If I Asked You To Take Me, Would You Ask Where?
by Nikita

"Are you ready?"

Faith looked the blonde standing in front of her, a serious expression on her face. The beating of her heart threatened to drown out her voice as she remembered the promise she had made.

"Do you trust me?"

Softer now, Buffy's asked her the question so vital to their relationship, the question that had been the cause of too many fights.


Faith's reply was a whisper, breathed out into the space between them without hesitation. "I trust you." She looked over to the bed and nodded. "I'm ready. I'm yours."

The faintest trace of a smile graced the blonde's lips as she motioned to Faith's clothing, flicking her wrist at her and licking her lips slowly. "Strip." She commanded.

Kicking off her black boots, Faith's eyes locked with the blonde's as Buffy sat down on the bed and watched her. Her jacket slid from her shoulders and landed with a soft crumple to the floor as she fingered the button on her pants, flicking it open and slowly drawing the zipper down. Buffy struggled to control her breathing as Faith's hand gripped the hem of her top and pulled it over her head, revealing the soft, white skin of her stomach and chest. Her eyes on Buffy again, the blonde sensed her uncertainty of giving up her power, a sense confirmed by the fact that Faith's hands, after unclipping her bra, had found their way to her breasts and were stroking her hardening nipples, enjoying the noticeable effect she was having on the older slayer.

But this was not the way it was going to be, Buffy was sure of that. She motioned to her with her fingers, drawing Faith to her until she was standing between her legs.

"Faith," She said as she reached for the brunette's leathers, slowly pulling them down over her hips and suppressing a gasp as she sensed her arousal in front of her. "You are mine, and I'm going to play with you. If you want me to make you come..." She trailed one finger quickly between the brunette's legs, feeling her wetness already through her panties and purring as she heard her moan. "You'll have to do exactly what I tell you to. Say ╬yes' Faith."

"Yes." Faith gasped, a little too quickly for her own liking, but already too far gone to question it. "Yes."

"Good." The blonde murmured, pressing her hand against the girl's heat and licking her lips. She smiled up at her and took her hand. "But I want to make sure." She pulled her downwards quickly, hooking her over her lap before she could protest, and sliding her hand over the cotton that clothed her ass. "Tell me you're mine."

Her hands flat on the ground, Faith's felt the blonde slide her panties down a little, exposing her to the air. "I am." She whispered, a moment before she felt a stinging slap to her skin. "I am!" She cried, struggling against her.

Buffy's hand slapped down on her again, turning her skin red as she claimed her power, and saying nothing. Slap after slap, she listened to the brunette as her breathing became shallower and her movements less, giving into the hands that rained sharp blows down onto her ass.

"I'm yours, Buffy." She breathed finally, her body flushed with arousal from her helplessness.

"And?" Buffy asked, dragging her nails across the tender skin and sliding the cotton back over her.

"I want you to take me."

Smiling in her triumph, Buffy nodded and ran her fingers between her legs, stroking her through her underwear and feeling her own lust growing as she felt the brunette's wetness. "Good." She said again, and allowed the shocked slayer to fall from her lap, watching her kneeling on the floor in front of her.

Faith looked up at her with wide eyes, unable to believe what had just occurred. But before she could speak, Buffy silenced her by standing and reaching for the bedside table, opening a drawer and taking out a pair of handcuffs.

"Lie on the bed."

Watching her still, Faith obeyed, crawling onto the centre of the bed and doing as Buffy motioned to, put her hands above her head. Leaning over her, Buffy fastened her hands to the headboard and purred as she watched Faith tug on them once, and found herself secured.

And then Buffy walked to the door.

And Cordelia Chase stepped into the room.

Faith was about to scream in protest when Buffy shot her a stern look. "Don't make me gag you." She said. "I know you like her."

Uncertainly, Faith watched as Cordelia removed her coat and ran her fingers over her skirt, smoothing out any wrinkles. It was true that she was attracted, who wouldn't be? The cheerleader's perfect form was heightened by her properness, and Faith was intrigued to see her in this somewhat different way...

