Till The Day We Are Reborn
by Hoth1701

Cordelia checked her cell phone for the sixth time. She hoped the TPTB would not give her any visions until she got back to LA. She couldn't believe she'd actually got a modeling job. She was an actress not a model. However her manager had told her that it would be good for her almost non existent career and those who had wanted her had hinted that she might actually also get an acting gig too if her voice were suited for it. So here she was in San Francisco in a small hotel room waiting for a call from the shooting studio.

"What don't we actresses have to do for the art?" she muttered to herself before she answered the hotel phone. "Yes?"

"Good day, this is Prue Halliwell. I'm the one who's photographing you," a pleasant female voice said in the end of the phone.

"Oh, hi."

"Do you have the address to the studio?"

"Well yes, but I've never actually been here in San Francisco..." Cordelia trailed off; somehow she didn't want to tell the other woman she easily got lost.

"Any cab shouldn't have any problem to find it. I..." Prue cut off her voice as Cordelia could hear an explosion.

"Hello? Are you still there?" she almost shouted, while she berated herself for not thinking of taking a cab.

After some seconds Prue replied, "Sorry, it seems that my sister dropped a vase. I was thinking that we could do the first shootings tomorrow at six am?"

"Sure no problem, the sooner it's finished the better." Cordelia answered, relieved that it hadn't been anything really serious. "Is everything okay with your sister?" she asked to make sure it wasn't serious.

"My sis?" Prue replied with a puzzled voice. "Oh, yeah she only got wet." she then replied as she remembered her white lie.

"Okay se you tomorrow then."

"Yep, bye."


Cordelia woke up with a jolt when the alarmed went off four thirty in the morning. When she stood in the shower she thought about the dream she'd had. She had gotten a vision, but not the normal one. In this vision she'd been the center of attention and she'd kissed a beautiful, dark-haired woman in her late twenties. As she stepped out of the shower she decided that she should blame it on Faith and Buffy. If they hadn't done all that dykie stuff in public when Faith got out of jail she'd probably been without these dreams. It hadn't been her first dream and it hadn't been the first time she'd kissed that woman either. Only in her dreams though, in real life she'd never met her or wanted to meet her either.

"Taxi!" Cordy called as she waved her hand to a yellow car driving along the street outside her hotel. "Take me to..." Cordelia looked down on the piece of paper but decided to give it to the driver to let him read it. "Sorry, but I can't read what it says." she excused herself with an embarrassed smile.

The cabdriver returned the smile as he replied, "I know that's a pretty hard pronounced street. But you're lucky, it's only fifteen minutes from here."

"Great." Cordelia's smile widened, she'd been half afraid it had been on the other side of the city, so that she'd been late.

At the same time Prue grabbed her car keys. "Okay, I'm leaving now. Do you girls think you can take these..." she stopped, although they'd been hunting demons and warlocks for almost two years now she still couldn't believe in vampires. "These vampires?"

Both her sisters returned her look but they nodded.

"I've looked them up in the book of shadows and it's fairly easy to extinguish them." Phoebe replied.


"All we have to do is freeze them and then stab them with a wooden pole." Phoebe explained and held up a pole.

Prue laughed at the happy go look her sister held and waved them goodbye. While they were going on a vampire hunt she would go and take pictures.


Cordelia stepped out of the cab and looked around. As the cab drove away, she said to herself with a low voice, "Well there must be the place." while she looked at a large storage building.

She walked up to the entrance and tried to open the door. But the locked door and the dark room made her realize she was early. Looking at her watch she saw it was five forty-five in the morning, she was early.

As she stood there looking inside the building, she could hear a car stop behind her. She turned around and almost fainted. In the car sat a woman, not anyone, but the woman she'd been dreaming about for almost three months.

Prue pulled over to the side, outside her studio. At the entrance she saw a young woman looking inside through the transparent doors. Glancing over on her a second time she couldn't stop the feeling that she'd met this woman before. But her thoughts stopped as she saw her getting dizzy right in front of her. Before Cordelia could fall and hurt herself, Prue made a gesture with her hand and Cordelia descended gently down on the ground.

