Cordelia's Chase
by Dylan

"Hey, Queen C. Whatcha doin?"

Cordelia looked up abruptly from the magazine she had been studying, ticking off in her mind which outfits to buy next. She glanced over to the source of the distraction. A sluty looking Faith, strolling nonchalantly towards her across the library floor.

"What does it look like? I'm performing open heart surgery, obviously." Cordelia's tone was less than friendly.

"Fuck you. I was only trying to be fucking sociable."

Cordelia was stumped. She hadn't expected Faith to snap at her so readily. Usually it took a little more provocation. The tall brunette decided to ignore the leather clad Slayer and concentrate on those new outfits she was planning on. Unfortunately though, she couldn't concentrate.

"What's up your ass, oh sluty one?" Cordelia asked.

Faith narrowed her eyes and jumped up onto the nearby library counter. Probably determining that Cordelia didn't particularly want her sat next to her, or even near her, at the table.

"You're up my ass, C. I'm sick of the snide comments and shit. Fair enough if you don't like me, just don't fucking talk to me. There's no need for you to be such a bitch to me." It was about the longest sentence that Cordelia could ever remember Faith saying, at least to her. But she didn't let her surprise show.

Instead, the rich girl closed her magazine and casually looked over her perfectly manicured nails, checking for unlikely imperfections.

She wasn't really sure why she was always such a bitch where Faith was concerned. Ok, so she was pretty much a bitch with everyone. But Faith seemed to bear more than her fair share of cutting comments, ever since she had first arrived in Sunnydale.

Cordelia thought that maybe it was just because Faith was so different to her. They came from totally different backgrounds. They had contradictory views on style, socialising, and life in general. The two brunettes were complete opposites when it came right down to it.

The spoilt cheerleader stole a glance at the dark girl sat coolly on top of the counter. Faith was no longer looking her way, her chocolate brown eyes were focused at nothing of particular interest ahead of her. She was clearly in a little world of her own.

The taller girl continued to look at Faith.

The wild Slayer did indeed dress pretty skanky, in kind of a kick ass way, but Cordelia suddenly realised it looked good on Faith. Really good in fact. It worked for her. The younger brunette was extremely alluring all dressed in tight black leather, or denim, or pretty much anything.

Cordelia shook her head, trying to dislodge the thought, and pried her eyes away from Faith. She couldn't quite believe she had just decided Faith was alluring... attractive, and downright sexy. Ok, now she was freaking herself out.

The cheerleader surreptitiously raised her eyes, trying not to be obvious, to study Faith. Yes, study the Slayer.

If she were being totally honest with herself, which didn't happen often, Cordelia had to admit that she had thought about just how attractive Faith was before now. Maybe it was one of the reasons she was so 'off' with the other girl all the time. Well, there was no maybe about it really.

And there was no doubt she was consciously eyeing Faith up now.

"You checking me out, C?"

She had been caught, and she had to come up with an answer, an excuse, anything.

All rational thought left Cordelia's head however, as Faith leapt down from her perch on the counter and slowly made her way towards her. She looked downright predatory, probably like how a hunting cat would look in human form. She was all sleek and sexy, just strutting up to Cordelia, and not once taking her dark eyes from her.

Cordelia was transfixed, her lips parted slightly, and her chest rising and falling almost in rhythm with her pounding heart. She couldn't take her eyes away from Faiths'. The dangerous look in them captivating her.

Faith ran the tip of her tongue over her full, red glossed lower lip. Cordelia dropped her magazine on to the floor, quite by accident. The sexy grin and raised eyebrow coming from Faith almost took the older girl's breath away.

Cordelia wanted to move, she wanted to deny that she had indeed been 'checking out' Faith. She wanted to deny it to herself more than anything. But it was useless. She couldn't move. She couldn't deny anything.

