Legal Maneuverings
by John O'Connor

"I gotta get out for a while," the girl said.

"Cordelia, it's dangerous out there," the young boy replied.

"Creepy-crawlies? In daylight?" she said, already trying to dispel the images from the night before.

"Yeah, sometimes," he said.

"Don't care. I need to... I need to be outside with...normal people. No offense," she said.

"None taken."

With that, the woman whom everyone was calling Cordelia Chase stepped out into the smoggy sunshine of Los Angeles. She had a lot to figure out.

First, she had no memory of who she was. Sure, she probably was this Cordelia, the pictures looked like her but... The people she'd met were a little...odd, to be nice about it.

There was Gunn and Fred who spent their nights killing baby demons, apparently. And their boss Angel, who was a vampire. A vampire! Not to mention the green guy with the horns. And then there was Connor who should be a baby in diapers but was a teenager whose sole purpose was to fight and kill.

And, apparently, she was a part of this. How could she forget that? Any of that? Or her past.

That old yearbook from Sunnydale...what was with those inscriptions? Giant snakes, fires, demons.

She had to admit when she saw one picture in there of a cute blonde, she felt like she knew her. Very well. Come to think of it, she felt the same about Fred, the girl who's mouth ran a mile a minute.

While her thoughts kept returning again and again to the same paths, she walked aimlessly through the LA streets.


Coming out of Starbucks with her morning latte, Lilah Morgan turned to head for her office. Her office. Had a nice ring to it.

Since becoming the de facto head of Wolfram and Hart, she found the perks more than made up for the soul she had given up.

Power of life and death over thousands. Money, glory, anything she could desire. It was all hers now.

She just had to watch her step. There were predators in the Wolfram food chain, predators willing to sacrifice as much as she had to achieve her position.

Smiling, secure in her ability to fend off the rabble, she looked up and saw just what she needed. Cordelia Chase was walking towards her, lost in thought.

Just as Lilah began to plan how to take her, she came up with an even better idea. Why not use her like she was using Wesley Price? The information she could glean would be invaluable and the potential for disinformation...

Not to mention that she had wanted to violate this sweet little thing since Cordelia had first popped up in Wolfram and Hart's files.

"Cordelia! How are you?" Lilah said in a pleasantly surprised voice. "It's been too long!"

"Uh, hi? I know you?" Cordy asked in a tentative voice.

"Oh, Cordelia. How can you ask that? After what we've been to each other?" Lilah asked, leaning in close to Cordy.

"Been? To each other? Like in doing the...nasty?" Cordy whispered.

In an enthusiastic whisper, Lilah replied, "Oh yeah! We... You don't remember?" The last was said in pretty convincing surprise.

"I...uh, I don't remember much of anything," Cordy said apologetically.

Taking the younger girl's arm lightly, Lilah started back towards her apartment, "Oh, that's horrible! Did you get hit on the head? Or..."

"I don't know!" Cordy practically shouted.

"I'm sorry, sweetie. It's okay. Come with me and I'll help you," Lilah said.

"Who are you?"

"Why, I'm Lilah! You do have some problems, dear. Come along," Lilah replied.

Reaching her apartment, Lilah sat Cordy down on a plush sofa. "I'll get us some coffee. Sit tight, okay?"


In the kitchen, Lilah fished her cell phone out and placed a quick call to the office. "I will be a little late today. If anyone asks, it's Angel-related. Anyone who has to know of course."

Turning the phone off and replacing it in her bag, she quickly made coffee and took two cups out into the living room. There she saw Cordelia looking out the patio doors at the view of the city spread below her.

"You always did like that view," Lilah lied.

"I do?"

"Oh yeah. After we made love the first time, you stood right where you are, stark naked. You were so excited to be showing off for the whole city..." Lilah was laying it on a bit thick but she had found herself getting carried away with the fantasy background she was crafting.

"I did? Naked?" Cordy asked, turning back to Lilah.

Lilah decided to push it a little more. She set the mugs down and took Cordy in her arms, "There, there. It'll be alright. I'll help you remember. It'll be okay, you'll see."

Lilah suddenly realized that Cordelia was shaking. And crying. Uncomfortable trying to console anyone, Lilah decided to suck it up and use this to her advantage.

"Hey now. Why the tears? You're safe here with me, love." Lilah tilted the lovely, tear-streaked face up to hers and gently kissed Codrelia's lips.

Pulling back, but not out of the embrace, Cordy asked, "Wha...what are you doing?"

Smiling gently, Lilah said, "Trying to make you feel better. You used to like it when I kissed you."

Cordelia looked pensive for a moment then pressed her mouth to Lilah's, letting her lips part slightly. Lilah slipped her tongue in to dance with Cordelia's in the moist cavern of her mouth.

As the evil lawyer enjoyed the kiss, Lilah felt a moment of concern. Wasn't she cheating on Wesley? Almost immediately after that thought, the realization that she wasn't came to her. How could she cheat on Wesley when she was merely using him? Without love or real affection (which she had given up years before) there could be no cheating.

By the same token, she felt no shame at using this girl's disability for her own purposes. That those purposes included physical pleasure was a bonus for Lilah.

Without breaking the kiss, Lilah led Cordy back to the couch and lay atop the young woman. Cordy's tongue had slipped into Lilah's mouth and the lawyer sucked on the soft, wet invader.

Cordelia groaned. She still couldn't remember being with Lilah - being with anyone - but this felt good!

