeling so feral I wanted to fuck her so damned hard.

You can imagine the frustration and disappointment I felt when I saw her there, talking to some girl about some bloody routine. I leaned against the locker and Queen C hardly even gave me a glance.

Fucking bitch.

"So, Cordy, whatcha doin tonight?" I butted in on their conversation.

She glared up at me. "Faith, I have work to do, I'm busy right now." She gestured to the girl in front of her. "I don't have time to hang out with you."

I stared down at her for a few seconds. Yeah right, I thought, you don't have time to have your pussy licked by me.


I slammed one of the locker doors before storming out of the shitty little locker room and went to the Bronze, where I fucked the first girl who looked at me twice.

But it's not the same as fucking Cordelia though, it builds up, this need I have for her. It had been almost two weeks since the last time I had eaten her out. And God, did I want to taste her again.

If there was another girl with her tonight, I was gonna throw her head first out of the locker room, I didn't care.

I stand up and stub out my cigarette; I slide my hands into my back pocket and count the cheerleaders as they walk out. The second last one leaves and I almost scream in victory, Cordelia is on her own.

I stride across the field and into the locker room. Cordelia is sitting pretty on the bench, still clad in her cheerleading attire. She knows I like her like this.

"Last week wasn't funny C."

She looks defiantly up at me. "I was busy Faith. Sorry if I spoiled your plans. Did you find Buffy and fuck her instead? I'm sure she'd love to find out what she's missing. Sure she fights vampires with you, but does she get fucked by you?" Cordelia slowly shakes her head.

"Shut up."

"I know you'd love to slide your talented tongue all around her pussy, feel her shake and come into your mouth." She puts her hands on her knees and slowly spreads them as she sits on the bench.

"Just shut up!" I shout at her, she doesn't even flinch, her smirk remains firmly planted on her face. She spreads her legs more and I finally get a view of what she knows drives me crazy with need and lust.

My mouth twitches at the sight of her neatly trimmed, damp sex. I stare between her legs, unable to even drag my eyes up to her face.

"Come on then, strong, powerful Faithy... what are you waiting for?" She slides her fingers between her legs, over her wet cunt. Before she even realises it, I'm on my knees between her legs looking up at her.

She gasps at my quick movement and slowly pulls up her little skirt around her waist, I look between her legs and her scent fills my senses, I find it hard to understand how she holds such power over me. My hands are on her inner thighs, slowly spreading her legs and gently caressing her soft skin. I blow cool air onto her overheated sex and she squirms, revealing more of her pink wet flesh.

"Faaaith... please..." Her tone changes until she sounds almost pathetic.

She knows that's all it takes. I spread her lips with my fingers and drive my tongue up inside her hole, she squeals and her legs wrap around my back, her manicured nails dig into my skull. My mouth works as my tongue squirms and twists inside her, making her gasp and moan and shudder against me.

She's so wet, I can't help but notice as she rides my face, and I can feel it dripping down my chin. She's been worked up for quite a while, I wonder if she was excited when she was out cheering, when she saw me staring at her. Doesn't matter now, because I have her.

"Oh uuuhhnnn... harder..."

I fuck my tongue in and out of her hole, her hips pump back and forth, my nails dig into her ass as I pull her harder against me, I can't get any closer. My nose bumps off her clit and I hear her moan. My tongue caresses her silky walls as it moves in and out of her.

"Oh god... your tongue, Faith... your tongue... don't stop..."

Her nails dig harder into my head and I decide to slip a finger down around her ass, I gently rim it around her hole and she makes some inarticulate noise and her inner walls clamp around my tongue so tightly. She comes hard and I feel both her holes clenching and pulsating.

"Faaaith! Oh my god!!!"

She twists and shakes against me, her nails are digging so hard into my head I know she must be drawing blood. I pull away from between her legs for a second, just to look up at her recovering, before I move back between her legs, this time taking her swollen clit into my mouth and sucking on it gently.

She pushes at my head in a half-effort to dislodge me. "Not again, Faith... we never do it twice... uuuhhhh right there... suck it... oh god...."

Her legs tighten around my back and her hands this time are much more gentle. She slides them underneath my hair and strokes the back of my neck, sending shivers up and down my spine. I suck a little harder on her clit and then tease her cunt with my fingers, sliding the tips of them into her passage, feeling her inner walls clench around them before taking them out and merely circling around her hole.

"Fuck me Faith... baby... please... you feel so good..."

Baby? She hasn't ever called me that before. I suck hard on her clit, flicking the tip of it with my tongue, and she squeals. Cordelia Chase actually squeals. And man, did it sound hot! I drive two fingers into her and moan at the feeling of her slick walls surrounding me. I start pulling them in and out, I can feel myself getting more and more turned on at the sounds of her gasps and sighs.

"Uuuhhhhggghhh fuck... that feels... uh god... that feels..."

I gently scrape her clit of my teeth and she goes fucking wild. She presses my face as hard as she can against her and screams so loud it seems to echo for ages around the locker room. I gently rim her ass with my other fingers, gently sliding them in side her and caressing her tight ring of muscle. She comes for a second time and rides my face as her inner walls clench down almost painfully around my fingers.

As she recovers I take the hand away from her pussy, unclasp my pants and slide my hand in, I start to fuck myself roughly as I gently lick and caress her pussy with my tongue. The taste of her is an aphrodisiac to me, my pussy is so wet and I can't help but moan into her cunt as I slide the fingers, which I had been using to fuck her, inside my own sex.

Her oversensitive body flinches each time she feels my tongue so she pushes my head away from her, I try to fight her, I want to taste her, I need to get off, but she closes her legs. I'm on my knees with my hands down my pants masturbating frantically.

"Oh Faith." She says, almost pitying me. She drops to her knees in front of me and starts kissing me. It's the first time since I started fucking her a few weeks ago that she's kissed me. I moan into her mouth and my hand works quicker, I 'm so goddamned close!

She pulls away and starts kissing around my ear. "Faith, no one has ever fucked me like you do."

Finally! I arch against her, throw my head back and scream. My pussy comes so hard around my fingers, Cordelia slides her hand in and covers my hand, she forcefully pushes my hand harder into me as my cunt continues to contract and clench around my hand.

"Oh God..." I moan and I pull away from her and do up my pants. She grabs her bag from behind her and turns to me.

One look.

That's all I get.

Because then she's gone.