It had been creeping up on her for some time. She really liked Faith. And she really liked the way the sultry Slayer was currently looking at her. Cordelia was practically being stalked. Faith's seductive eyes were busy travelling over the cheerleader's slender body, undressing her as they took in her athletic form.

Cordelia was being reeled in, and she was enjoying it.

The taller girl's heart was now racing, her breathing shallow and deep, with anticipation. She wasn't sure what it was she wanted right now, but Cordelia was sure she didn't want Faith to stop moving provocatively towards her.

As the Slayer reached the edge of the table, and came to a halt in front of Cordelia's chair, she leant forward, placing her hands on the cheerleader's thighs. The tight top that already showed an ample amount of cleavage, revealed even more to the taken girl, who instinctively licked her lips.

Before either girl could do or say anything however, Xander decided to burst into the library, with Willow following behind, babbling as per usual.

The two brunettes almost jumped out of their skins. Cordelia stood up abruptly, knocking into Faith, who just raised a perfect eyebrow, before moving swiftly away.

"Hey guys. What's the what?" Willow cheerily questioned.

"Nothing happening, Red. Just the same old shit." Faith sounded almost flustered. Which made Cordelia smile to herself.

The confidant Slayer wasn't so tough and untouchable after all. Or at least, Cordelia was hoping she wasn't untouchable. The thought made her smile even wider.

"Err! Faith? What have you done with the real Cordelia? This one has to be an impostor, she's smiling." Xander grinned.

"Fuck you, Xander." Cordelia wasn't in the mood for Xander's childish wise cracks. She was in the mood for a little Faith. And the 'tragic twins' had interrupted them.

She didn't give a fuck now how wrong it might be to feel this way. Or how much it went against her image or reputation. She wanted Faith. She was horny for the other brunette. Unbelievably so. The sexy little display the Slayer had put on for her had definitely piqued her curiosity. Amongst other things.

Forgetting what it was she had come into the library for in the first place, Cordelia picked up her magazine and her bag from the floor, and made her way to the door.

"I'll leave you geeks to...well, to do whatever sad thing it is you do in here. Some of us have lives to live." With that, she left. But not before catching Faith's eye.

She gave the shorter girl one of her best flirty looks over her shoulder, actually going as far as batting her eyelashes at Faith. Which she knew always worked for her. She left the library on a high, hoping that Faith had got the message, that she was interested. Very.


Cordelia had made a special effort to look good tonight for the bronze. She wanted to impress. Or to be more exact, she wanted Faith's undivided attention. She hoped her choice of a tiny, tight red dress, and 'follow me home and fuck me' shoes, would do the trick.

After getting home from school, and her unexpected run in with Faith, the tall brunette had decided once and for all, to just go for it. To follow her instincts. And they were screaming to her that she had to have Faith. She wanted to take a chance and not think about the implications or consequences.

Cordelia had always been aware of the new Slayer's interest in her, although she had tried her best to ignore it, or just not notice. But Faith was never one to be subtle, especially when she was looking Cordelia over, eyeing her up. Faith wasn't what you could call subtle at anything though for that matter. The leggy brunette arrived at the bronze later than the other members of their little 'scooby' gang. She wanted to make an entrance. It worked.

As she strode confidently into the club, nearly every guy in the place stopped to watch. Every guy, and Faith. Cordelia congratulated herself. Job well done.

The tall brunette made her way over to the table currently occupied by the scoobs. Buffy was busy in conversation with willow, and Xander was in a dream world of his own, watching the dance floor. Their backs were turned towards her. Well, all except Faith.

The sexy Slayer stood at the table, drink in hand, eyes fixed firmly on the approaching cheerleader. Watching her, every step of the way. She looked positively hungry, and Cordelia loved it. She was also loving the way Faith looked right now. She too had made a special effort for the night.

She was wearing her trademark leather pants, but they looked even tighter than usual. Showing off the toned legs of the strong girl perfectly. Her top was barely worth putting on there was so little to it. Black, strappy, almost backless. Fucking hot.

