Poisonous Garden
by Tiffany

Faith drained the poor victim she had found for her dinner and glanced at her family. She could tell that they were both thinking of the beginnings of their family. She, in turn, thought of her own turning that brought them all together.

The stars above shine down below
The fever you hold on this night deathly cold
He can feel from this side of the door
He can feel Eleanor

Faith had been paroled for good behavior almost a month after Angel had stopped coming to visit her. She figured that he probably had a lot to do with his redemption and that, but she couldn't stop the nagging doubts she had that something had happened to him. Those doubts were put to rest when she received a phone call from him, telling her that he was busy and that Cordelia would pick her up once she was paroled. If he hadn't said that he was too busy, Faith would have wondered why he didn't pick her up himself, seeing as how she was being released shortly after dark.

She only had to wait a few moments before Cordelia pulled up in Angel's convertible. From the moment she got into the car, she sensed that there was a vampire around, but it was only Cordelia. The only conclusion that Faith could come up with was that it was a residual effect from the car being Angel's.

He said, sun don't rise
He said sun don't shine
He said don't bring tomorrow to justify tonight
The moon is full and the stars are bright
And the sky is a poisonous garden tonight

"You'll be staying with Angel, all right?" Cordelia informed the Slayer. "He has more room at the Hotel than I do at my apartment. Your room is already made up and waiting for you."

Faith smiled. "Thanks. How did Angel talk you into coming to pick me up?"

"He didn't. I offered," the taller girl replied. "I wanted to come get you. You're going to be working with us, after all, so we might as well become friends."

"Even after I punched you?"

"That's hardly the worst that's ever happened to me. Besides, I'm sure you're a better person now.learned the error of your ways and all that."

"Thank you. Most people wouldn't give me the benefit of the doubt."

"Most other people are morons."

Sip your tequila
Give me some time
To unlearn all I've learned for the spring to unwind
And then came your sweet gentle mouth
I began to move mine
They knew with the dawn
They knew with the day
They knew what they had
Would be young naked prey
And attacked from all sides
By a world filled with poison and hate

In short time the two young women arrived at the Hyperion Hotel. Faith cautiously entered the building after Cordelia.

"Angel is out fighting a demon from one of my visions and the others went with him then they were going home. Fred went to visit her parents for a while, so we're the only ones here. Sorry they weren't here to welcome you," the ex-cheerleader answered the unasked question.

"Oh.it's ok. I didn't really expect a friendly welcome anyway," the shorter girl replied in all honesty.

"They'd be here if they could," Cordelia offered. "Come on, I'll show you to your room."

Faith picked up the small suitcase she had and followed the other girl up the stairs and through the hallways. She squinted her eyes as Cordelia turned the lights on in the dark room.

"It's not much, but it's better than some of the rooms in this place."

"It's better than jail," Faith replied easily. "I like it."

"Good. The one next door is Angel's and the one on the other side of that is mine.when I stay here that is."

The Slayer nodded and sat the suitcase down. She heard the door close and she turned around to see if the other girl had left. She was still getting the feeling that there was a vampire somewhere around. Again she passed it off as it being residual Angel vibes.

When she turned around someone grabbed the back of her head, bringing her in for a passionate kiss. When they parted Faith was breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath in surprise.

"I've wanted to do that since you got in the car," Cordelia explained, her cool hand caressing the other girl's cheek.

"Don't worry about it, C, it's not as if I mind."

"Good," the taller girl whispered, pulling her again in for another kiss, her hands moving down to massage the shorter girl's breasts. Slowly she propelled them toward the bed, slowly lowering them onto it. Her lips moved down the Slayer's cheek, to suckle at her neck before slowly going lower.

Faith gasped out in lust as she felt the other girl swiftly removed her shirt, allowing her lips free reign of her breasts. Faith arched her back as she grasped at the back of the other girl's head to hold her to her chest.

Meanwhile Cordelia's hands moved slowly down the Slayer's smooth stomach to the waistband of her leather pants, deftly undoing them, snaking her hand in to play at the smaller girl's moist heat.

"More, please," the Slayer gasped out, her hips thrusting up to meet the slight movements of the ex-cheerleader's.

Cordelia pulled away from her and hooked her hands around the waist of the leather pants and slowly peeled them from the Slayer's legs, leaving her naked to her eyes. Cordelia smiled and slowly moved the other girl's legs over her shoulders, bending down so her head was between them.

Cordelia's tongue slowly darted out to lick at the other girl's desire. Her tongue languorously swirled around the hard clit that was nearly begging for attention. She straightened a few of her fingers and sharply thrust them into the Slayers cunt, thrusting in with long, hard strokes.

Faith's hips bucked up against the Cordelia's mouth and hand. It had been too long since she'd had any type of sex with anyone but herself. She came easily with a shout; her head flung back and her back arched.

Out of this world
Out of this time
Out of control
They were out of their minds
The moon is full and the stars are bright
The sky is a poisonous garden tonight

Faith had barely had time to calm down before she saw Angel walking across the room to her and the still-clothed Cordelia. The latter wore a coy smile on her face as she sat up and watched the dark vampire stalk over to them.

Angel reached down pulled Cordelia up to him and took her lips in a fierce kiss, plundering her mouth with his tongue. "Couldn't wait, could you?" he asked in a whisper, tossing her to the floor beside him.

Faith glanced in shock at his game face as he swiftly undressed. "Angel?" she asked in confusion.

"Almost, Slayer. Angelus," he explained in short. "And you will soon join the family."

He pulled her up to him, holding her against his body, snaking his tongue into her mouth. "You will be mine, you might as well just give into it."

"It's easier than it sounds, Faith," Cordelia intoned, flashing her game face at the Slayer. "Being a vampire isn't all bad. You'll see."

Faith looked into the female vampire's eyes and saw an odd form of patience in them, an odd form of understanding. She didn't have time to ponder this, however as Angelus lowered her down to the bed and thrust fiercely into her, determined to take her to the peak of passion again.

Cordelia crawled up onto the bed and fondled Faith's breasts, tracing patterns with her finger around the mortal girl's nipples. "Give in, Faith. Give in and it won't hurt." With that, Cordelia took the Slayer's mouth again, her tongue thrusting in with the same rhythm that Angelus was pounding into the Slayer's cunt.

Faith came again, her mouth wrenching away from Cordelia's mouth to scream her passion. Shortly thereafter Angelus pumped his own, cool, dead seed into her.

Eleanor trembles, Eleanor moans
Somehow, this body is someone
She always has known
She cries tears on his chest
Oh so silent and slow

Angelus carefully tilted Faith's exhausted head to the side and sank his fangs into her neck, slowly draining her blood. Her eyes stared into Cordelia's as the life slowly left them.

"You'll like it, you'll see. You won't hate being a vampire," Cordelia whispered gently, uttering the last words Faith heard alive as her mouth was brought to the bleeding slash that was cut on Angelus' chest, her last conscious thoughts being that of sucking out the elder vampire's blood that would give her new life.

She said please don't go
She said please don't go
And she cried and she died in his arms
And he cried nevermore
The moon is full, the stars are bright
And the sky is a poisonous garden tonight

Cordelia had been right. It had been easier than Faith thought possible that she had turned herself over to being a vampire, one of the ones it had been her duty to kill. She supposed that in time it was easier to accept the death she knew that would face her once she got out of prison, therefore the rebirth came naturally to her.

She shook herself out of her reverie and glanced at her family. "Let's go home," she suggested with a smile and followed her sister and sire away from their victims.

The sky is a poisonous garden tonight
The sky is a poisonous garden tonight
The sky is a poisonous garden tonight