Season 5
by buffysummers97

Buffy vs. Dracula

Of course she was awake at this time of day; Buffy was lying in her bed looking up at the ceiling. Then she felt a hand come to rest on her stomach. She looked over and saw Cordelia fast asleep next to her. They had been together ever since Riley decided to go with the army after they defeated Adam.

Buffy was mad for about a month and then her and Cordelia had started to hang out more, and soon they became friends, and then lovers. Everyone was happy for them, they finally found someone that made them happy...who was going to argue with that?

When Buffy felt Cordelia's hand leave her stomach and roll over Buffy slowly got out of bed and walked over to her closest. She put on a green shirt with a pair of black leather pants and a leather jacket. The she walked down stairs and out the door. I guess I will get some slaying in since I can't sleep. Buffy thought as she walked off toward the cemetery.

As Buffy entered the biggest cemetery in Sunnydale she couldn't help but remises about her life with Cordeila. Because who in there right minds would have ever thought that Buffy Summers and Cordeila Chase would end up together?

Sometimes it is hard to believe that I have been with Cordelia for like three months. I never would have thought that Queen C would have been that kind of girl, but hey I never thought I was that kinda girl. I think it all started when Riley decided to leave. Cordeila was back in town visiting her parents and she was there for me every step of the way. At first it was kinds weird but then it was nice.

The first person we told was Willow and Xander. They took it okay; I think. I think Willow was a little devastated, mostly because she hated Cordelia for so long. Xander couldn't help but be a little freaked out. I mean come on both of his best friends end up being gay... that tends to make you freak. But he got over it. The people that took it the easiest surprisingly was Giles and mom. They didn't rag on us or ask us a lot of question. They just asked if we where sure about what we where doing. Of course we both said yes.

"Slayer," a vampire said from behind Buffy.

"Don't you guys ever come up with new lines?" Buffy asked as they began to fight. It was kinda easy for Buffy. One shot to the midsection and then she brought the stake down to his back and the puff...dust. "Must've been a newbie." Buffy said as she continued to walk.

"Very impressive," a voice said from behind her. Buffy turned around to look at him. "Very impressive hunt."

"That wasn't a's just what I do. My job." Buffy said studying the man before her. The man walks closer. "Hey, if you want to go a round then lets go. Because I kinda have someone I want to get back to." Buffy said.

"We aren't going to fight," he said with an evil grin.

"Do you know what a slayer is?" Buffy asked confused.

"Do you?" he asked back.

Okay more confusion. "Who are you?" Buffy asked as she stared him down.

"Oh sorry, my name is Dracula," he said with a nod of his head.

"Get out!" Buffy said with a smile. "I mean your him, the count, Count Dracula?" Buffy asked as they circled each other.

"I am," he said in his low accent. "And you are Buffy Summers." Buffy looked wide eyed at him. "I have heard a great many stories about you... the Chosen One." He said.

"Actually there are two of...but we won't get into that." Buffy paused. "You have heard of me?" She asked almost not believing it.

"Yes." He said. "That is why I came. To meet the one and only... killer." He said as he moved closer to her. Buffy didn't budge.

"Can you not use the word killer? It just sounds too..."

"Naked, plain, simple?" he supplied.

"Hey! I am the good guy...what don't you understand about that?!" Buffy asked getting angry.

"Perhaps...but even you must know that your power is rooted from something evil. Evil is a part of the slayer even if she doesn't like to admit it." Dracula said.

Just then Buffy lunged at him but he turned to mist before she could touch him. "Okay that is cheating on so many levels." Buffy said as she looked around waiting for him to reaper. Just then she heard a noise behind her and she turned to see Xander and Willow walking toward her.

"Hey Buff, what no Cordelia tonight?" he asked looking around for the brunette. "What a shame."

She purposely ignored his comment about Cordelia. "You guys have to get out of here." She said as she continued to look around. Just then Dracula repapered behind them. "Look out behind you!" she said to them. They turned around and saw Dracula standing there.

"Hey man, you are looking seriously pale." He said. "And can you say obsessed with Dracula?" Xander asked. Willow laughed.

"Xander I am pretty sure that is Dracula," Buffy whispered from behind them. They both ran so that she was standing in front of them.

"It is not time yet," he looks right into her eyes. "I will be seeing you Buffy.' He said before he turned into a bat and flew away.

"Oh bats," Willow screamed as she Xander and Buffy and ducked their heads. When she looked back up she saw Buffy staring off into the sky. "So that was Dracula huh?" Willow almost squeaked. "Neat."

Buffy was still staring into the sky but then she turned to Xander. "And what is with it being a shame that Cordeila isn't here?" Buffy asked remembering his earlier comment about her girlfriend.

"Oh it was nothing Buff." He said. Buffy just stared at him and he smiled and backed away. "It was just a joke. Do you think we should tell Giles about this?" He asked signaling the air. "About Dracula."

"I am thinking about waiting until tomorrow morning or something." Buffy said and by there confused looks she added. "It's late."

As they started walking toward Buffy's house she got to thinking again. What did he mean about my powers being rooted by darkness? I am so gonna have to talk to girls about that. She thought as the turned on to her street. And I so did not like him using the word killer. I mean it makes me sound so evil. And how about me being know around the world isn't that cool or what?

"So I will see you guys tomorrow then?" Buffy asked as she unlocked the front door. "We will meet up at Giles around noon." She said as she watched them walk down her sidewalk. Buffy walked in and closed the door behind her. She locked the door behind her before she took off her jacket and walk up the stairs to her bedroom where Cordeila should still be asleep.

I wonder what Cordelia would say when she finds out that I am known around the world. I mean that makes me more popular than she was in High School. Granted most of the people that know me want to kill me. But hey they still know my name.

Buffy changed back into her pajamas and climbed back into bed. Once she was under the covers she felt Cordelia roll over and place her arms around her waist. Buffy just smiled at the contact. She snuggled closer into Cordelia's embrace and soon she was fast asleep in her lovers arms and there was no place she would rather be.


Giles looked over at the door as it opened. In walked Willow with her computer...laptop. She went over and set it down on his desk and then she walked over to him. Why did I have to be here before noon...I mean God it is only seven. Willow thought as she walked up beside him.

"So Giles you wanted to see me?" She asked not even looking up at him. She just looked from book to book.

"Yes Willow. There is something really important that I want to tell you and you have to promise me that you will not tell anyone." He paused. "Not even Buffy."

"Sure Giles anything," she looked up at him concerned now. Ph my God he isn't dieing is he? I mean because he is old and stuff. "You know you can count on me."

"Fine," he paused before continuing. "I am going back to England." He said as a matter of factly. "And I called you over here today to put all the books on the computer so they will be at your fingertips." He said.

"Your going back to England? Why?" She asked all of a sudden sad. "You can't go back to England. We need you...Buffy needs you." She said trying to reason with him. Damn he picks one hell of a time to get a life. Wow! Where did that come from? "You can't leave us."

"I have to go Willow. Buffy doesn't need me anymore and you guys are all grown up." He said as he looked down at his feet. "I think it is about time that I let you guys go." He said.

"But're apart of the Scooby Gang and we need you." She paused. "Who else are Tara and I gonna run to for magic advice. Who is going tot rain Buffy...because the truth is we all know she needs it, even her. Who is going to tell Xander that he jokes really aren't funny...because we don't have the heart to. And who is Anya going to work for?" Willow ended her mini babble. "We don't need you because we think of you as a father...we need you because we don't want to lose one of our friends." Willow said.

"But Willow..." Giles started but he was interrupted.

"Don't but Willow me." She said getting angry. "Giles you belong in Sunnydale...where the evil is. Not in some apartment in England where nothing good ever happens. Truth is Giles you will more that likely be board." She paused. "You know there is only one person on the face of the plant like Cordelia." She said jokingly. Giles let out a laugh. "You see who is going to make you laugh if not us?" she asked.

"I will think about what you said Willow, but I really don't think that my feelings are going to change. I need to let you guys grow up." He said.

"Grow up! Giles look around we have grown up. Buffy works at the new High School. Xander works in construction. You and Anya run the Magic Box. I am still in college. Giles we already grew up. There is no more growing up we can do." She said. When he tried to argue she pointed to her face. "You see my resolve know what it means, you've seen it before." And with that she walked out of his apartment with a "we'll see you at noon" over her shoulder.

She is right Rupert. They have all grown up and they didn't need your help to do it. Sure you guided them but they did it on their own. So why do you really have to leave...for the Concial? Come on Rupert they don't like you anyway. They just want you because you are the link to controlling Buffy. Without you they would be without a slayer and you know that.

There is nothing for you in England. But look around and notice how much you have going for you here. Buffy, Xander, Anya, Willow, Tara, and God even Spike. They all look up to you and not just for guidance but for friendship.

Giles put his book down on the table and took off his glasses to clean them. Why am I leaving? I have no family family is here, in Sunnydale. He put his glasses back on as a smile came across his lips.


Buffy woke up that morning not because of her alarm but because of the sun shinning through the window. I thought I closed those shades last night. Buffy thought as she got up out of bed and walked into the bathroom. She quick took off her clothes and got in the shower.

Man that was one of the weirdest nights that I have ever had. It ranks right up there with when I first meet Faith...that was just freaky. But I mean come on I meet cool is that? And he said that I was known through out the world...that is awesome. I have world famous. I Buffy Summers am known world wide by every evil thing that has ever walked the earth. Man that gives me butterflies.

Then Willow and Xander had to show up. I mean I know that like to make sure I am okay when I patrol but I mean it was two thirty in the morning...why where they in a cemetery at two thirty? Anyways Xander made a complete fool of himself and that was just too funny.

Another thing that is pissing me off is that he called me a killer. I am not a killer! I am a protector. But he said that there was so much about my powers that I don't understand...that I don't know. I wonder how much there is that Giles has never told me? I mean he said that he has told me all I need to know, but if the most famous vampire in history knows more about me that I do...that can't be good. Right? Doesn't that mean that he or she has the upper hand? I am so gonna need to talk about this with Giles before my head explodes.

Buffy got out of the shower and started to dry herself off. Once she was done she wrapped the towel around her waist and walked out into her room. It was then that she noticed that Cordeila was not in the bed. Huh I thought she was sleeping. Buffy walked over to her closet and grabbed some clothes. She put on a black shirt with a pair of black paints. She opened her closest more so she could see herself in the mirror. She couldn't help but notice how crowed it was. Both hers and Cordeila's stuff was in there. I think I need a bigger closest. Buffy gave herself a one over in the mirror before she walked out of her room and headed down stairs.

Once down stairs Buffy suddenly smelt eggs and toast. Ummm. Buffy thought to herself as she walked into the kitchen to where her mom was making breakfast. Her mom looked up when she sat down. "Cordelia told me to tell you that she went for a run and she would be back in a few minutes." Joyce said going back to her eggs.

"Run? Why would she need to go for a run?" Buffy asked more to herself than anyone. Buffy shrugged her shoulder and went back to her thinking. Does she think that I think that she is too fat? Yeah right there is no way in hell Cordelia would ever be fat, and personally I don't think that would bother me. Buffy was so deep in her thoughts that she didn't even hear her girlfriend come in.

Cordelia took a set next to Buffy and smiled up at Joyce. "In her own little worked again?" she asked indicating Buffy. Joyce nodded. "I swear she spend way to much time there. So I guess when she comes out of it you can tell her that I am up in the shower." Again Joyce nodded. "Thanks you're the best." Cordeila said as she walked out of the kitchen and upstairs to take a shower.

Can you even imagine Cordelia being fat...I can't. I think she would have a heart attack. Buffy was knocked from her thoughts by the sound of the shower. "Huh?" she asked as she looked up and saw that her mom was still making breakfast. "Cordelia is here and I was in my own world again wasn't I?" Buffy asked her mom.

With a smirk she said, "She told me to tell you that she is in the shower."

"Thanks mom you're the best," Buffy said as she headed up stairs.

"I know," Joyce said quietly to herself.

Buffy sat on the bed as she waited for Cordelia to get out of the shower. She looked over at the clock and saw that it was eleven fifty. Well I guess I should head to Giles' place. Buffy thought as she started to write Cordelia a note. She put the note on the closet door and then walked out off the room and headed off to Giles' apartment.

