The Brink Of Forever
by FemVamp

Kate sat next to Cordelia's hospital bed and brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes. Cordelia liked to look perfect and Kate was going to make sure she did. Cordelia had been asleep for hours now. The bullet in her chest had been removed with no complications. The doctors told Kate that Cordelia would be fine.

Kate brushed the forming tears from her eyes. Kate had always been afraid that she would lose Cordelia to a demon, not to a human. The nights that they were apart, Kate was a nervous wreck. Some of her friends at the station had often made jokes about how uptight she was. They kept telling her she needed to get laid. Kate just smiled and walked away. They had no idea about Cordelia.

Now they did. Detective Kendrick of all people was the first to arrive at the scene. Kate tried to be professional but she loved Cordelia so much. She had never said it, neither of them did, but at that moment, Kate knew, Cordelia was the one. Cordelia was the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Detective Kendrick had caught on. He even snickered and made a comment about 'her girlfriend.' Kate knew she hadn't taken it very well. Maybe decking him wasn't the smartest thing she had ever done, but it felt so good to do it.

She knew that her career as a police officer was probably over. Once the news got out, she would be frozen out. Then again, she had already been frozen out anyway. Kate wasn't a stupid woman, actually she was very intelligent one. She knew that ever since she had taken on all the strange cases she had become an outsider. Maybe that's why she fit in so well with the Angel Detective Agency. In one way or another they were all outsiders.

Kate brushed her hand against Cordelia face and whispered, "I love you, Cordy."


Angel stood outside the door of Cordelia's hospital room. He knew he was intruding but he couldn't bring himself to leave. Kate and Cordelia looked so beautiful together. It was almost enough to make his heart beat again. Angel smiled when he heard Kate tell the sleeping Cordelia that she loved her.

It wasn't forever, but it was a start.