Cordelia Not So Chaste
by Dylan

Cordelia hadn't seen Faith for days. Or to be more specific, one week and two days. If she didn't catch her today...then it would be three days. Not that she was counting. Cordelia prided herself on not caring about what other people did with their lives, as she was just too busy with her own.

But Faith wasn't just 'other people'. She wasn't just anybody, and that had been clear right from the start. The dark Slayer stood out from the crowd, and in fact she commanded the crowd's attention, then flipped them her middle finger and strutted away without a care in the world. She knew how to work it all right. And she had known just how to get Cordelia wandering around for her like a little lost puppy.

Of course, nobody knew that's what she was doing. She kept her interest, sexual and otherwise, in Faith to a minimum so as not to arouse suspicion. She didn't need Buffy's little Scooby tragedies finding out about her trysts with the wild brunette. Not that she had had any more than just the one night that consisted of two incredible fucks with her.

The thought of her encounter that night with Faith brought a blush to the cheerleader's face. It had been hot, sexy, and definitely something she wanted to indulge in again with her. No matter how wrong the little angel on her shoulder was telling her it was. She had to have more of the sultry Slayer.

Breezing into the library of Sunnydale High, Cordelia scanned the room with her hazel eyes, searching for her Slayer. She wasn't there, as per usual it seemed these days. Neither was Buffy though.

Giles had told her a few days ago that the 'chosen two' had important Slayer business to do that couldn't involve the Scoobies...which also meant her. It instantly made the tall brunette jealous as she wondered just what kind of business the two were up to all alone.

She was fully aware of how much Faith flirted with Buffy, and how much the small blonde just loved it. Acting all coy like she didn't know her 'sweet' little half smile got Faith's eyes all sparkling for her. Blushing, then toying with the dark girl at every opportunity, but never acknowledging she did it. And getting all up close and personal with Faith in entirely inappropriate far as Cordy was concerned.

Cordelia huffed as she sat down in one of the library chairs, ignoring the puzzled looks of Xander and Willow as she crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at the double doors ahead of her.

"Hey, CC. Is there a reason for the death glare, or are you just hoping the wind will change and it'll actually improve your looks?" Xander looked smug at his own slight on her appearance.

She turned her head towards where the teenage boy was sitting and stared deep into his eyes in the most threatening way she knew how. She could see him begin to quiver which shot a chill almost of ecstasy up her spine.

"I guess the wind could never blow hard enough on you to rid you of that thing you call your face. Penis breath." It seemed not only did she have her own 'bitch thing' going on, but now she had also picked up on Faith's vulgarity to add to it.

"Cordelia, there is no need for language like that. Apologise to Xander." Giles shuffled out of his office, book in hand, looking down upon the cheerleader and reprimanding her with his haughty gaze.

"It was merely a statement of fact, so I can't apologise." She smirked at Xander and turned her attention back to the doors, wanting the sexy dark Slayer to waltz through them for her.

Giles didn't bother arguing and made his way up to the stacks to do what he normally did when not dealing with demons, prophecies, and God knows what else he earned his title 'Watcher' for. Cordelia ignored the snigger to the left of her as Xander made a rude gesture and Willow snorted in approval. She just wanted her damn Slayer to come and pay her some attention.

Ok, so she realised if Faith was aware that she was being called Cordelia's Slayer that the younger girl would no doubt dish out an ass kicking, but the incredibly spoilt girl couldn't help it.

She had spent the last week doing nothing but think of Faith. She couldn't stop. Every time she closed her eyes she imagined the other brunette naked and fucking her. Rubbing against her or slipping her fingers into her as Cordelia did the same back. More often than not she imagined tasting the dark Slayer. Licking her wet folds, and sucking on her pussy. Sliding her tongue up inside her hot pink...

"Cordelia!" Willow stood in front of the cheerleader waving her hand in front of her face.

"What?" The cheerleader broke out of her little fantasy of Faith to shout at the redhead stood directly in her way of being able to see the door.

"We asked if you wanted to come to lunch with us. Cos it's lunch time, and even though I've never actually seen you eat with my own two eyes before, I'm sure you do so I thought you might wanna just head there now with us...Instead of just sitting there looking all red like you're about to burst or something. Not that that's a bad thing cos I'm..."