A few minutes later Cordelia walked out of the bathroom in a towel and walked over to the closet and that is where she saw the note. It read: I'm a Giles' apartment come by when you get out there is a new bad guy in town so I kinda want you near me...Love Buffy. Cordelia smiled as she opened the closet door and grab something to wear. When she was done getting dressed she walked down stairs and out the door. She jumped in her car and headed to Giles' apartment.


Buffy looked up when she heard Giles' apartment door open. When she looked up she saw Cordelia walking through the door and that brought a smiled to her face. Cordeila returned the smile as she walked over and sat down next to Buffy. Buffy leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips.

"So Cordy I am glad you could make time for us in your busy schedule," Xander said as he looked over at her. She just glared at him. "Not," then Buffy glared at him. "Sorry."

Giles took off his glasses a rubbed them. "Yes we are all glad that Cordeila could make it; now can we please get back to the discussion at hand?" he asked the group as they turned there heads to him. "Now Buffy if it was indeed Dracula you meet last night that..."

"Hold up you went patrolling last night? When?" Cordelia asked.

Buffy gave Giles a death glare before she turned back to her girlfriend. "You where sleeping and I...well I couldn't sleep so I went out. It was like a two in the morning." Buffy said trying to rationalize with her. "I didn't think you would want to be wakened."

"Buffy you know that I always want to go with matter the time. Even if it is an ungodly hour." Cordeila said. "I want to know that you are kills me to think that you could go out one night and not come back." Cordelia let a tear com e down her cheek. The gang took this as a hint and left Giles' apartment to give them some alone time.

"I know I'm sorry," Buffy said as she took Cordelia in her arms. "Next time I will make sure to wake you."

"That's did you really meet Dracula? As in the count, the prince of darkness?" Cordelia asked. Buffy smiled as she got up off the couch and went outside to where everyone else was sitting. Cordeila wasn't far behind. "Buffy meet Dracula...and this is bad because?" Cordelia asked once they where outside.

"Because he is the most powerful vampire off all time. He lures women by sexual fantasies." Giles said as he looked at his feet. "He is said to be unkillable." He took off his glasses and cleaned them again.

"Okay the whole sexual fantasies are what gets me...I mean Buffy isn't into men anymore." Xander said as he sat down.

"For once in his stupid life he has a point," Cordelia said. "Buffy he is right isn't he?"

"Yeah, I am totally in to you how does the sexual thing work now Giles?" Buffy asked trying to get the subjuct off of her sexual fantasies.

"It doesn't matter are into. He will still us it on you and you will be lured to his mansion where he will try to turn you." Giles stated matter of factly. "Sorry Buffy."

"What to be sorry about? The fact that Dracula is going to lure me with sexual fantasies or that I am going be able to be lured by sexual fantasies?" Buffy asked to no one unparticular.

"Both," Cordelia said under her breath but Buffy heard her. Buffy elbowed her. "Ow...sorry." Cordelia said when she realized that Buffy had heard her. Damn the slayer hearing.

"Giles I can take care of this guy don't worry," Buffy said as she stood up from where she was sited. "But if it makes you feel better tell me where you think I will be safe and that is where I will go." Buffy said and then she heard a snort from behind her from Cordeila. "But only for a little while." She added when her girlfriend looked like she was going to argue. "Where do you want me?" she paused as she thought about what she just said. "Okay if you think about that for a second it is gross on so many levels that I want to hit myself for saying it." Buffy said with a disgusted look.

"I want you to go to Xander's," he said.

"Xander's! Like he is going to keep her safe. Might as well hide her outside Dracula's mansion!" Cordelia said getting up.

"Hey! I can protect Buffy!" Xander said.

"Shut up Xander," Buffy said walking over to Cordelia and pushing her back into the apartment. "I am going to go to Xander's, but only for a few days and then I will be back. It is what Giles thinks is best and I must respect that." Buffy said.

"But Buffy..."

"No Cordelia...I will be back in a few days. In the mean time promise me you will not go out at night if I am not with you."

"I promise." Buffy walked up to her and placed a soft kiss on her lips. And then she walked out of the apartment and walked with Xander to his house...or more like his parents basement. It was going to be a long few days.


Buffy was sitting in Xander's apartment house while she listened to him and Anya argues about something that wasn't even that important.

Why did I agree to come here? I mean does Giles really think that Xander could save me if Dracula was after me? I am not saying Xander is weak or anything I am just saying that if Giles is scared that I can't beat him that what does he think Xander is going to do about it?

Suddenly Buffy was startled from her thoughts by the sound of Anya shouting. She looked over and saw Xander putting her in the closet. Xander looked back and Buffy but said nothing. She looked into his eyes and got up off the couch and followed him out the door.

What am I doing? Shouldn't I being hiding out...but no I am following my best friend to the man's house that wants to kill me. Real smart Buffy. Cordelia is going to love this.

Buffy followed Xander up the driveway to a mansion that stood on top of a hill. Where the hell did this come from? I patrol the street every night and I have never seen this place before. Angel would kill for a house this big.

Xander opened the door for and Buffy and she walked in. Xander lead her throughout the mansion and Buffy couldn't help but wonder how he knew some much about this place. She juts followed and kept her mouth shut. Suddenly she came to a room that was only lit by flames. Okay this is way creepy. Buffy thought as Xander lead her further into the room.

At the fire place stood Dracula in all his silk and black. Buffy wouldn't help but wonder why she was so attracted to him. God he isn't even cute. At least Angel was cute. And plus I am so not into that anymore...for obvious reasons.

"I brought her master," Xander said when Dracula looked at him.

"Good...leave us." He said and Xander walked out. "Come here killer."

"I thought I asked you to stop calling me that," Buffy said as she walked toward him. It was almost like he had control over her like the master did. "I just want you to know that you are so not controlling me." Buffy said as she continued to move closer. "I have free will."

"Right and why aren't you stopping?" He said with a smirk.

"Good point...I will be stopping any minute now." She said.

Suddenly Buffy found herself in his arms. "You have no control over me slayer." He pushed her away a little and held his wrist out to her. "Drink and see the evil inside yourself." He said as he slit his wrist.

Buffy lowered her mouth to his wrist and drank some.


Giles and Cordelia walked up to the last mansion that they had to check. Cordelia was going on and on about leaving Buffy with Xander which she thought was really stupid. Giles had to ask the God how on earth he got stuck with Cordelia...he would rather be with Anya right now...or even Spike. Anyone but Cordelia.

When they walked through the door Cordelia saw Xander standing in the hallway. "Xander what the hell are you doing here?!" Cordeila screamed. If Xander was there than that meant Buffy was too. "If something happens to Buffy I am going to kill you."

"You will have to get in line," Giles said.


Buffy lifted her head from sucking his blood and looked into his eyes. "That was incredibly gross." She said as he looked at her funny. "I am so not evil."

"You are evil...there is evil in you, now drink more." He demanded.

Buffy smiled. "I don't think so." Buffy said as she walked away. "You know you are just not my type." Buffy said walking around the table. "I used to think that the whole creature of the night thing was sexy but then I grew up and got serious."

"You can't stop me girl!" He snarled.

"I'm sorry did you forget who I am. Well allow me in introduce myself again. I'm Buffy...the vampire slayer and you are?"

"I am going to kill you," he said running at her.

"You can try."

The next thing Buffy knew she was being thrown against the wall. She got up and shuck it off and then ran at him. She hit him heard against the face. He stumbled back but that was about it. Buffy whipped out her stake and he turned to mist. Buffy watched the mist with her eyes and watched it go to the top of the stairs. She quickly ran that way and then when he turned whole again he got a stake to the heart. The look on his face was of utter confusion.

"Buffy?" Buffy looked down at the bottom of the stairs and saw Cordeila standing there with Giles and Xander. And it looked like Xander was going to have a nasty black eye. Buffy walked to the bottom of the stairs and took Cordelia in her arms. "Are you okay?" she asked when they pulled away.

"I'm fine," Buffy said looking back at where she had just come from. "Let's go home."

"Good plan."

Just then Dracula reappeared. "You thought it was going to be that eas..." Just then a stake slammed into his heart.

"What you didn't think I've seen your movies." Buffy said as she walked away with a smile on her face. She took Cordelia's hand and they headed home.


Buffy was sleeping peacefully when a knock came at her door. What the hell? She looked down at Cordelia who was still asleep. I swear she could sleep through anything. Buffy thought. As she was about to get out of bed and get the door it opened. Buffy was shocked at who she saw standing there.

"Dawn what the hell are you doing here? I thought you where living with Dad?" Buffy asked as she quietly got out of bed. "Know is not a time to be bugging me." Buffy said as she grabbed her hand and took her out of the room.

"Buffy was that...a girl in your bed?" Dawn asked almost in shock.

Buffy just rolled her eyes. "Yeah know if you don't mind I would like to get back to that." Buffy said. "You know sleeping." Buffy walked back in her room and shut and locked the door.

"Mom!" Dawn screamed as she walked away from Buffy room. Man this is going to be a long year. Buffy thought as she climbed back into bed with her girlfriend.

Giles' apartment

Buffy had left her house before Dawn could wake that meant that Cordelia wasn't awake either. She knew that when she got home she was going to get scolded by her girlfriend for leaving her with her sister. Buffy walked up to Giles' door and knocked. This was weird because she never knocks, usually she just walks in. Giles answered the door.

"Buffy is something wrong?" he asked.

"Man Giles you always assume the worst." Buffy said as she walked through the door and over to the couch. Giles came over and sat next to her. "I have something I need to tell you," Buffy said once he sat done.

"I have something to tell you too...but please go first." Giles said.

"I want you to start training me again...I want to know about slayer, their history, the abilities, everything." Buffy said. Giles smiled and Buffy took that as a yes. "Now what was it that you wanted to tell me?" She asked remembering.

"Oh nothing, it isn't that important." He said.

Buffy leaned over and hugged him and then she got up and walked out the door. Giles just sat there with a smile on his face. Now I have a reason to stay in Sunnydale.


Real Me

Buffy had left the house early this morning mostly to avoid Dawn and all the questions about her and Cordeila. Sure she didn't mind answering them...but some where personal. Anyway she decided to leave Cordeila with Dawn. If there was anyone that could handle Dawn it was Queen C herself.

Sometimes Cordeila could be a real bitch but other times she is the sweetest person you will ever meet. Buffy has seen both sides of Cordeila Chase and she wouldn't want to change either side. Why? Because each side makes Cordeila...well Cordeila.

Buffy is training with Giles for a few hours before she had to be to work. They gave her a half day so she decided to get some quality watcher time in. They had arrived at seven in the morning and Buffy didn't need to be to school till nine. So she had plenty of time...or so she thought.

Buffy was balancing on a short piece of wood trying to get in tune with herself. The next thing Buffy knew she was being thrown to the floor by some unseen force. What the hell? She thought to herself after she hit the floor. And when she looked up she saw the cause of her pain...Dawn. "What are you doing here? You and Cordeila are supposed to be spending quality time together." Buffy said as she picked herself up of the floor.

"She decided to spend quality time here at the Magic Box. Which I have to say has way cool stuff in it." She looks around the gym. "Hey is that a real sword?" she asks. But before Buffy can answer she continues. "Anyways Cordeila wants to talk to the way what the hell happen to Riley?" Dawn asked to Buffy's back as Buffy walks out of the gym. "Buffy?"

"He left." Buffy stated as she walked out the door. She had some things to discuss with her girlfriend. Dawn followed closely behind. When Buffy walked into the store she saw Cordeila looking at some things on the shelf. She smiled as she walked over to her and all the mean things she wanted to say disappeared when she saw Cordeila. That always happens to her. Buffy taps her on the shoulder.

Cordeila turns around and smiles at Buffy. "Hey," she says as she puts her hands around Buffy's neck.

"Hey yourself," Buffy said as they lean in for a kiss. Dawn makes a disgusted face and walks over to the table. "What are you doing here?" Buffy asks when they pull apart. "I thought I wasn't going to see you till tonight."

"Yeah well I decided to drop by...why you upset?" Cordeila asked in mock hurt.

"I could never be hurt by seeing you," Buffy said as she out her forehead to Cordeila's.

