I Dream Of You
by Kristjan Brezovnik

Cordelia was surprised and confused when she found herself in a strange room, which still seemed familiar somehow.


Cordelia jerked at the sound of the voice and turned.

"Faith," she said, confused. "Where am I?" she asked and looked around.

"In my apartment."

"Your apartment?" Cordelia asked, confused. "As far as I know you're still in the hospital."

"Oh, she is," a new voice said.

Cordelia turned, surprised, and dropped her jaw. It was another Faith, this one dressed in leather instead of a simple dress. Cordelia looked back to make sure that there really were two Faiths. There were.

"What the hell is going on here?" she demanded, confused.

"Oh, it's really simple," leather Faith said as she approached her, grinning like a predator. "Faith is still in the hospital and this is just a representation of her mind."

"So what is she, a schizophrenic?"

Leather Faith grinned as she circled around Cordelia.

"Me and the wussy there are just representations. I represent the Faith you're used to, the one that kicks ass and is bitchy like you, and she represents the real Faith, the one that is shy and scared."

Cordelia gave her a blank look. "Faith, scared?"

Leather Faith grinned and went to her counterpart and circled her. "Hard to believe, isn't it?"

Cordelia observed the two Faiths for a few moments and she noticed that dress Faith really did look shy, scared even.

"Okay," she then said. "And what am I doing here?"

"You've been thinking about me," leather Faith said.

"I have not!" Cordelia denied, outraged.

"Oh yes, you have. And it wasn't the first time, was it, Faith?"

Dress Faith blushed.

"What do you mean?" Cordelia asked, confused.

"You've been here before, don't you remember?" leather Faith explained.


"Well, you have been, trust me."

Cordelia laughed. "Trust you?"

Dress Faith looked down, ashamed, and leather Faith shook her head. "You have been here, but it was always dark. Faith was too ashamed and afraid to talk to you," leather Faith said and stepped closer to Cordelia, looking straight into her eyes. "You wanna know why?"

"Faith!" dress Faith cried.

Leather Faith looked at her. "Shut up, will you? She wants me to help you, that's why I'm here." She turned back to Cordelia. "She's in love with you," she said, grinning. Cordelia's eyes went wide and she found herself blushing. Faith was in love with her? Okay, Faith was cure and attractive, but she had never considered dating another girl, it would ruin whatever good reputation she still had for good.

"You're kidding, right?"

Leather Faith shook her head. "Nope. She's desperately in love with you and it hurt her when you seemed to reject her."

"I rejected her?" Cordelia asked, confused.

Leather Faith shrugged. "That's how she perceives it." She made another circle around Cordelia. "You really don't have any idea what the real Faith is like, do you?"

"Faith," dress Faith begged and Cordelia saw that she was afraid.

Leather Faith ignored her. "She's really a nice kid, but after her dad skipped town and her mom started to drink and beat her, she didn't trust people anymore. She had some so-called friends, but they were only good for sex, weren't they?" She looked at dress Faith, grinning, and dress Faith blushed. "Anyway, when she was called, she stared to believe she was important, needed, and the Watcher treated her like she was her own." She paused and her face got serious. "But then Kakistos killed her in front of Faith's eyes and she ran away, scared, yet another person she loved gone. She wanted to make friends here, but everyone kept talking about Buffy, always Buffy, and she felt useless. No one noticed how lonely and afraid she was. She liked you, Cordelia, she wanted to become your friend, but she was afraid and didn't know how to approach you. Not to mention that you were dating Xander and apparently despised her."

"I didn't despise her," Cordelia objected.

"Whatever. She joined the Mayor because she believed he was invincible and he would love her forever. He treated her like she was his daughter and he appreciated her." She paused. "I guess she realized she was wrong. She didn't want to sacrifice your life for her own happiness." She turned to dress Faith." Isn't that right, Faith?" she said and dress Faith looked down, blushing furiously. "Anyway," leather Faith continued, "wakey, wakey, Cordelia, time to get up."



Suddenly everything vanished and she found herself in her bed. She stared at the ceiling, breathing rapidly. Had she really been dreaming about Faith? Freaky much? Was she really thinking about that psycho Slayer? She shook her head and got up.

She tried to forget about Faith, but she couldn't. She wondered if that was because they were so alike. She frowned at that thought, she and Faith alike? No way.

But the more she thought about it, the more she realized that they were alike, very alike. They were both afraid and they both hid behind tough appearances, but inside they were afraid of getting hurt. She realized she didn't really blame Faith, she had first hand experience herself. She found it ironic that she fell in love with a loser, who then cheated on her. It hurt, that's why she usually dumped others before they could dump her. But she had liked Xander, he was so different from all the other suck-ups. She was still hurt that he had cheated on her and with Willow of all people. Not to mention that she had lost all her so-called friends. She was relieved in a way that she didn't have to pretend anymore, she felt free. Even though she still resented Xander and Willow, she considered them friends because she knew that they would be there for her if she needed help, ironic as that might sound.

