If That Isn't Love, What Is?
by Miss Ellie

"That's right, yeah... okay then, you know what I'm saying then? If this isn't Grade-A shit, then I'm getting out the chain saw! Oh my god, ouch!"

"What happened?"

"My god, I gotta go! I broke a nail." Thankfully this always worked when the conversations became tiresome.

She never liked dealing with Russians. Unlike most other drug runners they were nearly impossible to reason with. Cordy was going to make sure she carried lots of ammo with her on this little venture; last time she had to put some air in a few heads to get her way. This was the biggest deal she'd made yet. In the last couple of months, she had risen high in the ranks of the local drug trade, and her parents and friends had no clue.

Cordy sat nervously in her boudoir, staring at the ceiling. The coke gave her the energy to get through her trying days. Sitting at her table, she cut two lines on her mirror. A rolled-up $100 bill swept quickly across. She went into the bathroom to wash her face. No dust left on her nose, no blood dripping down; she pouted in the mirror and blew a little kiss. The new designer dress accentuated her stunning curves. She decided to skip the morning classes at school and make a big entrance into the lunchroom at noon.

Cordy was going to go to the kitchen and make herself something to eat when the doorbell rang. "Shit!" She looked out the window and saw Willow standing in front of the door. Her red hair shone in the sunlight and she was wearing her usual smile on her face. She rang the doorbell again; Cordy rushed down the stairs, thinking it would be easy to get rid of the teenaged witch.

What is she doing here anyway? Cordy thought silently as she opened the door with a fake smile. "Oh my god, it's Willow Rosenberg!"

"Yeah, hi Cordy, just in the neighborhood. Bored now."

"You do know that Xander isn't here, so it's gonna be awfully hard for you to steal him for me again."

Willow got her foot in the doorway "Not bad Cordy! Why aren't you at school yet? Well, I skipped too. You know, school can get boring, what with Mr. Jones up in the class going on about condensation and..." Cordy cut her off "Whatever, but I'm kind of busy. Got to eat, then get to school and..." in turn Willow cut her off by stepping into the house.

Cordy was beside herself in rage, "Thanks Cordy, I feel a lot better out of the sun." Willow continued to walk on by, acting like it was her house.

"Go to... just go into the kitchen, I'll be in a few seconds." Cordy shut the door and grumbled to herself, this wasn't the kind of thing Willow was used to doing, why her? Why now? "And don't even think about getting anything on the carpet in there, daddy just had it cleaned."

Crashing Buffy's house for breakfast would have made so much more sense, but with her out of town, anything was possible. Willow was reading the morning paper, the funnies to be exact; the latest episode of Get Fuzzy was throwing her into hysterics. Cordy thought the comics were lame, and really only read the Lifestyles and Financial sections, which Willow was rudely using as a saucer for her glass.

"Willow, my paper? What the hell is wrong with you? You're gonna get them all..." then Willow knocked over the cup, the OJ spilled on the expensive shag carpet. "Wet? I'm sorry Cordy, I guess I'll just have to..."

"No Willow!" Not only did this stain the carpet, but the article on this season's cool new looks was soaked and ruined, reeking with the sticky sweet orange juice. Cordy let out a little screech.

"It's okay Cordy, just put a little spray stuff on it like Giles always does."

Cordy was ready to run Willow out, "Willow! Isn't there a Double Meat Palace nearby, for people in your, er, situation?"

"The manger there hates me, put a roach in my Eggy Wegs last time I was there."

"Well, we're out of eggs, waffles are in the freezer. Get them yourself. I swear, why daddy just doesn't apologize to the maid..." the rest was grumbled under breath.

Cordy's tone and stern look put a frown on Willow's face. She hung her head, then got up to fetch the stuff. "Where is the toaster Cordy?" Willow asked. Cordy rudely pointed to the bottom shelf beside the fridge. "Oh cool, so everything in its place and a place for everything that is convenient." Cordy just rolled her eyes and stared in disgust. This was really ruining her high, and where did Willow Rosenberg get off just storming her house like this? Was this happening, or just an illusion?

Willow sat eating her breakfast with a big, cheesy grin on her face. Cordy felt like it was worse than mocking laughter, just sitting there, staring at her, smirking. Willow ate some of the food, but left most of it. "Those waffles are old Cordy, don't you ever eat?"

This was about it, Cordy felt like actually kicking Willow in the ass and pushing her out the door. "Well, I'm about to go, I just need to go to the bathroom first Cordy." Cordy pointed upstairs to her room, "Use the one there, just be sure to turn on the exhaust fan afterwards."

