The Doctor And The Seer
by John O'Connor

Janet Fraiser squirmed on the bed in anticipation. The woman she had lusted after for so long was in the bathroom freshening up. Soon, though, she'd be in bed with the young doctor.

Janet forced herself to lay still, her squirming was causing her black teddy to bunch up under her. She wanted to be prefect for this special lover.

While it was not their first time together, each time was as exciting as the first. And each time was always somewhere different.

This meeting was in a generic motel room, much like the kind found in any Ramada Inn or Holiday Inn. And it had an extra large, single bed for their amusement.


Cordelia Chase rinsed her mouth one last time, bared her teeth and nodded at her reflection. One last touch of lip gloss and she was ready.

At the door of the bathroom, she paused to adjust the very short, white lace nightie. She couldn't believe she was going to make love to Janet again. She was already very excited.

With a deep breath and a shiver of excitement, Cordy opened the door.


Janet smiled at the vision coming out of the bathroom, her eyes flashing with lust. Holding up her hand, she whispered, "Join me?

Cordelia simply smiled, took Janet's hand and lay next to the smaller woman.

"I love how the white contrasts with your lovely tan," Janet remarked as she moved her face near the younger woman's.

"And black totally suits you," Cordelia whispered as she closed the distance.

No more words were spoken as lips touched and parted. At first, only their breaths were shared. Each exhalation into the other's mouth brought an excited thrill to the recipient.

Almost as one, supple tongues slowly came together. Long, soft, wet kisses followed. Hands and fingers caressed bare arms and cheeks as each woman's tongue thrilled the other.

Time seemed to stand still as the languid kisses continued. Slowly, hands drifted to the front of the lacey garments. Fingers opened the gossamer thin material and slipped inside to find soft, full roundness capped by diamond hard nubs.

Moans were shared with tongues as hands explored hidden treasures. Sheer garments drifted off to the side of the bed as they were discarded. Bare flesh pressed tightly to bare flesh. Erect nipples rubbed nipples. Thighs slid up against each woman's core.

Slowly, each began to move against the firm leg pressed between their own as hands continued to thrill and pleasure both women. Lips and tongues never parted even as breathing became slightly harsher and more rapid.

Wetness pooled on legs, pale and tanned. Pubic hair tickled the soft flesh. Tongue thrilled tongue.

Soft, muted moans filled the air as the lovers shared their first climax. Erotic heat radiated out from each woman's sex, engulfing them in their mutual ecstasy.

Cordelia and Janet held each other tightly as they came down from their first orgasm of the evening. Janet buried her face in Cordy's neck as Cordy's face was pressed into Janet's softly scented hair.


"That was...incredible."

Janet looked up at Cordy and pulled the younger woman's face down to kiss her gently. "Thank you."

"It was my pleasure, believe me."

They continued to share kisses, soft and gentle initially. Soon however, they were seeing kisses of deep passion.

Janet loved the feel of Cordelia's supple tongue in her mouth, playing with her own. She also loved the way the younger woman sucked on her tongue when she plunged it into Cordy's mouth.

Cordelia was equally amazed and thrilled by the doctor's skillful tongue. And those soft hands on her tits... But, much as she loved the deep kisses, wanted that tongue to do so much more.

As if reading her lover's mind, Janet broke their kiss and whispered, "I want to taste you..."

"Oh yeah!" Cordelia eagerly agreed.

The two moved around on the large bed until they could both feast on each other's ample breasts. Janet lay on her back as Cordy moved over her.

After a short, heated, upside-down kiss, they explored the succulent flesh before them.

Janet gently caressed and licked each globe, making a point of not neglecting one over the other. Her soft tongue teased then laved each nipple to renewed rigidity.

Cordelia, on the other hand, kneaded the breasts before her as she nipped and lightly bit at the twin nipples before her.

Janet, who happened to be on top as she was the smaller and lighter of the two lovers, began to crawl down Cordelia's shapely form. Her lips and tongue were in constant contact with the sweet flesh beneath her. When her nipples brushed the other girl's, she felt a shiver of pleasure surge down her spine.

Cordy, while reluctant to release the other's breasts, did enjoy the view of the smaller woman's body as it moved down her body. She didn't resist any temptation to touch or taste Janet's skin either.

Janet paused in her journey to toy with the small stud piercing Cordelia's navel. She took a long moment to use her tongue to toy with the silver stud and the girl's belly button.

Cordy reciprocated on the doctor's unpierced navel, circling it and slipping her tongue into the small depression.

Pulling herself a little further, Janet looked down on her pot-o'gold. (By some quirk, the difference in height between the two lovers didn't matter when it came to love.) She smiled as she inhaled the aroma of aroused Southern California girl.

At the juncture of Cordy's thighs, her jewel was nestled beneath a nearly perfect triangle of curly brown fur. The area around was neatly depilatated. In the crown of hair, droplets of Cordelia's arousal gleamed in the soft light.

Cordelia gazed up at an equally trim pubic patch. She was also enjoying the smell emanating from her slightly older lover. 'And it's all because of me,' the Queen C part of her proclaimed in her head.