"My car broke down." She said to Buffy. "The stupid mechanic- " Stopping suddenly, she noticed Faith on the bed and raised an eyebrow. "Thanks for waiting."

Buffy looked at her and back to Faith. "We just wanted to be ready for you." She purred. "And we are."

Faith watched her trail her fingers down the brunette's neck, drawing a shiver from her and reaching up to pull her into a kiss. Buffy slid her tongue into Cordelia's mouth slowly as she began to remove her clothing, her hands finding their way under her top and pulling it quickly over her head and allowing Cordelia to do the same with her own. They deepened the kiss as Faith watched them, their erect nipples meeting against each other as hands unbuttoned and slid off pants and skirts, leaving them both naked and gasping.

And then their eyes turned to Faith.

Whimpering softly, she pulled against the restraints that held her, desperately wanting to be part of the display that was taking place, and jealousy threatening to overcome her.

Moving to the bed, the two girls drank in the sight of the helpless slayer, writhing in arousal and frustration on the bed in front of them. Buffy pulled Cordelia onto the bed with her, watching Faith as she brushed her hand over one of Cordelia's hard nipples, and lowering her mouth to it slowly. Keeling in front of each other, the cheerleader gasped as she felt Buffy's hot, wet tongue encircle her, sucking on her lightly and purring loudly against her. Faith's moans matched Cordelia's as she saw her pull Buffy harder against her, urging her on with her fingers tangled in her long, blonde hair.

Buffy's mouth crept steadily downward, pushing Cordelia onto her back and trailing kisses down to her centre. The room filled with the sounds of heavy breathing as Buffy roughly pushed her legs apart and gazed at the wet heat in front of her. Flicking out her tongue, she ran it softly against Cordelia's folds, dipping inside to taste the effect she was having on her. Pleased, the blonde continued, encouraged by the groans of excitement from both girls. As Cordelia pushed her hips upward, she felt her hands on the back of her head urging her to continue further.

She needed no more encouragement. Suddenly, she slid her tongue inside her, burying it deep within the cheerleader's arousal as she knelt between her legs. Thrusting against her, Cordelia's moans increased until she was whimpering Buffy's name over and over, lost to the sight of Faith watching her, lost to anything but Buffy's touch. As she felt her body tense, she let out a scream, the power of her climax overtaking her.

Grinning, Buffy kissed her way back up Cordelia's body, kissing her gently and letting her taste her own arousal on her lips. She sat back up, letting her catch her breath, and turned to her girlfriend who was breathing heavily and watching them with fascination. She ran her fingers along her thighs, smiling as Faith bit down on her lip. Faith looked up at her with a plead in her eyes, close to begging her out loud to make her come. It wouldn't take much.

Buffy bent her head and laid a kiss on her stomach, running her tongue against her skin. Faith thrust upwards in an attempt to gain contact, Buffy tantalisingly out of reach. Just as Buffy was about to give in, Cordelia, recovered from her orgasm, pressed her body against the back of the kneeling blonde, and slid her hand between her legs. Gasping out in surprise, Buffy felt her fingers brush against her swollen clit, teasing her momentarily before slipping a finger easily inside her.

Arching back, soft lips met the blonde's neck as she knelt in front of Faith, locking her eyes with her and letting out a silent cry as Cordelia pushed her onto her hands. Above her girlfriend, Buffy knelt on hands and knees and rocked against the pleasure she was being given, careful not to come into contact with Faith's body. Not yet. Two, three fingers stroking her deeply, Cordelia started a hard, fast rhythm inside her that had her moaning and gasping, her breaths inhaled by Faith who was watching her intently. She felt fingers move over her clit, pushing down on it as she approached orgasm, and giving in to an overwhelming need, she bent her head and captured Faith's full, red lips with her own. Her wetness covering the cheerleader's hands, she bucked against her, coming hard and allowing her cries to be swallowed by Faith.

