Seducing Faith
by Callisto's Dark Side

"What the fuck!" Faith cursed, as she heard a loud crash and scream come from one of the rooms upstairs. Faith raced up the steps, ran down the hall, and kicked open the door, where the noise was still coming from.

The moonlight shone through the window, lighting up the ferocious face of Angelus, kneeling on the bed, as he was about to sink his fangs into Cordelia's neck.

"Get away from her!" Faith shouted.

Angelus smiled and leaned in further to take a bite out of Cordy's neck.

Faith leapt at the vampire and dropped kicked him off the bed.

Angelus, stood up straight and dusted off his black trench coat, as Cordy, slid off the bed and positioned herself behind Faith.

"Jealous?" The vampire smirked.

"Not into the biting Corr, thing, nope."

"You know who I meant."

"Shut the fuck up!"

"What? Don't want your little secret getting out, Faithy?"

Faith glared and went to pull out a stake from her jacket, when she realized she wasn't wearing it, and that she wasn't going to find one in your tight purple tank top.

"FYI. Not a secret anyway. Even B, as you call her, knew it. She just didn't swing that way. At least not for you."

"Does evil, automatically mean insane?"

"You tell me, Faith."

"Get out of here, before I have to lop off that head of yours."

"Defensive, are we? FYI 2. Buffy's banging Willow now," Angelus lied. "Guess she was just waiting for the right woman. You know, the scrawny, nerdy, kind. Didn't want the slutty, murdery kind, like you."

Angelus took a look at Cordy, standing behind Faith, noting that Cordelia didn't seem to mind his little lie. Hell, Cordy knew Willow was a lesbian, so it was plausible and maybe Cordy thought it was true.

"Mind games, Angel? How original."

"Uh, uh, Faith. That's Angelus. Angel's the guy that gave it to B. Don't you just wish you knew how that felt?"

Faith turned, picked up a chair and broke off a wooden leg.

"Testy," Angel laughed, backing up. "Or should I say, eggy? Or maybe, it's esty."

"How about deady?"

"Already dead, Buffy. Sorry, I mean, failed Slayer," Angel taunted, before turning and jumping out of the open window.

"Bastard," Faith muttered under her breath, as she moved to the window, to shut it.

When she turned around, she noticed Cordy on the floor, crying into her hands. Faith knew it was wrong, but she now noticed that Cordy was only wearing a very revealing white silk nightie.

Feeling awkward, Faith just stood there, frozen about what to do.

"I'm sorry," Cordy sobbed, "it's just..."

"You don't have apologize for anything, Corr," Faith said, moving closer.

"It's all my fault."

Faith wanted to agree, but the fact that Cordy almost died, told the Slayer it was a good idea to not share that sentiment.

"Don't worry about it. We'll restore his soul."

Cordy suddenly stood up and threw her arms around the surprised Slayer, and sobbed into Faith's shoulder.

Faith awkwardly rubbed her hand up and down Cordy's back.

"Can you stay with me?" Cordy asked, as she pulled her face out of the Slayer's shoulder, to look Faith in the eye.

"Sure, Corr. If it makes you feel safer."

"It will," Cordy, sniffled, as she brought her hand up to cup Faith's cheek.

Faith stood stock still. Her body reacting to the feminine stimulation of Cordy's body so close to her, but she knew it was wrong to be feeling like this for the girl she just saved.

Cordelia suddenly turned around, moved to the door, and shut it, before walking back to Faith.

The tall brunette, took Faith's hand, and led her to sit on the bed.

"Thank you, Faith."

"No prob, Corr. Just doing my Slayer duty."

"You didn't have to. You could've let it happen. Especially, after what I said to you earlier," Cordy looked away in what Faith interpreted as shame.

"I deserved it."

"No, you didn't," Cordelia objected, turning to look Faith in the eye once again, bringing her hand up to cup Faith's cheek.

Faith exhaled under the gentle touch.

"Faith, you didn't deserve Cordy the Bitch. You only came to help. You even destroyed the Beast."

"No I didn't," Faith admitted somberly.

"But that's what Connor told me."

"Angelus did the destroying, after the Beast destroyed me."