When she went to bed that evening, her mind was still preoccupied with Faith as she thought whether there were any indications that Faith was in love with her that she might have missed, but she just couldn't recall any. She was awake for a long time before she finally fell asleep.


"Ah, you came back," leather Faith said and approached her. "How nice of you."

"I've been thinking," Cordelia said, "about what you said."


"I couldn't think of any indications that you were in love with me."

Faith laughed. "Of course not. You were always so bitchy and then you dated Xander. Faith is way too shy to say anything, she was afraid you would make fun of her." She made a half-circle. "Do you care about her?" she asked over her shoulder. "Do you care whether she lives or dies?"

Cordelia stared at dress Faith, the representation of the real Faith, who was sitting on the bed, staring down, nervous. Suddenly the walls started to move like they were alive.

"What's that?" Cordelia asked, frightened.

"Her fears," leather Faith explained.

Cordelia stared at dress Faith, feeling sympathy for her. Did she care about her? At all? She wasn't quite sure, but she now understood her better and she wanted to help her. "What can I do?" she asked, still staring at dress Faith.

"Talk to her. But be sincere."

Cordelia hesitated for a moment and then started to walk toward dress Faith.

The walls started to tremble violently.


Cordelia woke up. She looked at the clock and saw that it was still early in the morning. She lay back and stared at the ceiling, confused. She didn't know if she was merely dreaming of Faith or if she was actually sharing dreams with her. And why did this one end so abruptly? Did Faith shut her out? Was she really that afraid of talking about herself?


She paid Faith a visit in the afternoon. Faith looked so fragile and vulnerable, her body scared and pale. She stared at her for a while and then took her hand and held it for a while.


That night she found herself in Faith's apartment again, but it was dark and neither Faith was there. "Faith!" she called. "Faith, it's me, Cordelia!"

There was no response. She looked around for a light switch. She quickly found one, but when she tried to turn it on, nothing happened. She tried again and again, but there was no change.


Over the next few days she visited Faith again and at the advice of a nurse started to talk to her. It didn't seem to help, because in he dreams, Faith's apartment was still dark and empty.

Cordelia grew more and more concerned. She realized that she really did care about Faith. Maybe she wasn't in love with her, but she did care about her. A lot. She wanted to help her, but she didn't know how. She couldn't speak to her in her dreams, the only contact she had with her, and maybe a means of communications, was Faith's broken body in the hospital. She changed the topic from nonsense to the more personal.

"Faith," she said, holding her hand, "I don't know if you can hear me or not, but I'm worried about you and I... miss you." She paused. "I know I was bitchy, I still am occasionally, but I know what it's like to be alone. I'd like to help you and be your friend." She paused again. "Please, talk to me, Faith. I promise I won't laugh or tell your secrets to anyone."

She didn't know what else to say, so she just held Faith's hand for a while, like she usually did. But this time she caressed Faith before leaving.



Cordelia turned and saw dress Faith, sitting on the bed. "Hi," she said, smiling, and looked around. "Where's the other Faith?"

"She's not here," dress Faith said and Cordelia saw that she was obviously very nervous.

Cordelia slowly walked to the bed, hoping that Faith won't shut her out again. When she didn't, Cordelia sat beside her. They were both quiet for a while, Faith afraid, Cordelia not quite sure how to start, this being the first serious conversation she had ever had. She found that ironic. "Listen, Faith," she started, "I know you're afraid, hell, I'm afraid as well."

"You?" Faith asked, surprised, and looked at her.

"Yes." She paused. "I like you, Faith, and I would like to be your friend." She thought for a moment. "We are much alike, we both hide behind our tough appearances because we're afraid to show people who we really are." She paused again. "I'm afraid that this might be one of your tricks, but I'm prepared to trust you," she then confessed. "Do you trust me?"

Faith hesitated. "I... don't know," she then admitted and looked down.

Cordelia sighed and thought. She needed to gain Faith's trust. She realized that there was only one way to do that, she would have to show Faith that she trusted her and that she was serious about helping her and being her friend. She would have to open herself up to her. She gulped and took a deep breath.

"You know, we're very much alike," she started. "My parents didn't leave me or beat me, but I was pretty much raised by our maid, Maria." She paused for a moment. "Sometimes I wish she was my mom." She paused again. "Even though I had many friends I never let them know what I was really like. I started dating Xander because he was different from other guys, he didn't suck up to me. Even though we broke up I still consider him a friend." She paused. "I was hurt when I discovered he was cheating on me. That's why I always dumped guys before they could dump me." She made another pause. "I'm glad I joined the Scooby Gang, even though it cost me my old friends. I know I can trust them and I know they trust me." She hesitated for a moment before she continued. "I understand why you did what you did and I'm not blaming you, but I'm glad you realized it was wrong."

