Thirty Pieces Of Silver
by Jason Thompson

Cordelia's head felt like it was going to explode. Her temples were throbbing, her ears were ringing and her head was swimming with nausea. She opened her eyes and was greeted with a dimly lit room. She tried to remember what happened to her. She stopped by Blockbuster on her way home and picked up a movie. As she left the shop she was staggered by a vision of her being attacked, by the time the blinding pain stopped she felt the fist strike her chin causing the night to explode in her eyes.

She never saw who actually hit her, and she didn't have enough time to go over the vision to know who it was. She tried to recall the swirling images from the visions but she was at a loss. She cursed her inability to retain everything like Wesley or Gunn. Then she cursed her poor judgment to walk home after dark.

As her head slowly cleared she moved her hands to push herself up into a sitting position. She noticed the cool feeling of silk beneath her hands and the give of a mattress. She was in a bed. Whose bed? She looked around frantically, she found no one in the room with her. She stood off the bed and jumped slightly at the cold floor on her naked feet. She then crept towards the door.

She reached out her hand to turn the handle, another step and she might be free to... Watch the door come open. She jumped back as the handle turned and light from the outside of this bedroom flooded the room. The difference in light and her splitting headache were enough to cause Cordelia to shield her face.

But the deceptively sweet voice was familiar enough that Cordelia didn't need to see her captor to know who it was, "Good, you're awake, how does your jaw feel Cordelia?"

Cordelia backed away and Darla matched each of her retreating steps with an advancing one. The look on the blonde vampiress' face would be enough to make Angelus wet himself and cry. But Cordelia wasn't only put off by the sudden drastic shortening of her lifespan, but the twinkle in her eyes she'd previously only seen in Xander's eyes before he dragged her into the stacks or a broom closet. She yelped when her back came in contact with the wall. Darla stopped only when she stood right in front of her.

Cordelia tried to side step Darla, Darla merely smirked and put her hand on the wall next to her head. Cordelia moved in the other direction earning Darla's other hand on the other side of her head and the widening of that smirk. "What's the matter Dear? Afraid of lil' ole me?" She drawled silkily.

Cordelia shook her head, "No, cause I know you won't kill me and run the risk of pissing off your precious Angelus..."

Darla smiled and Cordelia gasped as she pressed her cold body flush against Cordelia's, "My lovely child, I'm not going to kill you..." Cordelia released a breath she didn't know she was holding, then lost her breath entirely as Darla's fingers pushed a lock of Cordelia's hair aside, "You may be the single most beautiful woman I've seen in decades..."

Cordelia was at a loss, she'd never been hit on by a woman, much less the Bitch Queen of Vampires, "I-uh..."

Darla smiled wickedly, "You've ever been with a vampire Cordelia? Has Angel ever bent you over his desk and railed you until you cried out in pain and pleasure at the same time?" A shudder of lust shot through Cordelia as Darla spoke one of her most private fantasies out loud, "You've never felt his icy tongue probing you? Never scorched his flesh by wrapping those deliciously full lips of yours around his cock?"

Cordelia whimpered and she felt Darla gently part her legs with her thigh and press it against her already pulsing sex. "N-no."

Darla whispered huskily as she slowly rubbed her thigh against Cordelia, "I'll bet you've never been with a woman either. You've never had one of your little girlfriends on her knees while your laying on your bed, her face buried between those silky thighs of your. Her tongue flicking delicately over your clit, your hands tangled in her hair while you bite your lip hoping to God you don't scream and bring in your father? Never looked at one of your classmates in the showers after gym and imagined ramming your fingers into her until she was cumming with every thrust of your hand? Then while she's whimpering on the shower floor you lick every bit of her juices off your fingers."

Cordelia bit on her lip and her head lolled back. Darla trailed her tongue over Cordelia's throat and Cordelia shivered and released a moan. "Nooo, you haven't. You probably believe Angel's 'no sex' line. But I bet you've thought of it. Just like I know that right now, I have you wetter then you've probably ever been... I'm right, aren't I?"

Cordelia's lip trembled, "God yes..."

Darla dipped her head to Cordelia's throat and placed several long kisses along her throat, up her jaw line and came to a stop at her chin. Cordelia's legs felt like rubber already and she could hear whimpers escaping her trembling lips as Darla tortured her in the name of seduction. Out of instinct and fear of falling, Cordelia gripped the wall behind her. Darla took pity on her and captured the human girl's lips in the first of several hungry kisses.

Cordelia whimpered as a cold tongue invaded her mouth and she felt Darla's hand cup her breast her thumb raking over Cordelia's painfully erect nipple.

