Love And Devotion
by Kristjan Brezovnik

"Girls, come here a moment," Mrs Chase called Faith and Cordelia to herself.

"Yes?" Cordelia asked.

"I think it's about time you two took a vacation."

"Mom?" Faith asked, surprised.

Mrs Chase smiled. "A vacation. You're going to spend some time alone, just the two of you."

"But, Mom."

"No buts, Faith."


"No, Cordelia."


"No. You need to spend some time alone together."

"Yeah, but." Faiths started.

"No. You need it. And besides, you can consider it my late birthday present to you two."

"Thanks, Mom," Cordelia said.

"Where are we going?" Faith asked.

"The Bahamas."

"What?!" both girls said in unison.

Mrs Chase smiled at their reaction.

"Mom, there's no way we can afford it, not even with Cordelia's pay," Faith protested.

"I know, but we can afford plane tickets to the Bahamas."

Cordelia frowned. "So?"

"The house is for free."


Mrs Chase smiled again.

"How?" Faith asked.

"A colleague of mine has a house there and, well, he owed me a favor and I asked him if you could spend two weeks there."

"Two weeks! Mom."

"Yes, yes, I know, Faith. But you need a vacation. You may not know it, but you do."

The girls looked at each other again. "Thanks, Mom," they then said in unison, but they didn't sound very enthusiastic.

Mrs Chase smiled. "You're welcome."

"When do we leave?" Cordelia asked.




"Then we better pack."

"And you need to tell Angel," Faith reminded her as they left.

"And you Giles."


"Do you have a bikini?"

Mrs Chase smiled as they went upstairs.

"They didn't look very happy," Alice commented.

Mrs Chase looked at the girl in her lap and smiled. "Not yet, but they will be, you'll see."


Finally, Friday came and after several hours of flight, they landed in the Bahamas.

"I hope that nephew is here," Faith said as they came into the building.

"He is, over there."

Faith looked in the direction Cordelia was pointing to. "Chase. Yes, that's us."

"He's kinda cute," Cordelia commented.

Faith gave him a head-to-toe. "Yes, he is," she agreed and Cordelia smiled.

The boy saw that they were heading straight toward him and he started to approach them as well. "Chase?" he asked when he got close enough.

"Yes," Cordelia confirmed. "I'm Cordelia, this is Faith."

"Hi, I'm Frank. Welcome to the Bahamas."


"You need help with those?" he asked and pointed at their bags.

The girls looked at each other and smirked. "Yes, sure," they said and gave him their bags.

Frank gasped, but he carried them out to his car. "Nice car," Faith said.

Frank beamed. "Thanks. I bought it myself."



"Where'd you get the money?"

"I earned it. I work for my dad during summer."

"Lucky you."

Faith looked at Cordelia, who was watching her, amused. She blushed a bit. "So, how does it feel to be in the center of attention?" Cordelia teased her.

Faith blushed a bit more. "Fine." She smirked. "Don't you just feel sorry for him?"

Cordelia smiled. "Definitely."

"How shall we tell him?"

Cordelia thought for a moment. "With a kiss, when we enter the house."

Faith covered her mouth to stop laughing. "That's cruel."

"Of course, he has to know that he stands no chance."

"Good point," Faith agreed with a smirk.


When they arrived to the house, Faith and Cordelia were impressed. "Now that's a house," Faith said.

"You like it?" Frank asked.


"Wait till you see the inside."

They got out and Frank got the bags. "Oh, wow," Cordelia said when they entered.

Frank flashed a big smile. "Told you."

"Are there any servants?" Faith asked.


"So we have the house for ourselves?"

Frank smiled. "Yes."

"Great!" Faith said, hugged Cordelia and they kissed.

Frank stared at them, astonished.

"Is there a problem?" Cordelia asked when they stopped kissing.

"Em," Frank started, hesitating, "I thought. I thought you two were sisters."

"Actually, we're not, we're girlfriends, but my mom is her legal guardian."

"Oh," Frank said, visibly disappointed.

"So, are there any good grocery shops around here?"