They were quiet for a while, Cordelia not knowing what more to say, Faith thinking.

"Thanks," Faith finally said and Cordelia smiled.

"Em," she said after a moment of hesitation, "the other Faith said you were in love with me."

Faith blushed a deep red and she started to fidget with her fingers, nervous. She nodded.

Cordelia took a deep breath and thought about it for a few moments. "Look, Faith, I may not be in love with you, but I would like to be your friend and I would like to get to know you better."

Faith nodded. "I'd like that too," she said.

Cordelia hesitated for a moment and then took Faith's hand into her own. Faith looked at her, surprised, but she didn't remove her hand.

"Listen," Cordelia continued, "when you wake up, I'll be there to help you." She thought for a moment. "You can even move in with me. We may not be as rich as we used to, but we can still take you in."

"What about your parents?"

"Don't worry about them, they..." She looked around as everything started to fade. "Am I waking up?"


"Will I see you tomorrow night?"

"Yes," Faith said, nodding.

"Then I'll see you then," Cordelia said and gently squeezed Faith's hand, smiling.

Faith smiled back.


Cordelia slowly opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling for a while. She was relieved that Faith had overcome her worst fears for now and was talking to her again. She hoped she would be able to help her.


When she was leaving Faith in the afternoon, Buffy came. "Cordelia?" Buffy said, surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"Visiting a friend."

Buffy raised her eyebrows.

"I didn't know you considered Faith a friend."

"Me neither," Cordelia said. She thought. "Do you talk to her?"

"Sometimes. Why?"

"She can hear you."

Buffy raised her eyebrows again. "How do you know?"

Cordelia smiled. "I know," she said and left.

Buffy glanced after her, confused, and then went to Faith. "Hey, it's me again," she said as she took her hand.




"I didn't know Buffy visited you," Cordelia said as she went to the bed.

"She comes every weekend. Giles too and even Willow shows up from time to time."

Cordelia raised her eyebrows. "Really?"


"What do they talk about?"

Faith shrugged. "The usual stuff, about what is going on in Sunnydale."

"Oh." Cordelia thought. "Why don't you wake up?"

Faith shrugged again. "I don't know."

"Don't you want to?"

Another shrug. "I don't know."

"What do you want?"

Faith hesitated for a moment. "I don't know," she then said quietly and sighed.

"You're afraid of what will happen when you wake up," Cordelia said and Faith nodded.

"Yeah, I screwed up big time."

Cordelia took Faith's hand and gently squeezed it. "I know, but problems won't go away if you stay here."

Faith nodded. "I know," she said quietly.

They sat quietly, holding hands, both thinking, Faith about what she wanted, Cordelia about how she felt about Faith and how she could help her. Faith was afraid, she barely dared face Cordelia in her dreams and she wasn't sure whether she could do it in the real world. And then there were the others, her friends. Sure, she could put on her kick ass attitude again, but she didn't want to, it hurt her more than it did her good. And besides, she wanted to be honest with her friends, especially Cordelia. She was glad she had told her the truth, that she loved her, and she was glad that Cordelia was so honest with her and that she didn't send her straight to hell. She was sad that Cordelia didn't love her, but she was glad that Cordelia wasn't the bitch she thought she was.

Cordelia, on the other hand, was confused. She hadn't liked Faith before, probably because they acted so much alike. But now that she had seen her other side, she grew to like her and care for her. A lot. Not to mention that Faith was in love with her. Personally, the fact that a woman was in love with her didn't bother her, though she knew that it would have bothered her before she had joined the Scooby Gang, for no other reason than the fact that her reputation would suffer. But lately, she didn't care much about what others, especially Harmony and her old friends, thought about her.


Over the next couple of weeks Cordelia got Faith to open more and more to her and in turn she opened herself to her. Faith told her about her life, her childhood, her parents, her dreams and her wishes and Cordelia told her about hers.

Without noticing it, Cordelia slowly fell in love with Faith and then one day, while visiting Faith, she realized that she was in love with Faith. She stared at her, holding her hand. Sure, Faith was a beautiful girl, but she knew that that was not the only reason she loved her, far from it, it was not even one of the main reasons. Finally, she decided to say it out loud, to hear how it sounded and to give Faith some time to get used to it before they met in their dreams that night.

"I love you, Faith," she said and caressed her. She like the sound of that, she loved Faith. Yes, she definitely did. She hesitated for a moment and then gently kissed Faith on the lips. A few moments later, Faith's vital signs went wild and she felt Faith's hand weakly squeeze hers.

"Nurse!" she called, worried, but a nurse was already on her way.

"What happened?" the nurse asked as she checked the displays.

Cordelia blushed. "I... I kissed her," she then confessed.

The nurse took a moment to glance at her, surprised. "I see."

"What's happening?" Cordelia asked.

"I believe she's waking up.