When she was safely on the ground, Prue hurried over to her and bent down beside her. "Are you alright?" she asked with a concerned look.

Cordelia rose hesitantly, "I-I t-think I am. I don't know what happened to Me." she replied lying.

"Have we met somewhere else?" Prue asked, making Cordelia look at her with an almost frightened look.

Realizing what her line sounded like, Prue blushed in a cute shade of pink. "I-I didn't mean it as a pick up line." she excused herself. "I'm not gay."

"Me neither." Cordelia replied with relief. She held out her hand and said, "I'm Cordelia Chase."

"Prue Halliwell." Prue replied as she remembered that was the name on the model. "So you're the model?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Cordy replied with an slightly amused look as she saw the look Prue gave her when she'd said that obvious statement. "And you're the one who's going to take pictures on me, I presume." Cordelia added sounding just as stupid as Prue.

Both giggling, Prue helped Cordelia up on her feet and then turned to unlock the entrance door.

"My studio is just upstairs." Prue said as they walked inside the building.

When they reached the studio they found a white corpse.

Prue looked down on the woman and sighed, "It's my stylist."

Cordelia bent down over the corpse and looked at her neck. "Look at those bite marks." she said and pointed on two marks at the left side of the neck.

"Vampire?" Prue asked out loud in disbelief before she could stop herself.

Cordelia turned her head sharply at Prue. "What do you know about vampires?" she asked suspiciously. At the same time she slowly reached for a cross in her purse. She stopped when she remembered that Prue had been in the sunlight.

"Ehm..." Prue hesitated, and then decided to trust this woman she was sure she'd met before without remembering. "I'm a witch, me and my sisters help the innocent against the evil. We are the charmed ones."


Smirking tiredly Prue commented, "You don't believe me right?"

"Oh, I do, I'm a seeress myself." Cordelia hurried to assure this woman even though she didn't know if she could trust her.

"Like my sister." Prue smiled at her. "So are you very familiar with these vampires?"

"Well, my boss is one. A good one." Cordelia replied with an expert voice. "I've known of them since the graduation of the second year in high school."

"That long? We've only met them recently. I guess they moved here from LA."

"Or Sunnydale. With two slayers there I guess it's a bit too much for most of them to handle." Cordelia added with a laugh.

"Slayers?" Prue's face took a puzzled look.

"Yeah, it was supposed to be a chosen one but now it's the chosen two. One of them, Buffy died but came back to life, which made the other one called to become a slayer too. Actually there was one before Faith but she got killed."

Prue nodded although she only understood about half of what Cory said. "Cory?" she thought for herself. "Why did I think of her as Cory?" Before she could think about it any further, the corpse interjected her thoughts.

"Get back!" Cordelia shouted as she tried to grab her stake.

Before she could take it the newly risen vampire grabbed her throat and tried to suck out her blood.

Her last thought was that it was a pity to not have had the chance to kiss Prue before she died. She closed her eyes and prepared for her death but none came. Instead she felt the dead hands strangling her dissolve and she opened her eyes only to see Prue standing at the other side of the room with Cordelia's purse.

Slightly shocked she felt something bumping into her lap and looked down at the stake. Looking back up at Prue she asked, "How?"

Smiling gallantly Prue replied, "I'm very good at throwing things." with that she made a gesture and the stake levitated up in the air in front of Cordelia and turned the blunt side of the stake towards her.

Cordelia looked at Prue, smiled a thank you and took the stake. When she had the stake in her left hand, Prue threw her purse up in the air and let it slowly fly over to Cordelia who grabbed it and put the stake back in it.

"Do you have any other stylist?" Cordelia asked after she'd stood up.

"Yes, but I promised her that she would have the day off. She was going to visit her parents."

"Why not show me the sights of the city today and do the shootings tomorrow?"

"Sure, what sights did you have in mind Cory?" Prue asked not realizing she'd said Cory and not Cordelia.

"Cory?" Cordelia asked.

Prue went bright red, nothing similar to the pink shade she had had before. "I'm sorry. Somehow I always seem to think of you as Cory. I have no idea why."