"Willow, shut up and tell me where the Slayers are." She abruptly halted Willow's verbal dysentery.

"The Slayers?" The other girl looked at her like she had grown another head.

"Yes...the Slayers. You know, Buffy and...Faith?" She did her best not to just breathe the name out as she remembered moaning it at the point she had quivered for the dark girl.

"And she says I'm obsessed with Slayers." Xander chipped in as he picked up his school bag.

"I am not obsessed...I just...I..." Cordelia stood, as steam practically started coming out of her ears. As if she wasn't frustrated enough without the incessant ramblings of the two losers currently arching their eyebrows at her. "Can't a girl be concerned for other peoples safety?"

Even Giles sniggered at that one. The two Scoobies however felt the need to cling to each other as bursts of laughter ripped from their lungs. Cordelia narrowed her eyes and glared at them both, daring them to continue. They shut up and Willow bit her lip.

"Sorry Cordy...It's just that you don't usually take much of an interest unless something affects you directly." Willow looked apologetic so Cordelia decided not to all out bitch slap her.

"Well, maybe I've changed...people do. can I. Change." She nodded her head in agreement with herself.

"Hey...Who's changing? Not you I hope C? I like ya just the way you are." Faith strolled into the library, a big grin on her face, with Buffy trailing behind.

Cordelia was instantly transfixed, missing the slightly puzzled looks drifting from Faith to the cheerleader at the comment. She was too busy checking out the tight black jeans and tiny white sleeveless tee shirt Faith was wearing. Her ass looked so fine and Cordelia had to blink to pull her gaze back up to the rest of the occupants of the small library.

"God...what is it with everybody around here?" She pushed past a baffled Xander and strutted out into the corridor.

Even though she had been there to specifically see Faith, the tall brunette couldn't deal with the slight chance that she would give anything away. And checking out somebody's ass was a sure way for heads to develop small light bulbs above them.

Stalking down the corridor, Cordelia felt the regret at having just breezed past Faith set in. She had really wanted to talk to her, and check that everything was ok, and just plain sit and look at her. She stopped near her locker and took a deep breath as students filtered past her, making their way to lunch. She didn't feel particularly hungry herself.

"Hey, C? What's up with you?" Faith glided to a stop in front of the taller girl and leant nonchalantly on the lockers.

Cordelia did her best not to look into Faith's beautiful brown eyes. She was pissed off with the Slayer for not bothering to contact her after their night of passion. Falling into Faith's dark pools of mystery wasn't going to keep up her need to let the younger girl know of her annoyance.

"Hey." The shorter brunette placed a finger under Cordelia's chin, lifting her face so she would look at her.

"Faith, be careful." Cordelia glanced around her to see if anybody had noticed the surprisingly gentle gesture, before eventually looking at Faith properly.

"What? You afraid people might think we have hot steamy sex together?" Faith grinned sexily at Cordelia and winked, as the cheerleader blushed a little.

"Well, duh!" She took a steadying breath, trying her best not to allow the closeness of the other girl affect her.

After all, she was meant to be Queen C. Untouchable. Unaffected. Unused to being so easily turned on by just a smile and a wink. Her mind drifted back to Faith's motel room and the heat of the other girl as she slid against her, naked and wet and moaning out obscenities.

"Fuck, C. What are you thinking about? Your pupils just dilated to like half the size of your head." Faith looked into Cordelia's eyes and then slowly licked her full bottom lip.

The sight of Faith's talented tongue slicking her delectable lips did nothing to halt the thoughts running amok in the athletic brunette's mind. She bit her own lip and allowed her eyes to roam over the sexy Slayer's tight body. Unable to help herself, or stop herself desiring the younger girl.

"You wanna go find somewhere quiet, Cor? Just you and me?" Faith looked like she was getting a little hot under the collar herself now as her own gaze swept over Cordelia, who was dressed in a skirt much too short for her Daddy's approval.

The older girl could see the hunger now in Faith's enigmatic eyes. It sent a tiny shiver down her spine, knowing that the wild Slayer wanted her, and was probably thinking about fucking her soft little pussy with her strong fingers. She let out a shaky little breath as her cunt defied her mission to be mad at Faith by seeping into her panties.