Cordelia looked at Faith, excited, and gently squeezed her hand.

A doctor and more nurses quickly came and the duty nurse reported. The doctor then looked at Cordelia. "Are you two close?" he asked.

"Yes," Cordelia said, blushing again.

"Good. When she wakes up, I want you to be ready to hug her."

Cordelia blushed even more. "Why?"

"Because she has been in coma and she will need the closeness of another person, preferably someone close to her."

Cordelia took a deep breath and gently squeezed Faith's hand again. Faith slowly woke up and when she started to tremble, Cordelia didn't wait for the doctor's order, she just hugged her. "Shh, it's okay," she said softly as Faith's arms instinctively wrapped themselves around Cordelia. "I'm here."

Faith's trembling slowly subsided, but they kept hugging for a few moments longer. The doctor and the nurses didn't interfere. Finally, Cordelia let go of Faith. Faith kept hugging her for another moment or so and then let go of her. Cordelia smiled at her and caressed her and Faith smiled back weakly.

Cordelia then stepped back and let the doctor and the nurses examine Faith, but she didn't let go of Faith's hand.


When the doctor found out what he needed to know, he had Faith transferred to another room.

"Did you mean what you said?" Faith asked anxiously when they were left alone.

Cordelia was confused for a moment, but then she realized what Faith was talking about and she blushed a little. "Yes," she said. "I love you, Faith," she added after a moment of hesitation and looked straight into Faith's eyes.

"I love you too, Cordelia," Faith said after a moment and they both smiled.


Cordelia stayed in the hospital for the night. The duty nurse objected, but Cordelia managed to convince the doctor that Faith needed her.

Faith had a nightmare at night and Cordelia woke her up. She gently squeezed her hand. "I'm here, Faith," she said softly and Faith took a few deep breaths to calm down.

Cordelia waited to Faith to fall asleep before she allowed herself to go back to sleep.


Faith was the first to wake up in the morning. She felt Cordelia's hand still holding hers and she looked at her. She was so beautiful, but that was not why she loved her. She wasn't quite sure how she fell in love with her in the first place, perhaps she had felt that there was more to Cordelia than her bitchy appearance. She was glad she did, because there really was more to Cordelia, so much more. She quietly observed her until Cordelia woke up.

When Cordelia finally woke up, she first looked at Faith. "Good morning," Faith said with a smile.

Cordelia smiled back and sat straight. She moaned from pain, feeling stiff. "Morning," she said. "How do you fell?"

"Better. I'm hungry." Cordelia glanced at the clock on the wall.

"I think they will serve breakfast soon." She thought for a moment. "We didn't share our dreams last night," she said. "I missed it."

"Me too," Faith agreed. "I guess one of us has to be in coma for that."

Cordelia grimaced. "I hope not."


The doctor insisted that Faith should stay one more night and Cordelia insisted in turn that she should stay as well. The doctor agreed, especially after he was amazed to see that Faith was in much better shape that he had expected.

When they got to Cordelia's home the next day, Faith was a bit nervous, but fortunately only Maria was home.

"This is your room," Cordelia said when they got to it. Faith looked around it.

"And where is yours?" she asked.

"Right here," Cordelia said and pointed at the door next to Faith's. "Come, let me show you around the house."

Cordelia took Faith's hand and gave her a quick tour of the house. After that Faith decided to take a shower.

"Do you need help? Cordelia offered. Faith considered it for a moment. With some of her old friends she would have accepted, not now but back then, but she really liked, no, she corrected herself, she loved Cordelia, and she didn't want to push it.

"No," she said and grinned. "Not yet."

Cordelia smiled. "Okay."


In the evening, they went to bed early. Faith stared at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep. She was a bit scared because of the nightmares the previous two nights. She needed to be close to someone, Cordelia in particular, she felt safe with her. She hesitated for a while and then got up. She went to Cordelia's door and knocked.

"What?" Cordelia's sleepy voice was heard a few moments later and Faith slowly opened the door. "Faith?" she said, surprised. "What's wrong?" she asked, concerned, when Faith hesitated.

"Can I sleep with you?" Faith finally asked.

Cordelia was surprised, but she quickly realized that Faith didn't mean it in a sexual way. "Sure," she said, removed the sheet and moved to the side.

Faith hesitated for a moment and then joined Cordelia in bed. They were both uncomfortable for a few moments, neither wanting to push it too far. Cordelia finally caressed Faith and Faith cuddled up to her and threw her arm over her belly. Cordelia felt a bit weird at first, but then she quickly grew to like the feeling. She moved her arm and Faith laid her head on her shoulder. Then they slowly drifted asleep.


Cordelia was the first to wake up next morning. She smiled when she saw Faith cuddled up and she pressed her closer to herself. She observed her for a while, she looked so innocent and cute. She caressed her and after a moment of hesitation, she gently kissed her on the forehead. Faith slowly opened her eyes and smiled when she saw Cordelia. "I could get used to that," she said.

