Courting Cordelia
by faithful_chickie

"Buffster, what's wrong? You've been spacey for the last week." Xander nudged her gently.

"Huh?... Oh, um... nothing's wrong." The slayer answered as she became sandwiched between her two her friends. Larry sat down and shoved them over.

"Move it Rosenberg." The chunky boy grunted, glancing away from the trio to take in the sight of the cheerleaders as they bounced into the gym. He gruffly turned to Mitch. "Man, I bet you're excited about your date with Cordelia? Just look at her jugs. I don't think she's even wearing a bra."

Buffy's head snapped around. "Okay! Pigs much?!"

"What are you doing?" Xander whispered. "It's just Cordy. Who really cares what they say?"

The little blonde's mouth snapped shut. She got up glaring at the boys. "Come on Wil. Let's go check on that thing that Giles was looking up."


Cordelia Chase tossed and turned as she had every night since she and Buffy had made love. At least that's what the cheerleader thought their encounter was. It wasn't just sex to Cordelia.

Everytime she closed her eyes she could picture Buffy's adorable little after orgasm expression. Mmmm... Buffy Summers. Rolling over, Cordelia smiled as she recalled the pretty blonde's soft moans and the feel of Buffy tugging her closer and whimpering for more.

The prom queen's hand strayed between her legs. Slowly she ran her fingertips over her own soaked slit, trying to relive every detail of her brief but wonderful "Buffy" time.

"Oh yeah... mmmm..." Her fingers lightly strummed over her clit. Buffy tasted soooo sweet... she had such a cute sticky little twat... mmmmm.

Cordelia's hand moved faster as her excitement increased. "Mmmm... Buffy... I love you..." With a groan, the cheerleader pinched her clit and tensed. "Oh geez... ahhhh..." She shuddered as a delicious orgasm rolled gently over her.

Closing her eyes, Cordy drifted off before the horrible memory of Buffy dumping her could intrude on her fantasy.


Buffy scowled as she watched Cordelia fawning over her latest boyfriend, Kevin. "Cordy, sure sets them up and knocks them down." The little slayer grumbled to her best friend.

Willow glanced up confused. "What? Are you jealous? I didn't know you liked Kevin."

Blushing, Buffy turned away. "C'mon we have to go meet Xander and Giles in the library. There's some ancient prophecy or something."

As the two teens wandered off, Cordelia peered over in their direction. Once Buffy was out of her line of sight, she pushed the amorous boy away. "Hey! Watch the hands! Geez! Grabby much?!"


The teenagers all exchanged smirks as Mr. Whitmore wrote S-E-X on the blackboard. "Students, this assignment is to teach you about the negative consequences to, uh, having sex. Would anyone care to offer one such consequence?"

Cordelia immediately raised her hand.

Mr. Whitmore gave a pleased look, pointing to her. "Miss Chase."

"Love." The cheerleader said, ignoring the snickers.

"Um, interesting... But that's not exactly what I was looking for here." The teacher wrinkled his brow, glancing around at the rest of the students. His relief was obvious as Willow raised her hand. "Yes, Miss Rosenberg?"

"What about pregnancy?"

"Thank you, Miss Rosenberg." Mr. Whitmore nodded. "That's exactly the answer I was looking for, because among teens unwanted pregnancy is the number one negative consequence of sexual activity." Strolling over to his desk, the teacher gestured toward the trays of eggs. "So meet the result... your offspring."

Several groans could be heard while Mr. Whitmore began passing out the eggs. "Each of you choose a partner, please."

The cheerleader remained firmly in her seat as the other students began rushing around and trying to pair up. Kevin quickly came over. "Cordy." He pointed to her egg. "I'll be the dad."

"No, you won't, but thanks anyway." The prom queen bitchily snarked, gazing back out the window.

"Ooh!" Mr. Whitmore lifted his hand and counted the students. "That's right this is a class with an odd number. Looks like one of you will be a single parent."

Immediately, Cordelia's hand shot up. "Me please."

"Okay, Miss Chase. Now everyone carefully fill out the birth certificate for your child. As you'll see, I've taken the liberty of assigning your child it's gender... randomly, of course." The teacher grinned as he casually moved between the desks to oversee his students' activities.

Peering down at the faux birth certificate, Cordelia read the gender. Female... Sure, why not? She glanced around to make sure that no one was looking and wrote her egg baby's name, Buffy Anne.

"Okay." Sitting back at his desk, Mr. Whitmore announced. "Now to make sure that there's no replacing of young, I want one of each couple to bring their child up with the birth certificate, please." As line began to form, the teacher continued to explain. "I'm going to label each egg with the name you chose." He looked up and spoke sternly, warning them. "Don't even try replacing a damaged child, I know my own handwriting."

Cordelia paled slightly; she couldn't exactly walk around with an egg labeled Buffy Anne. What if someone saw it?! Quickly, she raised her hand. "Uh, Mr. Whitmore?"


"Can I have a new birth certificate? I don't like the name I chose." She could feel her face turning red as some of her classmates stared.

"No. I'm afraid that's a legal document. Now please bring your baby up here, Miss Chase."


Exiting with her eggbaby, Cordelia checked her watch. She had a couple of hours before cheerleading. Time to go shopping.

Opening her purse, she carefully set little "Buffy Anne" inside. The egg had been delicately wrapped in a scarf to hide the name, but Cordelia was looking for a more permanent solution, plus her baby needed a basket and other accessories. Humming to herself, the prom queen headed down the hall, missing the disheveled little blonde who scrambled past.

"Mr. Whitmore..." Buffy gasped out of breath. "I am so sorry that I'm late."

"Late? Miss Summers, you missed class again." The teacher shook his head in disgust. "I... I know. It's just... well, something really important came up and..."

Mr. Whitmore lifted his hand. "Not interested. Buffy, do you realize you've missed this class more than you've attended it?"

The slayer's discomfort was evident. "Yes?"

"In fact, I've ceased calling your name for attendance." His eyes softened when he noticed the small blonde becoming tearful. Sighing, he patted her back. "It's okay. Just be here tomorrow, please." He handed her an assignment sheet. "Here."

"Thank you." Buffy smiled appreciatively, peering down at the piece of paper. "Oh, wait. Mr. Whitmore where's my eggbaby?"

"I guess you'll have to pair up with Cordelia." He chuckled at his student's horrified expression. "Cheer up, Miss Summers. It may be fun to be part of an unconventional parenting team. Besides it should be very educational for the class to see how two mommies cope. I imagine yours will be one of the more interesting presentations."

"Ugh! Why me?" Muttering, the little blonde wandered back toward the library.


The boredom lulled the scoobies into a trancelike state. Each book seemed thicker than the one before it. The slayer's eyelashes fluttered shut and her head slipped from the hand it was resting on.


"Owie!" She opened her eyes with a pout, rubbing a spot under her golden curls. "That hurted."

The rest of the scooby gang barely responded. Only Willow seemed to notice, giving her friend a sympathetic smile.

"Then let me recommend that you stay awake." Giles chastised coming down the stairs and setting several more library books on the table in front of them. A groan erupted from the teenagers.

"Not fair!" Buffy whined, peering up at her watcher. "Giles, I have to go to classes tomorrow... Wait." She glanced at the wall clock. "Strike that. Today. Ugh! It's two in the morning."

"Oh!" Willow sat up and took out her notebook. "It's time for me to feed Ernie."

"Ernie?" Buffy asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Well, I thought about naming him Bert, but Ernie was always more of my favorite."

"Buffster, where's your baby?" Xander glanced over at the eggless slayer.

Looking up bleary-eyed, Buffy remarked. "I could ask you the same."

