Eager To Learn
by Sunshine

Cordelia dodged to the left, avoiding getting splashed by the car that sped down the street. She glowered at the car as it disappeared around the corner, wishing the driver a gruesome death for wetting her shoes. She just hated rainy weather. It was pouring down from the dark, cloudy skies and, of course, she had forgotten to bring an umbrella. This was Sunnydale after all.

But of course it had to rain. And of course her parents weren't home, so she couldn't ask for a ride to school. Cordelia smiled. In just a few more weeks she'd have her driver's license and her very own car. She'd be able to go wherever she wanted, whenever she wanted, rain or shine. Her smile turned into a scowl as a particularly large drop of rain caught her in the eye. Yeah, yeah, that was then but this was now, and she was getting soaked head to toe.

Cordelia sought shelter under a large tree and stared at the building on the other side of the street. Sunnydale High School. The place where she spent most of her day, and wasn't that just beyond sad? She lived in a small-town and she went to a small-town school. It was as if she didn't deserve more than this. And she did! So much more! Fate had placed her in this hellhole but she was going to get out of here one day. Maybe go to LA and mingle with the rich and beautiful. That was what she was born to do. What she deserved.

Cordelia crossed the street, doing her best to avoid the largest puddles of grungy rain water. She quickly ran up the stairs to the main entrance, pulling open the heavy door, she hurriedly ducked inside. She had never been so happy to be surrounded by school walls.

She stood there a moment, embracing her shivering body, while water pooled beneath her from her soaked hair and dress. The school was dark and silent, having been closed for several hours now. Personally, she thought it was very wrong of Ms. Calendar to make her come to school after hours, especially this evening. There just happened to be a very cool band playing at The Bronze tonight and she should be there with her friends. She was, after all, their leader. How the other girls would manage without her guidance and wisdom, she just didn't know. Harmony was probably flirting with a waiter right about now. Cordelia shuddered at the very idea.

Cordelia sighed. Time to meet the dragon. Not that Ms. Calendar was that bad, really. Cordelia just didn't like people in authority. It was something she had learned from her parents. More specifically, she didn't like people in authority over her. Always telling her what to do and when and how to do it. And did she ever get even a thank you if she did the stupid homework? No. It wasn't like she didn't have a life, you know. A little appreciation wouldn't be a miss.

Cordelia passed the library doors and frowned, backing a few steps and peeping in. The lights were on and there seemed to be someone there. Suddenly two people came into her view.

Well, of course, there was that freak of nature called Buffy and that creepy librarian. That girl always seemed to be on the alert for something and now wasn't an exception. Cordelia ducked, as Buffy looked her way. She didn't want to be seen by them because then, God forbid, she was going to be forced to talk to them.

Cordelia carefully stepped out of her high heels, picked them up and scurried silently down the corridor until she turned the corner. She stopped, replacing her shoes as she peeked around the corner. No sign of them. She sighed in relief and continued gracefully down the hall. No need to hurry. She was already late.

Besides, popular and famous people were always late. The people waiting should just be glad that the likes of her showed up at all. The teachers didn't seem to understand the concept, though. Probably didn't read any of the essential magazines necessary to obtain such important information. You had to though, if you wanted to be classy and have a graceful demeanor and not be some dowdy little dork with glasses and lank dull hair.


Cordelia made a little grimace of distaste. Those repellent little trolls were every where and she was over come with the need to shower whenever one of them touched her, or worse bumped into her and created full body contact. Oh, they always said they hadn't meant to, that it was an accident, but she knew better. Of course they wanted to touch her. She, with her perfect hair, flawless skin that smelled of roses and designer clothes covering her slender and beautiful body, drew people to her. Even the icky ones. Especially the icky ones. She was everything they'd never be and they knew it. That was why they couldn't keep their disgusting hands off her. She was glory and they were the dirt she walked on. Just as it should be.

Cordelia tapped softly on the computer room door before opening it and stepping inside. She hoped this little meeting wouldn't take long because she planned to wax her legs this evening. She would be really miffed if she were forced to change her already full schedule. She was a cheerleader for God's sake! It was important not only to her, but to the whole school that her legs were waxed and that she got her beauty sleep. And if she didn't? Heads would roll tomorrow.

Ms. Calendar glanced up from the computer screen, turning to look at Cordelia as she walked in. Her usually smiling face was fixed into a scowl and her dark gaze was so fierce that Cordelia was surprised it didn't nail her to the wall.

"You're late." Jenny Calendar's voice was cold and sharp.