"Could you two please get a room," Dawn said as she watched them from the table.

"Yup, you and her are gonna get along great." Buffy said as she pulled away from Cordeila. "Plus I have to get back to training." Buffy said as she walked back into the back room. She left both Cordeila and Dawn sitting there with a confused look on there faces.

"What the hell did she mean by that?" Cordeila asked. Dawn shrugged. "So you want to go to the mall and spend Buffy's money?" Cordeila asked as she looked over at Dawn. Dawn just smiled and walked out of the Magic Box with Cordeila.

Buffy walked back into the gym and saw Giles sitting on the couch. "What?" she asked when he looked up at her.

"Buffy you sure no how to pick them." He said with a smile. "Dawn and Cordeila are going to get along great." Giles said as he stood up and placed the piece of wood back in the position it was before.

"That's what I said," Buffy said as she climbed back on the piece of wood. Cordeila and Dawn are going to get along great and that made Buffy happier than she had been in a long time. Because she really wanted her family to be cool with this whole her and Cordeila thing. It took her mom awhile and hopefully it won't take Dawn as long because she wants Cordeila to be part of the family.


Cordeila had been walking around Sunnydale's mall for about an hour. This was sad because the mall wasn't that big. Cordeila had bought things for her and Buffy and Dawn had bought things for herself and only herself. Cordeila smiled because she remembered when she was like that. That was until she met Buffy.

Cordeila couldn't help but think about the past. All the years they fought and bickered. Just because they wanted to be better than the each other. What would everyone say if the knew that Cordeila Chase was now in a serious relationship with Buffy Summers. The prom queen and the freak. She could laugh about the old days now...because that was the past and Buffy was her future.

Just then Cordeila felt a tape on her shoulder. And when she turned around she saw a familiar face. old boyfriend. Great. She thought to herself. "Oh my God...Kevin?" Cordeila shirked in her pretend to be happy voice.

"Hi Cordeila," he said as he brought her in for a hug. "It's been a long time..." he looked at Dawn. "And you are?" he asked.

Rude much? " bad. This is Dawn...Dawn Summers." Cordeila said hopping the last name would ring a bell.

"You mean as in Buffy summers little sister?" he asked in shock. "Why you hanging with the freaks sister?" he asked.

"Hey!" Dawn began but was cut of by Cordeila.

"Kevin, Buffy is and never will be a freak." Cordeila stated,

"Yeah right Cordy. You where the one that started calling her a freak... after that loser Xander Harris dumped you." He said. "What changed... why the sudden change of heart?"

"I fell in love with her." she said.

"What?" he asked as if he couldn't hear her but he did and he was just in shock. No way had be heard her right.

"I said I fell in love with her. I am head over heals in love with Buffy Summers." She paused. "Yeah go ahead. Spread it around. Cordeila Chase...prom now a dyke. And you know what...I wouldn't change it for the world because Buffy makes me happy." Cordeila said as she grabbed Dawn's hand and walked away from a stunned Kevin.

They kept walking until finally Dawn broke the silence. "You thought Buffy was a freak?"

"That was before I really got to know her," Cordeila stated looking at the floor.

"You mean before you got to sleep with her!" Dawn yelled. "Is she that good in bed?! I mean come on Angel...a vampire; he supposed to kill the slayer...not sleep with her. Riley abandoned all his military things when he was with Buffy. And now you...tell me the truth when did you really see Buffy for Buffy and not a freak?"

Cordeila looked up at Dawn. "When she killed Angel to save the world." She looked at the floor again. "It showed me that she had to give up a lot for what she does. Her chance at a normal life... everything." She paused and looked at Dawn again. "I know I will never hold a candle to Angel and you know what...I don't want to. Because Angel helped shape the Buffy that I fell in love with." She said. "Of course I never told her about my I waited until after I came back from L.A. and Riley left her."

Dawn was speechless for the first time in her life. She didn't know how to respond to what Cordeila had said so instead they just kept walking. Each thinking about there own thing. Buffy and how each of them loved. Sure Cordeila could admit she loved Buffy but Dawn couldn't...he social life would be ruined. Before they knew it they where in the car heading back home.


When Cordeila and Dawn walked into Buffy's bedroom they saw her talking to Willow, who was sprawled out on the bed. It really didn't look like either one of them where into the conversation, but yet they still talked. Sometimes Cordeila just didn't understand Buffy and Willow's relationship, and she didn't think she ever would...and that was okay.

Cordeila walked in and walked right over to where Buffy sat. She wrapped her arms around her shoulders and placed a kiss on her head. Buffy looked up at her and smiled. Cordeila walked over to the other side of the room and set down the bags.

"Have fun shopping?" Buffy asked as she watched Dawn plop down on the floor and Cordeila put away the things she bought. Probably with my money. Someone might as well spend it since I can' busy saving the world to shop. Damn that sucks on so many levels.

"Oh yeah," Dawn said. "I bought a lot of new clothes for us..." Buffy started at her and Cordeila snorted. "Okay I bought new clothes for myself and Cordeila bought some for you. Personally you where not in my mind at all when I shopped." She finished.

"New clothes?" Buffy asked getting up.

"Yeah and I will show them to you later," Cordeila said with a wink. "Guess who we saw there." Cordeila said turning back to the clothes.

"Who?" Buffy asked.

"Kevin...from high school." Cordeila asked turning around.

"As in your ex-boyfriend Kevin?" Willow asked sitting up. "What did he want?" She asked when she saw Buffy's far away stair in her eyes. She really didn't understand why Buffy got like that every time Cordeila came into contact with an old friend. After all she is Cordeila Chase who doesn't know who she is?

"He asked who I was shopping with and I told him that it was Buffy Summers' sister. He asked why I was hanging with the freaks sister and I told him why." Cordeila said going back to doing her clothes.

Suddenly Buffy looked up at her. "What did you say?" Buffy asked because she really wanted to here Cordeila's answer.

"Buffy can we not talk about this right now," Cordeila said gesturing to everyone else in the room. "We can talk later with no audience," she stated.

"No we can talk about it now! Cordeila what did you say?!" Buffy started to yell. And she really didn't understand why she was yelling. Oh yeah because last time she came into contact with an old friend, she said the reason she was hanging with the freak was because it was for charity.

"Come on Dawn lets go downstairs," Willow said when Buffy stood up and Cordeila gave Buffy the death glare. This is not going to be good. Dawn didn't move so Willow kicked her and she got the point. Willow closed the door behind her and, her and Dawn went downstairs.

Cordeila looked at the closed door. "Was all that really necessary?" She asked.

"Yes...because I want to know what you said. Did you brush it off like you did before when you saw Harmony again? Or did you actually tell him about us." She paused and Cordeila just started at her. "Oh I get it. You have a date with him tonight and that is the reason for all the new am I right?"

"No you're wrong!" Cordeila yelled walking over to Buffy. "The only reason I lied to Harmony that "one" time is because she was my best friend and I didn't know who she was going to take it." She paused and saw that Buffy wasn't backing down so she continued. "I told him that I am in love with you," she said and she turned around and walked back to the closet.

"You told him you love me? You have never even told me that." Buffy said in a quieter tone as she walked over to her. She put her arms around Cordeila's waist. "I'm sorry to have lashed out at you." Buffy kissed Cordeila on her bare shoulder. Buffy turned Cordeila around and looked her in the eyes. "I love you too Cordy. And I don't care who knows. Because I am in love with Cordeila Chase."

Cordeila placed a kiss on Buffy's lips. And when they pulled away they just stood there together, in each others arms. "I love you too, Buffy."


Spike was just sitting in his crypt when Buffy came crashing trough the door. He just looked at her and then back at his TV. She walked over to the TV and kicked it in. That made Spike moved as he looked at her he could help but think of how hot she is. Bad thoughts Spike.

"What do you want Slayer?" Spike asked sitting back down. He popped a cigarette in his mouth as he waited for her answer.

"I was wondering if you knew of any new big bad vamp in town." Buffy asked she wonder why on earth she had come to his crypt. She should have just patrolled and then went back home to Cordeila and her nice warm bed.

"Not that I know of." He said.

"Fine," Buffy turned on her heal and walked out of the crypt and further into the cemetery. I seriously need to get some better contacts.


Cordeila was busy looking for her keys that she didn't even see Xander and Anya walk in. She had just been called into work, she had to work the night shift at the office and she was not happy. Plus she knew Buffy was going to be pissed. She looked up and Xander and smiled. Xander smiled back.

Cordeila lifted the magazine of the table and found her keys underneath it. "Yes," she said as she walked over to the door. "I'm sorry I have to go tonight. It was supposed to be my night off." She said to Dawn before turning to Xander. "Buffy should be back in a couple of hours." She hugged him and then walked past Xander and toward her car. "Bye." She called over her shoulder.

Dawn looked back into the house and saw Anya getting a board game out while Xander plopped down on the couch and pulled the coffee table closer. Great time with the man of my dreams and his psycho girlfriend. I would rather be with Buffy. Dawn walked over to the table and sat on the floor and got ready to play.

She noticed that they where going to play life. God I hate this game. Dawn thought. "I am going to go get some ice cream anybody want?" she asked. The shuck their heads "no." She walked into the kitchen and grabbed the chocolate ice cream. She quick put some in a bowl and then went back into the living room.

They had been playing `Life' for about an hour now. Dawn looked over at Anya who was sorting out her fake money. "I want more money." She said all of a sudden and Xander looked over at her. `What? Can't I trade my children in for more money?" She asked hopefully.

" can not exchange people for money." Xander tried to reason with her. He was going to say something else but a rock was thrown through the window. So he got up and went over to get it. The rock had a note attached. Anya and Dawn both looked over his shoulder to see what it said.

"Slayer come out and Die"

Xander and Anya couldn't help the smiles that came to their faces. They opened the door and there in the doorway stood Harmony and a group of vamps. What a loser. Dawn thought to herself. "Is Buffy here?" Harmony asked.

"Sorry you just missed her," Xander said in a sarcastic way.

"What do you mean I want to kill her...she has to be here." Harmony pouted. "That was the plan." She looks at Xander.

"I am afraid you and your buddies are gonna have to come back another time." Xander said with mock sadness.

"Buddies? Please they are my lackeys...they work for me." Harmony said as she made a disgusted face when Xander said buddies. Like she would hang out with these losers.

"Whatever...hey is that Brad from chem. Class?" Xander asked. "Who would have thought...all the time you took my lunch money you would become Harmony's lapdog." Xander laughed.

"Screw you Harris!"

"Speaking of lapdogs I heard that Dracula had you on a short leash." Harmony said.

"You heard wrong," Xander said all of a sudden not laughing anymore.

"I mean I heard that the mind control works really well on the loser types," she said.

"Hey shut up!" Dawn screamed form behind Xander.

Xander shot her a look. Then turned back to Harmony. "Shut up!"

"Make me!"

"Sorry I like my hair."

"You're the hair puller Harris."

"Oh yeah why don't you come in and say that to his face!" Dawn screamed form behind Anya.

Anya turned around and shot her a look. "Dawn no!" They all turned to look at Harmony and saw that she was in game face. They next thing Xander knew was that he was on his back fighting Harmony off. Then Anya came over and pushed her out the door. Xander closed the door behind him and then he looked at Dawn. "What?"

"Buffy is going to be pissed," Xander said as the walked into the kitchen. "I guess we will have to get Willow and Tara over her to do a de-invite spell." Xander suggested. "Now who is going to tell Buffy when she gets home?"

"Tell me what?" Buffy asked as she appeared in the doorway. Anya shot Dawn a look and she went upstairs. Buffy watched as her sister ran up stairs. "Whats up with her? Where's Cordeila?"

Xander looked over at Anya who in turn just shrugged her shoulder telling him that she didn't know what to say it. Xander really didn't want to be the one to tell Buffy that Dawn had invited a vampire into the house. Let alone one that wants to kill her.

"Xander...what did you need to tell me?!" Buffy asked getting angry now.

"Buff, before you get all mad and stuff, I want you to know that there is a way that this problem can be undone." Buffy just glared at him so he continued. "Dawn invited Harmony into the house and she wants to kill you." He said hurriedly. Buffy just started at him. "Buffy?"