"Oh, the little woman has Xander Jr. tonight." He grinned at the girls as they rolled their eyes. "What? I'm taking my son tomorrow."

"Buffy, you didn't say... Where's your egg? Did Mr.Whitmore finally kick you out of class?... you know, because of your absences." The young witch looked at her worriedly.

"No, lucky me. Cordelia is my partner."

Xander laughed, but Willow made a face. Both the girls turned to stare at him.

"What? It's funny. Cordelia is going to have a fit."

"I see that we won't be accomplishing much more tonight." Letting out an exasperated sigh, Giles motioned for them to leave.

"Thank god." Buffy grumbled, reaching for her purse and following Willow out.


"Ooh! Look who's here." Harmony leaned close to Cordelia. "It's freakzilla."

The cheerleader's head snapped up just in time to see the pretty little blonde make her entrance.

"Very impressive, Miss Summers. You're actually here, and you're not even late. Take a seat please, next to you parenting partner." Mr. Whitmore gestured toward Cordelia. "Harmony, Scott, could you two move to the back row?" He waited until the teens were settled before beginning.

Buffy sat stiffly in the chair behind the gorgeous cheerleader. She could feel the tension coming off of Cordelia in waves.

Eventually the brunette turned around and hissed. "Since when are you even in this class?!"

Buffy ignored her and continued to stare up at the blackboard, taking notes.

"Okay class, now each of you turn your desks to face your partner. I'd like you to go over your baby's journal for the first day." Mr. Whitmore's request caused both the girls to grimace.

Reluctantly, they followed suit with the rest of the students. Cordelia lifted the basket with their eggbaby and placed it on Buffy's desk. "If you drop her and blow this grade for me, you're so dead. Got it?!"

Buffy reached out and picked the egg up, laughing. "Cordy, why's it wearing a wig and a dress?"

"If you think I'm going to walk around with a bald, naked baby you have another thing coming." The tall brunette crossed her arms over her chest. "My baby would wear pretty clothes, and she'd have hair."

"Would she be blonde?" Buffy chuckled, adjusting the egg's tiny blonde wig.


"Any progress on that thing?" Buffy asked, waving her hand disinterestedly as she took a seat next to her best friend. She gently deposited the tiny basket and journal on the table and reached for one of the dusty volumes.

"Ooh! You have your baby now." The witch leaned over and looked in the basket. "Oh my god, how cute. Xander look! Buffy's egg has a little dress on and a wig." Cooing, the red head picked up the egg to show him.

"Careful. If you break that thing, Cordy will kill me." Buffy commented dryly, glancing back down at her book.

"Wow, that's quite the set up there, Buffster." Xander smirked at her, teasingly. "Fun having Cordelia as a partner isn't it?" He peered over at Willow. "She still obsesses over grades."

"Almost as much as titles." The young witch added. "Oh, God! Remember in sixth grade with the field trip?"

Both Xander and Willow broke out into a fit of giggles.

"Please!" Giles came out from his office irritable. "That's enough! We still haven't found out anything of use regarding..." The watcher stopped short when he noticed the egg Xander was holding. "Why on earth are you holding an egg dressed in doll's clothes?" He quickly held up his hand. "No wait! I don't want to know. Just put it down and get back to work."

Turning on his heel, the librarian headed back into his office, shaking his head.

"It's not mine." Xander called out defensively as the girls snickered.

Willow took the egg back from him and peeked under the miniature pink dress.

"Uhhh... Wil, what are you doing? Or do I even want to know?" Buffy arched an eyebrow, thinking her friend had perhaps suddenly lost her mind.

"I'm looking to see what you named her."

"I didn't name IT anything. It's an egg, Wil." The slayer teased her, looking over at Xander with a chuckle.

He immediately explained. "No, they all have names. We had to fill out the birth certificate. Remember?... Ooh, that's right. You weren't there." The teen awkwardly ducked his head.

"It should be written somewhere. Maybe, it's under the wig." Willow gently tugged it. "I think Cordelia glued this on."

Buffy looked over nervously. "Wil, don't break it! Here give it to me." She took the egg from her friend. "No, it's not totally glued. See, it wiggles a bit... hang on." The slayer delicately peeled it off. "There!" The little blonde cried triumphantly before peering down and reading the name.

"So?" Willow tried to lean over and see, but Buffy covered it. "What'd Cordy name your baby?"

Blushing brightly, Buffy stammered. "Um... Wanda."

"Wanda?" Xander let out a hearty laugh.

But Willow gave her friend a puzzled look. "That's so un-Cordylike. Huh?"

"Yeah. Imagine that." The slayer hurriedly tried sticking the wig back on. "Come on you stupid thing... Stay!"

The little red head watched her curiously as Xander reached for the egg and Buffy immediately jerked away.

"Here Buffster, just glue it back on and Cordy won't know that we were messing with it." Xander got up and leaned over the desk at the front, opening and closing drawers. "Voilą!" He smiled as he turned around producing a small bottle of Elmers.

Buffy snatched the glue bottle from his hand, walking past him. She squirted a liberal amount over where the name, Buffy Anne was written and squished the tiny blonde wig back on, grinning sheepishly at Willow who was watching her.

"Taquitos?" Xander asked, oblivious as usual that anything was out of the ordinary. "Who's hungry?"

"Me!" Buffy quickly placed her eggchild back into the basket, picking it up along with the fancy baby journal that Cordy had purchased. "And hey, let's drop my egg off for my mom to watch."


Buffy reached over to switch off the light, catching site of the basket with her and Cordelia's supposed offspring. The egg seemed to be mocking her. Groaning, the little slayer climbed from the bed and checked the baby journal. Reading off each of the required tasks, Buffy marked complete next them and placed the journal back down.

God, I can't believe she named the egg after me. The blonde laid back, staring at the ceiling. Cordy must actually like me. She frowned, uncertain of how she actually felt about that fact. One thing that Buffy was certain of though, was that she had never felt anything as amazing as Cordy's mouth on her pussy.

"Oh god, yes." The tiny blonde moaned softly at the memory. If she closed her eyes she could almost feel the cheerleader's tongue slid inside of her. Breathing hard, Buffy reached into her pajama bottoms and stroked her clit. "Mmmm..."

With a sigh, the horny slayer rolled over and really started humping her hand as she imagined the tall brunette servicing her. The fantasy was delicious. Within mere moments Buffy's body tensed up as the pleasure surged through her in waves, soaking her small hand in her own sticky juices.

Pressing her face into her pillow, the slayer muffled her little cries. "Cordy... yesss... omigod... ahhhhh..."

"Buffy?... Buffy?" Mrs. Summers called out to daughter as she tapped lightly on the door.

Struggling to control her breathing, Buffy rolled quickly onto her back, gasping slightly. "Uh... yeah. What mom?"

Joyce opened the bedroom door and peered in, peeking around. "Are you okay?"

"Uh-huh... Just having a dream." She mumbled relieved for the dark. It at least hid her horribly bright blush. "Sleepy now." Buffy feigned a yawn and stretched a bit to demonstrate her sleepiness.

Mrs. Summers studied her suspiciously for a moment before relenting. "Okay sweetie... but anymore nightmares and you just come sleep in my room."

"Ughhh!" The tiny blonde yanked the blanket over her head, mortified by the incident and mad at a certain cheerleader for causing it. These wrong lusty thoughts are all Cordy's fault!


While Harmony droned on, Cordelia sat facing toward the door, not even pretending to listen. She was much too preoccupied with the impending arrival of her eggbaby or rather her eggbaby's other parent.