Cordelia smiled back. "Me too," she agreed.

They lay quietly, staring at each other, enjoying one another's presence, until Maria knocked on the door.

"Yes, Maria?" Cordelia asked.

"Your mother wishes to speak to you on the phone." Cordelia groaned. "I'll be right there," she said and looked at Faith. "I guess we'll have to get up," she said.

Faith pouted at that. Cordelia smiled. "You look so cute when you pout," she said and gave her another kiss on the forehead.

"I prefer it on the lips," Faith blurted and blushed.

Cordelia laughed and obliged. "Any time," she said and caressed her. "Eh, I really should get on the phone now," she said hesitatingly.

Faith sighed and got up. "I'll get dressed," she said.

"Okay," Cordelia said and went to the phone.


Willow chose that day to visit Faith again. She was surprised to find out that Faith had already been discharged. She went to Buffy to find out if she knew anything about it, but Buffy was as surprised as she was. They went to Giles, but he was also surprised. "You might want to ask Cordelia," he suggested.

"Why?" Willow asked.

"She took all of Faith's stuff."

And so they went to Cordelia.


"Miss Cordelia, Miss Buffy and Miss Willow wish to speak with you," Maria informed Cordelia.

Cordelia looked at Faith. "Do you mind if I tell them you are here?"

Faith thought about it for a moment and then shook her head. "No."

"Do you want to talk to them?"

"No," Faith quickly said. "Not yet."

"Okay," Cordelia said and went to Buffy and Willow.



"Buffy. Willow."

"Do you know where Faith is?" Buffy asked.

"She's here."

Buffy raised her eyebrows.

"How come," Willow asked, confused.

"She feels safe here."


"Yes." She paused for a moment. "She has changed."

"What do you mean?" Buffy asked.

"You'll see."


"When she's ready."

They were quiet for a few moments and then Buffy nodded.

"Okay. How is she?"



"How did she take it?" Faith asked when Cordelia returned.

"Buffy? Quite well. She seemed worried."


"Yes." Cordelia hesitated for a moment. "Listen, I'll have to get back to work tomorrow."

Faith nodded. "Okay."


Cordelia was still at work and only Faith and Maria were at home. Maria was preparing lunch when Faith came into kitchen to get something to drink. She observed Maria for a while. "Can I help you, Miss Faith?" Maria asked, noticing the staring.

Faith shook her head. "No, thanks." She hesitated for a moment. "I... want to thank you," she then said.

Maria looked at her, confused. "What for?" she asked.

"For raising Cordelia so well."

Maria nearly dropped her jaw. "What... What do you mean?"

"She's a wonderful girl." She thought for a moment. "Sometimes she wishes you were her mom."

Maria was moved. "Really?" she asked as tears started to well up.

"Yeah. Oh, and please call me just Faith." She smiled and left.


When Cordelia walked into the kitchen a minute later, after returning from work, she noticed that Maria was crying.

"Maria, what's wrong?" she asked, concerned.

Maria turned and smiled. "Nothing's wrong, Cordelia," she said and hugged her.

Cordelia was surprised for a moment, but then she hugged her back. "You called me Cordelia," Cordelia said when they stopped hugging.

"I..." Maria started to apologize.

"I missed that," Cordelia interrupted her and smiled. "I want you to call me just Cordelia from now on. And Faith too." She thought for a moment. "As a matter of fact, drop Miss and Mr for all my friends."

Maria smiled. "Okay."

"Good." Cordelia thought for a moment. "I still don't know why you're crying."

"From happiness," Maria said, not wanting to embarrass Cordelia by letting her know what Faith had told her. "You know, Faith is a good girl. You make sure you don't lose her."

Cordelia was surprised by that and she blushed a bit. "I will," she said.

Maria smiled and caressed her. "Good. She's in her room."


"Come," Faith said when there was a knock on her door. "Hi," she said, smiling, when she saw Cordelia.

"Hey," Cordelia said and sat on a chair next to Faith. "Did you talk to Maria?"

"Yes. Why?"

"She was crying."


"What did you say to her?"

Faith blushed. "Nothing, just that she did a great job raising you."

"Oh," Cordelia said and blushed. "Thanks."

There was a knock at the door.


"Miss... I mean, Cordelia, Buffy wishes to speak to you," Maria said.

"Okay," Cordelia said and Maria left. "I'll be right back," she told Faith.

"Okay," Faith said and Cordelia left.



"Cordelia." Buffy hesitated for a moment. "Look, I know I said I'd leave Faith alone until she's ready, but we really need her help. And yours."


"There's this huge demon in town and we can't kill it alone."

"Have you tried?"

"Three times," Buffy said and pointed at the nasty bruise on her forehead. "It nearly killed me. Could you..."

