stories by title

The Absence Of White by Harper Masterson (Cordelia/Faith)
After Cheerleading Practice by Mac (Cordelia/Faith)
Afterglow by amaluv2000 (Cordelia/Faith)
Aftermath by corrupt-blondie (Cordelia/Buffy)
Appearances, Preconceptions, And Other Such Lies by Harper Masterson (Cordelia/Fred)
April Fool by Jenn (Cordelia/Faith)
Archetype by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Faith)
As Love Comes Tumbling by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Willow)
At Your Convenience by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
The Bad Part Of Town by Roz Kaveney (Cordelia/Faith)
Behind Closed Doors by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
Believe Me, Baby, I Lied by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered by corrupt-blondie (Cordelia/Other)
Bitcas by Roz Kaveney (Cordelia/Faith)
The Blue Dahlia by Jennifer-Oksana (Cordelia/Other)
The Book Of Cordelia by ChosenTwo4381 (Cordelia/Faith)
Borrowed Dreams by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
A Brand New Box Of Matches by Harper (Cordelia/Faith)
A Brand New Sunnydale by blondehockeyfan (Cordelia/Buffy)
Brand New Thing by Te (Cordelia/Faith)
The Brink Of Forever by FemVamp (Cordelia/Kate)
The Brink Of Love by FemVamp (Cordelia/Kate)
The Brink of Madness by FemVamp (Cordelia/Kate)
The Brink Of Passion by FemVamp (Cordelia/Kate)
The Brink of Understanding by FemVamp (Cordelia/Kate)
Browser Memory by Lar (Cordelia/Kate)
Buffy's Bitch by Oric13 (Cordelia/Buffy)
But Sometimes Fate Takes A hand by Soren Nyrond (Cordelia/Willow)
Calling Dr. Jones by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
Candy Dreams by Amberina (Cordelia/Buffy)
Candy Kisses by Amberina (Cordelia/Buffy)
Can't See How It Shines by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
Car Wrecks & Last Wishes by Anne (Cordelia/Faith)
The Catalyst by FemVamp (Cordelia/Kate)
Chase Vs. Chase by Calle Dybedahl (Cordelia/Other)
Chips by Buffonia (Cordelia/Willow)
City Of Women by Roz Kaveney (Cordelia/Faith)
Cleanliness Is Next To... by Soren Nyrond (Cordelia/Willow)
Cordelia Chased by Dylan (Cordelia/Faith)
Cordelia Dreams... by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Willow)
Cordelia Not-So-Chaste by Dylan (Cordelia/Faith)
Cordelia's Chase by Dylan (Cordelia/Faith)
Cordelia's New Obsession by Nicole (Cordelia/Buffy) (Unfinished)
Cordy's Crush by faithful_chickie (Cordelia/Buffy)
Coming Around Again by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
The Confesions Of A Somewhat Inept Not Quite Alcoholic by Harper Masterson (Cordelia/Willow)
Confessions by Syrenslure (Cordelia/Willow)
Cordelia Chase's Paid Vacation by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Faith)
The Cordy Side Of The Street by amaluv 2000 (Cordelia/Faith)
Courting Cordelia by faithful_chickie (Cordelia/Buffy)
Crave by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
Crumblings by Buffonia (Cordelia/Willow)
Curiosity by Carol Clarke (Cordelia/Kate)
Darker Than Night by Anne (Cordelia/Anne)
The Darkest Childe by Tiffany (Cordelia/Faith/Angelus)
Dead Waiting by Buffonia (Cordelia/Buffy)
Dear Buffy by John O'Connor (Cordelia/Buffy)
Dear Diary by Nicole (Cordelia/Buffy) (unfinished)
Death Of An Angel by hellish_bhoe (Cordelia/Faith) (unfinished)
Decent Interval by Roz Kaveney (Cordelia/Lilah)
Deep Talk In The Shallow End by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
Denial's The Scene by Callisto's Dark Side (Cordelia/Willow) (unfinished)
Depths by Esperanza (Cordelia/Kate)
Destiny Unravels by FemVamp (Cordelia/Kate)
Devil In Her Heart by Patricia RD (Cordelia/Darla)
Devil's Law by FemVamp (Cordelia/Kate) (Unfinished)