Mmmm... Buffy Summers. Dreamy thoughts of the slayer's soft, sweet private places filtered through, causing a slight shiver. The prom queen peered up at the clock.

Arrrgh! Class is about to start. If that little brat doesn't show, I'll... Cordelia's silent curses were cut short by the sudden appearance of the flustered blonde just as the bell rang.

Buffy slipped into her seat without a glance at anyone. Placing the basket on the floor, she fumbled with her books.

Cordelia turned around and cleared her throat noisily, before snidely remarking. "Excuse me, miss tardy." She held out her hand. "I'd like my baby back."

Buffy passed the basket to her, avoiding eye contact. "Here. Take it." The slayer nearly tossed the journal at her too.

"Easy, insano-girl!" The cheerleader bitched. She turned and looked at Buffy's flushed features, noting the little slayer's strange demeanor. "What's with you, anyway?"

"Nothing." Buffy whispered, awkwardly eying Cordelia's lush lips. The memory of those lips suckling her clit was becoming just too pleasant to push aside. Her emerald eyes glittered with lust as she lifted them to meet Cordelia's questioning gaze.

Caught of guard by Buffy's smoldering look, the brunette was suddenly struck speechless. Cordy stared back and slowly smiled. The slayer wanted something, and they both knew exactly what that was.


"Cordy, maybe you can come over today... you know, so we can work on the project." Buffy suggested as her eyes locked with Cordelia's.

"Hey Buffster." Xander interrupted them, scooting his chair close. "Did you do the reading?"

"Excuse me!" Cordelia sniped angrily. "Do you mind, the adults are talking!"

"Cordy, I would say it's good to see you, but it's not." Xander retorted trying to pull Buffy's desk closer to his.

"Xander, that's enough!" The slayer shoved him back causing a complete look of confusion to settle over the teenage boy.


"That's right loser. Buffy's talking to me." The cheerleader snickered gleefully.

"Both of you, cut it out!" Buffy sat back in her chair.

"Miss Summers, if you have something to contribute, please share it with the rest of the class." Mr. Whitmore requested, straightening up and drawing attention to the arguing trio.

"Umh... No, I'm uh... contribution-free. Sorry." Buffy fumbled, blushing as all the students turned to look at her.

"Well, then may I suggest you stop chatting and start listening." The teacher scolded before returning to his lesson.

Glaring at both Xander and Cordelia, Buffy quickly opened her book ignoring the pair as they continued to squabble.

When class ended the tiny blonde raced from the room effectively dodging both of them.

"Buffy bailed." Xander noted with surprise.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious!" Shoving him aside, the cheerleader snatched up her eggbaby and left, leaving a rather dejected and confused looking teenage boy in her wake.

"I definitely missed something here." Xander mumbled, heading toward his locker.


Ducking another punch, the slayer rolled past and jumped to her feet. She delivered a punishing blow to the back of the librarian's knees then tossed down the quarterstaff triumphantly. But before the tiny blonde could think of an appropriate quip, she caught site of Cordelia watching her. A blush crept over her cheeks as the cheerleader pushed open the library doors.

Giles immediately stepped forward. "Yes? Can I help you?"

"Actually, I'm here to see Buffy." The brunette glanced past the watcher, giving a hesitant smile to the little slayer. "Did you still want to study tonight?"

"Um, yeah. We should." Buffy grabbed up her books. "Giles, we're done here, right?"


"Okay, that's weirdness personified." Xander elbowed Willow. "Wil, is that Buffy getting in Cordelia's car?"

The red head squinted before answering. "Yep. That's Buffy and that's Cordelia's car." She turned to her friend. "What's going on?"

"I don't know, but I think we seriously need to find out."


The little slayer clutched her book bag nervously, trying not to fidget as they pulled into Cordelia's driveway. Neither spoke a word the whole ride.

"Come on." The cheerleader hoarsely ordered the slayer from the car.

Following without question, Buffy's breathing became more labored as they moved up the winding staircase and closer to Cordelia's bedroom. The little blonde was unprepared for her host's sudden movement. Cordelia quickly turned and grabbed Buffy, pulling her into the room and shoving her to the floor.

"Oh god, Cordy." The tiny slayer moaned as the prom queen's lips came crashing down on her own. Their kisses continued for an extended period of time, neither having any concept of anything except the pleasure they now felt.

"Buffy... ahhh... pleasssseee... touch me... mmmm yes, Bufffyyyy..."

The two were a tangle of limbs and teenage hormones as they made out on the carpet in Cordelia's bedroom.

Slowly, the little blonde managed a coherent thought and even attempted to verbalize it. "Cordy, I need a shower... [kiss. kiss. grope. kiss.] I'm all icky and sweaty." [kiss]

"I don't care." The cheerleader eagerly tore at the slayer's workout clothes. "I kind of like it." Cordelia smiled to herself as she licked the saltiness from Buffy Summer's skin. Mmmmm... little, yummy Buffy.

"Omigod, Cordy... Unhhhh!" The tiny blonde arched up as Cordelia yanked down her shorts and panties and immediately went for her clit. Her eyes rolled back while the silky tongue circled the tingling nub, sucking and licking her to the point of ecstasy.

Peering down, she watched in awe as her cum gushed over Cordelia's chin. The brunette lifted her face and hurriedly moved to lick at it, lapping the slayer's sweet pussy juices with great enthusiasm.

The cheerleader couldn't be more thrilled as she felt Buffy's orgasm and the contracting of her muscles. Mmmm... she came for me... Cordelia giggled and licked at the girl cream sliding down the slayer's thighs.

She was going to be Buffy's girlfriend. The prom queen smiled and lovingly lapped at the slayer's pussy, holding the small blonde tightly until Buffy's breathing became more normal.


"Cordy... um, maybe we should get up." Buffy tried to gently nudge the smitten cheerleader off.

"No. Not yet." Cordelia whined, crawling up the smaller girl's body. "Hold me."

"Uhh, ooo-kay." Peering around, the slayer noticed a folded up afghan resting on a chest just a few feet away. Now if she could just reach that... Slowly, the tiny blonde scooted toward the chest, breathing a sigh of relief when she managed to snatch it.

"What are you doing?" The cheerleader peeked at Buffy.

"Nothing. Just covering us. See." Skillfully, the teen wrapped the shawl around them then stared up at the ceiling. She was wondering how long, she had to lay there. What's the appropriate amount of time?... hmm... Let's see. I would expect a guy to stay for at least... ugh!... I have no idea!... Sometimes, this being a virgin REALLY sucks!

"Are you happy?" Cordelia grinned lovingly at the little blonde.

"Uh-huh." Buffy faked a smile. "This is just um... peachy."

"Good. I knew you'd come around, Buffy." The prom queen leaned up on her elbows and stared down. Chewing her bottom lip nervously, she asked. "So I'm your girlfriend now, right?"

Buffy struggled to get up, still wearing a plastered on smile. "You bet." She rolled her eyes when the cheerleader wasn't looking.

Hopping to her feet, Cordelia strolled off to her closet. "Well then, there's going to have to be some changes... Like your clothes for one thing."

The slayer immediately located her panties and shorts, mumbling, "Uh- huh... sure... whatever you say Cordy." She watched as the brunette disappeared into the walk-in then glanced around like a convict trying to make a break out. She could hear Cordelia still giving instructions as she headed for the door.

"The key words here will be time management." The brunette suddenly reappeared from the closet. "Hey, where do you think you're going?"

The petite slayer shook her head. "Um, nowhere. So you were saying..." She noticed Cordelia's hazel eyes narrowing. "Time management! Something about time management, right?"