"Eh?" Frank said as he snapped out of his thoughts. "Oh. Actually, you can order by phone and a catering service delivers it. The number's by the phone."

"Great! Anything else we should know about?"

"That depends on what you're planning to do while you're here."

Faith and Cordelia looked at each other and smiled. "I think we'll stay in the house or go down to the beach," Cordelia said with a smirk. "I don't think we'll do much sightseeing."

"Oh," Frank said, blushing as he caught her meaning.

"You wanna show us around the house?" Faith asked.

"Yeah, sure."


When the tour was finally over and Frank had left, Cordelia looked at Faith, grinned predatorily and jumped at her, knocking them both down. Then she kissed her.

"How about we go do something that poor Frankie boy will be dreaming about tonight," she said, her eyes glittering.

Faith smiled back. "Yes. But first, let's go take a cold shower."

Cordelia frowned, confused. "A cold shower?"



Faith smiled. "Did you see the Jacuzzi in the back?"

Cordelia's eyes widened in comprehension. "First, cold water and then, warm water. Let's get naked."

Cordelia got up and helped Faith get up. "You up for some bondage later?" Faith asked.

Cordelia's eyes lit up. "Yes, Mistress," she said. She frowned. "Do we have any rope?"

"I don't know," Faith said and grinned. "We can always improvise."

"Good. Em, did he mention a catering service?"

"Yes. Why?"

Cordelia grinned. "Well, we'll need to order some food. Some very special food. You know, cream, bananas, ice cream..."

Faith's eyes went wide in comprehension. "Pussy fruit!"

"Well, actually I was thinking of Slayer Sundae, but pussy fruit will do."

"Ooh, naughty," Faith squirmed.

Cordelia battered her eyelashes innocently. "Who, me?"

They both laughed. "Race you!" Faith suddenly said and ran upstairs.

"And who's gonna take care of the clothes?!" Cordelia called after her.

"Later! Come on, the Jakuzzi's waiting!"

Cordelia glanced at the clothes and then, getting her priorities straight, quickly ran upstairs.


The first week passed all too quickly and they used the privacy to explore their secret dreams and desires, which were not so secret considering the fact that Faith knew all Cordelia's desires and Cordelia knew all Faith's desires. But when the bell rang on Friday, they were just sunbathing, naked, holding their hands, relaxing from the rigors of continuous twenty-four/seven love-making.

"Go away," Cordelia said.

Faith smiled. "Let's hope whoever's out there heard you," she said.

Cordelia snorted. "I don't care, just let them go away."

The bell rang a few more times, but neither girl moved. Nothing happened for a while and then they heard noise in the house. Faith quickly got up, and was about to put on her frock, to go into the house to investigate, when Frankie came out. Cordelia quickly put on her frock.

"Frank? What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"You didn't answer and I couldn't open the door because the key was in."

"So you just broke in?"

"Well, I."

"Get out!"


"Now," Faith hissed and gave him a deadly look.

"Yeah, sure, but."

Cordelia joined Faith and it was a contest of whose look was deadlier. Frank shut up and quickly left.

"Can you believe the nerve of this guy," Faith said.

"Well, the house does belong to his uncle," Cordelia pointed out.

"So what? Right now we're here. I better go lock the door and check how he came in."

Cordelia nodded and followed her.


In the evening, when they were just finished cleaning the dishes, naked, Cordelia hugged Faith from behind and kissed her on the neck. "I love you," she said.

Faith smiled, reached back with her hand and caressed Cordelia. "I love you too." She paused. "I wish out family was here, I miss them."

"Me too," Cordelia agreed.

They stood still for a while, enjoying the physical closeness. "You want to do something or shall we go upstairs?" Faith then asked. Cordelia thought for a moment.

"Let's go up," she said and let go of Faith.

Faith turned around and kissed her on the lips. "Come," she said, took Cordelia's hand and led her upstairs.


The next day, when Faith and Cordelia were sunbathing, the bell rang again. They both groaned at the same time.

"I'll get it," Faith said. "Put the frock on."

