Car Wrecks & Last Wishes
by Anne

"Thanks Kate." Cordy hung up the phone smiling. She was planning a birthday party for Faith. Her party was in less than 24 hours and Faith didn't bother to clue anyone in on her birthdate. Cordy couldn't figure that one out. She loved birthday parties herself. Cordy shrugged to herself. It didn't matter. She had a killer party planned. Well, not killer. In her line of work you had to be specific. Cordy bounced over to her desk just as Angel walked in holding Spikes hand.

Cordy did a double take. "ok Can I say eww? Angel being cuddly with Spike. Bad visuals." Cordy shivered a little.

Angel tossed a smirk her way. "This coming from a Slayer's girlfriend." He asked with an eyebrow arched.

Cordy smiled thinking of Faith. The girl had gotten under her skin.

Spike smirked. "Where is that sexy pet of yours anyways? I haven't heard from her all morning."

Cordy rolled her eyes. "MY sexy slayer is off visiting cop lady."

"Kate?" Angel asked.

Cordy snorted "Yes. Duh. Do you know any other cop ladies?"

Spike laughed a little as he sat down on the couch. Angel sat next to him, still cuddling. Cordy again rolled her eyes at the display. She missed Faith. She felt left out.

"Angel, You and Spike are gonna..."

Her sentence was cut off as Spike screamed and jumped onto Angel's lap. Both the seer and the souled Vampire turned to look at Spike in surprise and confusion. Spike didn't say anything, he just pointed to the corner of the office. Both Angel and Cordy turned to look at..well umm Nothing. Cause that's exactly what they saw. Nothing,

Cordy shook her head. "Oookay. Anyways as I was saying before I was interrupted by a girly scream, are you and Spike gonna make sure you don't spill the secret to Faith?"

Spike scoffed at the seer. "Girly scream my ass. There was a big bloody rat in that corner." his British accent was a big thicker as he slid off of Angel's lap and once again pointed at the corner.

Cordy jumped up onto the desk. "Rat? Where." She looked around, expecting it to magically appear or something and both Vampires laughed at her this time. She stuck her tongue out in response and slid down into her seat, carefully keeping her feet up.

"You gonna use that tongue Pet?" Spike wiggled his eyebrows at Cordy, a lavish grin crossing his features.

"Not on you Blondie." Faith announced her presence into the group as she walked over to her girlfriend. Shooting Spike a warning look, she made a big display out of kissing Cordelia, slipping her tongue into her mouth and after a few minutes of passionate kissing, The girls pulled apart.

Faith slid onto Cordy's lap as she faced the two vampires. "Were you picking on my girl again? Remember the last time I kicked your ass Spikey? I won't hesitate to do it again." She grinned for good measure, a wicked smile lighting up her pretty features.

Angel ignored the banter as he faced Faith. "What did you go see Kate for?"

Faith grimaced. "I was wondering about the loony and her playmate. Katie had leads and she wanted some help."

Spike growled softly. "I can't believe Dru left me for Darla." He scoffed again. "Geez she has no morals whatsoever."

Faith and Cordy burst into laughter. At the two guys questioning looks, Faith tried to explain. "A Vamp with morals? It's harfuckinglarious.No offense soul Butt. You have an excuse."

Angel and Spike nodded as the two girls continued laughing. After countless minutes, Spike couldn't take it anymore. "So what are the plans for tonight Pets?"

Cordy shot him a warning look. He knew Faith's surprise party was tonight. She smiled as she thought up the perfect cover.

"Well Remember I got that small role on Guiding Light? Well there throwing a party tonight and I was invited. I can bring friends. You guys wanna go?"

Faith tipped her head up to meet Cordy's gaze. "Yeah I saw that one again today. You were sexy C. So very sexy." She drawled out as she buried her face in Cordy's neck. trailing kisses up and down her neck and jawline. Cordy's response was a soft moan.

Cordy let out a soft giggle. "I really should hide that tape always produces such fun results when you watch it." She tangled her fingers in the dark slayers waves as she continued kissing her way up to the seers mouth.

Spike and Angel watched the two girls play their usual games with a smirk. They loved the girls and the girls loved them. They were a family. A weird one, but still a family. "Yeah we're in." Angel replied. he wasn't gonna piss his seer off. She was dangerous when they ruined surprises for faith.

Cordy discussed the plans the best she could with Faith's very attentive mouth and hands working their magic on her and than she left, dragging the Slayer with her.

A few hours later, they were at the Club Cordy had rented for the night. Faith was surprised and pleasantly happy. Birthdays have never been that big of a deal to her and parties just weren't her thing. Well birthday parties anyway.

The party went on without a problem and the couples were dancing happily, none of the demons and darkness that was usually their had taken the night off. After the party was over, Cordy, Faith, Angel, Spike and Wesley all got into the car to leave. On the way home they were ran off the road and got into an awful car accident. Amazingly no one was hurt except for Wesley. They took him to the hospital immediately.