Cordelia made a face but picked up where she left off. "Yes. That's what we'll need, to manage our time effectively. After all, I have a reputation even if you don't so I'll still need to go on dates with the most popular boys, but you can come over and see me afterwards." The cheerleader waved her hand. "But don't even think of bringing those tag-alongs."

Buffy gave her a blank look.

"Xander Harris or that mousy Willow Rosenberg. Besides," Cordy turned back toward her closet. "I'm sure I'll get my fill of them when I come and help you out in the library. You know, with whatever it is that you guys do." The brunette reached in and pulled out a small, leather jacket. "Here. I bought this for you. Let's see if it fits."

"Ooh, that's gorgeous." Buffy's eyes lit up momentarily, but she then quickly handed it back. "Cordy, I can't accept this."

"You have to. This won't fit me. You're too little; the sleeves would be short." Holding the jacket up, she smiled as the tiny blonde slipped into it. "I knew it. Looks great."

Buffy grinned as she rushed over to one of Cordelia's several full- length mirrors. She stood for a moment then did a few cute punches. "It even gives so I can fight evil." The pretty little blonde turned around smiling. "Thank you."

Cordelia shrugged. "Don't mention it. I am your girlfriend. So it's just part of the bargain."

Buffy raised her eyebrows. "Um, what's the rest?"


"The rest?! What do you mean?... It'll be the usual arrangement of course." The popular girl announced casually. She walked over to her desk and took out her day planner, explaining while she jotted some things down. "When I'm someone's girlfriend I provide sex, buy them great clothes and support them in their endeavors." She turned back to look at Buffy. "Granted that usually just involves cheerleading at some sporting event, but I can adjust. I feel very rah! rah! over your slaying gig so I can get behind that."

Buffy smiled a bit despite her growing apprehension. "Okay. Now what is it you expect from me?"

"Let's see." Cordy began ticking things off on her fingers. "You have to protect me, cherish me, note my awesomeness and amazing sense of style, often." Tapping her pen, she thought about it. "Oh and take me to nice places."

"Is that it?" The slayer asked cautiously.

"Pretty much, but if I think of anything else I'll let you know." Cordelia turned back to her date book. "Okay here." Making a note, she quickly scribbled something down and handed the slip of paper to Buffy.

The little blonde peered down at it. "I guess I'm free then." She glanced up, surprised to see Cordelia picking up her car keys and purse.

"Good. Now let me give you a ride home. I have things to do, and I just squeezed you in." She smirked at the tiny slayer. "Consider yourself lucky."

Buffy blinked and shook her head. "Uhhh... Yeah, I sure do." She followed after the brunette muttering. "That's practically my nickname... lucky."


Cordelia smiled to herself, happily humming as she entered the library. "Good morning."

Xander turned to Willow. "It looks like Cordelia."

"Xander, stop it." The red head nudged him before turning to the cheerleader. "Giles, will be right out." She naturally assumed that the girl was there for a book or some school thing.

"Oh no. I don't need to talk to him. Where's Buffy?" The brunette peered around looking for the slayer.

"Buffy? Umm... She's late. But that happens a lot... with Buffy." Willow stumbled over her words.

"Relax. I know about her slayerness. I've brought muffins." Cordelia set down a basket of freshly baked blueberry muffins. "Just tell her I stopped by."

"Oh muffiny-goodness!" Xander leapt at the basket.

"Xander, Cordy brought those for Buffy." The young witch warned him.

"Just save her one. I have to go." Checking her watch, the cheerleader headed out.

"Cordelia?" Xander called to her.

She turned around with an irritated expression. "Geez! What Harris?!"

"Nothing. Just checking." He grinned when Cordelia waved her hand, clearly annoyed as she slipped back into the hall. Turning to his best friend, Xander reconfirmed. "That was Cordelia Chase, wasn't it?"

Willow chewed her lip, remarking. "It was. Here eat a muffin and be quiet."

"Yum, muffiny-goodness." Xander gleefully snatched one up.


"So what's the sitch?" Buffy sang out, throwing back the library doors. She glanced at the two teens huddling over a stack of books and munching something that looked tasty. "Hey, where'd you get those?" The slayer asked jealously while checking the basket.

Both scoobs had a mouthful. Willow mumbled. "Cor...mmm...hold on." She reached for her Sunny Delight which Xander was currently chugging.

"Hurray, you saved me one." Buffy immediately claimed it before the eating machine, Xander got a hold of it. She placed it on a napkin, instructing him. "Don't touch." Wandering toward the stacks, the little slayer asked. "Where's Giles?"

"In his office." Quickly, Willow swallowed and continued. "Cordy, wanted us to tell you that she stopped by."

"What?!" That got Buffy's attention. She turned around, nervously eyeing her friends.

"Yeah, she's the one who brought the muffins." Xander licked his fingers. "So fess up Buffster, she's possessed, right?"

The little blonde blushed brightly, stuttering. "Cordelia brought muffins."

"Hey, maybe it's delayed appreciation for you saving her life." Willow chimed in.

"We can only hope." The teen stood up stretching. "I for one though, don't want to see too much more of Cordy's appreciation not if it means we have to actually see her."

"Xander be nice." Willow chastised, picking up her books and motioning to Buffy. "Come on, we have French class today."

"Uhhh...Uh-huh." Buffy was still dazed as she grabbed up the blueberry muffin and followed her little witch friend.


"Okay, can I just say...gyuhhhh?" Xander placed down his tray and scooted closer to the slayer. "So Buffster, what's your opinion on this oh so delicious Sunnydale High entree?"

She chuckled and poked the suspicious looking item. "Animal or vegetable?... hmmm... Nope, I'm gonna go with demon."

Willow slid in the next to them, dutifully setting out her little sac lunch. "Was I the only one bored with Ms. Miller's class today?"

"God no! If I had to listen to Cordy's insights on Shylock for another minute I was going to kill myself." Xander groaned dramatically.

"Shhhh, here she comes." Buffy elbowed the teen as Cordelia strolled over.

The brunette brushed off the chair near Buffy before sitting in it. "Don't eat that!" She slapped the fork from the little blonde's hand.


"Oh please! You don't even know what it is!" She smirked as the slayer's eyes widened, then informed her. "Your voice carries." Next, the cheerleader pointedly glared at Xander. "And so does yours."

"Uhhh..." He gaped at Willow for assistance, but Cordelia had already waved it off. She was busy laying out the lunch that she had brought for her and Buffy. It was quite a tempting spread with little finger sandwiches, fruit, and even bottles of mineral water.

"Wow, Martha Stewart eat your heart out." Buffy chirped as she eagerly reached for a sandwich.

Xander and Willow stared, open-mouthed. "Rrrgh! Will you stop with the looks?! I'm trying to digest here." Cordy complained bitterly, glancing to Buffy for some support.

"Oh. Um, okay." The tiny slayer could barely get the words out through her mouthful of food. "You guys, stop staring." She wagged her finger for effect, looking back at Cordelia to see if she was satisfied. Her sincerity was certainly questionable but the brunette seemed not notice.

"You heard her, eyes elsewhere please."

The two teens gazed around the cafeteria, both catching the gawking coming from Harmony's table. They exchanged a look but remained quiet.

"Ooh! Hurray!" Buffy squealed excitedly when Cordelia opened a small box with cupcakes. "Chocolate...mmmm..."

Shoving the carton toward the middle of the table, the pretty cheerleader noted. "There's more then enough. Xander, you and Willow can have one."

Buffy beamed, smiling appreciatively at the brunette. She liked that Cordelia was being nice to her friends. It was odd but still pleasant.

Xander scarfed the free food enthusiastically. Licking his fingers, he pointed at Cordy. "Are you sure she's not possessed or infected?"