"Okay so let me get this straight. Dawn invited a vampire into the house, and this vampire wants to kill me." Xander nodded. "Where was Cordeila when all this happened?" Buffy asked wondering where her girlfriend was.

"She kinda got called into work, she told me to tell you that she will not be back till three." Anya said from behind Xander. "So we came over to play games and watch Dawn...I won all their money." She added when she saw Buffy hop of the counter where she was sitting.

"Dawn!" Buffy yelled upstairs as she walked toward them.

"Buffy maybe you should take it easy," Xander tried to rationalize.

"Take it easy! She knows the number one rule of the house...don't invite vampires in!" She looked up the stairs. "Dawn!" she yelled again as she took the stairs two at a time. But before she could rush in on Dawn Willow grabbed her by the arm and drags her into Buffy's bedroom. "Willow what the hell are you doing?!" Buffy shouted. "Second that why the hell are you here...Xander said it was just him and Anya."

"Never mind about why I am here it really isn't important." She paused getting back on track. "Buffy think about this. Would you rather yell at your sister or go out and try to kill the vamp that has an all access pass to your house?" Willow tried to reason with a very angry slayer. "Buffy if you don't kill Harmony she could come in at any moment...maybe when Cordeila is here by herself." Willow said.

"Good point," Buffy said moving to her weapons chest. "Where do you think she would be staying?" Buffy turned back to Willow, Willow shrugged. "Oh well I guess I will have to find her the old fashioned way." Buffy walked out the door. But she stopped and looked back at Willow. "Thanks Will," she said as she moved in for a hug.

Dawn sneaked down the stairs and into the kitchen. She opened the back door and walked out. When she was about to go down the stairs she felt an arm on her shoulder. When she turned around she saw Anya. "Where do you think your going?" Anya asked.

"Out!" Dawn said in a raised voice.

"What so vampires can kill you? Are you mental?" Anya asked. But before Dawn could respond a vampire came out of the shadows and grabbed Dawn and kicked Anya back into the house. Anya fell to the floor...hard. The last thing she saw was Dawn struggling with the vampire, she saw the vamps hand over Dawn's mouth so she couldn't scream.

Xander walked into the kitchen and saw Anya on the floor and in an instant he was by her side. "Buffy, Willow, come down her quick!" He yelled upstairs. "You okay baby?" he asked Anya in a softer tone. "What happened?" he asked when Buffy and Willow walked into the kitchen. "Anya, baby what happened?" he asked again.

"A vampire grabbed Dawn, she was outside. I tried to stop her but the vamp came out of no where," she said with her eyes still closed. "He took her away and kicked me back inside." Anya said as she got to her feet. "Why am I the one always getting hurt?"

"I'm gonna kill her," Buffy said heading for the door. "Don't worry Anya I am not least not at any of you." Buffy said as she walked into the darkness. "Dawn on the other hand is a different story."

"Great now we are going to have a really pissed off slayer." Willow said as she closed the door behind Buffy. "Who is going to be the lucky one that gets to tell Cordeila about tonight's adventures?" She asked as she imagined a very pissed ex-cheerleader.

"I think we should leave that for Buffy. I mean who better to deal with Cordeila than a slayer?" Xander asked as he helped Anya to a set at the island. "No one else can take her and you know it Will," Xander said. "Plus do you want to be on Cordeila's bad side because I sure as hell don't."

"Here, here," Anya said from her spot on the chair. "I mean I haven't known her as long as you guys have but I know not to mess with her." She said with a smile.

The three off them sat there each hoping that Buffy would make it home before Cordeila so they could leave.


Dawn had been in these caves for over an hour, or so she guessed. Where the hell is Buffy? She thought to herself as she watched the vampire group in front of her. Man this Harmony person is a real bitch. I wonder if she was like that as a human, and if she was I am glad Buffy was never friends with her.

Just then Harmony turned around and looked at Dawn with an evil grin on her face. "Well if it isn't Dawn Summers, the little sister of the slayer. What do you think she would do to me if turned you?" Harmony asked.

"Thank you," Dawn guessed. "You see we don't get along that well." She finished. "Although the person I think you should watch out for is Cordeila..."

"Cordeila! Do you mean Cordeila Chase?" Harmony asked. "Why would Cordy be worried about you?" she asked.

"Because she and Buffy are..." Dawn stopped what she was saying because she already realized that she had gone too far. If Cordeila and Buffy didn't want her to know then they had a good reason. But I guess it was to late...Dawn slipped. She really, really hopped Buffy would kill this vamp so she didn't have to be the one that slipped about hers and Cordeila's relationship. That is why Buffy got so mad about what happen at the mall earlier today. Dawn thought to herself. Because Cordeila must have denied their relationship once before, damn I would be pissed too.

"Don't tell me...Cordeila Chase and Buffy Summers are together?" She asked and Dawn didn't say anything. "I guess I will take you silence as a yes. Man who would have thought the prom queen would end up with the freak. Next time I see her I am going to dish on her so bad she will wish I kill her." Harmony said as she turned and looked at Dawn. "Where is she already?!"

"I'm right here," Buffy said from behind her. When Harmony turned around she saw Buffy standing there with her hands on her hips and looking very pissed off. " must be dieing without your reflection." Buffy said as she walked toward her.

"Hey Buffy," Dawn said from where she was chained to the wall.

Buffy just ignored her. "You know you where the last person I thought I would have to stake from High School. To tell the truth I thought it would be Cordeila, but hey things kinda turned out differently." She pulled the stake out of her jacket. "I kinda like the way they turned out." Buffy was about to move closer when a vamp came out of the shadow followed by three others. "Man don't you guys ever do anything alone?" Buffy asked getting into fighting stance.

"Sorry looks like you die today," Harmony said as she moved back to Dawn.

"We'll see about that," Buffy said as the first vamp charged. She kicked him aside and then the other charged and she staked him with ease. The third charged and Buffy flipped him over her shoulder. When she was about to stake him the other vamp kicked her in the face and made her fly backwards. "Man Buff, you better hope that doesn't brush you know Cordeila hates brushes!" Dawn yelled. Buffy just ignored her and did a flip to get back on her feet. Then she grabs a unicorn, after giving it a weird look she plugged it into the heart of one of the vamps hearts. The third vamp looked at her with shocked eyes before he charged again.

"You are so gonna die," he snarled before he charged.

Buffy simple bent down and picked up her stake and when she looked up the vamp was right there so she plunged it into his heart. Buffy turned around to look at Harmony as the vamp behind her turned to dust. "Now who is the one that is going to die, wait your already dead how does that work, do I just make you deader?" Buffy asked herself. Harmony took the chance and ran off. When Buffy looked up and saw Harmony gone she just cursed to herself. "Damn!" Then she walked over to Dawn. "You are so not telling mom about this," Buffy said as she untied her sister.

"As long as you don't tell her that I invited a vampire into the house," Buffy nodded in agreement. "By the way how are we taking care of that?" Dawn asked suddenly scared to go to sleep.

"Willow and Tara are taking care of that as we speak. They are doing a de-invite on the house right now." Buffy said as they walked out of the caves. "You know it is kinda handy for your best friend to be a witch...especially if you are a slayer like me." Dawn just smiled at her sister as together they made there way back to the Summers house. Both silently praying that they made it home before Joyce and Cordeila.


Buffy walked into her room and saw Cordeila fast asleep on the bed. They made it home before Joyce but not Cordeila. She silently hopped that Cordeila didn't go to hard on her friends. She looked over at the clock and figured that Cordeila must have gotten out early from work. But then it made her think of how long she was gone.

She sat on the bed and began to take of her clothes when she felt a pair of arms go around her waits. And when she looked behind her she saw Cordeila smiling back at her. Buffy smiled in return.

"Hey, did you kill all the bad guys?" Cordeila asked letting Buffy go so she could finish getting undressed.

"You know it," Buffy said as she slipped into the bathroom. When she came back out she was in nothing but bra and underwear. "And guess who the new nasty is."

"Who?" Cordeila asked as she watched Buffy climb into bed.

"The one and only is just me or is our High School past coming back to haunt us?" Buffy asked as she pulled Cordeila to her and kissed her gently. Buffy didn't want to tell her that Harmony got away and that she knows about their relationship. This in turn means that the whole evil population will know and soon they will be gunning for her, just because it would hurt the slayer. "I mean first Kevin and now Harmony...who next Snyder?"

"God I hope not. He was hard enough to deal with when he was alive. I don't think I will be able to survive if he got to live forever." Cordeila said as she reached behind Buffy and unclipped her bra. Together the two girlfriends forgot about their problems...or at least pushed them away into the "deal with tomorrow" category.


The Replacement

Buffy woke up this morning from the sun shinning in her eyes. I could have sworn I closed those last night. Buffy thought about the blinds as she sat up in bed. She looked over at the sleeping figure next to her. She couldn't help but laugh because Cordeila had pulled the covers over her head so the sun couldn't get in her eyes. Buffy slowly got out of bed so she didn't wake her girlfriend.

As she walked into the bathroom she couldn't help but wonder how the hell she got here. From the Buffy in High School that moped over Angel, to the Buffy now that couldn't imagine her life with out Cordeila Chase. There relationship itself was a mystery. Neither one of them thought that they would be into that kind of thing...yet here they are three months later.

At first her friends didn't like the idea but later they got used to it. Mostly because Cordeila was always around so they just learned to tolerate her...just like they did in High School when she was with Xander. Xander was the hardest to convince. He couldn't understand why Buffy had sworn off men completely, mostly because he still loved her.

Buffy could understand that because even though she is with Cordeila now she still holds a special place for Angel in her heart. Buffy was broken away from her thought by a loud knock at the door. "Are you done in there; there are people out here who need to pee." Dawn yelled.

"Great time to start another wonderful day in the life of Buffy Summers." Buffy mumbled to herself. "I'll be right out," Buffy yelled. "Freak," she added under her breathe. Buffy looked herself in the mirror and asked the question that has been bugging her all morning. "How did I get here?"

"Well you stumbled across this extremely sexy brunette and you just couldn't keep away." Buffy looked over and saw Cordeila walk through the door that leads to their bedroom. "And ever since then you just couldn't keep yourself away." She added as she gave Buffy a kiss on the cheek. Buffy whimpered and gave her a look. "Oh please," Cordeila pointed to her mouth. "This isn't a romance novel; I do wake up with morning breath."

Buffy just smiled and looked back in the mirror. Then she heard the knock again. "Come on Buffy if you don't hurry I am going to pee my pants." Buffy could see her sister dancing around the hallway just to get her mind off going to the bathroom.

Buffy walked over to the door and whipped it open. She saw relief was over her sister's face as she walked out followed by Cordeila who still had the toothbrush in her mouth. "After you," Buffy said as she gestured to the door. Dawn slammed the door in their faces and Buffy looked at Cordeila. "You're Welcome!" She yelled loud enough so Dawn would hear her. She heard Dawns snort on the other side of the door. Did she just snort? Oh she is so gonna pay...just wait till you get in the shower Dawnie. Buffy thought as she walked back into her and Cordeila's bedroom.

Cordeila closed the door behind them and walked over to the closest and she got herself and Buffy out something to wear. Buffy just crossed her arms and looked at her. "What?" Cordeila asked.

"You're dressing me now?" Buffy asked as she put a hand over her heart. "Am I that bad a dresser?" She said in mock hurt.

"Buffy just shut up and get dressed," Cordeila said as she started to get dressed. After letting her eyes linger on Cordeila Buffy decided that she really should get dress and get over to the Magic Box to see who the new badie is.


Buffy walked into the Magic Box expecting to see the whole gang there. Yet the only person she saw was Giles standing in the middle of the room with a very strange hat on. It took all of her strength to keep the laughter inside. He just looked so ridiculous.

After a few minutes of just standing there looking at Buffy; Giles finally took of the hat. He walked over to the counter and Buffy walked over to the research table. "What are you doing her Buffy?" Giles asked.

"Excuse me for intruding," Buffy said a little mad at his tone of voice. Giles simply glared at her. "Okay, okay. I came to see if there was anything dyer happening in the next few day." Giles looked at her confused. "It is mine and Cordeila's anniversary and I want to do something special." Buffy explained.