"You poor thing. I'm so sorry I didn't offer to help take care of your wounds," Cordy said, running her fingers lightly over the healing cut on the side of Faith's forehead.

"It's cool, Corr. Slayers heal fast, remember?"

"I owe you, Faith."

"You don't owe me anything."

"But I do," Cordy whispered, as she ran her fingers down the side of Faith's face, before lightly brushing Faith's lips with her thumb.


"Shh..." Cordy moved to kiss the Slayer, but Faith pulled back.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Giving you what want," Cordy replied, in a sincere voice, as she moved to kiss the Slayer once again.

Faith put her hands on Cordy's shoulders to stop her.

"This isn't what I want, Corr."

"Isn't it? Wasn't what Angelus said, true?"

"No," Faith lied, averting her eyes.

"It was, wasn't it? You loved Buffy."

"I have to leave," Faith stated, as she stood up to leave, but Cordy grabbed her hand, keeping the Slayer from taking any steps from the bed.

"Please, don't."

"Why not? So you can give yourself up to me, in pity?"

"It's not pity, Faith. I want to. I owe you."

"I don't take payment in sex. At least not now, anyway."

"Fine, then don't think of it as payment. Think of it as me getting what I've always wanted," Cordy said, with a glint in her eye.


"Didn't you see it, Faith?"

"See what?"

"The insults, the yelling? It was all to cover up my feelings for you."

"You're shitting me."

"No, Faith. It's the truth, but I understand, if you don't believe me," Cordy said, looking down.

"Damn, Corr. I seriously would've never guessed."

"I know you don't find me attractive, but..." Cordelia let it hang, waiting for Faith to object.

"I find you plenty attractive, Corr. Hell, I think you're hot. If I wasn't so blindly in love with Buffy, I swear you would've been at the top of my list."



Cordy gently pulled on Faith's hand, urging her to sit back down on the bed.

Faith sat nervously next to Cordelia, as Cordy leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. Faith didn't stop her, as she let the long-legged brunette, plant soft kisses, along her cheek, till she kissed the side of her lips, and then planted a long, slow kiss fully on her mouth.

"If you want," Cordy smiled, now face-to-face with the Slayer, "You can call me Buffy."

"What?" Faith asked, shocked at the offer.

"If you really love her, you can pretend I'm her."

"It's not right, Corr." Faith shook her head.

"You don't think I've ever thought about you every time I've made love to another woman?"

"You have?"

"Every time, after I met you. Every one night stand that I had, late at night, when the gang was asleep. Every one. Was it wrong that I thought of you?"

"No, I guess not."

"Then think about Buffy. Think about her. Let me do this for you," Cordy pleaded, kissing Faith on the lips once more.

"I just don't feel right about."

"Would you rather think of me?" Cordy asked, with hope in her voice.

"Yeah. If you're okay with that?" Faith smirked, registering the hope in Cordy's voice.

"Oh Faith," Cordy threw her arms around the Slayer's body, pressing her bountiful breasts into Faith's, ample ones.

Faith smiled, as she reveled in the warmth of Cordy's voluptuous body.

"Where are the others?" Cordy asked.

"Late night shopping. I promised to stay here, at demon central, to watch things."

"Perfect." Cordy smiled, before lying back on the bed, "Make love to me," Cordy requested, as she gently slipped one of the straps of her nightie down her shoulder, revealing bare skin.

Faith's mouth watered, as she became more aroused than she had been in years.

"I dunno," Faith replied, uncertain, not wanting to take advantage of the long-legged brunette.

"Please?" Cordy pleaded with puppy dog eyes, as she slipped the other strap off her shoulder, leaving more than ample cleavage to entice the Slayer.

Faith leaned down slowly, and kissed the former Cheerleader, first slowly, then passionately.

"Take me Faith," Cordy breathed, sending a shudder throughout the Slayer's body.

Faith couldn't hold back any longer, and kissed her way down Cordy's beautiful breasts, sliding the silk material of the nightie out of the way to give her exploring mouth greater access.

"Take me!" Cordy cried again, knowing it would have the desired effect of sending Faith into an all out frenzy of lust and arousal.