The way the other girl was looking at her in the all but empty corridor was getting her wet. Faith appeared to be doing nothing but leaning up against the lockers in all innocence, but her expression gave her away. Nostrils slightly flared, lips a little wet and held apart, and eyes that were boring into Cordelia in their intensity. Looking like she was about ready to slam her up against the hard metal lockers and fuck her brains out.

Cordelia was almost at the point of just letting her, and not caring about the crowd that would gather to watch Faith shove her fingers into her dripping hole. But she was meant to be mad...

"No...I'm not happy with you." She squared her shoulders a little, doing her best to regain her composure.

"Aww, why baby?" Faith pulled a look Cordelia had never seen her do before.

Like a sorry little puppy dog that'd just been caught with its head in the toilette bowl. Entirely adorable and almost causing her to just go along with Faith and find a quiet spot so she could have those succulent lips on hers. But her pride and annoyance at being ignored for the past week didn't allow it.

"Because you haven't bothered calling me, and I haven't seen you since...since we, you know." Cordelia looked away as a student rushed by on his way to the cafeteria.

"Sorry gorgeous. It was Slayer stuff." The younger brunette caught her attention again.

"Slayer stuff? And what exactly does that mean?" She didn't want to even imagine what it meant.

She didn't in fact want to wonder why she even cared. I mean, it wasn't like Faith was her girlfriend or anything so she knew she shouldn't be bothered. But she was.

"Do I detect a note of jealousy?" The dark girl smiled softly at Cordelia, her dimples instantly making her look a little more cute than sexy. "Come on C, I've been spending all my time staking out a vamp nest with B. You can't be jealous of that. I mean, do you have any idea how fucking boring it is being stuck with that annoying little blonde? Christ, the girl's wound so tight I was more afraid she was gonna pop all over me or something than I was about a horde of vamps attacking my ass."

Cordelia couldn't help but chuckle at that. She knew exactly how annoying it could be to be stuck with Buffy for too long. If not for her Slayer strength, there had been times that the cheerleader could have quite gladly drop kicked the snotty squirt.

"You coulda called though, Faith." Despite the softening of her mood with Faith, she was still upset that she had been treated like nothing more than just a good fuck.

Cordelia didn't want to believe that that was all she was worth to the Slayer. She knew all about Faith's 'get some and get gone' ways, but she was sure the heat they had shared was worth at least another spin around the block.

"I don't have your number, C. And I couldn't ask anyone cos they'd wonder why the fuck I wanted it. Hey, I didn't think you'd be too keen on everyone knowing about how much you like me fucking that sweet little pussy of yours." She leaned in a little closer to Cordelia as she finished her explanation. "But let me tell ya, I've been thinking about fucking you again all week, Cor." She was dangerously close to the taller girl now.

It was noticeable, but Cordelia didn't want Faith to move away. She wanted her closer. She wanted to be kissing her and touching her. Her body had accepted Faith's explanation even if her mind was still telling her not to be a fool. She needed to get closer to her.

"Ok...I guess that would have been a little suspicious. But still, I think you should make it up to me." Cordelia knew pushing Faith was risky.

The dark Slayer could just walk away and tell her to fuck off and stop hassling her, but something in the other girl's eyes told her she wouldn't do that right now. She just looked too damn horny.

"So...about that quiet place." Faith grinned and raised her eyebrow in her usual sexual manner.

Cordelia was powerless to resist.

"Lead the way, Slayer."


Faith lead them back towards the library, swaying her hips as they moved quietly through the corridor. Cordelia's mouth was watering already at the prospect of kissing the other girl once again. Having those incredibly sensual lips teasing her own. She could almost come just thinking about Faith's mouth. But she didn't have a clue why they were headed back to the library.

"Why are we back here?" The taller girl stopped in front of the doors.

"Cos, baby...I wanna take your panties down and get my fingers all wet in you. And the place is empty right now." Faith winked at her and pushed open the doors, gesturing for Cordelia to enter.

The cheerleader liked the sound of what the dark Slayer wanted to do, but she wasn't sure about going quite as far as that in the school library of all places. Even if she could see that it was empty as she strolled in ahead of Faith.

"See...we got the place to ourselves. They all went to lunch. Giles included." She slapped Cordelia on the backside, leaving her hand to linger there as the older girl turned towards her.

"They could come back though...And I don't..." before she could finish her sentence she found herself pushed up against the hard wood of the counter, Faith's lips heading towards her.