Cordelia groaned again. "I hope it's not Frankie boy again," she said and got up.

Faith grinned, put her frock on and went to open the door. "Mom? Alice!" she picked up the girl and hugged her. "Cordelia!" she called and then looked at Mrs Chase. "What are you two doing here?" she asked. Mrs Chase smiled.

"Well, we figured."

"Mom! Alice!" Cordelia said when she saw who had come. She took Alice from Faith and hugged her. "Mom?"

"We figured one week by yourselves was enough and so we came to join you."

"You're staying?" Cordelia asked, excited.

Mrs Chase nodded. "Yes."

"That's great! Come on in."

"Looks like we got our wish," Faith said as she and Cordelia stepped aside and let Mrs Chase enter.

"Yes," Cordelia said.

Following Mrs Chase was Frank with the luggage. "Hi," he said.

"Hi," Faith said, not very enthusiastic.

"Just put them here," Cordelia said, "we'll take them up ourselves."

"Okay," Frank said and put the bags down. He hesitated for a moment. "I'll be seeing you," he said.

"Yeah, sure."

Frank backed out and Faith closed the door behind him. "I wish Dad was here," she said.

"Yeah," Cordelia agreed.

Mrs Chase smiled and caressed Faith. "When he gets out, we will all go somewhere together."

Faith smiled at the idea. "I can't wait," she said and picked up the bags.

"Faith," Cordelia said and leaned closer. "Get us some bikinis," she whispered into her ear.

Faith blushed, remembering that they were both essentially naked. She nodded and quickly went upstairs. Cordelia then turned to Alice.

"Alice, do you want to sleep with Mommy or in your own room?"

Alice considered the options. She was used to sleeping alone, but this was a strange place, not home. "Mommy," she said.

Cordelia smiled. "Okay, this way."

She led them upstairs, where Faith was already waiting. "Which room?" Faith asked.

"The one next to ours," Cordelia said and Faith took the bags in.

When Cordelia came in and sat Alice on the bed, Faith slipped her her bikini and Cordelia went to their room.

"You like it?" Faith asked Mrs Chase and Alice.

"Yes," Mrs Chase said and Alice nodded.

"Great. Our room is right next to yours. Why don't you change into something more comfortable and then we'll show you around."

"Okay," Mrs Chase said and Faith left.

Outside, she met Cordelia, who gave her a questioning look. "They're changing," Faith explained.


"Let's go unpack our bags and make it look as though we wore something else beside our birthday suits."

Cordelia smiled. "We don't have to unpack much, it's hot around here."

"Yeah. Still."

"Okay, come."


After the tour of the house and the explanation about the catering service, Alice went outside. When Faith saw her near the pool, she immediately went after her, worried. Cordelia followed her.

"Alice!" she called and the girl turned. Faith kneeled beside her and took her hand. "Please don't go anywhere near water without one of us being with you, okay? And if something falls in, come to us and we'll get it out. Okay?"

Alice nodded. "And if you want to go into the water, either the pool or the sea, come to us," Cordelia added. "Even if we're asleep."

"And don't forget to knock," Faith said and glanced at Cordelia, who smiled and nodded.

"Yes," Cordelia agreed and looked at Alice. "Okay?"

Alice nodded. "Okay."

Faith smiled. "Good. We'll be sunbathing over there, so you can be near the water, okay?"

"Okay," Alice said and left.

They stared after her affectionately for a few moments. "Think we can teach her to swim?" Cordelia then asked.

Faith glanced at her. "We can give it a try," she said and took off her frock.

Cordelia did the same. "Nice tan."

They both turned, surprised. "Mom," Faith said and she and Cordelia both blushed.

Mrs Chase smiled. "I'm going to try out that Jacuzzi," she said and left.

Faith glanced at Cordelia. "You think she knows?"

Cordelia shrugged. "It doesn't matter. Let's go lie down."

Faith followed Cordelia. "A kingdom for your thoughts," she said after a while, noticing that Cordelia was thinking about something.

Cordelia looked at her and smiled. "I was just wondering."