Giving Prue an amused smile she replied with a surprisingly gentle tone that even Cordelia herself was surprised by. "If it makes you feel better, I kind of like it."

"I think we might have known each other in a previous lifetime." Prue replied after thinking it through for some moments.

"Sounds plausible to me." Cordelia replied.

"So, how about breakfast before the tour?"

"Sounds perfect. I'm starving."

As they both left the building to go to a coffee shop, Prue asked, "Do you have any specific sights you'd like to see?"

Cordelia looked at her and almost begun to giggle. "I was thinking of getting a tour in the finer boutiques."


With the look Prue gave her, Cordelia laughed heartily. "I'm a real shoppoholic. Every time I get my salary from Angel it disappears immediately to pay for the last months expenditures."

Prue only nodded in response before they stepped into the car.


"Get away from me you demon of hell!" Cory cried out as he waved with a rapier in front of a Fang demon.

The demon easily dodged the rapier and then hit the young man in the head making him fall to the ground almost unconscious. The last thing he saw before the darkness, was a bowl of fire extinguish the demon.

"Ah!" Cory screamed and sat up with a jolt.

"Calm down." a woman's voice tried to sooth him.

He looked at the direction the sound had come from and saw a girl, barely a woman with raven black hair and intense gray eyes, looking at him. The smooth face held a concerned look as it stared at him. Twitching with his own brown ordinary eyes he noticed the steam rise in front of her. Looking down he saw a bowl with steaming hot soup. Smiling at her he said, "Is that to me my lady?" when he opened his mouth the voice was hoarse and dry.

She looked down at the bowl and blushed. "Ehm, no sir. I was just about to eat myself when you woke up."

"Oh." Cory couldn't hide his disappointment. He hadn't eaten for days, well not since last evening at least. Or had he eaten some pieces of dried apple on the way to defeat that demon? The DEMON! Looking slightly panicked he stared at the woman beside him. "Where's the demon? I must kill it."

"What demon?" the woman replied pretending to look puzzled.

"I can see you know something about him. You aren't a good liar." Cory told her as he reached out for her. His hand got only half the way before he felt a sharp knife against his throat.

"Touch her and I kill you," a voice wheezed into his left ear.

"Eh, I wasn't going to hurt her." Cory swallowed warily.

The voice laughed. "Hurt her? You'd be dead before you even tried."

"Could we present ourselves before you kill me?" Cory asked as he silently prayed to god that he would get away from this alive.

"Don't hurt him. I..." the woman hesitated and blushed again. "I like him. Please brother, don't hurt him."

"Alright, but don't think he's trustworthy until he proves it."

The young woman rolled her eyes upwards and shook her head with a small smile. "I promise." she replied and then offered Cory her bowl with soup.


"Do you like this one?" Cordelia asked as she opened the door to the dressing room.

Prue's hear skipped a beat when she turned to look at Cordelia. Glued on her body was a tight fitting azure-blue dress with silver patterns, showing off Cordelia's curves gallantly.

Getting a tomato red hue on her cheeks of embarrassment, Prue stammered "I-it's perfect on you."

"Do you think guys will like it?"

"Girls will definitely..." Prue shut her mouth immediately after she heard herself saying girls instead of boys.

Cordelia gave her a puzzled look. "Can I ask you a thing?"

Before Prue could reply her cell phone called. Quickly, Prue took it up and answered. "Hello?"

"Hi, sis." Piper's voice was head through the phone's speaker. "Listen, I'm in a hurry. A woman came in to P3 and booked us up for an engagement party. Too many of my bartenders called in sick tonight so I'm in deep need of a sister."

"You want to me help you at the club?" Prue asked.

"Basically yeah. Will you? Please?" Piper begged.

"Right now?" Prue asked eagerly.

"Uh, that would be nice." Piper replied she hadn't missed the eagerness Prue's voice held. She wondered if her older sister had something she wanted from her and would use this to get it.

"Alright, see you there in thirty minutes."

When Prue had turned off the phone Cordelia asked, "I kind of eavesdropped on you and I wouldn't mind lending a hand. I've done some waitressing before, and I would really need the money."