"Oh I see," he said as he walked over to the table and sat next to her. "Buffy we live on the Hellmouth. Nothing may be happening today but tomorrow and apocalypse could start. All I am trying to say is that you can never be sure if something bad is going to happen or not." He explained. "I'm sorry but if I where you than I wouldn't make any plans." He said as he got up and walked back over to the counter.

"Well you aren't me!" Buffy yelled as she stud up and glared at her. Giles couldn't help but wonder if that glare was a slayer thing or Summers' thing. "If I want to do something special for my anniversary that I am going to do it. The world be damned."


"No Giles! I never get to have any days of and just this once I want to spend a whole day with Cordeila. Why? Because I want to celebrate the say she came into my life." Without giving Giles time to argue Buffy turned on her heal and walked out the door. She had to head over to Xander's place because he was going apartment hunting... apparently Anya didn't like the basement.

Giles jumped when Buffy slammed the door. "I will never understand her." he said as he turned around to get something out of the box. Yet when he turned back around her saw and ugly looking demon standing before him. A Toth.

"The slayer is not here," the Toth stated.

Giles looks around desperately for some kind of weapons yet he sees none. When he turned back around the Toth is gone. Yet the voice still lingers. "My fight is not with you feeble man, I am here for the slayer and the slayer alone." And then Giles was alone again.

"So much for Buffy's quite anniversary date...because it looks like something has just come up." Giles said to himself as he walked over to the phone. He picked it up and dialed Buffy's number. Of course he got no answer so he just left a message for her and Cordeila to meet at his apartment around six that night. He called and left the same messages for Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya.


Buffy stood next to Cordeila in one of the many apartments Xander was looking at. This one was big and spaceish. It was a lot of window so the natural light in it was phenomenal. The furniture and things where all light colors and the carpet was a nice light grey. The apartment was a two room apartment with a balcony which Buffy thought was very romantic.

Anya really wanted the apartment, Buffy could tell. But Buffy didn't know if Xander was going to be able to afford it. I mean his construction job was closing down and he soon was going to have no money coming in.

Xander and Anya where over on the far side of the apartment arguing about why it was going to be difficult for Xander to rent this apartment. The next thing Buffy knew Anya was storming out of the apartment. The real estate agent looked at the weirdly and Buffy just gave her a smile, not really knowing what to say.

Xander walked back over to the group and looked at the real estate agent. "What do I have to do to get this apartment?" he asked.

"First I am going to need you to fill out this application to see if you have enough credit. Also I am going to have to ask you a few questions." Xander just nodded as he took the paper from the lady and began to fill it out. "What do you do for a living Mr. Harris?"

"I am in construction," he said not looking up from what he was doing. He was going to get this apartment, if not for him, then for Anya.

"How much do you make a year?" she asked. This question will decide if he can have the apartment. He needs to make over at least twenty- two thousand a year. She thought to herself.

"I make about twelve thousand a year," he said looking up at her knowing that it wasn't enough money.

"I'm sorry Mr. Harris but..."

"Xander did you forget about me!" Buffy said walking over to him. Willow, Cordeila and Xander where all giving her a weird look. She couldn't help it, she knew how much Xander wanted out of his parent's basement and she knew that he wanted this apartment...for Anya. "I'm sorry he must have forgotten to mention that I am also renting this see we are going to co-rent it. As in together," Buffy stated.

"Yes and you are?" The real estate agent asked.

"Buffy Summers," Buffy said as she extended her hand.

"Right and what do you do for a living?"

"I am a school consular," Buffy said as she took a set next to Xander.

"And how much do you make?"

"Around twelve thousand a year," Buffy said,

The real estate agent did the math in her head and figured that they had more than enough to rent out this apartment. Now it isn't too bad because the blonde is pretty cute. She thought letting her eyes linger on Buffy for a moment. Cordeila caught this and walked over to Buffy and put a hand on her shoulder as she glared at the real estate agent. Buffy and Xander each sighed papers and soon they where each handed the keys to their new apartment.

When the real estate agent closed the door behind her Xander, Willow and Cordeila each turned to stare at Buffy. "What the hell do you think your doing?!" The all asked in unison.

"I was helping Xander escape the horror that is his parent's basement." Buffy said. Then she turned to Xander. "You're welcome by the way."

"Thanks," he said as he brought Buffy in for a hug. "You're my bestest friend, that is next to Willow if course." He said.

"Of course," Buffy said. Xander took Willow by the hand and led her out of the apartment in search for Anya. That just left Cordeila and Buffy. "What?" Buffy asked when Cordeila wouldn't stop looking at her.

"You just bought an apartment," she stated.

"Actually I rented and apartment." Buffy clarified.

"Same difference," Cordeila said. "The fact is that you just bought an apartment...are we gonna live together here or am I gonna have to get an apartment. Because if we live together than that is a big step in our relationship." She paused. "Are you ready for that kind of commitment?" Cordeila asked.

"I don't think I could be more ready that I am right now," Buffy said. "Cordeila I am ready for the next step, I mean come on you practically live at my house as it is."

"Buff that isn't the point."

"I know, I know. If you want the truth, I am ready. I want to live with you because the truth is I can't imagine my life with out you right now." Buffy said as she stepped closer.


"Yeah...creepy isn't it?" Buffy joked.

"Yeah because I feel the same about you."

"Good than we move in on Saturday?" Cordeila nodded. This indeed was a big step in their relationship and Buffy was ready. Because no matter what she knew that Cordeila would be by her side. After all what is the worst that could happen? She ends up getting called to L.A. for business and having to move there...yeah right like that is ever going to happen.


As soon as Buffy got home she went and checked the messages on the answering machine. As soon as she heard the one from Giles she quick picked up the phone and dialed Cordeila's number. She told about the demon and Cordeila said that she would be over in about ten minutes.

Buffy ran up to her room and started to gather some things...weapons when she mom and sister walked in. Her sister was giving her a dirty look and her mom was giving her the "what the hell are you doing look." Buffy looked down and saw that she had a suitcase on her bed filled with clothes. She must think I am running away again.

"Mom this isn't what it looks like," Buffy said as she grabbed the axe out of her closet. "I am not running away fact I have some important news to tell you...the both of you." Buffy said as she sits down on the end of her bed. Her mom and sister each folded there arms over their chest signaling for her to continue. "Well you see Xander wanted to buy this apartment but he doesn't make enough money."

"And the important thing is?" Dawn asked.

Yup Cordeila defiantly has had an impression on her. "Well I kinda lied and said that Xander and I where co-renting the apartment. So I guess the important thing is that I am moving out." At their blank expressions Buffy continued. "I bought an apartment." They still didn't answer so Buffy shuck her head she stood. "Okay since you guys went all non-verbal on me I guess we can talk about it later." Buffy said as she walked past the two confused people.

A few minutes later Dawn was the first to find her voice. "Did she just say what I think she said?" Dawn asked being the first to talk.

"I think so, yeah." Joyce said.

"Does that mean I get her room?!" Dawn asked all excited. Joyce just shot her a look and turned around and walked away. "What?!" Dawn yelled after her mother. "Does it?!"

"No it doesn't because I am going to talk Buffy out of it." Joyce said as she turned into the living room and sat on the couch.

Dawn walked over to her and sat down next to her. "Why are you going to do that? Buffy is ready to live on her own I mean look at her she is old and she shouldn't live with her mother anymore." Dawn said.

"Old? Dawn she is twenty three." Joyce looked at her youngest daughter. "I don't think Buffy and Cordeila are ready for that kind of commitment." Joyce stated. Was her daughter ready? What if one day Cordeila decided to get up and leave what would Buffy do than? At least her she has a loving family.

"Mom is it really you decision to make?" Dawn asked as she got up of the couch and walked up the stairs to her room.

When the hell did Dawn become so insightful? Joyce thought as she looked at the blank TV screen. It really wasn't her decision to make and she didn't understand why she was making such a big deal out of it. If Buffy thought she was ready than that must mean she's ready... right? Joyce just sat on the couch just thinking about if she was ready to give her daughter the freedom that she dissevered


They went to a junkyard with garbage and everything. Why the hell didn't Giles tell them over the phone that they would be going to a junkyard? There are mountains of garbage and well junk all over the place and Cordeila can't help but scowl.

Cordeila looked ahead of her and saw that Giles, Xander and Buffy where all staring at her. "What?" she asked as she continued to walk. "I don't like the junkyard."

"Then why did you come?" Xander asked. He was shocked to hear that Cordeila Chase was coming with them to the junkyard.

"Because unlike your girlfriend I care," Cordeila spat.

"Cordeila!" Buffy yelled.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?!" Xander asked getting angry.

"I am here in the junkyard with the person I love. Anya is at the Magic Box with what she loves most...her money." Cordeila said. "Why isn't she here with you Xander?" Cordeila asked and Xander had the smarts to look away. "Yeah that is what I thought...she doesn't love you."

"Cordeila?!" Buffy yelled again this time she made sure people listened. Buffy walked over and grabbed her by the arm. "Why did you say that?!"

"Because it's true! Here I am tromping through garbage for you and she isn't even here!"

"I can't believe this." Buffy said. "I can't believe I am actually going to have to say this again to you."

"What?" Cordeila asked confused.

"You're being a bitch." Buffy said.

But before Cordeila could say anything Xander pushed Buffy into Cordeila when he saw a bright green light coming toward them. He was hit with the light and thrown into a huge mountain of garbage. The demon turned and ran away not even waiting to see if he hit the right person. Giles and Willow ran after him as Buffy and Cordeila went to Xander's side. He opened his eyes and got up really slowly.

"Don't worry I'm fine," Xander said as they walked toward where Willow and Giles ran. "Did you get him?" Xander asked when he saw Giles round the corner. "Did you get him or it?" Xander asked again. This time Buffy and Cordeila let go of him.

"No," Giles said as he looked at his feet. "But Willow can do a spell tomorrow to find out where he is and then we can go after him again." Giles said looking back up at everyone.

"Good," Xander said. "I just want to go home and take a nice long hot shower," he said as he walked away from the group. "In my new apartment," he added. "Good night everyone." He said.

Buffy just shot Cordeila a look and walked away with the rest of the group. Cordeila soon caught up with them and they walked the rest of the way to their houses in silence.


A whole day had passed and Buffy hadn't so much as talked to Cordeila, She didn't come home last night and Buffy just assumed that's she went back to her house...maybe she just need space. But what scared Buffy most is that Cordeila could be lying dead some where and she wouldn't even know about it.

Yet on a more important matter Xander came to Giles' and said that he was attacked by someone that looked like wait he said he got attacked by his those where his exact words. Sometimes he watches to many sic-fi movies.

Cordeila stood outside Giles apartment debating weather or not to go in. She and Buffy had a little fight last night...okay maybe it was just a disagreement. Over weather or not Anya was in love with Xander or not. And speaking of Xander he looks good today. Cordeila made up her mind and walked into the apartment. As soon as she walked in everyone looked her way and she suddenly felt like she was in the spot light. Because out of everyone in the world this is the only group that she cares if they are made at her or not. Cordeila took a seat next to Willow and Giles and across from Buffy and Xander.

"So what the what?" Cordeila asked trying to get attention off of her and on someone else.

"Xander got in a fight with his clone," Buffy stated bluntly. "Those are his words no mine." She added.

"Good because I wouldn't want you going all geeky on me," Cordeila joked and she was rewarded with a smile. "So Xander what is with the clothes...I mean why so dressed up. Do you feel like feeling like someone important?" Cordeila thought about what she just said. "Did that make any since?" Buffy smiled.

"Yeah actually it does make since," Giles said looking up from his book. He received blank stairs from everyone. "The Toth demon simple spited Xander in two. So in realty Xander was right when he said he fought his clone."

"Okay let's try not to say that too many time," Cordeila said.

"What?" Willow asked confused.

"That Xander was right," Cordeila stated and Willow nodded.

"Okay standing right here!" Xander said. And Buffy patted him on the back. "Thanks Buff."

Buffy smiled and then looked at Giles. "Continue."

"Anyway as I was saying they are both Xander. One is the more confidant Xander and the one is the less confidant Xander."

"Again with an always using to many words. Couldn't you have just said that the two different Xander's are pro and cons. All my positive qualities and all my negative qualities." Xander said.