"About the fact that we never call each other baby or dear or honey or something like that." She frowned. "We don't even call Alice that."

Faith smiled. "That's because our names mean to us all that," she said.

Cordelia raised an eyebrow, thinking about it. "I guess so. But I think we should use something for Alice?"

"Little lady?" Faith suggested.

Cordelia smiled, remembering that her dad was calling Alice that. "Sure, why not."


After lunch, Faith and Cordelia retired to their room and Faith cuddled up to Cordelia, threw one leg over her and showered her with kisses. "Isn't life great?" she asked.

Cordelia smiled and caressed her. "Definitely," she agreed, moved Faith's bra aside and sucked on her nipple for a few moments. "I think I'd like some dessert," she then said with a smile, reached between Faith's legs, removed the crotch and soaked her fingers in Faith's pussy. "Mmm, delicious," she said after licking the juices off her fingers.

"I'm sure. But if you want."


Buffy gasped as she suddenly found herself in a cave. Then a scream caught her attention and she looked around for the source. She was surprised to see Faith, nearly naked, lying on the ground, trembling and sobbing.

"Faith?" she asked and kneeled beside her. "Faith?" she gently shook her, but Faith kept sobbing. "Are you okay?"

Faith didn't respond. "Is. Is she. alright?"

Buffy turned to see the speaker. It was a girl about their age sitting on the ground, but she was dressed in odd clothes that looked like those the puritans wore. And she looked exhausted. "Who are you?" she demanded.

"Elizabeth Hathorne," the girl said in a tired voice and Buffy noticed that she was also nervous.

"Where are we?"

"In Salem."

Buffy frowned. "Massachusetts?"

Elizabeth nodded. "Yes."

Buffy looked at her clothes again. "When?" she asked, suddenly having a very bad feeling.

"October 24, 1692."

"Please don't tell me that you're burning witches."

Elizabeth nodded. "They are."

"And you are one?"

Elizabeth seemed to shrink a bit. She nodded, scared. "Yes," she said, very quietly.

"And you brought us here?"



Elizabeth hesitated for a moment. "I need your help."

"With what?"

"My. My friend is accused of being a witch."

"And she's being tried?"


"Is she?"

Elizabeth shook her head. "No." She hesitated for a moment. "She is like you."

Buffy raised an eyebrow. "A Slayer?"

Elizabeth nodded. "And what can we do?"

"I don't know. I was hoping you would have an idea."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Great, no plan."

Faith stirred as her sobs subsided. "Faith?"

Faith looked at her. "B?"


"What happened?"

"We were transported into the past."


"And guess where and when."

Faith raised an eyebrow. "Salem, Massachusetts, 1692," Buffy explained.

Faith frowned. "The witch trials?"


"Shit." She sat up, wiping her tears as she tried to calm herself, and noticed Elizabeth. "You brought us here?"

"Yes," Elizabeth said and she looked away.

"Em, Faith?"

Faith looked at Buffy and Buffy nodded at her body. Faith looked down and saw that her right breast was out of the bra and that her crotch was aside. "Oh," she said and fixed the problem. "Better?"


"Good thing this didn't happen last week."

"Why?" Buffy asked.

Faith grinned. "Because I was naked."

"The whole week?"

"Yes," Faith said and flashed a large grin.

Buffy frowned and then blushed as she realized why Faith was naked. "What happened?" she asked instead. "Why were you crying?"

Faith sighed. "I couldn't feel Cordelia anymore." She gulped. "It was like a part of me was torn away."

Buffy raised an eyebrow. "You feel better now?"

Faith nodded. "Yes. I can't feel the bond, but I can feel, I don't know, a resonance, I guess, and now that I know that Cordelia's not dead, I can deal with it."


"Em, excuse me," Elizabeth spoke shyly and the two Slayers looked at her.


"Are. Are you two both. Slayers?"

Faith looked at Buffy, who answered. "Yes."

"But I thought there was only one."

"There was, until I died."

Elizabeth's eyes went wide. "You died?"