"Xander!" Both Buffy and Willow chastised him.

Her eyes narrowed, but the prom queen said nothing. She nibbled at the lunch for a bit before slinging her purse over her wrist and rising. "Well, I have to go. Will you be in the library after six period?"

Buffy was busy still slapping at Xander's hand and giggling. "Hey, I get the last cupcake."

Cordelia cleared her throat impatiently. "Excuse me! I asked you a question."

"Oh... uhm, yeah. I'll be in the library."

"Good. Wait for me there. I'll stop by after cheer practice." The curvy brunette gave her a sappy smile before turning on her heel and heading out of the cafeteria, amidst many snickers of course.


Twiddling her thumbs, Buffy eyed the clock again. She would wait five more minutes for Cordelia, and that was all. Sitting around in her workout clothes while the sweat dried on her was not Buffy's idea of a good time. But the prospect of getting some sex from her "girlfriend" kept the tiny slayer waiting. There was truly nothing she liked more then getting off after a good slay or a good workout for that matter.

Restless, the little blonde headed for the stacks. Maybe I should pass the time doing some research... Giles would really love that. Buffy grinned as she sauntered toward the musty books in the back.

Feeling a bit giddy, Cordelia pushed open the library door. Her face fell when she found the room devoid of any occupants. She turned to leave but a noise in the back caught her attention. It was Buffy singing.

The lilting little voice filtered to the cheerleader's ears. She cracked a huge smile and skipped up to the stacks. "Hi!"

Buffy returned the warm smile a bit self consciously, blushing as she lowered her eyes. "Hi to you too."

That was all she managed to get out before Cordelia pushed her up against the stacks and kissed her. Mmmm. Buffy melted against the books. Clinging tightly as the prom queen's delicious mouth met hers.

"Buffster." Xander muttered, peering into the library. He was ready to check elsewhere when he heard a sexy moan. Huh?! It was definitely Buffy. His cock stood at full attention as he moved in to investigate.


The lilting little voice filtered to the cheerleader's ears. She cracked a huge smile and skipped up to the stacks. "Hi!"

Buffy returned the warm smile a bit self consciously, blushing as she lowered her eyes. "Hi to you too."

That was all she managed to get out before Cordelia pushed her up against the stacks and kissed her. Mmmm. Buffy melted against the books. Clinging tightly as the prom queen's delicious mouth met hers.

"Buffster." Xander muttered, peering into the library. He was ready to check elsewhere when he heard a sexy moan. Huh?! It was definitely Buffy. His cock stood at full attention as he moved in to investigate.


"Oh Cordelia..." Buffy tangled her hands in the cheerleader's hair as Cordelia slid down to her knees and smiled up at her. "Yessss." The little slayer hissed excitedly as her tiny pair of jogging shorts were yanked to her ankles.

Oh yeah, it was definitely hot little Buffy's voice he was hearing. Xander sidled up to the stacks near the back and crouched low. Nudging the books over, he peeked through.

"Holy Toledo!" The teen mumbled, gulping and wiping his brow. Right before his eyes, he was watching the most popular girl in school sliding down the slayer's panties while Buffy moaned and begged for it. Oh god! Xander's erection strained painfully against the seam of his trousers.

"Coooordy... pleeeeeasssse..." Spreading her legs wide and leaning her back against the bookshelves, Buffy pulled the long auburn hair and tugged the cheerleader closer.

Slowly, Cordelia's tongue flicked out. She lightly licked the swollen little button peeping out. Mmmm... I soooo love this part. Catching it between her lips, Cordelia nursed on the slayer's clit causing the tiny blonde to shiver and moan.

Ohhhh boy. Xander eased his zipper down and carefully removed his aching member. Clutching it, he stroked himself while continuing to gaze in wonder.

It all seemed so surreal to him. He could hardly process what he was witnessing. Prom queen kneeling... licking Buffy's... ayyyiiiyaee... His hand moved faster. girl cum coating Cordy's mouth and chin... unhhhh... jeesusss His eyes rolled back as the spasms hit and his cock jerked with each squirt.

Meanwhile Cordelia's attention didn't abate in the slightest. She sucked, licked, nipped and kissed at Buffy's sweet loins, wrapping her arms around the smaller girl's waist. It wasn't long before she received her reward, which consisted of adorable slayer's sounds... ecstatic little grunts and whimpers.

Bucking against the brunette's face, Buffy came hard and slid down the books. She landed softly on her bottom while Cordy complained. "Buffy, you almost fell on me. Next time, some warning please." The cheerleader sniffed in annoyance, wiping her chin then reclining in Buffy's arms with a smile.

Xander cowered quietly in his hiding place with cum now drying on his hands and trousers. How am I going to get out of here? His eyes darted about, searching for an escape. If he waited, they'd see him, but if he left, they might hear him.

Hesitating, he peeked back at the girls and was treated to another private moment. Smiling, Xander watched as Buffy tenderly kissed Cordy and gave her a hug.

Uh-oh! The Buffster is looking over here! He plastered himself flat against the bookshelf, and tiptoed toward the stairs. There were no longer any options; he had to bolt.

Swallowing hard, Xander mustered the courage and raced through the library doors not daring to look back.

"What's wrong?" Cordelia leaned up and studied the slayer's face. Buffy wore a slight frown, but shook it off.

"Nothing. I thought I heard something."


Hesitating, he peeked back at the girls and was treated to another private moment. Smiling, Xander watched as Buffy tenderly kissed Cordy and gave her a hug.

Uh-oh! The Buffster is looking over here! He plastered himself flat against the bookshelf, and tiptoed toward the stairs. There were no longer any options; he had to bolt.

Swallowing hard, Xander mustered the courage and raced through the library doors not daring to look back.

"What's wrong?" Cordelia leaned up and studied the slayer's face. Buffy wore a slight frown, but shook it off.

"Nothing. I thought I heard something."


"Xander... Xander." Willow waved her hand in front of the boy's face. "Hey, can you help me with this?" The red head shoved a stack of books toward him. "We're looking up demons that dismember the dead."

"Huh?... Yeah." Shaking his head, Xander wiped at his mouth. The memory of Buffy and Cordelia had been plaguing him nearly every second since it happened.

The library doors swung open. "Hi!" Buffy squeaked energetically. "How are my buds?" She plopped down in a chair and gave them a cheerful smile.

"Wow, you're in a good mood today." Willow observed. "This should spoil it. We have research to do. Dismembered corpses are being found in dumpsters."

"Ewww..." A pout quickly settled on Buffy's pretty face. "Why can't I ever have a happy day? You know, one without uggy, gooey things killing people."

Her best friend smiled. "Is that a rhetorical question?"

Pouting bigger, Buffy answered. "Yes." She peered around. "Where's Giles?"

"I don't know. I just found his note. Xander was here before me."

Both girls turned expectantly toward the teen boy. He had a dazed look on his face as he studied Buffy's mouth.

"Xander?!" The little slayer's face scrunched up. She turned to Willow. "What's wrong with him?"

"Again, I don't know. He was that way when I got here." The young witch snapped her fingers in front of Xander's face. "Hello?... Xander!"

"Whu--what?" He grinned goofily at Buffy and pulled several books onto his lap to hide his erection.

"Xander, was Giles here when you first got here?" Buffy wrinkled her brow, slightly annoyed.

"Who... huh... no."

Both Buffy and Willow shrugged and grabbed up their books to leave. "Bye, Xander." They giggled and headed off to class, leaving the teen boy staring after them.

"Hi Buffy." His voice cracked as he watched them leave.