Prue thought it over for a few seconds and then nodded. "Okay, I'm pretty sure my sister wouldn't mind at all."


"Your eyes are like diamonds glittering in the sun... Damn! I can't get it right!" Cory sighed deeply and rested his head on his hands. "I'm lousy with the stupid rapier, no talent for poems or anything! She'll never love me."

Cory sat on a timber and looked at the small pond. He sulked, after staying together with the two siblings in that small village he'd realized why he stayed. He was in love. And he was rather certain that the woman who held his love didn't reciprocate at the same levels of love he felt for her had tried everything to make her like him good enough to maybe marry him.

Suddenly he was interrupted in his thoughts by a laughter he'd come to love. "You silly, I don't need someone who's a bard or a knight. All I require is someone who loves me," she whispered into his ear after she covered his eyes with her small hands.

"Uh, you want to marry me?"

"Is that a proposal?"

Cory jumped up and then bent down on a knee, facing her. "No my love, I here by declare my undying love for thee. Will you give me the honor of accepting my proposal to thee? Cory asked putting all his heart into it.

"Yes, Cory Halliwell. I will marry you."


"Why is it almost only women here?" Cordelia asked Piper as she dropped by the counter to get some new orders.

"Well, apparently the couple is a lesbian one." Piper replied while she put some drinks on Cordelia's serving platter.

Cordelia nodded, "That would explain it."

"By the way, thanks for helping me out. I was short of waitresses too."

"It's okay, I really need the money anyway."

Cordelia turned and went towards the couple with their drinks. When she'd served the drinks she said, "Who's the lucky couple?"

Two young women waved their hands.

"It's me Nora Soderstrom, and my fiance Mary Camden," the woman with the darker hair said.

"I just wanted to congratulate and whish you well." Cordelia said as she gave them a smile.

"Thanks." Mary replied with a shining smile.

On her way back, a blond woman in her early thirties stopped Cordelia.

"Um, hi." the woman said with a nervous smile. "D-do you have a girlfriend?" she then asked with a hopeful light in her eyes.

Cordelia looked at her and was just going to reply with her normal bitch mode but then changed her mind and pointed at Prue standing at the bar-counter. "Sorry, but I have a girlfriend. It's her over there." she answered.

"Oh..." the blonde sighed disappointedly. "She's lucky then." she commented with a weak smile.

Cordelia returned the smile with one of her own and then left. When she arrived to the counter she reached over to Prue and said, "I told that woman that we were dating," she pointed over at the lone woman. "Please play along if someone asks you if we are okay?"

"Sure." Prue nodded and then on an impulse gave Cordelia a small peck on her cheek.

Cordelia was at first startled but it disappeared immediately and was replaced by an amused smile. "See you later girlfriend," she teased as she took the new drinks and left.


"And do you Melinda Warren, take Cory Halliwell to you lawful husband, to love and obey until death do you apart?" the priest asked with his booming voice.

"I do." Melinda replied with a serious look.

"I thereby declare you husband and wife."

The rest of the evening was in a haze. After Melinda's brother Percival, had declared the festivities opened, Cory couldn't remember much. The mist disappeared though when he found himself alone with Melinda in one of the bedrooms of the village's inn.

"I have a small request before we go to bed my love." Melinda said as she put her arms around him and smiled at him.

"Anything for you my dear." Cory replied.

"It's a small incantation that we in our family cast whenever a couple is married."


"It's supposed to make the souls connect to each other."

Cory shrugged and said, "Well then, let's cast it and be on our way to the bed."

Giggling slightly at him, Melinda held up an old book. "Here's the spell." she said and showed it to him.

"Is there anything else, we have to do?"

"No, all we do is hold each others hands and then read the spell three times." Melinda replied.

"Well, let's start then."

They took each other's hands and then began to read,

Till the day we are reborn
Till the day we are reborn
Till the day we are reborn

May our souls connect,
..our flesh touch

May our minds remember,
..the days long gone

May our lives be empty,
..lost of love

Till the day we meet
Till the day we meet
Till the day we meet

Then let our LOVE,
..flourish our souls

As they started for the final round their hands began to be covered by faint blue flames that grew and finally enclosed them completely.