Do And Talk And Do by Morphea (Cordelia/Faith)
Do You Remember? by amaluv 2000 (Cordelia/Faith)
The Doctor And The Seer by John O'Connor (Cordelia/Janet Fraiser)
Don't Tell by FemVamp (Cordelia/ Faith)
Down The Memory Lane by Kristjen Brezovnik (Cordelia/Faith)
A Dream Within A Dream by Sarah (Cordelia/Faith)
Drusilla Woke Up Gay by Buffonia (Cordelia/Drusilla)
Eager To Learn by Sunshine (Cordelia/Jenny Calender)
Education And Weasels by Soren Nyrond (Cordelia/Willow)
Elfin Hands by Soren Nyrond (Cordelia/Willow)
An Empire's Honour by Crazed Attourney (Cordelia/Willow) (Unfinished)
Endorphin Rush by Jennifer-Oksana (Cordelia/Other)
Equipped by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Other)
Everyone Does by Calle Dybedahl (Cordelia/Other)
Except by Spwaddict (Cordelia/Buffy)
Fade To Black by Jenn (Cordelia/Faith) (Unfinished)
Faded Prayers by Syrenslure (Cordelia/Fred)
Fag Haggery Loves Companyby Faithtastic (Cordelia/Virginia)
Faithless by Roz Kaveney (Cordelia/Faith)
Family Of Woman by glossolalia (Cordelia/Nina)
Farewell To The Boys by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
Fascinated When You Pass My Way by Met Nater (Cordelia/Kate)
Fearing These Days by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
Fighting Like A Girl by Roz Kaveney (Cordelia/Faith)
Forbidden Pleasures by DarkSlayer (Cordelia/Faith>
Forever by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Willow)
Forgive And Forget by Kristjen Brezovnik (Cordelia/Faith)
Get Over It by Evelyn Black (Cordelia/Buffy)
A Girl's Guide To Apathy And Angst by Harper Masterson (Cordelia/Faith)
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Britney Spears)
Going Down In Style by Harper Masterson (Cordelia/Faith)
Got by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Faith)
Harmonic Reflections by DanKnight (Cordelia/Harmony)
Hate by Harper Masterson (Cordelia/Faith)
Have Faith In Love by Bwp Bard (Cordelia/Faith)
Heart Of Darkness by Anne (Cordelia/Anne)
Heart Of Darkness by amaluv2000 (Cordelia/Faith)
Heart Of Light by amaluv2000 (Cordelia/Faith)
Hearth And Home by Hayley (Cordelia/Tara)
Heat by Jennifer-Oksana (Cordelia/Buffy)
Hex And Shopping by The Mongkey (Cordelia/Other)
Higher Levels by Buffonia (Cordelia/Tara)
Home by Roz Kaveney (Cordelia/Drusilla/Darla)
Human Layers by Pat Kelley (Cordelia/Buffy)
I Dream Of You by Kristjan Brezovnik (Cordelia/Faith)
I Hate Xander Harris by Selena Ulrich (Cordelia/Willow, Cordelia/Other)
I Turn To You by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
I Wanna Be Bad by Nicole (Cordelia/Buffy)
I Want Candy by Amberina (Cordelia/Buffy)
If I Asked You To Take Me, Would You Ask Me Where? by Nikita (Cordelia/Buffy/Faith)
If That Isn't Love, What Is? by Miss Ellie (Cordelia/Willow)
In Which The Permafrost Burns by Soren Nyrond (Cordelia/Other)
Incredibly Short Skirt by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Fred)
An Interesting Night by Pat Kelly (Cordelia/Buffy)
Is It Love? by Sarah (Cordelia/Faith) (unfinished)
It Must Be Something In The Water by El (Cordelia/Buffy)
It's Enough by Chosentwo4381 (Cordelia/Faith)
Just Cause by Princess Twilite (Cordelia/Buffy)
Just Like Always by Tiki (Cordelia/Faith)
Just Sex by Dan Spector (Cordelia/Buffy)
Keeping Your Distance by Nikita (Cordelia/Buffy, Cordelia/Faith) (unfinished)
The Key To Happiness by John O'Connor (Cordelia/Dawn)
Killing Myself by hellish_bhoe (Cordelia/Faith)
Kirriemuir by Soren Nyrond (Cordelia/Willow)
A Kiss Between Friends by Esperanza (Cordelia/Harmony)
Lady Is A Tramp by Netgirl (Cordelia/Lilah)
Laying Down The Law by John O'Connor (Cordelia/Kate)
Left Standing by Princess Twilite (Cordelia/Lilah)