She trailed off when she saw Faith approaching them. Not only was her dress different, she was wearing one of the dresses Cordelia gave her, there was also something different about her attitude, she looked more subdued.



The two Slayers stared at each other for a while.

"Em, Buffy needs your help," Cordelia broke the silence.

"Yes, I heard," Faith said. "Where do you meet?"

"At Giles'."

"We'll be there. Eight o'clock?"



Buffy hesitated for a moment. "See you later," she said and left.

"Are you sure about it?" Cordelia asked when Buffy was gone. Faith nodded.

"I can't hide forever," she said and frowned. "I'm sorry."

"What for?" Cordelia asked, confused.

"For volunteering you."

"Oh," Cordelia said with a smile. "Where ever you go, I go."

Faith smiled. "Thanks."

"So, how about we go out?"

"Are you asking me on a date?" Faith asked mischievously. Cordelia considered it for a moment and then smiled.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Does this mean we're a couple?" Faith asked, her face serious now.

"Yes," Cordelia confirmed.

"Okay, girlfriend, pick a place," Faith said and smiled, relieved.

"How about some ice cream?"

"Sounds great."


Xander was surprised when he saw Faith and Cordelia together. He was even more surprised when he realized that his ex-girlfriend, his first for that matter, and the girl who had taken his virginity were obviously a couple. Speaking about hormone food! He stared at them, finding them a most unlikely couple. Finally, he approached them, wanting to find out.

"Hey there," he said. "Cordy, Faith."

The two girls looked at him. "Xander."

Xander hesitated for a moment. "Are you two... em... a couple?"

The two girls looked at each other, blushing. "Yes," Cordelia said.

"You have a problem with that?" Faith asked.

Xander raised his hands. "Me? No way."

"Is it that obvious?" Cordelia asked.

Xander smiled. "Very obvious," Xander confirmed and Cordelia blushed. He looked at Faith. "So, Faith, when will we see you in action again?"


"Really? Great! I'll see you two later then." He winked at them and left. They stared after him for a few moments.

"Do you mind?" Cordelia then asked.


"That he knows we're a couple."

Faith shrugged. "It has to come out sooner or later," she said.

"Yes," Cordelia said without hesitation. She thought for a moment. "He was the first boyfriend I really loved," she then admitted.

"Did you... em... Did you have sex with him?" Faith asked, curious.

Cordelia shook her head. "No. But I was prepared to go to bed with him. Eventually."

Faith thought for a moment. "I did," she said, deciding that Cordelia deserved to know the truth.

"Did what?"

"Have sex with him."

Cordelia's eyes went wide. "You're kidding, right?"


Cordelia thought for a few moments and then decided not to hold it against Faith.

"Was he any good?"

Faith grinned. "For a virgin, yes. And besides, it's not like he had any say in it. I forced him to do exactly what I wanted."

Cordelia grinned as well. "So you like sex slaves, hmm?"

Faith laughed. "I'd like to be your sex slave."

Cordelia laughed as well. "You'll get your chance. Some day."

"Some day," Faith agreed. "So, you still a virgin?"

Cordelia blushed. "Yes," she admitted.

"Then I guess I'll have to teach you everything about sex."

"You'll find that I'm an apt pupil."

Both girls laughed.

"I'm sure," Faith said.


It was Giles who opened the door in the evening. "Faith," he said when he saw the Slayer.

"Hello, Giles."

The Watcher and the Slayer stared at each other. "Can we come in?" Cordelia broke the silence.

"Eh? Oh, of course. Come in."

The rest of the Scooby Gang, except Oz, was already there and they stared at Faith. "What, you never saw her before?" Cordelia asked, annoyed, and everyone quickly found something else to look at.

While the Scooby Gang reported their experience with the demon, Cordelia noticed that Faith was getting more and more uncomfortable under their stares. She took her hand and gently squeezed it. Faith glanced at her with a smile and squeezed back. Everybody noticed that, but no one commented.

When everything was said and a plan made, they went hunting.


They soon located the demon and while Willow, Xander and Cordelia distracted it, Buffy, Faith and Angel attacked it. The fight went pretty well for a while and the demon was on the defensive, seriously wounded, but then it went after Willow, Xander and Cordelia. They managed to avoid it, but it finally hit Cordelia, who was thrown ten meters backwards, hit a tree and fell to the ground, not moving.

"Cordelia!" Faith cried, terrified.

Her fear quickly turned into anger and she attacked the demon ferociously. She hit it and kicked it and stabbed it so fast that Buffy and Angel had to back off a bit so as not to get accidentally skewered. The demon quickly realized that its chances of surviving, much less of winning, this fight had dropped dangerously. It tried to make a run for it, but Faith didn't let it.

She ignored the pain from the demon's blows and kept pummeling it until it fell down. Then she went medieval on it as she kept stabbing it mercilessly long after it was dead.