Willow looked perplexed for a second, "Oh no, I'm just going to pee!" she said in that childlike voice that sent a shudder down Cordy's spine. "Do it anyway!" Cordy shouted back at her. To her, the reek of peasants was far worse than the reek of shit.

Willow walked up the stairs and into Cordy's room. She had to go so bad that she didn't even see the paraphernalia on the table in the middle of the room. She rushed into the bathroom and turned on the light. "This bathroom costs more than my mom's house!" she said to herself as she made her way to the toilet. Why does Cordy always have to be such a bitch to me? Willow thought. Maybe I should piss on the floor in her bedroom to teach her a lesson. She was about to walk out the door when she felt guilty and decided use the toilet.

Since she was late for school already, Willow decided she might as well make use of some of Cordy's cool clothes. She stripped herself naked and used the toilet. Rather than get dressed, Willow grabbed one of Cordy's expensive robes. Holy shit! This robe costs more than my entire wardrobe. Although she knew she could never walk out of the house wearing anything, it'd would at least be fun to model them.

As Cordy heard a flush, she started to panic, "Goddamn it! Don't tell me I left my drug stuff in plain view. That nosey little witch." Just then Willow walked by the table and found things she had seen when she visited Faith's hotel room with Buffy a few days earlier. Hmmmm, what is with these girls in this town? Willow then noticed Cordy's notebook. I wonder what THIS could be! With curiosity becoming unbearable, she started to read. She was shocked to find out the things one of her classmates was involved in. It's always the last one you suspect. Willow could hear nervous pacing downstairs. This could be my golden opportunity!

"Oh Cordy!" shouted Willow. Cordy ran to the staircase. "Oh, what the hell is it, Willow?" she said with her voice shaking. "Come here Cordy, I think we need to talk about something!" Cordy thought she should get the gun her dad kept hiding in the laundry room, or maybe a butcher's knife from the kitchen. Then how would she dispose of the body? She'd spend days chopping up the body, and the garbage disposal probably couldn't handle bones and major organs. Burning the body in the back yard would probably smell too bad, couldn't do that. She thought it'd be best to just go up and face the music; she could probably bribe her into silence.

While Cordy made her way upstairs, Willow was rummaging through her drawers. She found the drawer where all the naughty little knickknacks were kept. A couple of dildos of various textures and sizes, a few really expensive vibrators, (the same kind that Faith stole) a small wooden paddle, some amyl and lubricants. She also found a video camera and a dozen opened and marked 8mm tapes, and some unopened ones. She opened the drawer above and found some rope. This could come in handy.

Cordy came in and didn't see Willow anywhere, for she was hiding in a corner. As Cordy walked into the bathroom, Willow slammed the door to her room shut. Cordy jumped and turned around. Willow locked the door and threw the key behind the dresser. "You little bitch! I'll have to move the dresser to get that key! Now we're trapped in here."

"Not my fault you have an idiot locksmith Cordy. The doors at my home lock from the inside."

Cordy sat down on her bed in a huff, and shot Willow a look that could kill. "So what's so important that you'd call me up here? This is MY house after all!"

Willow smirked and moved to the table. "Does your dad know about this?" Cordy's jaw dropped.

Willow gave Cordy a devilish smile. "Do you want your daddy to find out about this? How about the cops? Or Xander? He might not like to know the truth, that you left him for a drug lord with a big mansion and an even bigger dick." The shock of what just happened hadn't quite hit Cordy; she didn't even notice Willow wearing her robe. She just sat on the bed, speechless. "Drugs are bad, Cordy! But not half as bad as what you did to Xander! Why did you do it? Sounds like you need to be taught a lesson."

With this Cordy jumped up and swung her fist at Willow. Willow ducked and grabbed Cordy's hands. "This isn't helping you any! If you want this to remain just between you and me, you're going to have to do a few things for me." Cordy realized the witch meant business, and rather than be cursed, she agreed to go along with it. Maybe she was right, maybe Xander did deserve a second chance, but punishment by blackmail? Cordy had learn to regret dumping Xander, or at least getting her psycho nerd friend so upset about it. Now it looked like Willow had no boundaries of what she'd do next.

Willow took off the robe and stood naked in front of Cordy. She threw the robe down on the floor and walked closer to Cordy. "Willow! That's my robe! That cost me $4000! Go pick it up now or I'll..." Cordy stopped.