Melinda's eyes widened as she looked at her husband. "We truly are soul mates," she said with a joyful smile.


"I'm exhausted!" Cordelia exclaimed with a loud sigh.

"Yeah, me too. Thankfully they've all left." Piper replied as she cleaned the counter.

"Did you notice how many of them made passes on me?" Cordelia asked with a distasteful look.

"No, they did?"

"Yes. Just because I told one of them that Prue were my girlfriend, they all thought it was open to hunt like a stupid deer."

Piper looked at her with puzzled eyes. "My sis your girlfriend?" she wondered.

"Oh, it's not true. I just told one of them that instead of saying, I'm straight." Cordelia explained.

"Okay, now I understand."

"Understand what?" Prue asked as she returned from dumping the trashes.

"Cordelia here just told me about your disguise." Piper replied cocking her right eyebrow.

"Oh, I can't understand why they refused to leave her alone when she told them she was already busy." Prue commented as she dropped down on a barstool.

"Guess they thought they could lure me away from you. I noticed it got more intense as the drunkenness increased." Cordelia suggested.

Both Piper and Prue laughed.

When they stopped laughing, Piper asked, "So how much do you want for serving tonight?"

Cordelia thought about it for a moment then answered, "If it's not sounding too intruding, could I stay with you girls? Staying at hotels are rather expensive and I could really need some decreasing stains on my bank accounts."

Piper and Prue looked at each other and then nodded. "Sure." they both replied in unison.

"Can we leave and get Cordelia's stuff?" Prue asked Piper.

"I think we shouldn't be alone out there at night." Cordelia interjected.

The sisters looked at her with puzzled looks.

"Vamps, you know?" Cordelia explained.

"Oh, we took care about sixty of them." Piper replied.

Cordelia couldn't believe her ears. "S-sixty?" she gasped.

Before Piper could reply, Phoebe interjected them.

"Hey girls! I got a prem..." she stopped dead in her tracks as she saw Cordelia's face and recognized it. "...onition..." she finished her sentence looking at both Prue and Cordelia with wary looks.

"Who's in danger?" Prue asked with a tired sigh.

"Eh, it wasn't that kind of a premonition. It was about you." Phoebe declared with an embarrassed look.

"About me? What about me? Nothing bad, right?" Prue asked wearily.

"Uh, no. I guess it could be good though."

"Are you going to tell us?" Piper asked impatiently.

"Well, from what I saw I think it was all about you meeting your soul mate, Prue."

"Oh, boy! Who is it?" Prue asked now very alert.

Phoebe hesitated but then nodded her head in the direction of Cordelia.

None of them missed the sign and Phoebe got three pair of eyes staring at her in disbelief.

"You got to be joking!" Cordelia cried out, her voice sounding very disgusted.

"No, I'm not! I... was in Prue's room·" Phoebe began to answer.

"What did you do in my room?" Prue asked angrily.

"Ehm, just borrowing something to wear on a date I have." Phoebe explained herself. "Anyway as I put down nice looking dress on your bed I suddenly got this premonition and saw you two sitting on the bed half clothed and in a hurry to remove them completely."

The large room filled with silence as they all thought about what Phoebe had revealed.

Finally Prue started to speak. "Cordelia, do you still want to stay at our place?"

"Not that I have that much choice but I would prefer that." Cordelia replied with a shrug.

"Then we two leave for your stuff and talk on the way to the hotel. Phoebe, you stay and help Piper. It's not safe out there so be careful."

"Got it." Phoebe replied.

After waving goodbyes to her sisters, Prue walked first with Cordelia trailing off behind her to her car. They didn't say anything till they got to the car.


Cory held Melinda gently around her thin waist. Looking intensely at her eyes almost drowning in them. After undressing her, he pushed them slowly towards the bed. When they reached it, he bent forward and slowly gave Melinda a soft kiss on her lips. Then he guided her down on the sheets and they continued to kiss each other deeply.