"Not completely, but whoever's deciding when to call the next Slayer obviously thought I was dead enough."


"So, what do you want?" Faith asked.

"I need your help."

"Her friend, the Slayer, is being tried as a witch and she wants us to save her," Buffy explained.

"Oh. Any plan?"


"Great." She looked at Elizabeth as a thought occurred to her. "Is she already on trial?"

"No. The trial starts in four days," Elizabeth said.

"Good." She looked around. "Where the hell are we, anyway?" she asked and Elizabeth flinched at the word hell.

"We are in a cave outside the village." She hesitated for a moment. "Sarah and I sometimes meet here," the then added, blushing a bit, and looked down. Faith raised an eyebrow and glanced at Buffy.

"You two are girlfriends?" she asked and Elizabeth looked at her, fear in her eyes.

"I. We." she stuttered.

Faith smiled. "It's okay, I have a girlfriend too."

Elizabeth gave her a nervous look. "You do?"

"Yes. Her name is Cordelia."

"Okay, first things first," Buffy said. "You have any suitable clothes?"

"Yes, over there."

Buffy looked and saw two sets of clothes lying on two makeshift hay beds. "Faith."

Faith got up and followed Buffy to the bed. "Good thing Cordelia's not here," Faith said as she examined the clothes, "she'd tear these clothes to pieces rather than wear them."

Buffy smirked. "I was just thinking about doing that," she said. "But we do have to wear them, you know."

Faith nodded. "Yeah, I know." She looked at her bikini. "I guess they're warmer than my bikini."

"Oh brother," Buffy said when she saw the underwear.

"We don't have to wear that, do we?" Faith asked.

"No, I don't think so."

"Good. Then I'll just wear the rest over my bikini."

Buffy nodded. "I think I'll stay in my own clothes until we need to go out."

"At least she brought us blankets," Faith said and pointed at them.

"Yes." She looked at Elizabeth. "Are you gonna bring us food too?"

Elizabeth nodded. "Yes."

"Good," Buffy said and joined Faith, who had put on the clothes, on the makeshift bed. "Now, how about you tell us everything?"

Elizabeth nodded again and thought. "A couple of days ago, a girl, Abigail, accused Sarah of witchcraft. The Minister, Mr Parris, believed her and had Sarah imprisoned. Sarah wasn't very popular before and Grandpa John also didn't like her." She paused for a moment. "I think he suspects that we are more than just friends," she said, avoiding Buffy's and Faith's eyes. "He is one of the judges," she added after a pause.

The two Slayers glanced at each other. "Em, just out of curiosity," Faith said, "do you know all the witches around here?"

Elizabeth thought for a moment. "I think so."

"How many among the accused were actually witches?"


"Was she executed?"

Elizabeth nodded, biting her lips. "Yes."

"How strong are you?" Buffy asked. "I mean, I know you brought us here, but I'm not a witch and I don't know how much power that would require."

"Probably a lot," Faith said.

Elizabeth nodded. "Yes," she confirmed.

"So why don't you help her yourself?"

"How? If I free Sarah, all witch finders will be after her and the Witch Finder General has just left Salem two weeks ago."

"So we have to persuade someone to release her," Buffy said.


"Your grandpa, Minister Parris, a couple of judges, the Attorney General."

"How?" Elizabeth asked, confused.

The two Slayers thought. Faith was the first to think of a solution and she grinned. "How about we pay them a divine visit?" she suggested.

Buffy raised an eyebrow and then frowned. "You're not thinking what I think you're thinking, are you?"

Faith's grin widened. "Probably."

Buffy grinned. "A good idea," she said and looked at Elizabeth. "Can you make yourself invisible?" she asked.

Elizabeth frowned and thought. "I think so. Yes."

"Can you make us invisible too?"


"Can you lift us up?"

Elizabeth gave her a puzzled look. "How?"


"Oh. Yes."

"Can you make us glow?"

"Glow?" Elizabeth asked, confused.


Elizabeth thought for a moment. "Yes, I can."

Faith smiled. "Good."

"How long can you keep up the charade?" Buffy asked.