Willow looked her in the eye. "Or you'll do what? It sounds like you think you're the boss of the house now Cordy." Cordy sat back down on the bed. That little bitch, I should have just knifed her when I had the chance! Cordy had to admit to herself that if she was going to do this, it might as well be with Willow. She was surprised when she saw how muscular Willow's body was. Sure she was soft and feminine, but her stomach and butt definitely looked like she had gone to the gym a time or two.

Willow stood by the table that contained most of Cordy's business work. She cut herself two lines of Cord's best coke and snorted. "Wow, this shit is good! At least a lot better than that crap Faith uses."

"What the hell is wrong with you? You'll pay for that! You'll pay dearly! Do you realize how much that shit cost me?" Cordy's hand gestures were becoming even more historinic than usual.

Willow looked back at her, "Silence, Cordy, you don't want to make me mad. You wouldn't like me when I'm mad." With that Willow pushed the scale, the mirror, razor blade, coke and papers onto the floor. Cordy jumped and let out a scream "What the HELL was that for you stupid bitch?"

Cordy put her hand over her mouth and a tear came to her eye. The naked Willow walked over and held Cordy, putting her head in Willow's cleavage. "Awwww, is poor Cordy mad? There there little one, mummy is here," she said in her best Drusilla impersonation. This sort of made Cordy giggle a bit, she looked at Willow, who smiled back at her. They hugged each other.

Willow went to the drawer and pulled out the rope. Cordy's heart sank as Willow commanded her to over to the table. "But Willow! Didn't we just... Aren't we now...?"

"Heh, sucker! Bend over here Cordy." Cordy bent all the way over the table, Willow tied one leg, then one hand; and repeated the process for the right side. Cordy tried to break free of the restraints but couldn't. She wondered what she had gotten herself into.

"You know what the problem is with girls in this town, Cordy?"

Cordy was too shaken to speak.

"I SAID, do you know what the problem is with girls in this town, Cordy?"

"They tie you up when you break the heart of some dumb boy they're crushing on"?

Willow gave a light, teasing smack to Cordy's butt.


"No Cordy, they never notice the geek girl. Faith can't keep her tongue out of Buffy, and I know about you and your little clique. Nobody ever cares about the geek. Would it hurt Faith, just once, to say 'It's okay Red! Your tongue is good enough for me! You're deserving of eating my body. Forget B, let's go have fun!' I swear, it never changes."

"Well, maybe if you spent more than $20 on your clothes they'd care!"

Willow took in the view; she had the 2nd sexiest girl around (only 2nd to Faith) at her mercy. She felt her secret lesbian longings rise. Cordy had a gorgeous face and an awesome pair of breasts, but her ass and long legs enchanted Willow most of all. Willow stroked her legs up and down. She could hear shudders of pleasure escaping from Cordy's lips.

Willow slowly lifted up her friend's dress and revealed her panty-cloaked ass. The panties were tight and when Willow tilted her head down, she could see the outline of Cordy's lips. A little moist spot was beginning to show. She moved her hand over Cordy's crotch, Cordy began to buck her hips a bit. She was moaning louder, too. "Oh, so you like that?" asked Willow. Cordy couldn't help to continue, so to torture her more, Willow stopped. "Can't let you have too much fun yet."

Willow pulled Cordy's panties down so that she'd be totally exposed. "So Cordy, what's the deal with your little drawer over there? Looks like you have some pretty kinky stuff." Willow rested her hand on Cordy's left cheek and slowly massaged it. "I don't think that's any of your business," Cordy snapped.

Willow raised her hand up and with blinding speed brought it down hard on Cordy's ass. The slap of skin on skin rang through the air and Cordy let out a cry. Tears filled her eyes and she begged Willow to stop. Willow put her hand back on Cordy's cheek, which was turning red and asked her again. "What do you think? You like to get off, I'm sure you have your own drawer at home," Cordy sobbed. Willow lifted her hand off of Cordy's left cheek and placed it on her right.

"So Cordy, what's the deal with the amyl and KY jelly? Does your new drug lord boyfriend like a little bit of back door loving from time to time?" Willow slowly began to massage Cordy's cheek, waiting for answer.

"Fuck off, you little bitch, I won't answer that!" Willow raised her hand high again and brought it down even harder this time. Cordy began to wail and begged Willow not to do that again. "Jesus Christ, what is in your hand?" Willow came around Cordy's front and displayed her bare hands. "Probably wish I used the paddle now, huh?" Willow asked, with a smirk on her face. "Or maybe you wish you never dumped Xander, isn't that how it is then?"