They crashed together as their lips met hungrily. Slipping her tongue straight into Cordelia's mouth, the dark Slayer grabbed the cheerleader's firm rear and held her hard against her crotch.

Cordelia moaned into the wet cavern of Faith's soft mouth as the shorter girl rubbed her powerful body into her, between her legs. Their tongues fought for control and their lips bruised against each other. The younger brunette sucked and bit in her desire, and it did nothing but turn Cordelia on. She was getting wetter with every sigh and slight moan emanating from them both.

"Jesus Cor, I wanna fuck you. For real, you're getting me so hot." Her fingers dug into the tall girls butt cheeks, hands pulling her closer as she kissed her way down Cordelia's neck, closing her mouth over her pulse point and sucking.

"Faith...stop. You'll leave a mark...Faith..." Cordelia's sighs of arousal weren't exactly screaming stop though.

She pulled back from the Slayer a little way, bringing her hands up to cup her face. The desire and lust in Faith's dark eyes almost took her breath away. She could feel herself falling into them. The beauty of them almost too much. The depth and the dangerous twinkle weaving a web around her and catching her in its sticky tangle. Cordelia closed her own eyes, trying her best not to see them still twinkling before her.

"You don't want me to stop, C. I know what you want, and I wanna give it to ya. Right here, right now." Faith kissed her lightly on the lips. "I wanna get you hot and dripping all over. I've been so horny thinking about your pussy all week." The Slayer slipped a hand from Cordelia's ass round to her crotch under her skirt, and pressed into her.

The older brunette gasped a little at the contact, able to feel the heat from Faith's hand through her skimpy underwear. She arched into the touch slightly, wishing they were somewhere else than at school, somewhere the sexy Slayer could slip her fingers past the black lace and into her slick pink pussy.

"God, Faith. I've been thinking about you all week too." She smiled down at the younger girl.

"Yeah right, that's sweet baby." Faith looked towards the double doors quickly, halfway theough her reply, then up to the stacks, a little glint in her eyes.

She removed her hand from Cordelia's moist panties and took hold of her hand, leading her up to the book heavy shelves.

"Where are we going?" The tall brunette trailed behind Faith, allowing her gaze to settle on her delectable backside.

The Slayer didn't answer her as they made their way up the steps. Cordelia was beginning to understand on her own however. It sent a small shock of excitement to her already eager core, along with a hint of apprehension.

"Faith, I don't think I can do this here." Cordelia voiced her misgivings.

She realised that having sex in a toilette whilst slightly drunk was one thing, but doing anything in such a risky place as the school was quite another. If they were caught her life would be wrecked. She'd never live it down, and not just because it was another girl she was with. She wasn't sure she had the guts to be there with Faith, no matter how hot she got her.

"I mean...I'm not some kind of skank who..."

Cordelia didn't have a chance to air her views any further before the other girl whipped her behind a bookshelf out of view of the door, and slammed her up against it, knocking a few books off as it rocked. Faith pressed her smaller frame into the older girl as she attacked her lips with her own.

The rich girl whimpered as she gave in to the assault of hungry kisses. The feel of Faith's strong, powerful body flush against her own had her butterflies fluttering all over. She grabbed hold of the shorter girl, pushing one hand into her thick dark hair as the other found her slim waist.

In the silence of the library, all that could be heard was the wet sound of lips and tongues, the gentle sighs and whimpers of Cordelia, and the almost predatory groans of Faith 'the vampire Slayer'.

The dark Slayer had one hand holding onto the shelves tightly as her right hand slowly snaked it's way up the outside of the athletic girl's thigh. She moved her hand softly up, scratching lightly with her short fingernails as Cordelia felt goose bumps being left in their wake. Her hand eventually slid up under her skirt to land firmly on her ass, sweeping over the delicate skin that her thong left unprotected.

"Man, your skin's so fucking soft Cor." Faith squeezed the tender flesh of the taller girls butt cheek.

The cheerleader took the comment as a good sign as Faith lifted her long leg to wrap around her, as she ground into her, rubbing her mound salaciously over the panties that were being exposed due to the fact Cordelia's skirt had been hiked up. The heat was charged between them, sweeping the two girls up in its hungry energy.