Buffy sat worriedly in Ms. Miller's class. For some reason Cordy was absent. The whole period was spent glancing at the empty seat and wondering where the cheerleader was. After all that was a slayer's job, to protect. She needed to know that Cordelia was okay.

As soon as they were dismissed, Buffy rushed toward the pay phones.

"Buffster, where are you going?" Xander trailed after the little blonde excitedly. Looking at the slayer before had always made his mouth water but now he found himself drooling.

"Oh hey Xander. I just need to make a call." She began digging in her purse. "Do you have a quarter?"

"Do I have a quarter?" Xander grinned, patting his pockets in search of change. "Of course, I... um..." He nervously patted his pockets again. "Don't... Sorry. But hey, I can go get you one."

Buffy already found the necessary coins. She smiled up at him. "Yeah, you go do that. Find me a quarter, Xander." Shoving him away, the slayer dropped the coins in and dialed. Come on Cordy... answer the phone.


"Hi. Cordelia?"


Buffy was completely thrown for a loop by the prom queen's cold tone. "It's me. Buffy."

"I know who this is. What do you want?"

"I worried. You're not here today. And I thought-- Well, I thought you would be." The tiny blonde began to fidget and twirl the cord around her fingers. "Are you sick? I could bring you your homework."

"Buffy, I have to go."

The slayer scowled as soon as she heard the arguing in the background. It was obviously Cordelia's parents. "Cordy, no. Wait." She stood there for a moment, listening to the dial tone.

That's it. I'm going there right now. With a nod of her head, Buffy headed toward the school gates.

Willow had followed Xander back out. She could see the little slayer leaving. "Hey Buffy! We still have the rest of the day." The red head's shout fell on deaf ears as the super hero hopped the fence and ran off.

"Boy, Buffy's just the best." Xander announced dreamily.

"Ugh." Willow walked past him, shaking her head.


Pacing around first, Buffy practiced what she would say before finally approaching the Chase residence. A maid opened the door.

"Hi, I'm here to see Cordelia." The blonde tittered, hiding the flowers behind her back.

Arching an eyebrow, the servant ushered her in. "Wait here. I will see if Miss Chase is accepting visitors."

Nervously Buffy peered around the house. There no longer was any shouting which had to be a good sign, the teen decided.

"Buffy!" Cordelia quickly came down the stairs. "What are you doing here?"

"Hi. I just came to bring your homework." She lied as Mrs. Chase came into the foyer too.

"Oh how lovely. One of your friends, Cordelia. Invite her up to your room. Your father and I are still trying to discuss some things."

The brunette glared at her mother before inviting the little slayer up.

Buffy scrambled up the stairs behind Cordelia, holding out the flowers. "Here. I thought these might cheer you up."

The cheerleader smiled brightly, taking the flowers. "Oh Buffy, thank you. They're beautiful."

The small blonde suddenly frowned. A horrified look settled on her face as she reached out to brush the hair away from Cordelia's eye. "What happened?! Who hit you?!"


"Eww! Don't look at it!" Cordelia cringed and pulled away. "It's so totally tacky!" She motioned for Buffy to close her bedroom door as she walked over to an armoire and removed a vase.

"Cordelia, how did it happen? Did your dad hit you?!" The slayer's hands balled into fists.

"Excuse me?!" Cordelia crinkled her nose in distaste. "Not even!" She waved her hand as if offended. "Geez Buffy! Did you get that from an after school special?!"

Confused and apologetic, Buffy hurried to explain. "Sorry. I didn't mean that. It's just... uhm.. You weren't at school and... uhm...with the parent fighting thing."

"Oh that." Rolling her eyes, the cheerleader headed to her bathroom to fill the vase. "Yeah, sometimes they fight. I guess my aunt is coming for a visit." She smirked. "My dad doesn't like her."

A look of relief washed over the slayer's face as she sat down heavily on the bed. When she heard the faucet stop, she asked again. "Well, then how?"

Cordelia hesitated, peering up at her reflection. It really wasn't that bad of a black eye. Certainly not worth Buffy getting into a fight at school over, and from the way her little protector was acting that's exactly what would happen.

"Cordy?" Buffy sat there for a moment, waiting. "Hey, what are you doing?"

"Duh! Putting my flowers in water." Slipping the flowers into the vase, the brunette began arranging them as she called out. "You haven't cracked our daughter, have you? Because I'm still counting on that A in Mr. Whitmore's class--"

"Cordelia!" Scowling, the petite slayer interrupted her. Now she knew she wasn't imaging it, miss popular was avoiding answering the question. "Come out here, please."

"Hmm? What?" Cordelia returned with the vase full of flowers and a big smile. "Where did you get these?"

"Cordy, I'm going to ask this for the third time, and this time I want an answer. Who hit you?"

Sighing, Cordelia placed the vase on her nightstand and took a seat next to Buffy. "If I tell you, do you promise not to go all slay gal?"

Narrowing her eyes and folding her arms across her chest, Buffy reluctantly nodded.

"Good. Now I'm not sure if you knew this, but I've been going out with Kevin since me and Mitch broke up."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "I may have heard that somewhere." It seemed a silly thing to ask, considering that Cordy's latest bragged endlessly. "Go on."

"Well yesterday, after our... um, you know... meeting in the library." Cordelia paused, grinning as a pretty blush spread over the small slayer's cheeks. "I decided to stop by Kevin's house and pay him a quick visit."

Buffy suddenly scooted back from the brunette. "Oh."

"Ewww! Not for that." Cordy snorted in disgust, before bashfully lowering her eyes. "I went there to give back his ring. I wanted to break up with him." Chewing her bottom lip, the cheerleader hesitantly admitted. "I was hoping that might prove that I'm serious about you... and not just some vapid whore." She chuckled as Buffy began to sputter.

"Cordy, I didn't really mean that."

"Yes, you did." The class queen shrugged it off. "That's okay though because I can show that I have layers. There are lots of things that you don't know about me, Buffy Summers."

"I'm starting to notice that." Grinning, the blonde leaned forward to kiss Cordelia, but before their lips touched she suddenly pulled back. "Wait minute! What happened at Kevin's house?!"

"Buffy, now you promised... you're not going to get all wiggy."

"He punched you, didn't he?! It was Kevin!" The tiny slayer growled and jumped to her feet.

"He didn't punch me." Cordelia muttered. "It was more of a slap. He's just really strong." She snickered. "Oh well, I guess that's what I get for only dating varsity players... They're all steroid cases."

"No! No, `oh well' Cordy. I am SO going to kick his ass all over school tomorrow!" Buffy puffed up and stomped her little foot. "Let's see how Kevin likes it when someone stronger than him slaps his face!"

"Buffy, no! You promised me that you wouldn't fight! And I'm holding you to that."

Buffy's eyes narrowed. "Why are you protecting him?"

"Oh please! Like I could care less what happens to Kevin?!" Cordelia grabbed the little blonde and shook her. "It's you I care about, you dummy! If you're caught fighting again Snyder is going to expel you."

Still scowling, the slayer grumbled. "Then I won't get caught doing it."

"Nope. Wrong answer." Cordy gave her a soft kiss on the lips. "Are you going to keep your promise, Buffy?... hmm?... Or do I have to withhold sex?"

Buffy's eyes went wide with fear causing the cheerleader to burst into laughter.

"Wow, that really does work every time." Snickering, Cordelia tugged the tiny blonde back toward her bed and asked. "So? Are you ready for me to thank you for the flowers yet?"

Nodding eagerly, Buffy watched with growing excitement as the prom queen dropped to her knees.


Buffy gazed lazily down and smiled. Cordelia was still carefully cleaning her pussy. As always the cheerleader was eager to lick up all of her sticky-sweet slayer cum. The way Cordy's tongue moved over her, reminded the slayer of a cat lapping up milk.