Willow went over to Cordy's drawer and picked out the smallest dildo she could find. She smelled it and could tell the musky aroma of Cordy's scent. "Naughty girl, you must really like this one!" Willow licked the toy and could tell it had been used a few hours before. Willow put the toy to Cordy's lips. "I want you to lick the rest of your juices off of this!"

Cordy's face turned sour and she wondered why this was happening to her. "Are you crazy? I don't want to taste myself. That's something only Buffy would do. Or that little psycho bitch Faith, such trash!" She really didn't have much choice, as Willow shoved the toy into her mouth. Cordy stuck out her long, pink tongue and began to lick the toy all over. She put it back in her mouth and swallowed. "See! You taste good, I'd love to lick your juices." Willow giggled. Willow took the dildo with her as she went behind Cordy.

"Maybe I should shove it up your ass, then down your throat. I bet little Willow Rosenberg would like that!" Cordy winced as she heard the words coming out of her mouth.

Willow knelt before Cordy's back side on the floor and began to lick her outer lips. This caused Cordy to jerk forward, she rubbed her lips harder, causing them to swell further. Willow began to suckle on her clit and Cordy began to speak in tongues. Her friend was ravenous when she was being eaten. It was fun to hear, and her juices tasted even better when they were fresh. Willow sucked on Cordy's clit and inserted a finger inside, slowly letting it sink in. The hot, moist, silken skin enveloped Willow's finger. Willow enjoyed ever second her finger was sinking inside Cordy. When she had it finally all the way in, she felt it tighten up, like a hand squeezing her finger. Willow moved it out slowly and thrusted it back in. The rhythm Willow was using must have been right because Cordy was moaning louder and louder. Willow used her thumb to flick Cordy's clit back and forth, which nearly caused her to let go.

"Oh yes! Don't stop Willow! Don't stop!" shouted Cordy. Her passions were inflamed and she forgot all about the pain Willow inflicted on her earlier. Willow's soft hands felt great going in and out of her and every time she touched her clit she could feel electricity going through her veins. Cordy's juices flowed free and her head was thrashing back and forth with every plunge of her fingers. She wasn't just speaking in tongues, she was screaming! Screaming Willow's name and the Gods of all known major religions. The blinding white light feeling started in her crotch, and spread all over her body. Willow was having a hard time keeping her fingers inside due to the steady flow of juices, and just then Cordy let out a gush of fluids that soaked Willow's hand further. Her vaginal muscles was spasming hard and fast and her neck was thrashing back. "YES! Oh god Yes!" Her orgasm continued for what seemed to be an hour, but in reality was only a few seconds more. She collapsed on the table from the power of her orgasm.

Willow grabbed a vibrator from the drawer turned it on full; she teased Cordy's clit with it while she again began to slowly finger her friend. This made Cordy drip with her arousal. Willow could feel Cordy's legs shake. She was moaning and screaming again as Willow slowly fingered her. Willow took the vibe away from Cordy for a bit and began to shove it in and out, in the same rhythm she had fingered her a few moments earlier. The dildo wasn't coming out as quickly as it used to, Willow could tell Cordy was having some serious spasms.

Willow got down on the floor and began to lick and suck on Cordy's crotch some more. The juices were flowing even freer than before, and Willow couldn't get enough of the taste. When Willow didn't think her friend could get any wetter, she tensed up and had her strongest, loudest orgasm yet. "Damn girl! I didn't think it was possible for you to give any more."

Willow fetched a knife and cut Cordy's restraints free. She got up and looked Willow right in the eye, a look of anger, but also a look of desire. "Well, are you going to eat me, or are you going to kill me?" asked Willow. Cordy didn't need to think twice, she knew damn well what she was going to do. That was push the redhead witch onto her bed and spread her legs. Cordy could see the stubble where Willow had shaved that morning, slicked with Willow's own arousal. She licked the skin and rubbed her lips. "This is how you eat out!" Cordy rubbed the sopping wet lips, flicking Willow's very large, swollen clit with her thumb before beginning to suck on it. Cordy's spit and Willow's fluids glistened in the sun that was coming from the window. She slipped a finger into Willow and got it good and moist before putting it back to Willow's mouth. Willow licked at Cordy's finger, before voraciously sucking them dry. She stuck it back in her and began to finger her as she sucked on her clit.

Willow's thighs were covered in her own juices and she was thrashing around the bed moaning and screaming out Cordy's name. "Ohhhhhh Cordy! You're my GODDESS! You're my GODDESS!" she screamed as Cordy began to enjoy the aroma, taste and feel of Willow's young quim. She was becoming moister and moister with each suck of her clit, there was an audible squishing sound as Cordy fingered her harder and faster. She pushed her fingers in deep as she could and sucked on her clit harder; her silken walls clenched tight on Cordy's fingers.