Cordelia woke up sitting on the bed. Disoriented she looked around not remembering where she was. Finally managing to find the switch to the nightstand-light, she turned it on. When the light flooded the room, she saw the walls of the Halliwell house' guest room. Suddenly she remembered what had transpired the previous night and she lied down on the bed to try to go to sleep again. However it was impossible since she couldn't stop thinking about it and what it might mean. Thinking that maybe some water could help she walked down the stairs to the kitchen and started rummaging around looking for a glass.

"Hey..." Prue interrupted her search.

"...Hey..." Cordelia replied frozen in the position she was in.

"Looking for something?"

"Well, I was thirsty so I thought I could find a glass down here in the kitchen."

"It's in the kitchen cabinet to your left."

"Thanks." Cordelia stood up and opened the cabinet and took out a glass. When she had filled it with some water she took a sip and then looked at Prue. "Do you want to talk about it?" she asked tentatively.

"Why not? I can't sleep anyway." Prue replied. "Let's go to the living room."

Prue led the way and they sat down on the opposite sides of the sofa.

It first seemed like none of them wanted to start but then Cordelia sighed and confessed, "I have had dreams about you for he last three months."

"You have?" Prue asked, surprised to her it. "was that why you fainted in front of the entrance to my studio?"

Cordelia only nodded in response. "I..." she hesitated before continuing. "I don't know how to deal with this, really. I mean I've always been straight. Never been the slightest attracted by other women. not that I've got anything against it. But it has never suited me."

"I know exactly what you mean, except I've felt the connection between us the first time I saw you. I don't know if I'm attracted to you but I do know we have to be soul mates."

"Soul mates?"

"Yes, it wouldn't feel like this if we weren't. I've only felt like this one time before. That was with a guy named Andy."

"What happened to him?"

"He died." Prue replied quietly.

Cordelia noticed her look and decided to drop it. "Do you know of any spell to see if we have any connection to each other?" she asked instead.

Prue thought for a moment and then shook her head. "No, but we could always go check it up in the Book of Shadows."


They both got up and Prue showed the way to the attic where they, the sisters hid the book.

When they entered the attic the book began to glow in blue and opened by it self and revealed a spell.

"Does it often do that?" Cordelia asked a bit nervously. Willow and her witch friend never had a book that did that.

"Oh, yeah..." Prue answered as she read the spell. Smiling she continued, "I think this is it. If we truly are soul mates it will strengthen our bands or nothing will happen."

"Is it completely safe?" Cordelia asked. Her experience with spells wasn't that pleasant.

"Oh, yes well..." Prue hesitated.

"What?" Cordelia asked her voice rising slightly.

"Well, if it turns out that we really are soul mates then we will... remember all our previous lives together and..."

"And what?" Cordelia's voice rising even higher, waking up both Piper and Phoebe.

"If we were in love before the chance we become it again is more or less one hundred percent."

"Even if we both are women?"

Prue only nodded in reply.

Cordelia swallowed loudly, then made a loud sigh and said, "Well, it's not that big a deal, I'm already attracted to you, so I guess being in love wouldn't be that bad either."

Prue gave her a reassuring smile. "I kind of feel the same way as you." she said as she held out her hand towards Cordelia.

"Well then, lets start then. All we have to do is read the spell three times and hold each other's hands while we do it."

Cordelia nodded and they began to chant.


Melinda Halliwell woke up and felt a soft hand on her stomach. Smiling, thinking it belonged to her husband she turned her head and looked over to the other side of the bed. She looked at the woman lying beside her, "Wait! Woman?" she thought, feeling her panic raise, she lied there paralyzed.

Then the woman began to stir. She opened her eyes to look directly at Melinda. "Who are you?" she asked with an alienating voice.

"I-I am Melinda Halliwell. Who are you?"

"I'm princess Cordelia daughter to Queen Cecilia of the duchy of Bayern. What are you doing in my bed?"

"Your? This is my and my husbands..." Melinda stopped and realized what had happened. Cory had turned to a woman for some reason. It was so obvious, Fang demons only attacked women. It almost always fled if it encountered men, since men's blood was lethal to them.

"Impossible! I went to bed in my own home last night and now I wake up beside... a naked woman!"