As she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was pure need. They looked at each other in wonder for a moment, before Cordelia, pulled Buffy back and kissed her softly. A glance passed between them, and allowance. A new found trust. Moving out of the way, Buffy sat back as Cordelia ran her hands over the dark slayer's skin.

Carefully, uncertainly, she leaned over her until her lips were above Faith's. The two looked at each other questioningly before Cordelia brushed her lips against her. It was only a second before Faith allowed her tongue to slide into her mouth, and they kissed gently, an understanding passing between them.

Buffy smiled slightly before hiding the pleasure of seeing them so intimately together. She crawled back over to them and raked over Faith's body with her eyes, the very act of looking at her causing her desire to rise once again. Faith's breathing was again shallow with anticipation as the two girls moved to either side of her.

And then they were everywhere. Tongues, lips, fingers, they ran over her body, exploring her skin and causing pleasure to shoot through her with every touch. Cordelia's teeth scraped roughly over her neck as Buffy traced her nipple with her tongue, flicking over it lightly and biting down with enough force to cause her to let out a cry. She felt like she could come just then, just by this. But then they stopped.

Keeling between her legs, Buffy lowered her mouth down to the heat that was radiating from her, and over the cotton of her panties, she pressed her mouth to her centre. Crying out, Faith thrust up against the tongue that teased her, playing with her swollen clit and rubbing the material against her. She pulled against her restraints in frustration, wanting more, always more. She looked up as Buffy pulled away from her, and she saw Cordelia's hand slip between her own legs, sliding a finger inside herself as she knelt and watched Buffy's teasing. Faith gulped as she watched her, flicking her eyes between her and the girl between her legs and praying for release.

Placing her hands on Faith's stomach, Buffy hooked her fingers under the waistband of her panties and began to pull them down. Torturously slowly, she brushed her fingers over her skin as she removed her underwear, gazing at the sight that was revealed to her. Faith's curls, her thighs, her ass, were coated in her arousal, her scent and sight drawing Buffy in until unable to resist, she slid her tongue out to meet her.

Never taking her eyes from the sight in front of her, Cordelia gasped loudly as she watched Buffy penetrate her shallowly with her tongue, never entering her completely and making Faith whimper with every touch. Cordelia continued to slide her fingers into herself as she watched the display, nearing climax fast.

Buffy drew back once more from the whimpering brunette and locked her eyes with hers once more. "Tell me." She whispered.

"Please." Faith breathed. "Buffy... fuck me."

Buffy smiled in satisfaction, and suddenly thrust three fingers hard inside Faith's soaked folds, biting her lip as she watched her arch high of the bed to meet her. Hard and fast, she fucked her with her fingers, all the time watching her moan as her breath caught in her throat and she bucked against her, meeting her strokes easily. Cordelia's gaps reached a climax as she watched them, moaning loudly as the touch of her own hand pushed her over the edge just in time to see Faith come hard against Buffy's hand, their eyes still locked together as Faith screamed Buffy's name.

Slowing her movements inside her, Buffy looked tenderly at her girlfriend, still gasping for breath underneath her. Behind her, Cordelia crawled off the bed and found the keys to the handcuffs that still locked Faith in place, and gave them to Buffy as she withdrew her hand.

As she unlocked her girlfriend, she sensed Cordelia searching for her clothes, and shook her head. She looked at Faith questioningly. "I'm yours." She whispered.

Faith smiled and rolled her eyes. "I know." She whispered back. "And... yes."

Kissing her girlfriend, Buffy reached out and took Cordelia's hand. "It's late." She said softly, moving into Faith's waiting embrace. "Stay."

Cordelia looked at the two girls, lying wrapped around each other on the bed and moaned softly.

"It's not that late...?" She grinned.

The giggles from the two slayers were all the answers she needed, as she rejoined them in bed.