Reaching down, Buffy used her fingers to spread the soft folds. Don't want Cordy missing any. She soon had the outer lips of her pussy stretched apart, opening herself up completely to Cordelia's meticulous mouth.

Sighing, Buffy closed her eyes and relaxed. This was one of her favorite parts. All the extra attention that Cordelia lavished on her felt lovely. No wonder all the jocks want to date Cordy.

The cheerleader sure had down how to spoil her date. She was becoming expert at pleasing the little slayer. Buffy couldn't be more pampered. Not only were all her sexual desires attended to, but Cordelia had taken to buying Buffy expensive clothes and gifts. Plus there was the added benefit of those delicious lunches and snacks that Cordy also brought.

Happily, the tiny blonde reached down. "Cordy, come here."

The prom queen quickly crawled up next to Buffy. "Yes?"

"I just want to hold my girlfriend." Buffy smiled and softly kissed Cordelia. The brunette whimpered with pleasure as the slayer's hands gently played with her breasts.

"Oh Buffy... mmm." Closing her eyes, Cordy rolled onto her back. "Please... I want you to."

The request made the slayer wet. She loved to fuck the cheerleader, but so far Cordy had only allowed it twice. Apparently, the prom queen was afraid that she would lose her virginity doing it.

Buffy didn't have the heart to tell her that she'd already punctured the hymen. She felt it the first time. She thought Cordelia would have too, but the brunette instead assumed that it hurt because Buffy's a slayer.

Of course, Buffy didn't point out the obvious. That it didn't hurt Cordelia the second time. But not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, the tiny slayer eagerly climbed on top of prissy class queen. She ran her hand along the inside of Cordelia's thigh, following the wet trail up to the cheerleader's pussy.

Carefully, Buffy slid two fingers inside. She watched the brunette's face with a smile as Cordelia whimpered and bit her bottom lip.

Moving in and out, Buffy marveled at the tight, velvety warmth. The whole time Cordelia's moans filled her ears. The slayer ducked her head down and sucked hungrily at the cheerleader's breasts, scraping her teeth lightly against the nipple.

Cordelia was close and the movement of Buffy's thumb over her clit only brought her closer. She clung tightly to the petite blonde, trying to hold out for as long as possible. This was one of the slayer's favorite activities, and the cheerleader was eager to please her girlfriend by having it last.

Buffy quickly removed her fingers and grinned at Cordelia. The May queen understood instantly what the little blonde wanted. Switching position, Buffy squatted over her face then reached back down and inserted her fingers again.

"Mmmm... that's it, Cordy... lick me..." Grinding her pussy onto the cheerleader's face, the chosen one moaned out her demands. "Fuck me with your tongue... ahhhh... c'mon Cordy... deeper... ohgodohgod... yessss." Buffy hissed as she slammed her fingers back into the cheerleader.

Cordelia's ecstatic cries were now muffled, but the brunette's pleasure was very evident. Her cum ran out over the slayer's hand. Buffy leaned close, a dazed smile on her face. Flicking her tongue out, she licked Cordelia's clit.

That was the final straw for the snobby girl. Her body tensed up and the walls of her vagina pulsated around Buffy's fingers. Cordy's orgasm overtook her entirely. She momentarily froze with the slayer's soft pussy still tickling her lips.

"Oh Buf--Buffyyyyy... mmmmm... omigod... oh Buffy."

The small blonde stared in fascination. Making Cordelia cum was a thrilling thing for the little slayer. Every time she felt particularly proud. Moving her fingers a few more times, Buffy slowly pulled out, relishing the stream of pussy juice that followed.

Glowing, the delicate little blonde sat up. Now she was ready to ride Cordy's face. Leaning forward, the slayer held onto the headboard. She squeezed her eyes shut in sheer delight as the prom queen instantly latched onto her clit.

Nobody could give head like Cordelia. It was a rumor that circulated around the school, and now Buffy knew why.

Catching the swollen little nub between her lips, the cheerleader immediately went to work. She suckled it lovingly, every so often letting her tongue toy with the flesh. Buffy arched up and vocalized her satisfaction.

"Yesss... right there... ohmy... oyyy... Cor-- Corrrr... harder... mmm." Licking her lips, the slayer sat up, rocking her hips and groaning. "Oh pleassseee... yesss... I so need to... ohmygod... Unhhhh!... Cordy, right there!"

Buffy exploded, flooding the prissy girl's face. She peered down, panting while watching herself drown the cheerleader. A naughty smile settled upon the slayer's features. Coating Cordelia in her cum was like marking her. She fell back on the bed breathless as the brunette crawled over to cuddle.

"I have to bring you flowers more often." Buffy breathed out still gasping for oxygen. She grinned at Cordelia who was already headed down her body ready to finish to the job. "Mmmm..." The slayer sighed the second she felt the soft kisses between her legs.

Giggling, Buffy tugged her back up. "No, you're going to get me all worked up again."

"So." Cordelia stared with a smoky look in her eyes. "I can lick you forever. You're so tasty."

Buffy blushed prettily. "Really?"

"Uh-huh." Giving her a teasing smile, the cheerleader added. "And do you know you make the cutest little face when you cum?... And when you swear and talk dirty it's adorable."

"What?!" Buffy sat up, suddenly offended. "Adorable?!" She sputtered self-consciously. "What do you mean adorable?! I'm trying to be sexy!"

"Sweetie, I love it. It's cute... and it's sexy." Cordelia quickly tried to rectify the situation. "You're sexy. Stop pouting... Please."

Still jutting her bottom lip out, Buffy nodded and snuggled up to the taller girl. "Cordy?"

"Hmm? What little Ms Likes-to-fight?" She grinned, gently stroking Buffy's back until the slayer tensed up in her arms. Oh no! Cordelia sensed what was coming.

"I still want to kick Kevin's ass." The tiny blonde growled as irate as ever over the subject.

"I should've can't just drop it." Cordelia mumbled to herself as she rolled the slayer off. Getting up from the bed, she began to dress while searching around for her car keys.

Anxiously, Buffy leaned up on her elbows. "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing, Buffy?!" The brunette asked obviously angry.

"I--I don't know." Chewing her lip, the slayer watched as the cheerleader flounced down next to her and pulled the covers back.

"Get up. I'm taking you home now."

"No. I don't want to go." With her eyes tearing up, Buffy clutched at the blanket. "You can't be mad at me for that. He hit my girlfriend! Cordy, what do you expect me to do?"

"I expect you to do what I asked and leave it alone." The brunette yanked back the comforter once more. "Buffy, you need to learn something here. I may be your girlfriend, but technically I still wear the pants. That's the way it always is. Ask any of my ex's; I'm the boss. Now get up; I'm taking you home."

Swallowing back the tears that threatened to come, Buffy stood up. "Fine. I promise not to hit Kevin." She sluggishly gathered her clothes, hoping that Cordelia would change her mind.

"Buffy!" The game didn't fool the cheerleader. She quickly lost her patience.

"Alright, I'm sorry. Can't I stay, please? I promised not to hit Kevin. I don't want to go home." Buffy's voice cracked slightly. She lowered her eyes ashamed at her desperate tone.

Cordelia considered her for a moment. She had really intended on taking Buffy home. If it were anyone else she would have, but Buffy's sad pout and remorseful plea melted the prom queen's resolve.

"Geez! Okay, you can stay, but I'm warning you, Buffy. One more peep about that whole Kevin thing, and you're going home. Understand?"

"Uh-huh." Smiling happily, the slayer bounced back onto the bed to wait for Cordy to join her.