"All at once?" Elizabeth asked.

Buffy nodded. "Yes."

Elizabeth thought again. "I don't know. Perhaps ten minutes."

"And how soon can you do it again?"

"About half an hour."


"And you'll also have to make sure that their wives are firm asleep while we're talking to them," Faith said. "Can you do it?"

Elizabeth nodded. "Yes."

"Good. We'll start tomorrow then. Here's the plan."


When Faith woke up the next morning, she felt sick.

"You okay?" Buffy asked her.

Faith nodded. "Yes," she said, but Buffy saw that she was clearly not.

"You don't look all right."

Faith sighed. "It's so weird."


"Not being able to feel Cordelia, not. I haven't been this alone since Cordelia was possessed by that dream demon." She sighed. "I miss her."

Buffy smiled. "We'll go back soon."

"Yeah, in one month. That's eternity."

Buffy shrugged. "There's nothing we can do about it."

"I know," Faith said quietly.

Buffy thought for a moment. "Em, you said you can... feel Cordelia?" she then asked.

Faith sighed. "It's a long story. I'll ask Cordelia if I can tell you the short version."

"Oh. Okay. So, how's the Bahamas?" she asked.

Faith looked at her and smiled. "Great. We had the house all for ourselves for a whole week. We didn't even go out, except to the beach, which is private. And then Mom and Alice came. It was great."

"But her timing could have been better, right?"

Faith looked at her, confused. "What do you mean?"

"Well, you looked like you and Cordelia were, well, intimate."

"Oh." Faith smiled. "We were about to be."

"Someone's coming," Buffy suddenly said and went to the entrance. "It's Elizabeth."

"With food, I hope."

"I think so, yes."

"Good morning," Elizabeth said as she entered.

"Morning," Buffy said.

"Morning," Faith said and yawned.

"Everything okay in the village?" Buffy asked Elizabeth.

Elizabeth nodded. "Yes."

"Good. Have you found the spells and stuff you need for them?"


"Then we can do it tonight?"

Elizabeth nodded again. "Yes."

"Good. The gowns?"

"In the bag."

"The map?"


"Okay. You better go now. Come back after you think everyone's asleep."

Elizabeth nodded. "I will."

"See you later then."

Elizabeth hesitated for a moment and then hurried away.

"At least the food looks good," Faith said as she inspected the contents of the bag.

Buffy joined her. "Smells good too," she said.

"Mhm," Faith agreed.


Finally, evening came and not long after dark, Elizabeth came.

"You ready?" Faith asked her, dressed in her white gown, an angel's outfit.

Elizabeth nodded. "Yes."

"Then let's go pay some divine visits."


Judge John Hathorne's sleep was interrupted by a gentle voice calling his name. He opened his eyes and froze when he saw two. He didn't know what they were.

"Hello, John," one of the levitating and glowing creatures said softly.

He immediately reached for the cross on the nightstand and held it in front of him. "Go away, Satan," he said.

The creatures shook their heads. "John, John," the first one said sadly, "you disappoint us. Satan did not send us."

"Who. Who are you?"

"We are archangels. I am Gabrielle and this is Michelle."

The Judge looked from one to the other, confused. "But. But I thought archangels were."

"Male?" Michelle finished for him and he nodded. "We have no sex and neither does God, but we take the most appropriate form, which is now female," she explained.

"Why. Why have you come?"

"We were sent to warn you and to save an innocent soul whose time has not yet come."

"What do you mean?"

"Sarah is to be tried as a witch in three days," Gabrielle said.

The Judge nodded. "Yes."

The archangels shook their heads sadly. "She is not a witch, but she is equally important."


"She has been chosen to protect you mortals from the demons that wander around the Earth. And the witches, they were also chosen to protect you, but in a different way."

"But they are evil," the Judge objected. "They bewitched those girls."

The archangels shook their heads again. "The witches cannot afford to do evil, their rules forbid them, for every deed done comes back to them threefold. They did not bewitch those girls, the girls made it up, they felt important, having the power over life and death. They are in grave danger, but they may yet be saved and so can you."

