by Kate Bolin

Cordelia looked down at the tv dinner and sighed. "Happy Thanksgiving, Cordelia Chase," she said in a depressed voice. She pulled the plastic off of the turkey and poked her fork in. "Yep, this is the life..."

There was a knock on the door. Cordelia looked up, frowning. "Come in," she said loudly.

Kate walked in, a tupperware container in her hand. "Um...hi..."

"Oh look, the Cagney and Lacey set," Cordelia muttered under her breath. "Can I help you?"

Kate managed to look sheepish. "Yeah, um, is Angel here?"

"'Fraid not, he went to Sunnydale on a job..." Cordelia said nicely. "A job without a bill because Angel can't get over old girlfriends..." she muttered.

"Old girlfriend, huh?" Kate said, frowning.

Cordelia looked up. "Yeah...Buffy. They had a thing, but it...went bad. Majorly bad. They got a little too close...the relationship...changed...they sort of got back together...but it went bad again...it's a big mess and I don't know why he's going back to check up on her because c'mon, if you say you're never going to come back, why are you going to sneak around and protect her?" She took a deep breath. "So, no, he's not here."

Kate nodded, a bit dazed. "Okay...um..." She held up the tupperware. "I brought this for him. You know, Thanksgiving and all. I thought he'd want something to eat...."

"Oh, he doesn't eat..." At Kate's raised eyebrow, Cordelia continued. "Turkey! He doesn't eat turkey. Terrible allergy."

"Oh...um..." Kate looked down at the tupperware in her hand. "Well, um...do you want it? I see that you're..." She gestured to the tv dinner slowly cooling on the desk.

"Well, if you're not going to eat it..." Suddenly, Cordelia's eyes lit up. "Hey, you're not full, are you? 'Cause there's a bottle of chardonnay in Angel's fridge, and I'm just stuck here tonight answering phones, and, well, to be honest, I could use the company..."

Kate thought about it for a second, then nodded. "Yeah, okay," she said. She put the tupperware down on the table.

Cordelia stood. "Great. I'll get the wine." She walked back into the apartment, opening Angel's fridge. "Cordelia, what're you doing?" she asked herself. "Don't want to end up with another Xander, so you go for Miss Tough Cop '99?" She grabbed the wine bottle. "I guess it's better than Doyle...I mean, she doesn't spend all her days at the track and the bar..." She rummaged in the drawer for the corkscrew. "And she's dedicated. She's strong." She popped open the wine and opened the cabinet. "Okay, she's a woman, but this is the nineties. Everyone experiments." She looked towards the doorway. "Right?"

There was no response from the doorway, but Cordelia smiled, straightened, and nodded. "Right. I can do this." She walked back towards the office, smiling the entire way.