stories by pairing

Darker Than Night by Anne
Heart Of Darkness by Anne
Maybe Gay by Queena
Sanctum Sanctorum by Soren Nyrond
Aftermath by corrupt-blondie
A Brand New Sunnydale by blondehockeyfan
Buffy's Bitch by Oric13
Candy Dreams by Amberina
Candy Kisses by Amberina
Cordelia's New Obsession by Nicole (Unfinished)
Cordy's Crush by faithful_chickie
Courting Cordelia by faithful_chickie
Dead Waiting by Buffonia
Dear Buffy by John O'Connor
Dear Diary by Nicole (unfinished)
Except by Spwaddict
Get Over It by Evelyn Black
Heat by Jennifer-Oksana
Human Layers by Pat Kelly
I Wanna Be Bad by Nicole
I Want Candy by Amberina
An Interesting Night by Pat Kelly
It Must Be Something In The Water by El
Just Cause by Princess Twilite
Just Sex by Dan Spector
Keeping Your Distance by Nikita (unfinished)
Like Cigarettes For Candy by Amberina
Mental Machinations by Harper Masterson
Missing My Baby by Nicole
One Night Can Change Your Life by Nicole
Only When I Sleep by Anne
Past/Future Visions by Skiwoofe
The Power Struggle by blondehockeyfan
Recovery by corrupt-blondie
Regrets by corrupt-blondie
Remedial Buffy by Glossolalia
Sally by corrupt-blondie
Season 5 by buffysummers97 (unfinished)
The Secret Loves Of Buffy Summers by Calle Dybedahl
Secrets In Her Lipstick Mouth by Jennifer-Oksana
Sex And Candy by Amberina
Soul Scars by Pat Kelly (unfinished)
Sweet Dreams by Princesstogoddes
Sweet Fantasy by Princesstogoddes
Temporary Sweetener by jbslayer
They Remembered Jayne Mansfield by Faithtastic
Through The Years by Nicole (Unfinished)
Time And Again by Mark Wilson
The Pop In by RileySlash
Re/Envisioning by Jennifer-Oksana
If I Asked You To Take Me, Would You Ask Me Where? by Nikita
Devil In Her Heart by Patricia RD
Merciful by Faithtastic
Thirty Pieces Of Silver by Jason Thompson
Resurrection by Lar
Home by Roz Kaveney
The Key To Happiness by John Coltrane
Drusilla Woke Up Gay by Buffonia
The Absence Of White by Harper Masterson
After Cheerleading Practice by Mac
Afterglow by amaluv2000
Am I Or Am I Not by Kristjen Brezovnik
April Fool by Jenn
Archetype by Kate Bolin
At Your Convenience by Faithtastic
The Bad Part Of Town by Roz Kaveney
Behind Closed Doors by Angelina
Believe Me, Baby, I Lied by Angelina
Bitcas by Roz Kaveney
The Book Of Cordelia by ChosenTwo4381
Borrowed Dreams by Angelina
A Brand New Box Of Matches by Harper
Brand New Thing by Te
Calling Dr. Jones by Angelina
Can't See How It Shines by Angelina
Car Wrecks & Last Wishes by Anne
City Of Women by Roz Kaveney
Cordelia Chased (Cordelia/Faith)
Cordelia's Chase (Cordelia/Faith)
The Cordy Side Of The Street by amaluv 2000
Crave by Faithtastic
Coming Around Again by Faithtastic
Cordelia Chase's Paid Vacation by Kate Bolin
Cordelia Not-So-Chaste (Cordelia/Faith)
Death Of An Angel by hellish_bhoe (unfinished)
Deep Talk In The Shallow End by Faithtastic
Do And Talk And Do by Morphea
Do You Remember? by amaluv 2000
Don't Tell by FemVamp
Down The Memory Lane by Kristjen Brezovnik
A Dream Within A Dream by Sarah
Fade To Black by Jenn (Unfinished)
Faithless by Roz Kaveney
Farewell To The Boys by Faithtastic
Fearing These Days by Angelina
Fighting Like A Girl by Roz Kaveney
Forbidden Pleasures by DarkSlayer
Forgive And Forget by Kristjen Brezovnik
A Girl's Guide To Apathy And Angst by Harper Masterson
Going Down In Style by Harper Masterson
Got by Kate Bolin
Hate by Harper Masterson
Have Faith In Love by Bwp Bard
Heart Of Darkness by amaluv2000
Heart Of Light by amaluv2000
I Dream Of You by Kristjan Brezovnik
I Turn To You by Faithtastic
Is It Love? by Sarah (unfinished)
It's Enough by Chosentwo4381
Just Like Always by Tiki
Keeping Your Distance by Nikita (unfinished)
Killing Myself by hellish_bhoe
Let Me by Angelina
Let That Lonesome Whistle by Harper Masterson
Lonely Women And Bad Booze by Angelina
Love And Devotion by Kristjen Brezovnik
Midnight Talker by Angelina
Monochrome by Faithtastic
The Morning After by Angelina
My Slayer Lady by Angelina
Overcome by Sarah
Play Dead by Faithtastic
Postcards From The Edge by Faithtastic
Push It by Angelina
Relations by Kristjen Brezovnik
Ready For A Fall by Angelina
Reap What You Sow by Faithtastic
The Reason by corrupt-blondie
Reconciliation by Faithtastic
Return Of Faith by amaluv 2000
A Second Is An Eternity by Chazzman (unfinished)
Seducing Faith by Callisto's Dark Side (unfinished)
Seeing Clearly by Angelina
Sharing by Kristjen Brezovnik
She's Your Cocaine by Faithtastic