Buffy must have suddenly noticed that Faith was no longer joining in her conversation with willow. She looked up at her fellow Slayer, then turned around to see what the distracted brunette was staring at.

"Oh! Hey, Cordy. We'd almost given up on you." Buffy chirped.

"Hi Cordelia." Willow gave her an encouraging wave, despite how badly the brunette treated her. Faith was yet to say anything. She just proceeded to take a long drink. Looking oh so cool. Cordelia couldn't help but smile at her new target. Slipping in between Faith and the shorter Slayer, Cordelia leant close to the dark beauty and whispered.


Faith grinned, then practically pressed her lips to Cordelia's ear. Blowing a soft, hot breath over it. The cheerleader almost came in her underwear right then and there, it sent shivers down her spine.

"Hell yeah, girlfriend." Her voice was slick, and deep with desire.

The taller girl fought back the overwhelming desire to rip Faith's leather pants off and plunge her fingers inside her. Swallowing hard, due to the fact her mouth was now watering, and she had just shocked herself with a very erotic visual image of pushing her fingers inside Faith, Cordelia licked her lips and steadied herself back into spoilt rich bitch mode.

"I'm so glad you're out and about now Xander, ya know, after you lost your coolness and had to stay at home with your mommy. Oh wait, you never were cool were you?" She smirked at Xander, daring him to come back at her.

Xander made to respond to the cutting cheerleader, but then thought better of it. It would have been useless anyway.

Willow and Buffy just ignored the comment, being well versed in the brunette's bitchiness.

"So, who's gonna buy me a drink?" Cordelia asked.

Faith raised her shapely eyebrows, as Cordelia looked her way.

Much to the tall girl's surprise, Faith did actually go to the bar and buy her a drink. She offered again later, in fact several times. But Cordelia knew the Slayer wasn't exactly well off, so she bought more of their drinks than Faith.

The rest of the scoobies seemed unaware of the flirting going on between the two brunettes. The noise of the club was particularly loud, calling for them to constantly lean into each other, in conversation. Or so it seemed to anybody watching. But there was more to it for the flirting girls.

Cordelia was really liking this 'close' thing. She could smell the other girl's enticing scent every time she leaned in to her. And the way Faith was whispering in her ear was just sending her silly. The sultry tones of the untamed Slayer rippled through her body, and landed firmly at the juncture between her legs.

The several drinks she had had, mixed with how Faith was making her feel, was definitely taking affect on Cordelia. She was openly admiring the beautiful brunette now. Not entirely aware of anybody, or anything else around her.

Licking her lips seductively, the tall girl got even closer to Faith. She couldn't take her eyes off the Slayer's full, inviting mouth. The girl's lips looked like cushions she wanted to dive on. Her breasts were, well, they were just begging to be touched as they strained against the scant material of her top.

Cordelia couldn't keep it in any longer. She had to stop skirting around the edges. Subtle was no longer an option. They had been hinting at how much they liked each other, testing the waters, now she wanted to know for sure.

"Faith...You look like a really good fuck. Are you?" Faith raised her eyebrow, the way Cordelia loved. "Because...I'd love to find out."

"Fuck, girlfriend...You're gonna." She winked at the taller girl, grinning that sexy grin of hers.

Cordelia wanted her. She wanted her now.

"Follow me..." With that, the athletic brunette took off in the direction of the toilettes.

Faith downed the remainder of her drink and did as she had been told... she followed Cordelia.


Luckily there wasn't a queue, and there were a couple of cubicles free. Cordelia walked to the end of the room, and entered one. She kept the door ajar, waiting for the dark girl.

"Cor?" It was her, she couldn't mistake that silky voice for anybody else. Cordelia opened the door further and gestured for Faith to enter.

As soon as the smaller girl closed the door behind her, Cordelia pounced. Her patience well and truly shot to bits. Their lips crashed together in a passionate, pulse quickening kiss. They kissed wetly and hungrily.