"Faith...we shouldn't do this here." But she ground back, feeling her panties getting wetter as Faith kissed her neck.

"Don't worry, C. I'll hear if anyone comes in. Just relax, I wanna fuck you." The younger girl's silky voice whispered over Cordelia in a commanding tone. She shivered with its effect on her.

Cordelia was fast losing her inner battle to keep control, as Faith brought her left hand down to roughly squeeze her breast, instantly getting her nipple to react. Brushing her thumb over the erect nipple, Faith slid her other hand round to cup the cheerleader's moist pussy once again, only this time she started rubbing her fingers over the delicate black lace.

", you shouldn't..." Cordelia gasped out, doing her best not to allow her hips to react.

"No I probably shouldn't, but I'm gonna. I'm gonna do you right here. I can feel how wet you are, how fucking much you want me. Do you have any idea how much that's turning me on?" Faith slipped a finger past the protection of Cordelia's underwear.

Her finger dipped into the soft wet folds of the taller girl's hot pussy. Sliding up and over her clit as she spread her juices around the neatly trimmed object of her desire. Cordelia couldn't help but moan into Faith's hair as she held herself on the edge of just giving in and letting Faith fuck her in any way she wanted.

Her hips moved of their own accord, as the dark Slayer teased her clit with quick flicks of her finger. She was breathing into Cordelia's ear, sucking on her earlobe then licking her neck, her other hand making its way up under the rich girls expensive top.

"God...Faith, I wanna touch you too. I wanna feel you." She moved her hand from the smaller girl's waist, only to have it grabbed by the hand that had been in her pants, and held above her head. The Slayer had moved so quickly, Cordelia wasn't sure quite what had happened.

"I told you I wanna fuck you...Not the other way around, princess." She grinned dangerously at Cordelia, licking her full lips as she looked down at her hand under the older girl's top and bra, playing with her nipple. "Turn around."

Cordelia moaned at the husky arousal dripping from Faith's throat, and obeyed instantly. She didn't have any other choice. She wanted Faith to take her. She wanted the other girl's fingers slipping around in her soaked pussy, up inside her, fucking her. She didn't give a fuck where they were now.

As soon as Cordelia turned to face the bookshelf Faith was right up against her, grinding her hips into the cheerleader's shapely rear. She continued pulling on the nipple between her fingers, and pushed Cordelia forward a little so she was bending over in front of the hot Slayer.

Faith pushed the black lace thong down Cordelia's thighs, right down to her ankles, not exactly taking her time. Her hand was back between her legs and up against her pussy before Cordelia had time to think. She spread her legs a little further apart, lifting her skirt up over her ass for the other girl, then replacing her hand back to join the other one on the bookcase to hold herself steady in her bent position.

She didn't care how lewd it looked, ass in the air, panties around her ankles. In fact, looking round to catch the unbridled expression of lust on Faith's face made the position turn her on even more. She could feel her pussy juice flowing out of her into Faith's palm. It's hot stickiness leaving the other girl in no doubt as to how much she wanted her.

"Faith...fuck me." She thought she'd best make certain the Slayer knew how much.

Straight away Faith's fingers reclaimed her clit, gliding against it in the slick heat. She rubbed over it and around it, pinching on her nipple at the same time. Her fingers stroked out moans from the usually prim girl, coating her digits with her flowing arousal. Cordelia's pink little pussy wanted more, it was dripping for more all down the inside of her thigh.

"Fuck...that looks so hot, C. I'm gonna fuck your hole. You want me in your tight little hole?" Faith's husky voice rolled over her as she squirmed under her touch.

"Yes. I want you...I want you inside me. Fill my pussy, Faith." She cried out as the younger girl slid her fingers up to her entrance and pushed two inside her. "Oh yes."

Faith didn't waste time in getting into it. She began fucking Cordelia deep and hard, cramming another finger in as she thrust into her spread pussy. Gliding in and out of her dripping pink hole as the tall girl moved her hips in time. Slipping around in her cunt and rubbing up against the inside of her smooth silky walls.

The bookcase began to sway a little as Faith shoved her fingers up inside Cordelia. The wet sound of the Slayer being buried deep in her pussy caused her to pant in time with the thrusts. She couldn't quite believe she was bent over in the library with the hot brunette slamming her fingers into her, sliding in and out, but the image of it in her head blew her away. And the feel of it was horny as hell.