"You're lucky you're so cute, Buffy Summers." The brunette grumbled, climbing in next to her.


The little slayer rolled her eyes while her watcher droned on. The only thing that perked her up was the sight of Cordelia entering the library. Her girlfriend was carrying a Starbuck's bag. Lucky me!

"Ooh yummy lattes." Buffy squealed and clapped her hands. Willow remained stiffly polite, and Xander drooled like a fiend.

Cordy!... Cordy and Buffy!... Gahhhh... The teen boy's mouth dropped open. Cordy and Buffy naked!.... Oh god!... Think of something else!... 4 times 4 is sixteen. 4 times 5 is 24... mmm...Naked Cordy licking naked Buffy!

Grinning, Xander jumped when his best friend nudged him. "Huh?" Peering up at Willow, he wiped at his chin. "What?"

The young witch scowled. It was bad enough Buffy was acting uber- strange these days, now Xander was going to join in. Ugh!

"Sorry Wil." Sitting up, he lifted his eyes from the prom queen's body and looked at her face while she spoke.

"...and I told Harmony, As if!" Cordelia explained, shaking her head in disgust. She lowered her sunglasses slightly, glancing at the Scoobies as she stood. "I have to go now, you guys. Enjoy the coffee."

Xander did a double take; this time for a different reason. As the cheerleader was leaving and lowered her shades, he noticed the bruise. Cordy has a black eye?! Stunned, he sat speechless while the brunette sauntered out and his two friends chatted without an apparent care in the world, but he knew. Buffy... the Buffster... she hit Cordy!

Buffy and Willow stopped their conversation and turned to look at him. "What is it now?" The little blonde frowned. Xander's mute act of late was becoming more than a bit tiresome.

"Nothing." Getting to his feet and grabbing his books, Xander looked pointedly at the red head. "Wil, do you have a minute?... We need to talk."

"Well, I'll give you points for cryptic." Buffy snorted, turning to Willow. "Meet me back here before lunch."

"You got it." Waving cheerfully, she marched out behind Xander. Before the library doors even closed, the young wiccan snapped. "Xander, what's wrong with you?!"

"It's not me. It's Buffy. Come on, we have to talk."


Yawning, the pretty little blonde leaned back and gazed at the clock. Where are they?... I know we're supposed meet here.

Buffy's eyes flickered to the doors as they swung open. "Geez, I thought you two forgot." She smiled, getting up to collect her bag.

"Wait. We need to talk." Willow stated forcefully, walking over with Xander close behind.

Glancing from one to the other, the slayer teasingly asked. "What's this? An intervention?"

"If necessary." Xander crossed his arms over chest while Willow went to get Giles.

"Seriously guys, you're giving me the wiggins. What's up?"

Unable to hold back, Xander blurted. "We know about you and Cordelia."

Buffy suddenly grew pale.

"Ah-ha! So it's true!" The red head exclaimed, returning to the room with watcher in tow.

Blushing hard, Buffy stammered. "So what if it is?! I don't see how this is any of your business!"

How dare they confront me like a criminal?!... Dragging in Giles! The nerve of them! The tiny slayer hopped to her feet, prepared to storm out, but her watcher's hand halted her.

"Buffy, take a seat." Giles ordered. Removing his glasses, he began cleaning them. "Normally, I would agree with you. It is your business who you choose for a relationship, but when a slayer starts striking out at those around her--"

"What?!" Buffy interrupted. "What are you talking about?" She glanced at the Scoobies.

"Come on Buffy, we saw the black eye. Cordelia's sunglasses don't really cover it." Xander shook his head, appearing disillusioned. "I mean, I know Cordy can be annoying but--"

"Xander, shut up!" The slayer looked at her watcher. "Giles, I didn't hit Cordelia."

With a sigh, the librarian rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Now that's a relief."

"Well then who did?" Willow wondered, watching as the blonde gathered her things.


"Wait Buffster, you're telling me that you know who put the hurt on your girlfriend, and you're not doing anything about it?!"

"Xander! This isn't helpful." Giles scolded, then turned to Buffy. "I'm proud that you're controlling your temper. Good work. A slayer mustn't let emotion get the best of her."

As soon as the teens were down the hall and headed to lunch, Xander started up. "Buff, you gotta do something. You can't just let Kevin get away with it." He ignored Willow's warning look and continued. "I mean, I know it's only Cordy, but still he hit a girl."

Buffy glared at his words, but before she could complain they turned the corner. There stood Kevin with a bunch of his friends. The little slayer froze, growling as she gazed at the jock.

"Buffy, c'mon. Just hit him once."

Hesitating, she muttered. "Xander, I can't."

"Why not?!" Making a fist to illustrate his point, he reassured her. "A jerk like that deserves a slayer sandwich!"

Red-faced Buffy replied. "I promised Cordy."

Neither had time to react as Kevin stormed over.

"Buffy Summers!" Kevin growled, approaching the trio. "What are you and your freak show looking at?!

The slayer didn't know that Cordelia had told him the truth so she was caught completely off guard when the letterman grabbed her by the neck and slammed her into the lockers.

"Oh my god, Buffy!" Pushing past the gathering crowd, the prom queen tried to make her way over.

Kevin had knocked the air out of her so he still held the little blonde easily as he barked. "Bitch, consider this payback for stealing my girlfriend!"

"Kevin." Xander tapped the jock on the shoulder.

"What Harris?!" Sneeringly, he turned.

Xander sucked in his breath and summoned his courage, swinging his fist as hard as he could. Bam! He connected with Kevin's jaw.

The group of onlookers stared in stunned silence as the obnoxious boy hit the deck. The jock's social status now dipped dramatically as the kids clapped and hooted, celebrating his demise.

Xander stood nursing an injured hand but beamed with pride as Buffy smiled at him.

"Xander!" Willow squeaked nervously, trying to pull him away. "We have to look at your hand."

"It's fine, Wil."

"What happened?" Cordelia plowed past the remaining gawkers and glanced down at her former boyfriend. "Buffy, you promised!"

"I didn't. I swear!" Holding up her hands, the slayer gestured to Xander.

"Xander?... Chicken-Little-Harris? You punched Kevin?" The cheerleader gazed in wonder.

Nodding, Xander smiled then hesitated, "Hey!" He shrieked, suddenly sensing that there was an insult burried in there.

"Wow, I'm really impressed." Cordelia uttered.

"He had it coming... attacking Buffy and hitting you." Puffed up, the teen kicked at the jock. "He's lucky he's unconscious! Nobody messes with my girls!"

Buffy chuckled, pleased that Xander was getting to finally enjoy a hero moment. She knew how prized that was for teenage boys.

Willow continued to worriedly tug at him while Cordelia surprised them all and spontaneously hugged Xander. He grinned goofily, holding tight to the prom queen.

Sure his hand throbbed, but hitting Kevin was the right thing to do... Plus look at these rewards! Running his hands down Cordelia Chase's perfect back, he sighed and smiled. Cordy and Buffy... mmmm!

"Alright Romeo, that's enough." Buffy gently extricated her girlfriend from the drooling boy's arms. Shaking her head, she steered Xander toward the library. "Time to put some ice on that, don't you think?"

"Huh?!" He peered down at his crotch.

"Your hand, Xander! I was talking about your hand!" The blonde groaned, glancing at the two other girls. Willow and Cordelia wore the same expression. One that said, get use to it.

It was going to be a long year for all the boys at Sunnydale now that the class queen and the pretty little class protector were dating. Heads turned to watch the gorgeous girls glide into the library.

"Cordelia Chase and Buffy Summers?!... Okay, Wow!"