"Fuck, C...Do you really want this?" Cordelia groaned as Faith kissed her neck, sucking on it not entirely softly.

"Yes...I want you."

Faith slammed Cordelia up against the toilette door, instantly placing a strong thigh between her legs. Then devouring her mouth with her lips and tongue again.

Her hands were already working their way under the taller girl's short dress, up the backs of her slender thighs. But Cordelia wanted Faith on her breasts, she wanted to watch the sexy Slayer lick and suck her until she was dripping for her.

"Wait..." She pushed the straps of her dress down revealing her tanned breasts to the other girl. Faith ran her tongue over her lips, then leapt towards Cordelia, pushing it forcefully into her mouth.

She sucked on Cordelia's tongue as her hands sought out the soft mounds in front of her. She roughly cupped the cheerleader's braless breasts, eliciting a moan from both of them. Faith's thumbs attacked her nipples, getting them hard and ready for her mouth. Which was now on it's way down Cordelia's neck.

She wasted no time in exploring the limits of how hard she could get away with sucking and biting on Cordelia's nipples. You could actually hear her hungry slurps above the drone of the club's music. Now was not a time for tenderness. They both just wanted to fuck. And fuck hard and fast.

"Jesus, Faith...I love that." Faith was busy sucking on one nipple while she twirled a fingertip around and over the other.

Cordelia could feel her panties getting damper and damper, sure that soon the heightened Slayer senses would pick up on the smell of her. She wanted Faith to smell her, she wanted Faith to know what she was doing to her. Which was getting her wetter than she thought she had ever been before.

Faith licked her way back up to Cordelia's mouth, pushing a strong hand into her long dark hair.

The dangerous Slayer crushed their heated bodies together as she plunged her tongue between Cordelia's welcoming lips again. The powerful thigh between her spread legs began to push up in an insistent rhythm. The cheerleader couldn't help but moan for Faith, not caring who heard, who knew.

"I can fucking smell ya, baby...You gotta be so wet down there. Fuck yeah." Faith was heaving up against Cordelia, their breasts rubbing together, causing the taller girl to slide a little lower against the door in order to feel Faith's hard nipples on hers.

The flimsy material of the smaller brunette's top allowed for Cordelia to feel exactly what she had wanted. And her new position meant her legs were now even wider for the girl busy sucking on her neck.

Faith didn't waste the opportunity to take advantage of the offering. She slid her hand up the inside of Cordelia's long thigh, tickling her with her fingers. She moved her kisses up to Cordelia's right ear as she cupped the older girl's pussy in her palm, over the top of her drenched underwear. Then Faith's smoky voice invaded her brain.

"I'm gonna take you, Cor. Slide my fingers into your hot little hole and make it mine, and you're going to fucking love it." Cordelia shuddered at the words, her legs feeling weaker with every second. Her heart racing, her lungs starving for oxygen.

"Fuck me, Faith. I want you to make me come for you." She could feel Faith grinning against her neck.

The sexy Slayer slid her fingers around the soft cotton of Cordelia's skimpy panties. Moving them to the side so she could access what was on offer to her. With one finger, she stroked along the length of Cordelia's soaking slit, brushing over her swollen clit in amongst the sweet juices emanating from the cheerleader.

The taller girl's head went back, hitting the door behind her with a soft thud. She was so ready for this. So ready for Faith to finger her until she forgot what it was to be daddy's little 'do good' princess. She wanted to be fucked senseless by this girl, more than she'd ever wanted anything.

"Oh God." Cordelia groaned.

Faith removed her hand and tugged Cordelia's panties down, encouraging her to step out of them. Which she did.

Faith lifted the moist underwear to her face, and burying her nose in them, took a deep breath. With a wicked grin she tucked the panties into her back pocket. Then caught Cordelia off guard with such a passionate kiss, she literally began to drip with her need.