She loved the way Faith's fingers felt inside her. Like they were meant to be there, just for her. Pushing into her as she opened herself up to the powerful girl. She could feel every stroke, every curl and thrust. Filling her, connecting them, heating her up from the inside out.

"Oh Faith, that's so good. You're so deep inside me. Fuck...Oh baby." She could feel Faith's expert fingers rubbing into her G spot as she fucked her.

Faith was breathing hard, her hips pushing up against the hand busy spreading Cordelia's tight hole as she fucked her faster. Her other hand glided down from the cheerleader's hard nipple, dipping in between her slick folds to flick over her clit.

"Fuck, you feel so good inside. So wet and tight. And fuck, you smell so good." She filled Cordelia with her fingers, plunging them in as far as they would go, causing the tall brunette to moan and whimper for her.

Cordelia was approaching orgasm quickly, her tight cunt clasping onto Faith's fingers in its need to keep her deep inside her. She began to shake, her grip on the bookshelf tightening as a hot flood of cum readied itself to spill out of her.

Just as she thought she couldn't take anymore, Faith swirled her thumb over her other entrance, slicking it with her juices. Then she shoved her thumb up her ass, thrusting into it along with Cordelia's pussy hole.

"Oh Jesus." Cordelia was practically screaming now as Faith filled and fucked both her holes.

"Come for me, baby. Come all over me." Faith practically growled.

She pushed back against the dark Slayer, her stomach tying into a knot as she felt her oncoming climax steam through her body. Faith pushed down hard on her clit and pushed in as deep as she could, as Cordelia screamed out, cum gushing from her pussy all over Faith's hands.

"Oh Faith...Faith...Oh God..." Her entire body shook as she came. Books fell to the floor, just missing them both, but neither of them seemed to notice.

Faith slowly pulled her fingers from Cordelia as she quivered, wiping her hand on her dark jeans. Then the strong Slayer pulled the lace panties back up and stood Cordelia up against her, steadying her as the athletic cheerleader took deep breaths to regain her composure. She turned around in Faith's arms, and kissed her ferociously.

"God Faith that was...that was..." Before she could explain quite what it was, Faith frowned and looked in the general direction of the library door. Somebody had come in.

In fact it was the entire Scooby gang. It didn't take super hearing to hear that noisy lot enter a room. Cordelia felt her cheeks flush red and panic began to rise within her. She knew she would look less than serene. She also knew if any of them were to wander up to the stacks, they'd be able to detect the scent of sex in the air. Her hazel eyes searched Faith's for signs of panic within the younger girl.

"Shit, what do we do?" She whispered, unable to sense any kind of anxiety in the dark girl's chocolate pools.

Faith grinned at her and stole a quick yet passionate kiss.

"Don't worry about it, babe. Here, take this." Faith shoved a book into Cordelia's hands. "Now stop looking like I've just been in your pussy and your ass and you'll be fine." She winked at the stricken girl then waltzed out from behind the bookshelf.

"Hey guys. Was wondering when you'd all stop filling your faces. Shit... I was the only one here to help fucking Cor find some dumb book." Faith strolled down the steps as if nothing had happened, Cordelia following behind doing her best not to notice that her pussy was dripping into her panties.

"And she didn't do a very good job." She stuffed the book in her hand onto a random shelf and pushed past the shorter girl.

Stalking towards her bag that was set on the counter, Cordelia threw Xander a dirty look, smirked at Willow, and didn't even bother gracing Buffy with so much as a nod in her direction. She had to keep up appearances after all. And that included not liking Faith very much. So she turned towards them all just before leaving the library.

"Maybe one of you could teach your pet Slayer over there to read before letting her loose in a library. I have more important things to do than stand around here all day." With that she swished out of the room and into the corridor, only allowing herself to breathe properly when she was far enough away.

She hated having to be a bitch to Faith. And she hated the fact that she hadn't even had time to give the Slayer her number. But it would have been obvious something was going on if she'd done anything else.

Sighing, Cordelia made her way to the bathroom to fix herself up. She promised herself that she wouldn't allow Faith to leave it so long next time. After all, she still hadn't had her turn. And they still had so much more to do with, and to each other. At least, if Cordelia had her way they did.