April Fool
by Jenn

Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ri-


"Hey Xander, its Cordelia, is Willow there?"

"Hey Cor, Uhuh, I'll just get her"


"Hey Will, I was just ringing to let you know how my prank went"

"Oh my god! You actually did that?"

"Well yeah, last years Aprils Fool was NOT that pleasant for me, Faith had to be taught a lesson, I mean she-"

"Wait, didn't she tell you last year that she was cheating on you? With Wesley?"

"Yup, that was her little prank, she was really sorry afterwards when we had no dishes left after I'd thrown them all at her head. I just want to say; Thank god for Slayer reflexes. She had to dodge some pretty heavy plates."

"I remember that, she slept on the sofa for weeks didn't she?"

"Oh god yes, nobody cheats on Cordelia Chase, or you know makes it up that they're cheating, and gets away with it - but this year? I had it beat..."

Entering the apartment Faith slipped her keys onto the small table by the door and breathed a sigh of relief, nearly 8.30pm and she hadn't been caught by an April Fools prank yet, if you think about it that's even more impressive when you realise she'd spent the entire day with the King of Pranks; Xander Harris.

"Baby? Cor? You home?"

A smell of cooking food and Cordelia's expensive perfume, the bottle only ever used when something important has occurred, wafted out of the small kitchen to meet her by the door.

"Hey honey, I'm just finishing up in the kitchen, wait in the other room for me? I'm nearly done."

Smiling Faith shrugged off her leather jacket and slipped off her boots, padding over to the dining room she was surprised to find the table set up for a romantic dinner for two, surprised but not upset.

The table was furnished with all the paraphernalia that people associated with romantic dinners; candles, the special plates, flowers and wine goblets - god knows where Cordy had gotten them from because they weren't in the cupboard when Faith had left the apartment that morning - the lighting in the room was dimmed and soft, sweet music played from the system in the corner.

It all spelled seduction.

Faith picked up the wine, which had been cooling in a bucket and grimaced, seduction or not Faith would pick a cool bottle of bud over wine any day. Pouring a glassful she took a sip and nearly spat it back up onto the table.

Wiping her mouth she called through to her girlfriend "Erm Cordy? Honey? Could I possibly have a bottle of Bud? This wine tastes.... Wicked bad"

Carrying two plates of Faiths favourite meal through into the room Cordy threw Faith a disappointed glance, but placing the two plates on the table she dutifully went back into the kitchen and returned with the bottle.

"Do you want me to go all cave girlfriend and open it with my teeth now?"

Taking the beer off her Faith knocked the top off on the corner of the table and smiled sweetly at her gorgeous girlfriend.

"No thank you Mrs Bunny Rabbit, I got it down"

Taking a few deep swigs she looked Cordelia over appreciatively, she really looked good, good enough to eat Faith thought as a dirty smile spread over her face.

"Good Mr Bunny Rabbit, so.... How was work?"

Starting to eat, Faith relaxed into the chair and started to tell Cordelia about her day at work.

"Well, Xander; Mr Prank, was all set out to do this.... Wait, what's going on?"

Staring suspiciously across the table Faith raised her eyebrow and waited for an answer from Cordy.

"What? Nothing is going on, why would you think that?"

A guilty blush had spread across Cordelia's fine features, making her glow in the candlelight.

"Nothing? This is not nothing Mrs Bunny, this is weird!"


"My favourite meal? Not saying anything about me wanting a Bud? Candlelight? It all spells out to... you cheated on me didn't you?"

The air seemed to still as Faith waited for her answer, if somebody thought they could just come into her life and take Cordy they were-

"NO! No cheating, God no Faith, never Baby, NEVER, I love you too much to ever think about cheating on you-"

Breathing out slowly Faith let her body let go of some of the ridged tension that had settled into her shoulders.

"Then what is this? Is it just the seduction scene? Because if it is... I'd like to come home more often to this, with maybe a few alterations like you being naked instead of clothed and me eating something other than the dinner..."

A deeper blush spread over Cordelia's features and she adverted her eyes, Faith nearly laughed out loud, 2 years she had been with Cordy and she still blushed which, she supposed, was one of the many, many, reasons she loved her.

"Mrs Bunny Rabbit, I swear you're the sweetest thing to ever come out of Sunnydale, now, what is this about?"

Taking a deep breath and meeting Faiths eye, Cordelia slowly told her.

"Well, I went to the Doctors, and apparently we've created a miracle"


"Faith... I'm pregnant".

".... And then she fainted."

"No! Fainted? Faith?"

"Yup, Mrs 'I'm so tough watch me ride in leather and drool' fainted clean off her seat and wasn't in the land of the conscious for a few minutes."

"What did she say when she woke up?"

"Well before she could say anything I kind of shouted 'April Fool' and laughed and then locked myself in the bathroom because I don't have the reflexes she has, but apparently the poor door wasn't made to withstand Slayer strength and before you could say 'Fuck!' I was tied to the bed and, well, you don't want to know the rest."

"No...well at least you got her back for last year, she kind of deserved it."

"Oh wait I think she's waking up, she looks so sweet when her hairs all mussed and her eyes are sleepy, I better go. Call me tomorrow?"

"Sure, speak to you later Cordy and Cor?"


"I think you need to make it up to her more, I mean, a grumpy Slayer is a GRUMPY Slayer"

"Oh don't worry, I've still got 12 hours until either of us has to step outside this apartment, I'm totally going to make it up to her...somehow"

"Good, bye Cordy"

"Bye Willow"