"Faith, it's dead," Buffy said, but Faith kept stabbing it.

Buffy grabbed Faith's hand and Faith looked at her furiously. "It's dead," Buffy repeated.

Faith stared at her for a few moments and her anger slowly subsided. Then she remembered the reason for her anger and she looked at Cordelia, who was still lying on the ground. She dropped the dagger and ran to her. She cradled her and caressed her.

"Cordelia," she said as tears started to run down her cheeks. "Don't leave me," she whispered.

Everybody stared at her, surprised, Faith and crying somehow didn't fit together in their minds. Buffy stepped closer and checked Cordelia's pulse. "She's still alive," she said. "We should take her to the hospital," she added when she noticed the blood.

Faith glanced at her and then picked up Cordelia and carried her to the hospital.


Faith paced like a caged animal while she waited for Cordelia to be taken care of. Everybody watched her for a while and then Buffy stepped closer and stopped her. "She'll be okay," she said when Faith looked at her.

Faith stared at her for a few moments and then hugged her and started to cry. Buffy was surprised for a moment and then hugged her back and soothed her.

When Faith calmed down, she let go of Buffy. "Sorry," she said, embarrassed, and started to wipe the tears.

"It's okay," Buffy said, realizing that Faith had indeed changed and was obviously in love with Cordelia.

Faith smiled gratefully and then sat on a bench a bit further away from the rest.


When Cordelia was finally brought into a room, Faith went to her. She took her hand, caressing her, and kissed it. Meanwhile Buffy and the gang interrogated the doctor. When they wanted to go to Cordelia, Xander stopped them. "I don't think we should disturb them," he said. "We should come back tomorrow."

Buffy glanced at Faith and saw that she had eyes only for Cordelia. She nodded. "Yes," she agreed. "Let's go."

Nobody argued and they left.


Faith was confused for a moment when she realized she was in Cordelia's room, but she quickly realized that they were sharing a dream again. "Cordelia!" she said when she saw her. She ran to her and hugged her. "I was so scared."

Cordelia hugged her back, glad to see her. "Are you okay?" she asked.

Faith nodded. "I'm fine."

They broke the hug and Faith caressed her. "Hey, don't cry," Cordelia said when she saw tears welling up in Faith's eyes.

"I'm sorry," Faith said.

"What for?"

"For getting you involved in this."

"Don't be. You're my girlfriend and I will help you in anyway I can, including fight the demons and vampires."

"But I can't..."

"You can't convince me otherwise, just like I can't convince you to stop slaying."

Faith bit her teeth and sighed. "I hate it," she said.

Cordelia caressed her, smiling. "So, did you kill it?"

Faith nodded. "Yes."


They were quiet for a while.

"When will you come back?" Faith then asked and Cordelia could hear it in her voice that she was scared.

Cordelia smiled softly. "As soon as I can."

She took her hand and took her to the bed. They sat and Cordelia wrapped her arm around Faith. Faith in turn leaned her head onto Cordelia's shoulder. They didn't speak anymore, they just enjoyed the feeling of closeness.


When Faith woke up in the morning, she felt stiff. She looked at Cordelia, but she was still unconscious. She kissed her hand again and watched her. Suddenly she got an idea. She wasn't sure whether it would work, but she had nothing to lose. She got up and caressed Cordelia. "I love you, Cordelia," she said and kissed her on the lips.

She couldn't believe her luck when a few moments later Cordelia's vital signs went wild. She stared at her, surprised.

"Is she waking up?" she asked the duty nurse, who came to check the displays.


A doctor and a couple of nurses soon came and did a more extensive check. Faith didn't move until Cordelia opened her eyes. Then she hugged her, even though Cordelia wasn't trembling.

"Welcome back," she whispered and gave her a kiss in the forehead.

Cordelia smiled weakly. "Good to be back."

Faith stepped aside and let the doctor do her job.


When the Scooby Gang, led by Giles, came to visit several hours later, Faith and Cordelia were having a chat.

"Well, well, look who came back from the dreamland," Xander said.

"How do you feel?" Willow asked.

"My head hurts like hell," Cordelia said with a smile.

"Did the doctor say when you will be released?" Giles asked.

"Tomorrow. They want to keep me overnight for observation."

"I see."

Faith noticed the strange looks and she whispered something into Cordelia's ear. Cordelia glanced at their friends and then looked back at Faith. "Sure. Why not? Do you wanna do it?"

Faith considered. "Yeah," she said and took a deep breath. "Well, in case you haven't noticed it by now, Cordelia and I are a couple."

Nobody seemed very surprised, though they all found them a very unlikely couple.

"I see," from Giles was all they got in response.

"So, I suppose you won't go slaying tonight," Xander said.

"No, I'll stay with Cordelia."

"Thought so."


The Gang hadn't stayed for long as everybody felt that Faith and Cordelia wanted to be left alone. Faith had stayed the whole day and the following night. She had hoped they would share their dreams again, but she had doubted it because neither of them was in coma or unconscious.