"Yup that is defiantly Xander," Buffy said. "Now Giles how do we merge Xander back together?" Buffy asked and then she looked at Cordeila and back at Giles. "Merge? Okay I have been spending way too much time around you." Buffy said.

Giles smiled. "It is a simple spell but we will need both Xander's to do it." Buffy nodded and grabbed Cordeila arm before they where on there way to find Xander number two. They where soon followed by Willow and Xander number one. Giles was going to stay and get the spell ready.


Anya was sitting on the floor with Xander while he was telling her how he got the apartment. She didn't like the idea that they had to share it with Cordeila and Buffy but Xander explained that it was the only way they would be able to afford it.

Then he explained to her about his clone and how it attacked him. She was kinda confused about that part and she was going to asked him about it when the door burst open and in walked Xander's clone.

Xander was going to charge it but then he saw Buffy, Cordeila, and Willow come walking in past him. "What's going on her guys...he's evil." Xander number two asked.

"No he isn't nimrod," Cordeila said. "You two are both the same Xander accept with different qualities. Know all you have to do is come with us and we will put you two....back together." She said.

"No way he's evil!" Xander number two screamed as he pulled out a gun and pointed it at Xander number one. "He has to die."

But before he could get a shot of Buffy grabbed him and throw him against the counter and then she grabbed the other Xander and throw him over there as well. Buffy looked them both dead in the eye. "You are going to come with us because personally it is way to freaky having two Xander's."

"Yeah it's hard enough with one," Cordeila mumbled.

"Cordy shut up. So you are both coming with us to Giles' apartment so we can put Xander back to together or am I going to have to knock you out and do it the hard way?" Buffy asked.

"Well come peacefully," Xander number one said.

"Yeah, we promise," Xander number two said.

"Good now lets go," Buffy said as the group of six walked out of the apartment. Today had to have been the weirdest day in Buffy's life and it wasn't even over yet.


Today had to have been the suckest day of Cordeila life yet she would have changed it for the world. And the reason for that was lying on the bed out like a light. Cordeila was sitting at the window looking over at Buffy.

How does she change someone's life so dramatically? Look at what she did with Angel...he was nothing without her. Even when he was evil all her thought about was her. I used to think he was a loser who couldn't find someone his own age. But now I know how he feels because all I think about is Buffy. I don't know about the age part because I am only one year older than Buffy so that really doesn't matter.

Then you look at Riley and see that he gave up everything to be with her. His military career, his life basically. Yeah sure he still ended up in the military yet I bet he still thinks about her. On those lonely nights I am sure he thinks what it would be like to hold Buffy in his arms again. Oh well he will never now the feeling again because Buffy is all mine.

And I wouldn't have it any other way. Cordeila thought as she turned back to looking out the window.


Out Of My Mind

The slayers job is to hunt, hunt every night and protect people. That is what Buffy does every night of her life. She leaves the warmth of her bed just to hunt some cold dead vampires. She didn't ask for it, yet she couldn't get rid of it.

Sometimes she wonder what would happen if she just stopped slaying all together. The Watchers Concial had Faith if the needed a slayer. Buffy shouldn't have to do it anymore, or at least that is what Cordeila thinks.

Buffy knows that Cordeila worries about her every night but there is nothing that Buffy can do about it. This is her duty and Cordeila is just going to have to learn to deal with it, because this is who she is.

They moved into there apartment a couple days ago. Buffy's mom wasn't to happy about the idea but Buffy just told her that it is her life and she can do what she wants with it. Plus she could always move back if she needed to. That made Dawn mad because that meant she didn't get Buffy's room.

Buffy was knocked out of her thought by a vamp jumping on her back from behind. She threw him over her shoulder and then gave him a round-house kick to the head, which brought him to his knees. That is when she whipped out her stake and said adios to the vamp. He could now fit in an ashtray. Then another one jumped out of the bushes and rushed her. Yet it never made it to her because it was tackled by someone or something.

The vamp was getting it handed to him pretty good and the next thing Buffy knew the vampire was dust. And there is the wake was Spike holding a stake. Spike had been helping Buffy and her friends ever since Riley and his buddies put a chip in his head. Spike was become a real pain in Buffy ass...she liked it better when he was evil.

"Spike; what the hell are you doing here?!" Buffy asked as Spike walked over to her.

"I am saving you." He said as he gave her a nasty look. "You're welcome by the way," he said turning around and walking away.

"I didn't ask for your help!" Buffy yelled as she chased after him. She grabbed him by the arm and turned him around so he was looking at her. "Your following me around aren't you?"

"Please; don't flatter yourself." Spike said as he waved his hand dismissing the idea. "I'm sorry Buffy but your not that hot." He said.

"Come on you know you want me," Buffy said as she walked toward Spike. "You know you want to take my lips with yours." She teased. "So why don't you give us a taste." Buffy said using the line Faith used on her way back when.

"Buffy are you mad? You have a girlfriend." Spike said. Since when do I care?

"What she doesn't know won't hurt her." Buffy said as she grabbed Spike and crushed his lips with hers.

Spike couldn't believe this was happening. He was kissing the slayer... the one sworn to kill of his kind in order to save the world. And here he was in the cemetery making out with the holier-than-thou Buffy fucking Summers. Chosen one. This was his dream come true.

Sudden Spike shot up in his bed. "Oh God! Bloody hell!" He screamed as he looked around his crypt. It was just a dream. I was dreaming about kissing the fucking slayer. What is wrong with you Spike? Spike thought as he lied back in bed and tried his hardest to go back to sleep...but it wasn't working.


Buffy and Willow where walking in the lounge coming from one of there classes. Buffy had an early class before she had to head over to work. Willow was going to be her all day so she didn't mind walking around with Buffy as she waited for Cordeila to pick her up.

They had just gotten out of American lit. and they where discussing Buffy paper on the subject. She had gotten an A and Willow was actually jealous because she got a lousy B. Just as Willow was about to ask her a question Cordeila pulled up outside. Willow was going to walk out and say "hi" but Buffy stopped her.

"Buffy what are you doing?" Willow asked confused at her friend's actions.

"Watch and be amazed." Buffy said as she folded her arms over her chest and watched Cordeila get out of the car to wait.

Willow watched as a flock of boys walked over to where Cordeila was standing. They started to talk to her and try and get her to give them her number. Willow smiled as she watched the guys fawn over Cordeila. Then she saw Cordeila look at Buffy and smile.

"I'll see ya later Will," Buffy said as she walked out into the sun. Willow watched as Buffy walked right over to Cordeila and smiled. "Hey," Buffy said as she stared at Cordeila.

"Do you mind we where talking," one of the guys said.

"Actually I do mind because you see you're not her type and I was just trying to protect from heartbreak." Buffy lied as she leaned over and kissed Cordeila on the lips. "Because if she even looked at you she would be in some serious trouble." Buffy said looking at Cordeila and not at the guy she was talking to. "Ready to go home, I have an hour to kill before I have to be to work." Buffy said as she stepped away from Cordeila as the group around her scattered.

"Don't do that to me anymore...I can't take the hurt look in all their eyes when they realize that I am already taken." Cordeila said in mock hurt. Then she looked past Buffy at Willow and waved her good- byes before walking around the car and getting in on the other side.

Willow smiled as Buffy and Cordeila drove off into the sun. When she turned around she was face to face with Tara. She leaned over and gave her a kiss. "Hey sweetie," Willow said as she linked her hand with Tara's and walked toward her next class.

"You watch the Cordeila and Buffy show?" Tara asked and Willow nodded as she gave her a confused look. "They do it Everytime she comes to pick Buffy up. It had become known as the Cordeila and Buffy show around campus. Yet she gets the guys everytime." Tara said with a smile.

"How come I have never seen it before?" Willow asked.

"Because you have always been too busy," Tara said as they continued to walk. Once outside Willow class Tara turned to look at her. "Don't worry Will I am sure they aren't going to stop so I am sure you will have plenty of times to watch them and laugh because they get them everytime." Tara said with a laugh.

"Fine, fine, make fun of me," Willow said in mock hurt. She leaned over and gave her girlfriend as kiss before walking to the glass. "See ya later Tara," Willow yelled over her shoulder.

"Yeah," Tara yelled right back as she headed off to her class which was in the other direction. They each had a long day of classes ahead of them and they knew that there was going to be a new badie to kill when they arrived at Giles' for the Scoobie meeting later tonight. So each of them just wanted to get this day over with.


Cordeila took Buffy to the Magic Box before she left for work. Buffy walked into the Magic Box and saw that no one was there. That's weird Giles told me to meet him here. Buffy thought as she walked further into the shop.

Ever since Giles had bought the Magic Box the gang had been there almost every day just to hang. Basically it was their modern day library. The only thing they didn't have was a training room which Buffy secretly wished she would never get. Mostly because that would mean she would have to train more often and she didn't want that.

"Giles! Xander! Anyone!" Buffy called out as she walked toward the back room. "Is anyone here?!"

She was just about to open the door to the back room when someone tapped her on her shoulder. "Buffy?" She turned around to see Giles. "I didn't think you would be here to later." He said as he walked over to the research table.

"I didn't have anymore classes and I figured I would swing by before I have to go to work." Buffy said as she looked at Giles. She noticed that every so often he would look toward the back room door when he thought she wasn't looking. "Giles is something back there you don't want me to see?" Buffy asked.

"Excuse me?" He asked confused.

"You keep looking at the door and I was wondering of there was something you don't want me to see behind that door." Buffy said as she got up and ran over to the door. Yet when she opened it she saw something she didn't expect to see. "Oh my God," she said as she looked at the training room that they had built her.

"You like?" Xander asked coming out of behind the door. "It took me a while but hey I finished."

"Do I like?! I love it!" Buffy squealed as she jumped into his arms. "Cordeila is going to be so jealous."

"What? Why?" Both Xander and Giles asked neither wanting to make the ex-cheerleader angry.

"Because I will be spending a lot of my time here now that I have this fancy dancy training room." Buffy said as she walked toward the punching bag. "Why did you guys do this?" she asked.

"Because you finally deserve something good in your life," a voice said from behind them.

When Buffy turned around she was shocked at who she saw. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "Aren't you supposed to be is Africa or something?" Buffy said as she walked over to him and gave him a hug.

"Nah, I found out that the military isn't for me...I need my girl." He said as he leaned in for a kiss.

"Riley? I am not your girl anymore. I don't mean to sound bitter but I moved on." Buffy said stepping away not meaning to give him the wrong idea. "I'm sorry if you came all the way here expecting to be with me can't be." Buffy said as she walked past him and back onto the shop.


"I can't Riley I have to get to work." Buffy said as she walked out of the Magic Box. What was she supposed to say? She didn't think about him that way anymore. There was no way that they could get back together. Buffy walked home, got changed, and then walked over to the school. It was going to be a long day.


Spike was sitting in his crypt watching "Passions" trying to get his mind off the dream he had about Buffy. He isn't supposed to think about the slayer that was wrong on way to many levels.

As his favorite soap was about to go into another episode the door swung open. "Bloody hell!" Spike yelled as he jumped from his chair to look at who was just barged into his crypt. When he saw who is was he didn't know what to say. He thought he would never see her again yet her she is. "Harm?"

"Hey Spikey," she said walking over to him. "Miss me?"

"No," Spike said without hesitating. He really didn't miss her...she was annoying and he was glad to be rid of her. Yet here she is being her old annoying self.

"Aw Spikey I know you missed me...just admit." Spike said nothing as he looked her in the eye. "Fine! Anyways I just need a place to crash until the slayer is of my tail." Harmony said making herself at home. "You don't mind do you...I mean I will make worth your while." Harmony said as she batted her eyelashes.

Like I want you when I can have the slayer...where the hell did that come from? "Bloody hell; I don't care. Just as long as you don't bug me while I am watching the tele." Spike said making himself comfortable again. "So why is the slayer on your ass?" Spike asked not really caring just trying to make conversation.

"I kidnapped her sister...I just wanted Buffy to come to me so I could kill her." Harmony complained. Spike couldn't help the little laugh that came from his mouth. "What are you laughing at?"