Faith awoke to an empty bed. Surprisingly, Faith was still the one in the bed, and the other person was gone. Faith was so used to leaving after a lay, that she couldn't quite put the shock of being the one left behind, behind her.

Faith looked around the room and saw her clothes still where she dropped them, after her passionate night of sex with Cordelia.

Faith picked up her clothes and put them on, while checking the bathroom to see if Cordy had slipped in there, but she hadn't. Cordy was gone.

Faith hurried out of the room and down the hall, expecting to find Corr in the main lobby. She looked down at the lobby, but it was empty.

Before the dark-haired Slayer could take the steps down, she heard a soft moaning sound coming from further down the hall.

It was unmistakable. It was Corr.

Faith's blood rushed through her veins as she raced down the hall to a slightly open door where the sound was coming from.

Faith didn't bother looking in. Instead, the Slayer kicked the door open.

She saw Fred bounce off the bed in surprise as Cordy simply frowned at the raven-haired Slayer.

Cordy was sitting on the edge of the bed, with her blouse down just above her breasts, exposing her bare shoulders. She was also wearing a transparent blue skirt, that allowed anyone who looked long enough, to catch a glimpse of Cordy's white panties.

"What the hell's going on?" Faith demanded.

"Relax," Cordy replied soothingly.

"Relax?" Faith spat. "How can I relax when Fred was trying to get in your pants?"

"Get in her what?" Fred squeaked, getting up off the floor ever so gingerly.

"Don't act like you don't know," Faith growled, glaring at the frightened brunette.

"Faith, Fred wasn't trying to get into my pants."

"Then what the hell was she doing?"

"I was giving her a neck and shoulder massage," Fred mustered.

"Exactly," Cordy confirmed.

"It looked like a lot more than that," Faith stated suspiciously.

"Faith, if Fred wanted to get into my pants, she would've done it a long time ago. Fred's been giving me massages for like ever."

"She has, has she?"

"Yes, and I'd appreciate it if you'd leave Cordy and me alone while I do it," Fred stated confidently, as she kneeled down on the bed behind the voluptuous brunette.

Faith seethed internally, as she watched Fred's hands descend on the bare flesh of Cordy's neck and shoulders.

"It's okay Faith," Cordy assured. "Fred's just trying to get the kinks out from last night. I didn't sleep in a very good position," Cordy winked.

"I'll bet." Faith ground her teeth.

Fred eyed Faith, giving her a glare that told her she wasn't wanted in the room.

Faith took the hint, and turned to leave.

Fred smiled happily, as she saw the back of the dark Slayer exit. Now she could give Cordy her usual massage in private.

Faith walked down the hallway in disgust, making sure to make her steps loud enough for the girls to hear, then with Slayer stealth, Faith tip-toed her way back towards Fred's room.

Listening in, Faith didn't like what she was hearing.

"You should lie down, Cordy. It'll make it easier for me to get the knots out."

"On my stomach, or my back?"

Why the fuck would she lie down on her back? Faith cursed in her head.

"Stomach of course. Why would you need to lie down on your back?"

My question exactly. Faith thought.

"For foot and leg massages," Cordy answered.

"Oh, those," Fred blushed. "I thought you said it was your neck and shoulders hurting you."

"They are, but so is my whole body. I think you might have to give me a full body massage."

Okay, that's it. If Fred says yes...

"Full body? I haven't given you one of those in... I can't even remember how long," Fred giggled.

"I'm sure you'll remember what to do. My whole body is just aching."

"From what?"

"I don't know. I just had a really bad night of sleep last night. It was kinda rough."

"If it was really that bad, I should probably get the massage oils."

Dead. She's dead. No. Not dead. I don't do that any more. I'm reformed. A reformed escaped convict. Yes that's right. I don't kill people, at least not innocent people, but Fred's far from innocent. Damn it Faith. Nothing's going on here. I'm just letting my imagination get to me. Cordy's just worn out from our awesome night of sex. Of course she's gonna be sore. It's not like she's ever had a Slayer before.

"Yes. Get the massage oils," Cordy replied.

"Okay, I'll be right back," Fred smiled, before slipping off the bed. "Get comfortable, and I'll be back with the best massage you've ever had."