"Yeah." Cordelia said, quickly recovering her composure, she pulled out a chair and sat down, crossing her legs. "So what's the big? You were working anyway." She snapped back. She knew she'd most likely set herself up for a sound talking to for using the tone that adults seemed to hate, but she didn't much care. She was soaking wet, tired and she seemed to have left caring at the door.

Ms. Calendar tilted her head and smiled. Cordelia swallowed. She had expected the teacher to lecture her, or at the very least, scowl at her again. She'd been prepared for either reaction, now she didn't know what to do or say.

"You're a real spitfire, aren't you?" Jenny asked her and Cordelia blinked.


Ms. Calendar sighed, rising from her chair to sit atop the desk. "I know you have a talent when it comes to computers, but you're held back by the girl you sit with. Harmony?"

Cordelia nodded.

"Yes. You can't consider sitting somewhere else? Perhaps beside Willow?" Ms. Calendar continued.

"Eww! No way! She's a geek!" Cordelia squealed. Ms. Calendar's eyes narrowed. Cordelia silently scolded herself. How could she have forgotten that the mousy little redhead was the teacher's pet? "I mean, I'd rather sit beside Harmony. She's my friend."

"I see." Ms. Calendar said. "Then I'm going to give you one more chance to excel in my class. Would you like me to give you some private lessons?"

"Private lessons? You mean after school?" Cordelia inquired.

"That would be the idea, yes." Ms. Calendar answered with a smile.

"Um, I think. . .well, you know, I'm really busy right now." Cordelia answered, fidgeting in her chair.

Ms. Calendar jumped from the desk and walked to Cordelia, seizing the girl's chin in a vice-like grip.

"Is there any way I could convince you that this is something that you want?" She asked her student, leaning close. Cordelia's eyes widened as the teacher's fingers continued to bite into her chin. Her heart began to beat faster in her chest and she suddenly felt a tingling sensation between her legs. The formerly painful sensations from her chin became almost...pleasurable and she found herself leaning into it. She closed her eyes, her ripe lips trembling as she thought of the many times she'd deliberately caused herself pain in order to get herself off. How she would awkwardly slap her bottom until it was flushed with heat and her juices were trickling down the cleft between bright red buttocks. A soft moan escaped her lips and she opened her eyes, startled to see Ms. Calendar's eyes so close to her own, shining with lust and need.

"There's so much I could teach you." Jenny whispered in her ear, caressing her breast through her soaked dress. "If you just let me."

"I want. . ." Cordelia's voice cracked and she swallowed. She took a deep breath. "I want to learn, Ms. Calendar."

"Do you?" Jenny Calendar asked softly.

Cordelia could only whimper in response before the teacher's mouth settled over hers and she was being kissed until her lips were swollen and aching. Kissed until all she wanted was more. More of anything and everything the older woman was willing to give her.

"I do." Cordelia said once her mouth was free. She gasped as a warm hand went beneath her skirt, sliding up her long slender legs. Ms. Calendar began to stroke her through the damp silk of her panties, and Cordelia willingly opened her legs to the tormenting touch. She moaned again, as the clever fingers finally moved inside her panties and began to tease her swollen, sensitive flesh. Cordelia bit her lip, tasting the tang of her own blood as her orgasm hit her. She stared wide-eyed up at the woman who had just given her such exquisite pleasure. She'd never reached orgasm so quickly. Was it because someone else was doing the touching? Or was it because it was her teacher, and the whole situation was so incredibly forbidden? She didn't know and she didn't care, so long as it happened again.

"See me here tomorrow?" Ms. Calendar asked, pulling away.

Cordelia stood, feeling so shaky that she placed her hand on the back of the chair for support. Her legs felt like they wanted to buckle beneath her. She took a few hesitant steps, smiling weakly at her teacher, pleased that she could still walk.

Cordelia smoothed her skirt. "Same time?" She croaked out, as her mind whirled with all that had just taken place. This was so not happening!


Cordelia just nodded, unable to form any more words and opened the door.


Cordelia turned to look at Ms. Calendar.

"Don't be late this time."

"No, ma'am, I won't." Cordelia whispered. She could feel herself grinning like a fool as she closed the door behind her, but couldn't make herself stop. She ran down the hall, bumping into Buffy. Giggling hysterically, she grabbed the blonde's arms and kissed her right on the lips before taking off running once again. Damn, life was good and most important of all, she still had time for her leg wax!

Buffy gaped, staring after the brunette, totally stupefied. "What on earth is her deal?"

She shrugged and licked her lips, smiling. At least she got smooched...