"You tried to kill the slayer," Spike said through his laughter. "What made you think that you could get close enough to her in order to touch her?" Spike asked as his laughter subsided. "She's untouchable," Spike whispered to himself low enough so Harmony couldn't hear him.

"What did you say? Never mind." She looked at the TV. "Oh Passions... this is my favorite soap." Harmony said. All the things they where talking about where least by her.

I am going insane. I actually want the slayer for myself. It is this fucking is screwing with my brain. I need to get it out...and I need to get it out now. Spike thought to himself as he and Harmony watched Passions. Why do I think so highly of the slayer? Is it because every time I tried to take her out she stopped him? Is it the fact that she had died yet she still walks around? I don't know but I need to get her out of my mind. "You stupid poof can't you see she is clearly cheating on you!" Spike yelled at the TV. Harmony looked at him. "What?"

"You are such a..." she paused as she listened. "Do you hear that?" She asked. "It's her, she found me...Spike hide me!" Harmony started to panic.

"Get in the coffin," Spike said. As she got in the coffin Spike jumped on top of it and sat there while he waited for her to enter. He was disappointed when nobody came through the door and the footsteps kept on going. Just as he was about to get off though the door swung open and Buffy walked in. "What can I do for you slayer?" He asked in a business like manner.

"I need your help," Buffy said as she walked closer to him.

"What can I do for you?" Spike asked.

"I need you to find Riley for me," she said and at his look of confusion she continued. "He is back and one of his soldier friends called me and told me that he is in trouble...something about an increased heartbeat." Buffy explained. "Will you help me?"

"For a price," he stated. She pulled out ten twenty dollar bills. "That should do it." He said but when he went to get it she pulled away. She held it up to his face and ripped it in half.

"Have him at Sunnydale General in a hour and I will give you the money." Buffy said. "There will be a specialist waiting there." Buffy said as she turned and walked away. She walked out of his crypt and Harmony came out of the coffin.

"Hear that luv," Spike said with a smile. "Spike-Poo is going to get de-chipped." Spike said as he remembered what Buffy said. There will be a specialist there; as in someone that can get this bloody chip out of my bloody skull.


Buffy was already at the hospital when Riley showed up. She looked at him in confusion and he simply smiled. "Dawn called and said your mom was in the hospital," Riley said as he leaned in to give her a hug.

Buffy really need the hug because she felt really low right now and Cordeila wasn't here to comfort her and that made her mad. Her office said that she would be in a meeting all day and she was not to be disturbed.

Then Buffy saw Graham out of the corner of her eye and pulled away from Riley. "Riley you need to go see a doctor," Buffy said. "Something is wrong with you."

"How do you know?" Riley asked confused.

"Because Graham told me...he said you have been off your meds for too long." Buffy explained she could see Riley getting angry and before he had a chance to run he punched him across the face. He went down out cold and Buffy looked up at Graham. "Get him fixed up and if you some much as think about doing anything else to him I'll kill you myself." Buffy said as she went over and sat next to her sister. Graham simply nodded and walked into the operating room.

Yet when he walked in Riley was there but there was no doctor. "Doc?" Graham called out as he walked around the room. When he didn't see him Graham ran into the hallway to get Buffy. "Buffy! The doctor is missing!" He yelled.

Buffy got up and walked over to him. "What do you mean he is missing?" Buffy asked.

"As in he isn't here," Graham explained.

Buffy looked around the room for any trance of what might have happened and then she spotted it. The littlest of evidence...a cigarette butt. "Spike." Buffy said as she walked through the doors in the back of the room. "Graham come on follow me." Buffy said silently. The walked over to a window that was a single the cops have. And there she saw them. Spike and Harmony.

"Who's that?" Graham asked as he looked through the window.

"Someone who is serious need for an ass kickin." Buffy said as she walked through the door. She and Graham sat on the step silently working up a plan. And then Buffy heard the doctor say that he got it. "The chip," Buffy whispered as she stood up. Then she walked the rest of the way down the stairs. When she came into the clearing she just stared at him.

Spike looked up and saw her. "Slayer," he growled. "I am going to kill you," Spike said as he jumped of the bed. "I am going to drink you dry."

"Let's dance," Buffy said as she got into fighting stance. She looked over and saw that Graham was taking care of Harmony. Buffy jumped and gave a round-house kick to Spike's head. She stumbled back with a laugh. She swung at her and as he made contact a surging pain shot through his brain and it was Buffy's turn to laugh.

"Bloody hell," Spike said as he grabbed his head. He walked over to the jar that the doctor had supposedly put his chip in and saw a penny. "Bloody hell," he said again as he vamped out. "Harm come on where leaving. This isn't over slayer!" Spike said as he left the room.

"It never is," Buffy said to herself and then she looked at the doctor. "Come on your patient is waiting." Buffy said as they headed back to where Riley was.

When they got there he was still out cold. The doctor went over to him and started to work. Buffy walked out of the operating room and back into the hall. When she walked into the hall she saw Cordeila sitting with Dawn and she couldn't help but smile. Cordeila looked up and saw her, she got up and walked over to Buffy. Neither one of them said anything...they just held each other.

Finally Cordeila broke the silence. "Everything is going to be okay." She said and that is when Buffy broke down. She started to cry and Cordeila just held her trembling girlfriend trying to hold back her own tear. Not because she didn't care but because she had to be strong for Buffy...if she wasn't who else would be?


The doctor had just come out in his blue doctor scrubs and told Buffy that she should follow him. Buffy told Cordeila to stay with Dawn and to tell Willow, Xander, Giles, and Anya when they got here that she would be right back.

Buffy followed the doctor into a little room where her mother was. Joyce was sitting on the bed with a bandage over her left eye and past her hair line. Buffy thought she looked terrible but she wasn't going to tell her that.

"Can I tell her doctor?" Joyce asked and Buffy looked back and forth between her mom and the doctor. The doctor nodded and walked out of the room. "Buffy, please sit."

"Tell me what mom?" Buffy asked a little nervous.

"They found something." She said as if it where nothing and Buffy just started at her. "They found a shadow."

"A shadow?" Buffy asked confused.

"It's a tumor," Joyce said as she he eyes watered up. "The good thing is that they caught it now. They can do surgery and possibly get rid of it before it spreads." Joyce said as she took Buffy in her arms. "It's going to be okay Buffy." She said. And for the second time that day Buffy let the tears fall from her eyes.

Just than Dawn and Cordeila walked though the door. Dawn wnet to her mom and Cordeila went to Buffy. She turned to Joyce. "I am going to take her home. Willow and Xander are out there they said they could take Dawn to one of there houses." Cordeila said and Joyce nodded. Cordeila lead Buffy out the door.


That night all Cordeila did was hold Buffy as she cried. Giles said he would patrol so she didn't have to. Cordeila has never seen Buffy like this and she didn't now what to do. This is the all mighty Buffy Summers, killer of evil, protector of man, crying in her arms. At this moment Cordeila felt the weakest she had ever felt in her life because she could do anything to help the person her loved.

"I love you Buffy," Cordeila whispered in her ear as they both drifted off to sleep in their new bed. This was not a way to break in their new home.


No Place like Home

It is three in the morning and Buffy Summers is at a factory doing something she doesn't want to do. Right now she would rather be at home in her bed sleeping with her girlfriend in her arms...but no she has to keep the world safe.

Cordeila had held Buffy all night and Buffy was grateful to have someone there for her. She didn't ask anyway question she just kept telling Buffy that she loved her and that everything was going to be okay. And Buffy hoped to god that she was right.

As Buffy was walking out of the factory she saw something shinny on the group. She bent down and picked up and glowing ball. She gave a weird look. She then she was tapped on the shoulder. She turned around and saw a security guard.

"Can I help you miss?" he asked and then he saw the ball. "Whats that?"

"I don't know," Buffy said as she quick put it in her packet. "I'll let you know when I find out," Buffy said under her breath.

"If you're looking for a party we chased them out about an hour ago," he said taking in the way Buffy was dressed.

Buffy looked down at herself a smiled. Something's never change. "Damn," Buffy said as she turned around and walked away. As she got further down the road she took the glowing ball out of her pocket. "Giles is going to love this," she said as she examined it. "But he is going to have to wait to see it till tomorrow because I have so serious sucking up to do." Buffy said as she remembered Cordeila specifically teller her not to go out tonight and that Giles would take care of everything.

But Buffy couldn't stay in the apartment anymore...she had to get out. So as soon as Cordeila drifted off to sleep Buffy climbed out of bed and climbed out the window so she didn't wake anyone. Cordeila was just worried about her condition...and Buffy couldn't blame her. Ever since her mom went to the hospital Buffy has been a nervous wreck.

What was she supposed to do? Pretend as if nothing was going on, that her mom wasn't in serious trouble. Thankfully though her mom comes who tomorrow night, so than Buffy can get back to doing normal things.


Cordeila was just waking up to get a glass of water when she realized that Buffy wasn't in the bed with her. "She promised me," Cordeila mumbled as she got out of bed and walked into the living room, sat on the couch and waited for Buffy to come home. Buffy told her that as long as her mom was in the hospital that she would leave the slaying to the gang.

Why do I care so much for her? I mean I know for a fact that I love her, I have been in love before...what makes Buffy so different? Cordeila asked herself as she sat there thinking about it and then it came to her. Maybe the fact that on any given day she could die and there would be nothing I could do about it. Cordeila was just about to get up and go back to bed when the front door to the apartment opened and in walked Buffy. She couldn't help a smiled because Buffy was trying to be stealthy because she thought Cordeila was still in bed.

"Where have you been little lady?" Cordeila asked as she flipped on the lap. Buffy spun around and looked at her. "You told me that you wouldn't go out till your mom got home, Buffy." Cordeila said as she got up and walked over to her. "I know I sound like your mother, which is wrong on so many levels, but all I do is worry when you are out there by yourself."

Buffy hung her head in shame. "I know and I'm sorry it was just that I needed to get my mind of my mom and what better way than to kick some vampire ass?" Buffy said as she took Cordeila in her arms. "I am sorry," she said again.

"I know," Cordeila said as she leaned in for a kiss.

"So all is forgiven?" Buffy asked hopefully.

"I don't know...I think I may need some convincing," Cordeila said with a wink.

Buffy smiled as she lead Cordeila to their bedroom where all the "convincing" would take place.


Buffy arrived at the Magic Box around noon. It was a Saturday so she didn't have to work which was cool. Cordeila was still asleep when Buffy left so she left her a note that said she would be at the magic box all day.

She and Giles had to find out what the hell the glowie ball thingy is. So Buffy figured it would be an all day project, plus she still had to come up with a way to tell Cordeila that Riley was back in town and that he wanted to get back together.

Just as she was about to sit at the table Riley and Willow walked in. "Hey Buffy, look who I found walking the streets." Willow said as she walked over to her friend. "If isn't Mr. Riley Finn himself." She said as she took a sit next to Buffy.

"Hey Will, Riley," Buffy said as Riley took a seat next to her. "So how was school will?" Buffy asked trying to break the silence between worked.

"School was great!" Willow said overjoyed. Buffy just thought she sounded like that tiger from the Keloges box that always say "there grrrrreat!" "You see Tara and I we practiced these new spells and all I can say is wow. Buffy there are really going to help you with the slaying. I am kinda bummed out about my Psych test though cuz I only got a 88...what a bummer." Willow babbled. She stopped when she noticed the ball in Buffy hand. "Whats that?"

"We...ah...don't know yet," Buffy said setting it in the middle of the table. "We have to research."

"Things never change around here do they," Riley said as he looked at everyone.

"That's what you think," Buffy said under her breath. Then she turned to Giles. "So where do we start this research party?" Buffy said in a tone that said she really didn't want to be here. Now why would that be? Oh yeah my ex-boyfriend is seating extremely close to me and my girlfriend could walk in at any moment, and she gets extremely jealous. Not to mention that if she gets mad at me I will not be able to through her that surprise anniversary dinner that was scheduled for the night that stupid Toth demon decided to show up. Buffy suddenly stood up. "I need to hit something," Buffy said walking toward the back room.

"Want some company?" Riley asked standing up.

Buffy looked toward Willow with a pleaded look but she only looked away. "Sure," Buffy said even though she wanted to work out alone.