Willow's body continued to shake and convulse as Cordy used her mouth and fingers on her. She had lost count of how many times she's came today, and Cordy wasn't about to let her stop now. As Willow lay on the bed, recuperating from the long session of oral sex.

Cordy held her close, both of them covered in sweat. "Wow Willow, that was... wow. You're really something."

"Nothing like you, Cordy."

"I guess that play time with Harmony really did pay off."

"Well, the important thing is that you learned your lesson."

"I'll say Willow! I just had the greatest sexual experience of my life, and I owe it all to shitting on Xander Harris! Who'da guessed?"

Willow felt the fire of vengeance burn inside her again.

"Oh well, I gotta shower. You can lay there for a bit longer if you like, just be sure you take your raggedy assed clothes out of here when you leave. I can't have people thinking I bought that crap, even if they should know better."

The moment was ruined then and there. While Cordy showered, Willow made a few phone calls. "Yeah Xander, you, Giles and Harmony, who I talked to this morning, has to come over here right now. Cordy has me kidnapped. I think she's gonna kill me!"

"What? Buffy just made it in? Send her over too!"

Willow unlocked the bedroom door, with an extra key she found in bathroom earlier. She went downstairs, still naked, to unlock the front door. Even if a few neighbors came in at this time, it'd be all for the better. Cordy was really gonna learn her lesson now.

The water had pooled in front of the shower door, all the money in the world and the shower still leaked like a throwaway from the local homeless shelter. Cordy slipped and fell, giving one of her textbook whines. POW "Willow! Please help me!"

"Oh, so now you're gonna treat me nice when you want something?"

"Stop fooling around Willow and help me up! Willow took a blindfold out of the drawer and walked into the bathroom. There was Cordy, lying prone face down. "Is this the position you get in when you're getting it on with your drug lord boyfriend?"

"Ha ha! Very funny Willow, now help me out!"

"Oh, I'll help you out all right."

In the background, Willow heard a few people walking up the steps. She quickly put the blindfold on and led Cordy, all wobbly legged, into the other room.

"Why the blindfold Willow!? What's up?"

"Oh, you'll see." Willow motioned for the crowd to be quiet. Xander threw the robe that was on the floor across the room and it landed in front of the two.

"You know what Will?" Cordy sniffed the air, "Oh my god, do I smell Xander Harris and that cheap crap he always wears?"

"Uh, no Cordy. What did you want to tell me?"

"I gotta, um, you know... [whispering] make water! Will you lead me back into my bathroom?

"I think you can go right here Cordy, want to go here on your nice new floor?"

"Get real you little bitch."

Willow yanked her down onto the floor, so Cordy would be in a squatting position.

"What are you doing?" The brown haired cheerleader squealed in a high pitched voice.

"It's okay Cordy, you can go right here, right on your $4000 robe."

"But I don't want to!" Cordy pouted and squealed some more. "Come on Willow, I'm not joking here, I really gotta make water bad!"

"Well then, you won't mind going here then! And if you don't!" Willow took a small dildo from off the table, one she has slathered in Vaseline. Willow pressed it up against Cordy's spread cheeks.

Cordy gulped. "But why Willow? Why?" Cordy gulped again as she felt the slick head of the cock press harder into her tightly clenched rosebud.

"All you can think about is yourself. You need to learn that other people matter just as much as you do."

Willow poked the dildo further into Cordy, it was just about to begin to spread the small, tight ring when finally Cordy let loose.

"Oh my GOD! Why?" she squealed. "All over my new robe!"

When she finally finished, she took off the blindfold. Before her stood the stunned audience. Buffy, Faith, Giles, Harmony and Xander. All had witnessed her moment of degradation. In one quick shove, the dildo went up Cordy's ass, stunning the brunette into falling flat on her face.

The crowd, Giles and Harmony excluded, began to laugh. Giles blushed and gave Willow a stern look. "Yes, well, I guess we should probably talk about this tonight, Willow."

Cordy let out a scream that nearly cleared the room. "I'll get you for this Willow Rosenberg, mark my words. you'll be sorry!" Her wordless cries of agony and embarrassment continued until she was hoarse.

Harm, feeling sorry for her fallen friend, picked her up and led her to the bath tub. "Just like our first time together," she said, sighing and shaking her head.

In all the excitement, nobody noticed Willow was still naked. Nobody except for Faith. "Wow Red, maybe I was wrong to ignore you."

But that story will have to wait for another day.