Shit. Faith hurriedly tip-toed to the closest door, opened it up, and quietly slipped inside.

She better not come in here. Faith cursed, as she slipped into an empty closet.

Faith heard the sound of Fred's footsteps as she walked down the hall, opened a distant door, and looked around the room.

While, that happened, Faith eyed her surroundings, and realized she was in the room right next to Fred's.

What the fuck is this?

Faith noticed that a tiny bit of light was coming from out of the wall. As she looked closer, she realized it was a hole in the wall and she could see right into Fred's room.

More importantly, she could see that Cordy was now lying on her stomach, her blouse, on the side of the bed, leaving her back completely exposed, and if Corr turned over, her glorious globes would be free for Fred to see.

Okay, I'm putting a fucking stop to this. There is no way in hell that this is legit. Corr and Fred are fuck-mates and they're about to get all oily.

As Faith was about to open the closet door, she heard Fred's footsteps coming back from down the hall.

Shit! Faith cursed, shutting the closet door once again, where the tiny peep hole was taunting her.

Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to look. Would it?

Faith watched, and listened, as Fred appeared back in the room, closing the door, and securely locking it this time.

Damn bitch. No way she's locking that door unless something kinky's going down.

"Um, Cordy, which one do you prefer? Rose, or Vanilla scented?" Fred asked, as she held up the two squeezy bottles of massage oil.

"Hmm, the rose smells nicer, but the vanilla's edible," Cordy smirked.


"Edible it is then," Fred blushed.

"Damn. I dunno if I should be jealous or really horny.

Fred sat down on the bed and uncapped the vanilla scented massage bottle. The tall, lithe brunette, began squeezing the oil onto her hands and rubbing it smoothly over both of them.

"Where should I start?" Fred asked.

"Your choice," Cordy sighed, she settled her chin into the pillow.

Fred began by massaging one of Cordy's shoulder.

Faith watched as Fred then straddled Cordy's back, so that she could massage both shoulders, which gave Faith a nice view up Fred's tiny skirt.

Fuck, you're blocking my view Fred. Faith cursed. I mean, get the fuck off her, but keep that cute ass up so I can look up your skirt. Faith corrected, conflicted about the situation.

"Mmm, that feels nice..." Cordy moaned.

"Should I go lower?"

"Yes please."

Fred responded by sliding her hands down Cordy's back, careful to work a few knots out along the way.

Fred expertly grabbed the vanilla scented massage oil, and squeezed some onto Cordy's lower back.

"Ooh," Cordy gasped, as she felt the cool liquid fall onto her skin.

"Sorry," Fred apologized.

"Don't be. It felt good."

"Oh. In that case," Fred smirked, as she squeezed some more oil onto Cordelia's back.

Cordy smiled into her pillow, as Fred continued the sensual massage.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, this is so hot, and I am so pissed, and this is the fucking most unbelievable thing I've seen. Screw jailhouse sex, it doesn't hold a candle to this. Why the hell am I not in there?

"Where does it hurt?" Fred asked meekly.

"Everywhere..." Cordy exhaled.

Fred giggled. "Where does it hurt most?"

"My butt."

"Hmm, your but, huh?"

"Yup. Can you work on it?"

"I could, but your skirt's in the way."

"Take it off."

Take it off? What is this a porno?

Fred blushingly complied, as she slowly took off Cordelia's skirt, leaving the buxom brunette in only her white panties.

"Um, your..." Fred stammered.

"Take them off too."

Fred gulped, as she obeyed, sliding Cordy's panties down her long legs, around her ankles, and finally off her feet.

Fred meekly placed the panties on the edge of the bed, as she reached again for the massage bottle and squeezed some oil on Cordelia's butt.

"Mmmm..." Cordy moaned, as Fred began the butt massage.

Where's a camcorder when you need one? No wait... who does Corr think she is? I mean, I'm the one that sleeps around, not her. Sure she dressed slutty in high school, but she wasn't an actual slut, right? How the hell would I know. I was obsessed with B the whole time. Is it a surprise that she'd get Fred to fulfill her needs?

"You're right, Cordelia. Your cheeks really are tight."

Did she just say that?

"Told you so. Keep working it, Fred."