She was right. When she woke up, she was a bit disappointed, but when she saw Cordelia smiling at her, her mood improved.

"Good morning," Cordelia greeted her.

"Morning," Faith said and smiled back. "How do you feel?"

"Better. My head doesn't hurt so much anymore."

"Good." She thought. "Too bad we didn't share our dreams again."

"Yeah. I guess it only works when one of us is in coma."

"Or unconscious," Faith agreed and grinned. "How about one of us gets comatose once in a while?"

Cordelia laughed. "I wouldn't mind, if only my head wouldn't hurt so much afterwards," she said and Faith laughed.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Faith said. "How about I get a doctor and we get out of here?"

"Sounds great to me," Cordelia agreed.

"I'll be right back."


At home, Maria was relieved that Cordelia was all right. She hesitated for a moment and then hugged the girl. Cordelia hugged her back, glad that her relationship with Maria was becoming more close again.

"Are you two hungry?" Maria asked.

"Starving," Cordelia said. "Hospital food sucks."

"Yeah," Faith agreed.

"Good. You two go wash and change your clothes and I will prepare a large breakfast."

"It's a deal," Faith said.

"Yeah," Cordelia agreed.

Maria went into the kitchen and the girls went upstairs.

"You go first," Faith said.

Cordelia thought for a moment. "We can go together."

Faith did a double take and thought about it. "You sure? I mean, I've seen a naked girl before, but... well..."

"I'm sure," Cordelia said. "I don't want to push you, I mean, if you're not ready..."

"Okay, let's do it," Faith agreed.

They went to the bathroom and started to undress. Although Faith usually wasn't very shy, the fact that she was about to get naked in front of someone she really cared about made her a bit nervous. When they were both completely naked, they stared at each other for a while, admiring each other's bodies.

"You're very beautiful," Cordelia finally said and Faith blushed.

"You're not so bad yourself," she said and grinned.

Cordelia gently slapped her on the arm, pouting. "Some compliment," she said.

"Well, I wanted to be short. I could go on for hours about just how beautiful you are," Faith said and Cordelia blushed. "Is that better?"

"Much better."

"Good. How about we get clean now?"

Cordelia nodded and stepped into the shower.

"Nice tattoo," Faith observed when she saw the tattoo one the small of Cordelia's back.

"Thanks," Cordelia said and flashed her a smile. She nodded at the tattoo on Faith's right forearm. "Yours isn't bad either."

Faith smiled back and followed her into the shower. They were a bit uncertain at first, but then Faith carefully took charge. Cordelia didn't object and Faith slowly cleaned her. She was a bit uncertain when it came to the intimate parts, but when Cordelia's look told her it was okay, she continued. Cordelia found the sensations she was experiencing exhilarating, Faith was the only one to touch her intimate parts beside herself since childhood. She liked the feeling, especially because she knew Faith wasn't trying to make her aroused.

Faith also liked the feeling, she loved to run her hands down Cordelia's gorgeous body, but she was careful, she didn't want to push it. It was pretty hard for her to keep back with a girl as beautiful as Cordelia, but she had too much at stake and that helped a bit.

Cordelia was a bit nervous when it was her turn to wash Faith, she had never touched another person intimately, especially not a girl. Fortunately, Faith had washed her and so she knew approximately what to do. She gently washed Faith and wondered what it would feel like to make love to her.

When she was finished, they both dried off and dressed up. Then they went to the kitchen.

"How about we tell her?" Faith whispered when they sat down. Cordelia glanced at Maria.

"Maria? About us?"

Faith nodded. "Yeah. I don't want to hide anymore."

Cordelia considered the idea. "Okay," she agreed and looked at Maria. "Em, Maria."

The maid turned. "Yes?"

"Em, Faith and I, we're, em, a couple," she said, blushing.

But Maria merely smiled. "I know," she said.

The two girls looked at each other, surprised. "What do you mean? Since when?"

"I suspected there was something going on when you suddenly started to visit Faith in the hospital. And when she moved in, well, your behavior said it all."

The two girls blushed. "Was it that obvious?" Faith asked.

"No, not really."

"Did Mom notice?" Cordelia asked.

"No I don't think so."

Cordelia was relieved. "Good."

"So when do we tell her?" Faith asked.

"Mom? I don't know."

"Will she freak out?"

"Are you kidding? She has a reputation to consider."

"Like you?"

"Past tense."

"Well, yeah, I mean..."


"So I guess we wait."

"Yeah. For now. She has to get used to you first, you know, get to know you better."

"Yeah. Okay."

"Good." Cordelia thought for a moment. "You think we should ask Giles about sharing dreams?"

Faith thought about it. "Nah. Let's wait until it happens again."


They hesitated for a moment and then kissed. Then they concentrated on the food.