"Cool," Riley said standing up and walking into the back with Buffy.

Giles walked over and sat in the chair next to Willow. Together they both started to research the glowing ball that Buffy found. Willow was on the computer and Giles had a pilled of books that he had to got through.

Buffy went into the little bathroom and got changed while Riley started to stretch. Buffy looked herself in the mirror. "What the hell are you doing?" Buffy asked herself. "You know she is going to get jealous when she see that you are alone with him." Buffy said and then she turned and looked at the door. "Why did he come back? Everything was going great until he came back and now I am all confused. I mean I know I love Cordeila but what I don't know is what the hell it is I feel for Riley."

"Buffy who are you talking to?" Riley asked.

"No one," Buffy said. What is wrong with you Summers? Buffy looked back into the mirror and did her hair up. Then she turned and walked out of the bathroom and saw Riley standing there without a shirt in. He still has his body. Buffy thought as she looked him up and down. What the hell is wrong with me? I feel like I am under a love spell or something...wait a second. Willow was all over Riley too and she hasn't looked at another guy since she got with Tara. I haven't looked at another guy since I got with is a has to be.

"Ready?" Riley asked as he got in his fighting stance.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Buffy said walking over to him.


Cordeila was sitting on the couch doing something for her boss and Dawn, who ended up staying with them while her mom was in the hospital, was watching TV. When she got up this morning she saw Buffy's note she wasn't too worried about her...after all Buffy could take care herself...sometimes.

Cordeila looked up from what she was doing and saw that Dawn staring at her. "What?" She asked. When Dawn didn't answer Cordeila looked pack down at her paper.

"Do you love her?" Dawn asked as she watched Cordeila work. Cordeila looked at her confused. "Buffy, do you love Buffy?" Dawn asked again.

Cordeila didn't know what to say. Yeah sure she had told Buffy how much she loves her, but this is Buffy sister, what is she supposed to say. "Um..."

"It's okay if you don't, I mean none of her other boyfriends loved her." Dawn said.

"Why do you say that?" Cordeila asked confused because she thought for sure that Angel loved her more than life itself.

"Because they all left her in the end." Dawn clarified.

Cordeila looked away. "I'm not going anywhere and yes I love your sister very much." Cordeila said. She looked down and then looked back up at Dawn. "I don't know what it is about her that makes me feel in love. I have never felt this type of feeling for anyone and it scars me. I am Cordeila Chase, Queen C. I am bitch yet when it comes to Buffy I style get weak in the knees. She makes me feel like I am the only one she sees." Cordeila finished.

"Then why aren't you at the Magic Box with her, Willow, Giles, and Riley?" Dawn asked.

"I don't kn...wait Riley? Isn't he is some foreign country?"

"I don't know, all I know is that I saw him yesterday and he said he was here to stay." Dawn said. When she looked at Cordeila she looked as if she had seen a ghost. " okay?" She asked.

"How long has he been here?"

"About a week," Dawn answered. She looked at Cordeila while she just sat there. "Aren't you going to go to the Magic Box?" Dawn asked confused on why she was still sitting her when her girlfriends ex is with said girlfriend right now.

"No...I mean I trust Buffy one hundred percent." Cordeila said even trying to convince herself. Would Buffy go back to Riley just because he came back for her? No, she loves me.

"I don't think it is Buffy you have to worry about," Dawn said looking back at the TV.

Then it dawned on Cordeila. "You think Riley would go after her?" Cordeila didn't need Dawn to answer because she already knew the answer. Cordeila quick go up and ran into her room and grabbed her jacket, shoes and car keys. "Dawn I will be right back and remember don't invite anyone in." Cordeila said on her way out the door.

"I know, I know, now just go and get your girlfriend." Dawn said.

Cordeila smiled as she walked out of the apartment. She never ran so fast down a fleet of stairs as she did at that very moment. She was not going to let some farm boy steal her girlfriend away from her. Man I never felt this way when I found out that Willow took Xander away from me.


They had been training for little over an hour now. Buffy had to admit that he had gotten better yet she was still holding back. After all she didn't want to hurt him. Just then he got her in an arm lock from behind. She tried to free herself but she couldn't. He had a nice firm lock on her and she was stuck.

But then he tried to do something that Buffy wasn't suspecting, he tried to kiss her. And as much as her heart was telling her to pull away or doing something she just couldn' was the spell. But before their lips touched the training room door flew open and there in the door way stood a very pissed of girlfriend.

"Get your farm boy hand off my girlfriend!" Cordeila shouted as she walked into the room. She walked straight to Buffy and pulled her away. But before she said anything she saw a glazed look in Buffy's eyes that she only remember from on time before...when Xander cast that love spell.

She quick took Buffy out of the back room and in to the shop and when she returned she slapped Riley across the face. "You cast a spell on Buffy. Oh not just a spell but a love spell." Cordeila said low enough so Buffy's enhanced slayer hearing couldn't pick up on it.

"Yeah did, whats it to you?" Riley asked really not understanding where Cordeila was coming from.

What is he deaf? Didn't he hear me a couple of minutes ago? "She my girlfriend you dumb-ass." Cordeila said. "When got together shortly after you left her and we have been together ever since."

"How did you now it was a spell...I mean why didn't you think that Buffy wasn't just using you while she waited for me." Riley said bitterly.

"Oh please. First off get over yourself you are not that hot. Second Buffy isn't the type to cheat and third...okay I can't think of a...third right now but when I do I will tell you." Cordeila said as she stormed out into the Magic Box. Riley was close behind. "Giles we have a problem," Cordeila said.

"Yes we do," Giles said looking up from his books. "What are you talking about...what problem?" Giles asked once he realized that they weren't talking about the same thing.

"Riley cast a look spell on Buffy," Cordeila stated. "And a apparently she can't think straight...her thoughts are all jumbled up." Cordeila paused. "What are you talking about?"

"The end of the world," he said.

"Been there done that and now we can move on," Cordeila said. "Okay, okay, once we get the love spell off Buffy we can save the world... again." Cordeila said.

And that is what they did. Once Giles removed the spell from Buffy they went on the business of researching trying to figure out what the hell was coming and how to stop it.

"Buffy I think you should patrol tonight," Giles said. "Maybe go back to the factory and see whats up." Giles said as he looked up from his book. "While your there Willow and I can continue to research while Cordeila goes back home and takes care of Joyce and Dawn."

"What about me?" Riley asked.

"You can come with me," Buffy said and Cordeila gave her a look. "It's okay we have some things to talk about." Cordeila nodded. After that they all went on there separate ways. Cordeila went home, Willow and Giles stayed at the Magic Box and researched, while Buffy and Riley headed over to the factory.


They walked along the dark corridors of the factory in complete silence. The only thing making noise was the sound there shoes made when they came into contact with the floor.

Buffy had a lot of things to say yet she didn't know how to say them. I mean he loved her once and she thought she loved him once that had to count for something. Even thought she doesn't love him anymore doesn't mean that she doesn't want him to be a part of her life.

Buffy was just about to turn to Riley asked why the hell he had cast a spell on her when she heard a yell. She could tell it was a man's yell because it stopped and she knew for a fact that if a girl was screaming they wouldn't stop.

"This way," Buffy said grabbing his arm and taking with walking down the hallway they where walking in. Riley followed in silence. When they walking in to a huge room which Buffy guessed was where they held all the boxes, was a man sitting in the middle of the room tied to a chair. "Oh God," Buffy said walking over to him.

"Please help me," he mumbled.

"I'm trying," Buffy managed." Riley you want to help me here?" Buffy asked looking back at Riley but what she saw was Riley being thrown through the window like a rag doll. And there standing where Riley was standing was a women. Buffy stood up slowly. "You know that wasn't very nice." Buffy said as she eyed the girl, and came to the conclusion that she didn't look very strong, yet neither did she.

"Do you know how much I so don't care," The women said as she walked toward Buffy. "Now if you don't mind I would like you know leave."

"Sorry I can't do that right," Buffy said before she through a right hook at the women. And when she came into contact with her fact it was like a rock. Buffy looked up in shock. Then the women took Buffy and throw her against the wall. Buffy felt the wall crack behind her as she hit the floor. As looked up as she slowly go to her feet.

Buffy rushed her and knocked her off her feet. The women got up laughing. "What is your can beat me!" The women said as she throw her over to where the man was. Buffy, thinking quick, grabbed the man and jumped out the window. "Hey!"

When Buffy hit the ground she quick got up and walked over to where Riley was while carrying the man. "Riley?!" Buffy said but the wasn't an answer. "Great I am so gonna be sore in the morning." Buffy said as she picked Riley up. She walked over to the gate that lead out of the factory and set the man down. "I am going to go call an ambulance... you stay here."

"Wait," the man said weakly.

"No I have to go get help for you," Buffy said as she looked back at the factory just in time to see the floor crash in.

"My's down," he chocked out.

Buffy looked back at Riley to make sure he was out cold...and he was. "What journey?" Buffy asked confused. "Do you know about the glowing ball?"

He smiled slightly, "The Dagon Sphere, yes. But that is not why I'm here." He paused. "It's about the Key."

"Key...what Key?" Buffy asked.

"The is a portal and it will open the door if it isn't protected. For centuries it had no form at all. My brethren, its only keepers. Then the abomination found us. We had to hide the Key, gave it form, molded it flesh... made it human and sent it to you." He mumbled as blood began to drip from his mouth.

Buffy looks at him confused. Sent it to me? As a in human form? Does he have any idea how maybe people I come into contact with I mean it coul...Buffy stops what she is thinking when it hits her. "Dawn?"

"," he said.

"No this can't be true...I...I have memories. Mine, my mom's, and my friends...they all can't be fake." She paused. "I can't believe you put it in my house."

"We knew the slayer would protect it with her life," she reasoned. And as for the memories...we built them." He starts coughing heavily.

"Wait! Un-build my memories, you can't do this to people!" He didn't respond. "I don't even know what...who...what she is!"

"She is human and she needs your help." The monk said as he eyes began to close.

"She's not my sister?" Buffy asked.

"She doesn't know that," he said right before he passed out.

Buffy reached over and felt for a pulse, but there wasn't one. How can they do this to me? My memories of what we did together when she was little...they all can't be a lie. I remember the day she came home and all I wanted to do was hold her...that can't be fake. Buffy was lost in thought until she remembered Riley. She turned around and saw that he was trying to get up. She walked over to him and helped him to his feet. "Lets go home," Buffy said as they walked off. "You can crash at my place."


When Buffy got the apartment all the lights where off. "Got sit on the couch and I'll get you some blankets," Buffy said as she walked into hers and Cordeila's bedroom. She couldn't help but notice that Cordeila wasn't there.

She walked back into the living room and saw Riley stretched out on the couch. "You okay?" she asked walking over to him. "I mean you got thrown through a window...that had to hurt." Buffy said trying to joke.

"Yeah, it did. I think I have a broken arm, some broken rids and I hurt in places I never even knew of." Riley said as he watched Buffy put the blankets over in body so he didn't have to move. Man he missed having Buffy do this...he missed having Buffy period. "So you and Cordeila?"


"She scary."

"You have no idea," Buffy said as she stood up and looked down and Riley who was all wrapped in blankets. "I am going to bed, if you need anything the kitchen is right there." Buffy said as she walked into the bedroom. One her pillow she saw a note.

Dawn and I went to pick up your mom. If I am not home, which obviously I'm not since your reading the note, then that means I stayed at your house with your mom and Dawn just to help out. I love you, Queen C.


Buffy smiled as she took off her close to jump in the shower. It was a night like this one that Buffy was happy that she and Cordeila picked the bedroom that was attached to the bathroom. She slowly got under the hot water and let all the dirt and blood run off her. As she washed she could help but wonder what the hell she fought tonight.

There was no way that she was human. Buffy thought as she started to wash her hair. She throw me around as if I where nothing...she is at least three times stronger that me...if not more. And then there Dawn... she is a Key. All my life I have never wanted a sister and now when I realize that she isn't real...I feel guilty for think all those things about her. Buffy stepped out of the shower and dried herself off.

She walked back into the bedroom and got under the covers. It had been a long day and all she wanted was some sleep...and Cordeila, but she wasn't it was just gonna be sleep.

To be continued