Fred obeyed, slowly massaging Cordelia's butt, and working out the tightness.

"That's good, Fred. Can you work on my thighs now?"


"Sure, thing," Fred replied, as she lowered her hands and began massaging Cordy's succulent thighs.

She's not gonna put her hands...

Fred slipped her hands between Cordy's legs, and massaged the brunette's inner thighs, her fingers coming oh so close to Cordelia's delicate folds.

Damn it Fred, if you're gonna do that, at least let me see it!

Fred worked her hands in and out between the former Cheerleader's thighs, working her way down to Cordy's calves and ankles every once in a while, which gave Faith a much better view of Cordy's backside.

There you go Fred, stay down there. No, stay down, don't go back up. Damn it.

As Fred's hands traveled their way back up to Cordy's thighs, she stumbled and landed face first into Cordy's rump.


"Fred, what are you doing?" Cordy asked, as she turned her body to face Fred, while Fred removed her face from the precarious position

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I slipped, and my face, accidentally, fell...." Fred yammered, suddenly noticing that she was face first with Cordy's most private place.

"Accidentally, huh?"

"Huh?" Fred blushed, her face still mere inches from Cordelia's delicate folds.

I hereby use my telekinetic powers to nudge Fred face first into...

"I was saying..." Cordy began, but stopped, when Fred fell face first into Cordy's crotch. "Fred..."

Damn, how'd that work?

Fred couldn't believe it. When she was nervous, she became awkward geek girl to the max, and now her mouth was wide open and kissing Cordy's tender folds. When Fred closed her mouth, she accidentally stimulated Cordelia's clit.

"Oh, God Fred, what are you..."

"Oh my God, Cordy, I didn't mean..." Fred apologized as she stumbled to remove her face from its embarrassing position, but she only managed to fall back into place.


"Cordy," Fred mumbled, as she felt Cordelia's hand on the back of her head, obviously trying to help Fred move her head, or so she thought.

"Fred, I... didn't... know... you liked me... that... way..." Cordy cooed, as the sensation of Fred's lips on Cordy's sensitive folds elicited more moans from Cordelia.

Fred tried to move her head, but she felt Cordy's thighs squeeze shut, and the hand on the back of her head didn't seem to be budging.

"Cordelia... I..."

"Oh, Fred... that feels... so... good..." Cordy gasped.

"It's... not... supposed... to..." Fred mumbled, still struggling to get out from between Cordelia's legs, which only excited Cordy more.

"Oh... Fred!" Cordy cried out, her body shaking, as an orgasm rocked her body back onto the bed, finally allowing Fred to extricate her face from Cordy's lower lips.

Fred stared in shock, as she saw Cordy shaking, her eyes shut, enjoying a moment of pleasure, which Fred accidentally gave the former Cheerleader.

Damn that was hot. Unbelievable too.

"I'm so sorry," Fred apologized again, as she watch the waves of pleasure dissipate.

"For what?" Cordy exhaled.

"I didn't mean to..."

"Then why did you?"

"But I didn't. I was trying not to, and, that only seemed to make things worse, and..."

"Wow, you're that good when you're not trying?"

"Huh?" Fred looked at Cordy confused.

"You were amazing, Fred."

"I was? I mean, I wasn't trying to be, but I was?"

"Uh huh. Not that I'm into girls, but that was good."

"Oh, same here. Not into girls, but thanks for the compliment."

"You're welcome. If I was a lesbian, I'd probably ask you to switch sides."

"Well, it's a good thing you're not a lesbian, then," Fred blushed.

Not a lesbian? What kinda BS is that? She couldn't be more lesbian than... a lesbian in a lesbian bar. Okay, that was stupid.

"Yup, good thing. I mean, if I was a lesbian, I wouldn't want you to finish my full body massage, because I'd be worried about another accident happening."

"You want me to continue?"

"If you don't mind. I mean, since we're both not lesbians, we don't have to worry about anything coming out of this, right?"

"Right. Because, what just happened was an accident."

"Exactly," Cordy smirked, before licking her lips seductively.

Fred gulped, somehow knowing it was a bad idea, but the tingling sensation between her legs, said something different.

Damn Corr is good. I gotta use that bit myself.

To be continued...