Silent Night by Jennifer-Oksana
Sins Of The Past by BWP Bard
Something Real by Spwaddict
Sorry State Of Affairs by Angelina
Stake And Shake Your Booty by Angelina
State Of Emergency by Faithtastic
Summertime by Dolores
Swirls by Selena Ulrich
Tea Parties & Fun Games by Anne
Through The Dark by Faithtastic
The Trick Is To Keep Breathing by Angelina
Truth Or Dare by Anne
Try And Try And Try Again by Faithtastic
Unravel by Faithtastic
User by Jenn
The Vamp Trap by Angelina
The Varos Triad by Steff
Warmth by AngelChase
What Meets The Eye by Angelina
What She Misses by Harper Masterson
Whatever Lola Wants by Jennifer-Oksana
When I Was Bad by Roz Kaveney
Wild Women Don't Get The Blues by Harper
Woo!Hoo! And Then UhUh! by Roz Kaveney
Your Freudian Slip Is Showing by Angelina
The Darkest Childe by Tiffany
Poisonous Garden by Tiffany
Pulling The Strings by Jennifer-Oksana
The New Stars by Kate Bolin
Appearances, Preconceptions, And Other Such Lies by Harper Masterson
Faded Prayers by Syrenslure
Incredibly Short Skirt by Faithtastic
A Little Talk by Wonko
Never Been Kissed by Evelyn Black
Once In A Lullaby by Briar
Polka Dots And Moonbeams by Black Widow
Seeing Her by FemVamp
Settling For Perfection by Karen
That's When I Knew by FemVamp
A Thing For Dorks by FemVamp
Harmonic Reflections by DanKnight
A Kiss Between Friends by Esperanza
Lesbian Chic By Kate Bolin
Cordelia/Jenny Calender
Eager To Learn by Sunshine
The Brink Of Forever by FemVamp
The Brink Of Love by FemVamp
The Brink of Madness by FemVamp
The Brink Of Passion by FemVamp
The Brink of Understanding by FemVamp
Browser Memory by Lar
The Catalyst by FemVamp
Curiosity by Carol Clarke
Depths by Esperanza
Devil's Law by FemVamp (Unfinished)
Destiny Unravels by FemVamp
Fascinated When You Pass My Way by Met Nater
Laying Down The Law by John O'Connor
Leftovers by Kate Bolin
Rising Up by Esperanza (unfinished)
Truth Or Dare by Anne
Too Far by Faithtastic
You Did What! by FemVamp
Decent Interval by Roz Kaveney
Lady Is A Tramp by Netgirl
Left Standing by Princess Twilite
Legal Maneuverings by John Coltrane
Paradise by AngelChase
Pump by Kate Bolin
Tourism For The Dispossed by Jennifer-Oksana
Family Of Woman by glossolalia
Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered by corrupt-blondie
The Blue Dahlia by Jennifer-Oksana
Chase Vs. Chase by Calle Dybedahl
The Doctor And The Seer by John O'Connor
Endorphin Rush by Jennifer-Oksana
Equipped by Kate Bolin
Everyone Does by Calle Dybedahl
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Faithtastic
Hex And Shopping by The Mong Key
I Hate Xander Harris by Selena Ulrich
In Which The Permafrost Burns by Soren Nyrond
Oh, Shoot! by The Mong Key
That Certain Female by Jennifer-Oksana
Those Mornings by V.V.
Till The Day We Are Reborn by Hoth1701
Wannabe by Morphea
Hearth And Home by Hayley
Higher Levels by Buffonia
Possession by Hayley
Who's My Bitch by Tiffany
Fag Haggery Loves Company by Faithtastic
As Love Comes Tumbling by Kate Bolin
But Sometimes Fate Takes A Hand by Soren Nyrond
Chips by Buffonia
Cleanliness Is Next To... by Soren Nyrond
The Confesions Of A Somewhat Inept Not Quite Alcoholic by Harper Masterson
Confessions by Syrenslure
Cordelia Dreams... by Kate Bolin
Crumblings by Buffonia
Denial's The Scene by Callisto's Dark Side (unfinished)
Education And Weasels by Soren Nyrond
Elfin Hands by Soren Nyrond
An Empire's Honour by Crazed Attourney (Unfinished)
Forever by Kate Bolin
I Hate Xander Harris by Selena Ulrich
If That Isn't Love, What Is? by Miss Ellie
Kirriemuir by Soren Nyrond
Let The Darkness In by Kate Bolin
Lies by FemVamp the maidenhead on the ship from hell by Kate Bolin
Lust Story by Calle Dybedahl
Never Saw Her Coming by FemVamp
OOOOHH!! AARRRGGGHH!! by Dan Spector
Our Little Brunette Ball Of Kudzu by Morphea
Performance by Kate Bolin
Rage by Femvamp
Remember Well by Kate Bolin
Sharing Is A Good Thing by Soren Nyrond
Smart Cookies by Buffonia
Statuettes And Simians by Chris Jordan
Strength In Numbers by Dan Spector (unfinished)
Strong Enough by Kimberly (unfinished)
Stupidity by Spwaddict
Swan Dive Swan Song by Morphea
This Forgotten Love by Kate Bolin
This Just Stopped Being Funny by Soren Nyrond
This Tangled Web by Kate Bolin
An Unexpected Visitor by Kimberly
Vagaries Of Youth by Jennifer-Oksana
Visions Of Love by Amberina
When Good Girls Go Just A Little Bit Bad by Harper Masterson
Where Our Weakness Lies by Kate Bolin
Loveslut by Hth