Leftovers by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Kate)
Legal Maneuverings by John O'Connor (Cordelia/Lilah)
Lesbian Chic By Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Harmony)
Let Me by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
Let That Lonesome Whistle by Harper Marsterson (Cordelia/Faith)
Let The Darkness In by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Willow)
Lies by FemVamp (Cordelia/Willow)
Like Cigarettes For Candy by Amberina (Cordelia/Buffy) the maidenhead on the ship from hell by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Willow)
A Little Talk by Wonko (Cordelia/Fred)
Lonely Women And Bad Booze by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
Love And Devotion by Kristjen Brezovnik (Cordelia/Faith)
Loveslut by Hth (Cordelia/Willow/Xander)
Lust Story by Calle Dybedahl (Cordelia/Willow)
Maybe Gay by Queena (Cordelia/Anya)
Mental Machinations by Harper Masterson (Cordelia/Buffy)
Merciful by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Darla)
Midnight Talker by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
Missing My Baby by Nicole (Cordelia/Buffy)
Monochrome by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
The Morning After by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
My Slayer Lady by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
Never Been Kissed by Evelyn Black (Cordelia/Fred)
Never Saw Her Coming by FemVamp (Cordelia/Willow)
The New Stars by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Faith/Other)
Oh, Shoot! by The Mong Key (Cordelia/Other)
Once In A Lullaby by Briar (Cordelia/Fred)
One Night Can Change Your Life by Nicole (Cordelia/Buffy)
Only When I Sleep by Anne (Cordelia/Buffy)
OOOOHH!! AARRRGGGHH!! by Dan Spector (Cordelia/Willow)
Our Little Brunette Ball Of Kudzu by Morphea (Cordelia/Willow)
Overcome by Sarah (Cordelia/Faith)
Paradise by AngelChase (Cordelia/Lilah)
Past/Future Visions by Skiwoofe (Cordelia/Buffy)
Performance by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Willow)
Play Dead by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
Poisonous Garden by Tiffany (Cordelia/Faith/Angelus)
Polka Dots And Moonbeams by Black Widow (Cordelia/Fred)
The Pop In by RileySlash (Cordelia/Buffy/Angel)
Possession by Hayley (Cordelia/Tara)
Postcards From The Edge by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
The Power Struggle by blondehockeyfan (Cordelia/Buffy)
Pulling The Strings by Jennifer-Oksana (Cordelia/Faith/Fred)
Pump by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Lilah)
Push It by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
Rage by Femvamp (Cordelia/Willow)
Ready For A Fall by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
Reap What You Sow by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
The Reason by corrupt-blondie (Cordelia/Faith)
Reconciliation by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
Recovery by corrupt-blondie (Cordelia/Buffy)
Re/Envisioning by Jennifer-Oksana (Cordelia/Buffy/Angel)
Regrets by corrupt-blondie (Cordelia/Buffy)
Relations by Kristjen Brezovnik (Cordelia/Faith)
Remedial Buffy by Glossolalia (Cordelia/Buffy)
Remember Well by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Willow)
Resurrection by Lar (Cordelia/Darla/Drusilla)
Return Of Faith by amaluv 2000 (Cordelia/Faith)
Rising Up by Esperanza (Cordelia/Kate) (unfinished)
Sally by corrupt-blondie (Cordelia/Buffy)
Sanctum Sanctorum by Soren Nyrond (Cordelia/Anya)
Season 5 by buffysummers97 (Cordelia/Buffy) (unfinished)
A Second Is An Eternity by Chazzman (Cordelia/Faith) (unfinished)
The Secret Loves Of Buffy Summers by Calle Dybedahl (Cordelia/Buffy)