"I know this might bee strange to you but trust me when I say we are married, well we were married when you were a man."

The woman beside her smiled at her and then laughed, "I feel I can trust you some how."

"I hope it'll be all right. Do you know who are responsible for this crime?"

Suddenly Cordelia gave her a frightened look, "What will the villagers say about this?"

"Oh, don't worry about them. They know I'm a witch and they will understand it's all about magic. You don't have to worry."

Cordelia gave her a relieved look and then gasped as she remembered what had made her a man. "I remember now!" she then exclaimed. "My evil stepfather turned me to a man so that I couldn't inherit the throne my mother reigns on. He wanted it for himself and his own daughter."

Melinda nodded, she wanted her to stay with her but it seemed as she was needed to retake her throne back at her own duchy.

I have to return..." Cordelia said with a regretful look.

"I understand. We can't be married anyway. It's wrong for two women to be married as, as..." Melinda couldn't come up with anything suitable.

"I know. There cannot be wife and wife... When it would be husband and wife."

Melinda nodded again. "I'll go fetch some clothes for us. I'm sure my brother will assist you in anything you might need for your journey."

"I'm grateful."

The next day everything was set for Cordelia and Percival who had decided to come with her and make sure she would arrive home safely, to begin their way to Cordelia's home. Almost half the village's population waved them goodbye when they took the north road out of the village. Just before the first turn, Cordelia looked back and turned her hand in a gesture that meant, "See you again." although, they would never meet again in this lifetime.


Cordelia woke up and felt a soft arm draped around her. She opened her eyes and couldn't orient herself. Looking to her left she saw a nightstand and a radio combined with an alarm clock. When she turned her head to the right she was overwhelmed with dark hair that wasn't hers, then she realized that the arm around her wasn't hers either. Remembering the previous evening she panicked. Carefully moving her body away from the woman beside her she stepped out of bed and quickly left the room for the guestroom. In there she put on her clothes recklessly and then threw all her belongings into her bag and then hurriedly went down the stairs to the bottom floor.

"Going somewhere?" Phoebe asked, as she stood in the way.

Stammering Cordelia told her, "Um, a f-friend of mine need my help and I have to go back to LA."

"Oh, do you need our help?"

"Uh, no I don't think so." Cordy replied with a nervous smile.

"Okay, have you called for a cab?"

"Yeah." Looking out she saw it waiting down the road. "Look there it is. I have had a wonderful time but now I have to go." She said hurriedly and walked past Phoebe and towards the door.

As she did it she brushed Phoebe who got a premonition of her sister crying while holding a sheet of paper. Frowning slightly at this vision she watched Cordelia leave through the main entrance. Shrugging her shoulders she continued upstairs to the bathroom for a nice shower.


Prue woke up stretching her arms. Feeling that there was no one beside her she opened her eyes and looked around curiously.

When she couldn't find any traces of Cordelia she stood up and put on a white bathrobe and walked out of her room. When she stepped out through the door she almost collided with Piper and Leo. "Oh, sorry I didn't see you." Prue apologized with a grin.

Piper gave her a confounded look and then asked, "How did you get to do 'it'? There was no guy here last night when you went to bed."

Trying to look innocent Prue replied, "I haven't done 'it'. Why do you think I've slept with someone?"

"Because you glow like you had the most wonderful time tonight." Turning her head towards her boyfriend Piper continued, "You have to agree with me."

Leo gave Prue an apologetic smile, cocked his head and rose his eyebrows like he usually did when he tried to be neutral and said, "Yeah I think I have to agree with Piper here. You do radiate cheerfulness."

Prue gave them a superior smile and look. "I can honestly say I haven't slept with a guy." When she saw the disbelief in their eyes she added, "It's true! Ask Cordelia if you don't..." she stopped mid trail, realizing she had exposed her little secret.

Piper and Leo seemed confounded again. "How can she know if you slept..." Piper also stopped as she realized what her sister had told her. Slightly stunned Piper asked, "Since when?"

Giving Piper a dreamy smile she replied, "Cordelia is the second one to be honest, but don't tell her that."