Before Cordelia could get over the overwhelming shock of Darla's kiss, the vampires broke away and pulled Cordelia by the hand towards the bed. Darla stopped then grabbed the collar of Cordelia's t-shirt and yanked down hard tearing the garment from her, revealing Cordelia's tanned flesh. Darla smirked and unbuttoned Cordelia's pants and kneeled down before sliding them and her panties off in one motion. She inhaled the scent of Cordelia's arousal before she stood up. And helped Cordelia step out of her pants and laid her on the bed.

Cordelia's breath came in shuddering gasps as she watched Darla kneeling down between her thighs. Darla paused and slid her body up Cordelia's. Cordelia shivered as the silk of her blouse felt like ice on Cordelia's burning flesh. Darla paused briefly and her tongue flicked over Cordelia nipples earning a moan from Cordelia.

Darla let her body rest on top of Cordelia and Cordelia shivered at the chill of the vampire's body. Darla kissed her more gently than before, Darla pulled back. "Relax child, I'll be gentle." She punctuated her promise with another kiss.

Darla trailed her tongue slowly down Cordelia's throat and followed the line of her collar bone with several kisses. She then made her way up the rise of Cordelia's breast. She swirled her tongue over the hardened bud and smiled when Cordelia arched her back forcing more or her breast into Darla's mouth. Darla didn't oblige Cordelia she merely continued her slow southward exploration of Cordelia's body over her flat stomach, plunging her tongue into her navel.

Darla continued down and found the smooth flesh of Cordelia's shaved pussy. She let her lips part and tasted Cordelia's moistened flesh, she savored the tang of Cordelia's arousal. Cordelia hips arched sharply trying to force Darla's mouth in a position to provide her relief.

Darla chuckled and pushed her down, she kept Cordelia in place with her hand. She inhaled Cordelia's scent deeply then she blew lightly over Cordelia's engorged clit, ushering a growl from the bottom of Cordelia's chest. Darla ran her tongue lightly over Cordelia's swollen labia and felt her lover shiver. She licked Cordelia again then flicked her tongue over Cordelia's clit before wrapping her lips around it and sucked lightly.

Darla felt Cordelia's fingers tangle in her hair and Cordelia's hips were bucking so hard she was having a hard time holding her down. Darla smiled to herself, she had barely touched her and already Cordelia was on the brink of cumming.

Cordelia by this point was panting out Darla's name. Darla took two fingers and pushed them slowly into the other woman's passage, marveling at how tight she was. Cordelia responded by squealing in delight. Darla began to thrust slowly while she continued to punish her clit with her tongue and lips. She could feel the pressure building within Cordelia.

Darla sucked hard on her clit then bit down lightly. The result was instant, her inner muscles crushed down on Darla's finders in spasms and her arched up towards Darla's mouth and unleashed her orgasm with a scream. Darla's fingers lips and tongue were covered by the young girl's juices.

Darla pulled away and sat up and watched Cordelia shudder from the after affects. She unbuttoned her blouse and slipped out of her pants. She stretched out cat-like next to her lover.

When Cordelia's eyes fluttered open, she found Darla licking her fingers clean. Cordelia wasn't sure whether Darla was preparing to kill her or have her return the favor. Instead Darla smiled and said, "Here are the rules Cordelia, you tell anyone, and I'll kill you in the most painful way I can imagine, and trust me, I'm very imaginative. But..." Darla placed her hand possessively on Cordelia's breast and purred, "You keep our meetings secret, and you help me hurt Angelus and his precious Slayer, and well, I'll put my considerable imagination to far more pleasurable use. Or I kill you now, it's your choice."

Cordelia's face paled, Darla smiled in what should have been a comforting fashion had she not threatened Cordelia's life and gently stroked her breast. "I know you feel like you're betraying your friends, but I promise, I'll make you feel like you never have before..."

Cordelia looked at her and clenched her eyes shut, feeling tears slide down her cheeks, she slowly nodded. She felt her heart breaking at her betrayal of her friends, there was a long silence before Cordelia released a whispered question, "Why me?"

Her eyes snapped open with a gasp as Darla's tongue flicked over her nipple, Darla ran a chilled hand over her cheek, "Because child, like me, you're all alone. You see, Drusilla ran off, the first sign of trouble and she runs to Spike, Lindsey wants me only to hurt Angelus, and Angelus can't give himself back to me until his Slayer is dead. I could smell the stench of solitude on you. Now, my beautiful child, you belong to me."

Cordelia felt tears of surrender slide down her cheeks, she'd betrayed everyone for sex.

Sex that would now feel like thirty pieces of silver...