Secrets In Her Lipstick Mouth by Jennifer-Oksana (Cordelia/Buffy)
Seducing Faith by Callisto's Dark Side (Cordelia/Faith) (unfinished)
Seeing Clearly by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
Seeing Her by Femvamp (Cordelia/Fred)
Settling For Perfection by Karen (Cordelia/Fred)
Sex And Candy by Amberina (Cordelia/Buffy)
Sharing by Kristjen Brezovnik (Cordelia/Faith)
Sharing Is A Good Thing by Soren Nyrond (Cordelia/Willow)
She's Your Cocaine by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
Silent Night by Jennifer-Oksana (Cordelia/Faith)
Sins Of The Past by BWP Bard (Cordelia/Faith)
Smart Cookies by Buffonia (Cordelia/Willow)
Something Real by Spwaddict (Cordelia/Faith)
Sorry State Of Affairs by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
Soul Scars by Pat Kelly (Cordelia/Buffy) (unfinished)
Stake And Shake Your Booty by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
State Of Emergency by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
Statuettes And Simians by Chris Jordan (Cordelia/Willow)
Strength In Numbers by Dan Spector (Cordelia/Willow) (unfinished)
Strong Enough by Kimberly (Cordelia/Willow) (unfinished)
Stupidity by Spwaddict (Cordelia/Willow)
Summertime by Dolores (Cordelia/Faith)
Swan Dive Swan Song by Morphea (Cordelia/Willow)
Sweet Dreams by Anne (Cordelia/Buffy)
Sweet Fantasy by Anne (Cordelia/Buffy)
Swirls by Selena Ulrich (Cordelia/Faith)
Tea Parties & Fun Games by Anne (Cordelia/Faith)
Temporary Sweetener by jbslayer (Cordelia/Buffy)
That Certain Female by Jennifer-Oksana (Cordelia/Other)
That's When I Knew by FemVamp (Cordelia/Fred)
They Remembered Jayne Mansfield by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Buffy)
A Thing For Dorks by Femvamp (Cordelia/Fred)
Thirty Pieces Of Silver by Jason Thompson (Cordelia/Darla)
This Forgotten Love by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Willow)
This Just Stopped Being Funny by Soren Nyrond (Cordelia/Willow)
This Tangled Web by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Willow)
Those Mornings by V.V. (Cordelia/?)
Through The Dark by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
Through The Years by Nicole (Cordelia/Buffy) (Unfinished)
Till The Day We Are Reborn by Hoth1701 (Cordelia/Prue)
Time And Again by Mark Wilson (Cordelia/Buffy)
Tourism For The Dispossed by Jennifer-Oksana (Cordelia/Lilah)
The Trick Is To Keep Breathing by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
Truth Or Dare by Anne (Cordelia/Faith, Cordelia/Kate)
Try And Try And Try Again by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
Too Far by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Kate)
An Unexpected Visitor by Kimberly (Cordelia/Willow)
Unravel by Faithtastic (Cordelia/Faith)
User by Jenn (Cordelia/Faith)
Vagaries Of Youth by Jennifer-Oksana (Cordelia/Willow)
The Vamp Trap by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
The Varos Triad by Steff (Cordelia/Faith)
Visions Of Love by Amberina (Cordelia/Willow)
Wannabe by Morphea (Cordelia/Other)
Warmth by AngelChase (Cordelia/Faith)
What Meets The Eye by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)
What She Misses by Harper Masterson (Cordelia/Faith)
Whatever Lola Wants by Jennifer-Oksana (Cordelia/Faith)
When I Was Bad by Roz Kaveney (Cordelia/Faith)
When Good Girls Go Just A Little Bit Bad by Harper Masterson (Cordelia/Willow)
Where Our Weakness Lies by Kate Bolin (Cordelia/Willow)
Who's My Bitch by Tiffany (Cordelia/Tara)
Wild Women Don't Get The Blues by Harper Masterson (Cordelia/Faith)
Woo!Hoo! And Then UhUh! by Roz Kaveney (Cordelia/Faith)
You Did What! by FemVamp (Cordelia/Kate)
Your Freudian Slip Is Showing by Angelina (Cordelia/Faith)