Angel was brooding in the waiting room, blaming this all on himself. Faith plopped down in the seat next to him and slipped an arm around his shoulders.

"You know this isn't your fault you know. It's Fate's." She talked in a calming, soothing voice trying to make the broody vamp happy.

The Doctor walked up to them and smiled slightly. "Actually, It's not Fate's either. He has a mild case of food poison. He should be perfectly fine tomorrow morning. You can see him now if you wish."

Faith smirked. "Thanks Doc. See Soul Boy. It's not your fault, it's C's." She grinned as she ducked the light swat of her girlfriend.

"I didn't do it on purpose." Cordy pouted a little.

"I know Kitten." Faith smiled again.

The 3 of them found Spike and went into see Wesley. He looked an awful shade of green and sickly pale and Cordy cringed.

"I'm so sorry Wes. I didn't do it on purpose." Cordy looked at the ground, feeling horrible. Faith walked over next to her and held her tight.

Wesley grinned a little. "It's quite all right Cordelia. I'll be fine tomorrow. I just have one final death wish. Please keep all your cooking away from me. It's not at all personal." He gained a thoughtful look as he reconsidered. "Actually, on second thought, it is. But No offense intended."

Cordy sniffled as she nodded. A smile gracing her pretty face this time. "I'm so sorry."

They stayed with Wes just until before sunrise and than they had to go. And if their night couldn't get any weirder, They ran into Kate. She was at the party and they had barely spoken to her and now she looked terrible but she looked happy. If that was even possible.

Kate ran up to Angel and Spike. "I need you to turn me." Her voice was breathless and excited.

Angel and Spike exchanged a look of pure confusion mixed with even more confusion. "Huh." Was their intelligent reply.

Kate smiled, lighting up her gray blue eyes. "I wanna be a Vampire. I want you to change me. Hello, what part did you miss?"

Angel stepped a little closer to the cop. "You're not Kate."

Kate smirked. "Yes I am. Duh."

Angel shook his head. "No you're not. Kate would never want to be a Vampire and she would never ever say duh."

Kate shook her head. "Damn you Angelus. Why must you ruin our fun everytime. Grand mummy is so not gonna be happy." Kate suddenly turned into Dru.

Angel and Spike both watched in horror as Darla walked out into the streets. Clapping her hands together, she smiled. "I really thought you two would be dumb enough for that."

Angel rolled his eyes and turned to the two girls next to him. Handing the keys to Cordy he instructed her to take Faith and the Car and go on home. The two girls argued for a few moments before finally giving in and leaving. Angel watched in despair as Cordy gunned the engine of his baby and peeled outta there.

Darla smiled softly as she looked at her Childe and his. "Angelus, I need this favor. I don't know what the fuck happened. One minute she was Dru and loony and crazy and the next she has a soul. A dirty, filthy soul. Oh No offense and all. I need you to change her back. Please."

Angel shook his head. and Spike laughed aloud. "My Dru has a soul huh. A bloody soul Pet. How the hell did that happen?" He was amused. He was way past amused. He was estactic.

Darla growled. "It's not funny." She bit out through clenched teeth. "Please change my baby back. I'm begging here Angelus. I'll do anything you want."

Angel seemed to consider it. and than he shrugged. "Ok Fine." He walked over to Dru and leaned down, biting her softly. Feeling her cold blood seep into his veins. It was good. He just hoped it didn't reopen his own bloodlust.

Darla watched happily. Clapping her hands in delight as Dru drank from Angel. Spike just lit a cigarette and hoped they would hurry up. The sun was gonna rise soon and he was the only one that seemed to care about being turned into dustbuster bait here.

After they waited for the transformation to take place, Spike and Angel started to leave. Dru ran over and hugged Angel. "Thank you Daddy. So Much. Yay." She was swaying softly and dancing and singing and basically being Dru.

Darla ran over and grabbed her Childes hand and started tugging her along. "Come on Dru baby, we have stuff to see and people to eat."

Dru started to followed and than she stopped. "I'm sorry Grand Mum. I can't." Her eyes looked sad as she glanced upwards. "I don't love you anymore. The stars tell me to go and be with the cop lady. She was yummy." Dru started swaying again. to her own music in her head.

Darla screamed in frustration. "You have got to be kidding me. What the hell?" She threw her hands up in desperation. "oh whatever. I'm so outta here." She dismissed them all with a wave of her hand and took off.

Angel and Spike once again exchanged a confused look and then they too left to go home, because the night was strange and they really weren't in the mood for anymore strangeness tonight. Maybe tomorrow they could deal. And with that thought running clearly through their head they took off as well, Leaving Dru with herself and the stars, which were softly fading away as the night ended and a new day was beginning.