Lilah cupped one of Cordy's full breasts through the thin blouse she was wearing, gently kneading it. She felt Cordy's reaction through her tongue and the hot breath blowing into her mouth. Now, if only...

There! Cordelia had a hand on her ass! It was slowly squeezing her. This girl was into this, whether she remembered anything or not. How many lady lovers had she had? (There wasn't anything about this in the W&H file, and that file, as any file related to Angel Investigations, was quite thorough.)

Lilah moved her mouth down and sucked on the hardened nipple through the girl's shirt. Her lipstick smeared on the material but neither one cared. Cordy arched her back, forcing more of her covered breast into the attorney's mouth.

Sliding the shirt up and over the full chest, Lilah resumed her oral assault on Cordelia's breasts. Long swiping licks alternated with biting and tugging on the hard nipples.

"Oh! Oh God!" cordy cried.

Smiling with a mouthful of nipple, Lilah thought, 'God has nothing to do with this, sweetheart.'

The lawyer's hand slipped down and undid the buttons on Cordy's jeans then moved inside to cup the girl's sex through her panties. She was soaked!

"OH! Please! Lilah!" Cordy pushed up against the hand at her crotch.

This girl was hot! She was about to go off and Lilah had barely started. What would she do when Lilah started to lick her pussy?

That became momentarily academic as Cordelia climaxed. With a scream, she clamped her legs tightly around the hand at her crotch and held Lilah to her breast.


Cordelia fell back onto the couch and Lilah moved up to kiss her. Cordy sucked on the woman's tongue as she recovered from the first climax she'd had in over three months.

"Did you enjoy that?"

"Oh, Lilah..."

"Good. Would you like me to continue?"

"Yes, but I... I think I should... I want to make you feel... I want you," Cordy said, still somewhat out of breath.

"Okay. I'd like that," Lilah replied. She sat up on Cordy's stomach and then knelt over her, pulling up her skirt and shoving aside her panties.

Lilah moved up more and hovered over Cordelia's face, her fingers gently moving the wet flesh in front of Cordy's eyes.

Cordy looked at the brown-furred pussy above her and licked her lips. She hadn't been sure before but she knew now that she had to have that.

"Please. I want to..."

"Of course, Cordelia." Lilah lowered herself onto Cordy's waiting mouth, feeling first her lips then tongue slowly part the swollen lips. Oohh, she was good.

As Cordelia licked and slurped up Lilah's honey, she fell into a forgotten rhythm. First up the outside of the right lip then down the insides of the lips, then up the outside of the left lip and down in between the lips back to the right. She instinctively avoided the clitoris for the moment.

'I've done this before,' Cordelia realized. Visions of another brunette flashed in her mind. Fred? The demon-child killer? Or that blonde in the yearbook? No matter. All that mattered was her mouth on Lilah's sex.

Continuing the oddly shaped figure-8 with her tongue, she slipped one finger into the woman above her, feeling the wet, buttery heat. After slicking that finger, she probed the tight rosebud.

Lilah hissed as Cordelia's finger entered her ass. No one had touched her there. Not for a very long time, since she had joined the firm. And it had been far more painful and humiliating for her then. This actually felt...exciting.

Cordy stopped licking and began to shove her tongue deep into Lilah. With every thrust, she moved a little deeper into the hot, tangy wetness. She savored every drop she could before she finally moved up to the little nubbin that finally revealed itself.

Wrapping her lips around the woman's clit, Cordelia began to suck. The woman above her shuddered and leaned back.

Lilah's hand again slipped into Cordy's pants but, this time, under her panties. Fingers entered the woman as she sucked harder on Lilah.

In moments, Lilah shuddered and moaned loudly. The moan grew until she shouted, "IIIIII'MMMMM CCCCCUUUUUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!"

A surge of wetness flowed onto Cordelia's face and into her mouth as Lilah exploded in ecstasy above her.

Gasping, Lilah slipped down and kissed Cordelia, sucking and licking her juice off the other girl's face and tongue. Pulling back, she looked into Cordy's eyes and smiled, "That was fucking fantastic!"

With a wicked gleam, Cordy pulled Lilah's mouth to hers again as she said, "Now it's my turn."

As they kissed once again, Cordelia managed to get her jeans and panties down her legs. Then, breaking the kiss, she pushed Lilah's face between her legs, moaning as the lawyer's tongue began to probe and lick her mound, occasionally thrusting into Cordy's very wet pussy.

Soon, Cordelia screamed as another orgasm blasted through her.


Five hours later, two naked women lay together, sated for the moment. Cordy lay face down on Lilah's bed in a light doze. Lilah leaned on her elbow next to the girl, tracing Cordelia's tattoo lightly with her fingertip.

This girl was something else. Lilah was going to really enjoy making use of her new source. As her finger traced down between Cordy's cheeks, a route her tongue had gone a few orgasms before, she wondered if she even needed Wesley anymore.

Mentally shrugging, she decided to hang onto him. One could never have too many resources.

Cordelia lay quietly, enjoying Lilah's light touch. She knew she had been used by the woman. At some point, she realized that this woman was the primary enemy of Angel and his people.

While she wasn't sure if she wanted to be a part of that group again, assuming she really had been, she wasn't going to be used again.

However, deep down inside, she instinctively knew that Cordelia Chase knew how to use people. And Lilah might just be worth using...