Janet traced the outside of that perfect triangle with her tongue, the bristly hair tickling the edge of her tongue. Then her tongue roamed the little tangle of fur, seeking every drop trapped by the curls.

Cordelia squirmed as her lover's tongue both tickled and aroused her. But she refused to be distracted. She had one finger lightly touching the woman's outer lips and drawing the moisture there down to her tongue. These little sample tastes only heightened her need for more.

Feeling Cordelia's hands on her hips, pulling her down, Janet lowered herself onto the taller girl. Cordy happily, easily took the weight of the smaller woman onto her body.

Janet gently pulled Cordelia's outer labia apart, exposing the pink flower within. Her tongue caressed the soft outer folds then traced the inner petals before dipping into the hidden wet heat.

"Mmmm," Janet moaned, the sound vibrating excitingly in Cordy's core.

Cordelia held Janet's asscheeks gently, kneading the flesh occasionally, as she pushed the woman's sex open with her tongue. The brief tastes she had were as nothing compared to the heady flavor at the source, Janet's wet pussy.

Janet swabbed softly around the exposed flesh, while avoiding the nubbin peaking out of it's protective sheath. She was saving that particular morsel. She developed a pattern of completely laving the lips then thrusting her tongue deep within Cordelia's pussy. After scooping out as much nectar as she could, she resumed her tongue bath.

Cordelia used both her tongue and her teeth to further excite already aroused tissues. Nipping gently at the protruding lips then forcing her tongue inside, she savored every drop that exuded from Janet. She also took a moment to moisten a finger inside her lover...

While her tongue was buried deep within Cordelia's heat, Janet squealed as she felt a finger push into her anus. The sensation was new and exciting. She had to share. Pushing her own finger into Cordelia's vagina, she readied it to enter the younger woman's rosebud.

Squealing herself, Cordelia raised her hips when she felt a tongue swab her rear area. The supple organ roamed around her rounded cheeks and up and down the crack before settling into her tightly puckered opening. With patient insistence, it pushed into her. She felt herself relax slightly only to tense up when the tongue was replaced by a slender finger. 'Oh God! I'm gonna cum soon,' she lamented to herself.

Janet, after readying her lover for her finger, resumed her pattern of play. But this time, she slipped a finger into her pussy while circling the base of the girl's clitoris with her tongue. She slowly, softly licked up the short length of the hard nubbin then down the other side.

Cordelia pushed a second finger into Janet's ass. At the same time, she used the thumb of that hand to enter the doctor's vagina. She had to ensure Janet's climax. Taking the older woman's clit in her mouth, she gently bit on it while licking the tip.

Both women felt their own orgasms break over them as well as feeling the tightening of their lover's muscles. Both thrashed around as their mutual climaxes had them screaming out each other's name.




"Janet? Janet!"

Janet jerked up, "Wha...?"

"You were having that dream again," Samantha Carter said, combing her fingers through her short, sleep-tousled hair.

"Oh, Sam... I..." Janet shook her head. It had been so real. She told Sam as much.

"I have dreams like that too. But never as arousing as this one obviously is to you," the blonde observed as she slipped a hand into Janet's shorts. "You are so wet..."

"Sam, I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"I feel like...I cheated on you."

"Honey, you have no control over dreams. As long as I have you in real life..."

"You do. You most certainly do."

"...then that's enough."

Janet cuddled up with her lover. "I love you Sam."

"I love you too, sweetheart. But..."


"You have got to stop watching Cassie's 'Angel' DVDs over and over."

"We'll see," Janet said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Now, let's see if I can make you scream as loud as some TV character can..."

Janet giggled. "I think you'll do just fine..."

The two shared a heated kiss that stoked the fires in Janet's loins anew.


"Cordelia? You okay?" Winifred Burkle put on her glasses then looked at her lover with wide, concerned eyes.

"Y-yes. I...I'm fine."

"Vision? Or..." Fred's fingers touched the seer's trimmed mound. "The dream again?"

Cordy nodded, "Wow! It's so real. Not like most dreams. No changing imagery, no stars shining through the ceiling, no public nudity. Well...not much."

Fred snickered, "Cordy!"

"And she's so real. I could feel her, taste her...

"Jeez, Cordy, obsess much?" she asked herself aloud, then looked at her lover's face and felt ashamed. "I'm sorry, love. I don't..."

"Hey, Cordelia, I'm not jealous. Well...maybe a little. But you are here with me in real life. Janet Fraiser is a character on a TV show and no threat to us."

"No, she is not a threat to you. I'd never trade down." Fred smiled at that, her near-perfect teeth gleaming and her glasses flashing in the dim light. "But, need I point out, you turned me onto the show."

"True. I just never thought you'd get all sexy about 'Stargate'. At least not so badly."

"Wanna see how bad?" Cordy knew the answer since Fred's fingers had only moved lower into her wet heat.

"Oh yeah. Kiss me, lover."

Cordy leaned close to Fred, kissing those soft, lovely lips before moving onto other more familiar, but still oh-so exciting territory.