A Thing For Dorks
by FemVamp

Sometimes I think I'm the Powers little joke. The girl who had everything suddenly with nothing. The girl who was every big headache, who now gets monster ones of her own.

The prom queen who has a thing for dorks.

Like I said a walking joke in expensive shoes.

Sometime I wonder why I ended up working for Angel. Did the Powers that Be intend for me to be their walking cellphone to Angel, or was it just my inability to resist anything dorky. I mean I thought I had enough of dorks when I dumped Xander. But nooooo I had to fall for Doyle.

Two of the biggest dorks on the face of the earth and I fell in love with them both.

When Doyle died I swore to whatever God their was that still cared, that I would never, and I mean NEVER fall in love with another dork.

Then I had to meet Fred.

Damn it. Why can't the Powers just leave me alone? Why can't they just let me fall in love with someone who doesn't think Star Trek is the greatest show on earth? Why can't I meet someone normal?

Why out of all the people I meet do I have to fall in love with a dork like Fred?

And I am in love with her. She annoys me to distraction with all her little quirks, but...

Damn it! Damn them!

Why me?

And why her?

And most of all, why do I have a thing for dorks?