With no barriers in the way this time, Faith replaced her hand on the cheerleader's hot sex. She spread her soaking pussy lips with one hand, then lowered her other hand between them and slicked her fingers before slowly going to work on Cordelia's clit.

"Fuck...that's good." Cordelia's hips began to move with the younger girl's fingers.

"That's it baby, rub your wet pussy on me. Maybe later I'll let you spread your cum all over my tits." Cordelia groaned so loud, she could tell everyone in the toilettes had stopped to listen.

But she didn't care, because now Faith was pushing her fingers lower, closer to the source of all the sweet smelling pussy juice. Before she could register that Faith was now also sucking on one of her nipples, the dark Slayer pushed two skilled fingers up inside her slick cunt.

Faith set to work plunging her fingers in and out of Cordelia's tight hole. Her free hand reached under the tall girl's right leg and lifted it, spreading the pussy her fingers were buried in even more for her. The smell of sex began to fill the air, and the wet sound of Faith fucking her dripping entrance played in harmony with Cordelia's constant moans of pleasure.

"Jesus...Faith." Her hands gripped the smaller girl's shoulders as she rode the hand between her legs.

Faith increased her pace and pressure, thrusting in and out in time with Cordelia. She moved her head back up to suck on the older girl's lower lip, then her neck. Cordelia was spread wide for the demanding Slayer, her hot, sticky pink twat now being filled completely as Faith pushed another finger deep inside her, stretching her inexperienced cunt to it's limits.

She cried out as the Slayer's fingers fucked her good and hard. Sweeping her to the limits of pleasure. She began to shake, feeling her orgasm about to burst upon her, and Faith. With a hard, deep thrust Faith curled her fingers into Cordelia's G spot, rubbing her fingertips over it as fast as she could.

"Oh yes...Faith...Fuck." That was about all she could take. She screamed out.

Her pussy walls clamped down onto Faith's fingers and a hot spurt of girl cum gushed out of her, all over Faith's hand and down the thigh still between her legs. She had never come so hard in her life. The shockwave continuing to pulse through her as her cunt took all the pounding it could from the dark Slayer.

As her legs began to give way, Faith extracted her fingers from Cordelia and held onto her, stopping her from falling. She softly kissed the taller girls face, allowing her to come back down to earth. She did so, slowly, and feeling well and truly fucked.

Faith leant back a little way, smiling broadly at Cordelia. She lifted her drenched fingers up to her mouth, and sucked on them, cleaning her own hands of the cheerleaders cum.

"Man, you taste good. I want more." Without hesitation Faith lowered herself in front of Cordelia.

She pushed the other girl's still quivering legs apart, just enough for her to place her head between her thighs. Cordelia's vast amount of sweet fluid was still oozing from her tender pussy, trickling down her legs. Faith spread the soft flesh of the older girl open and shoved her tongue up into her moist hole as far as it would go.

"Oh....God..." Cordelia was coming again.

Faith wiggled her tongue around inside Cordelia, drinking every bit of girl cum that began squirting into her mouth. Groaning her satisfaction as she did so. She thrust in and out of the older girl's convulsing pink twat a couple more times, filling the inviting hole as much as she could, before she had to jump back up to catch the trembling girl before she fell.

"I could do that all fucking night to you, C." She pulled Cordelia into a searing kiss, smearing cum all over their faces and lips.

"Faith...stop." Faith leant back, a questioning look on her face.

"I want to fuck you too...I want to spread my pussy all over your hot body...take me back to yours."

Faith's face lit up.

"You got it, gorgeous."

The two brunettes tidied themselves up as best they could and left the cubicle behind them smelling of sex and desire. Ignoring the shocked faces waiting for them in the queue, the two girls laced their hands together, and slipped out of the club. Not wanting to face the scoobies currently awaiting their return.

They made their way back to Faith's motel room for what was bound to be a night filled with screams, sweat, sore pussies, and cum...but then, that's another story.