"Me?" the Judge asked, alarmed.

"You have tried and executed many innocents and only one of them was a witch, a good one. If she we were evil, she would not have allowed you to burn her, she could easily have stopped you."

The Judge considered her words. "But I do not have the power to stop the trial."

"We will visit others as well," Michelle said, "have no fear."

"And fear not what you do not understand," Gabrielle said. "Have faith that God has a reason for everything."

"Even for letting the demons wander around the Earth?" the Judge asked and was surprised by his own boldness.

Gabrielle smiled. "The demons are necessary, for without darkness, how would you recognize light?"

The Judge considered her words. "And there is another reason we have come to you," Michelle said.


"Your granddaughter, Elizabeth."

"Elizabeth?" the Judge asked, worried.

"Yes. You are worried because you believe that she may have the wrong feelings for Sarah." She smiled. "Do not be. Love is sacred and her love for her beloved and her prayers have prompted God to send us both to end these trials. We hope you have learned your lesson."

"Lesson?" the Judge asked, confused.

Michelle smiled. "You did not think God allowed these trials to go on without a reason, did you?"


Gabrielle smiled. "Have faith, John, and let God do his own dirty work, he is more than capable of doing it."

"I do not doubt it," the Judge said.

"Good. Sleep now and sin no more."

The Judge suddenly found himself to be very sleepy. He tried to stay awake, but his eyes shut themselves. Just before they did, he could see the two archangels disappear.


"Good work, Michelle," Faith said outside.

Buffy smiled. "Thank you, Gabrielle." She looked at Elizabeth. "What do you think?"

The witch hesitated for a moment. "It was. impressive," she then said and both Slayers smiled. "You were very convincing."

Faith smiled. "I hope Gabrielle doesn't mind," she said.

"Probably not," Buffy said, "she's a pretty cool archangel and besides, we are saving lives here."


"You. You know this. Gabrielle?" Elizabeth asked in awe.

The Slayers looked at her. "Yes. She came to test a demon who wanted to go to Heaven."

Elizabeth stared at her and Faith smiled. "I hope you don't mind that we mentioned the fact that you love Sarah to your grandpa," Buffy said.

Elizabeth thought about what Buffy had said to her grandpa. "I think he will not bother me about it again."

"He did before?" Faith asked.

"No, not directly, but I could feel the subtle threats."


"Are you ready for the next judge?" Buffy asked.

Elizabeth shook her head. "I need to rest a while," she said. "But it was much easier than I had anticipated."

"Good. Let's get out of sight."


"How was your grandpa this morning?" Buffy asked when Elizabeth brought them food for the day in the morning.

"He was very quiet and he kept glancing at me."

"Let's hope it worked," Faith said.

"Yeah," Buffy agreed.

"Listen," Faith said, "Buffy and I will go on patrol tonight, we wouldn't want the vamps to think that just because the Slayer's in jail they can celebrate."

"Do you think that is wise?" Elizabeth asked.

"Yes. Don't worry, we will wear your clothes."

Elizabeth nodded. "Em, can I ask you something?" she asked after a few moments of hesitation.

"Sure, go ahead."

"Em, it's about a baby."

"A baby?" Buffy asked.

Elizabeth nodded. "Yes, a very special baby."

The Slayers looked at each other. "Hope?" Faith asked.

Elizabeth looked at her, surprised. "You know about her?"

"'On winter's turn, at the Gates of Hell' and so on, is that the one?"

Elizabeth nodded, excited. "Yes."

"You know about the prophecy?" Buffy asked.

Elizabeth nodded again. "Yes, I wrote it."




"You a Seer or something?" Faith asked.

Elizabeth shrugged. "No, not really, but I do have occasional visions of the future." She looked at Buffy. "I wanted to include you too, but I couldn't make sense of your name."

Buffy smiled. "I'm sure."

"Is she all right?"

"Hope? Sure."

"And. And her mothers? Are they."

"Girlfriends? Faith?"

Faith thought for a moment. "No, I think they're just friends."


"So, is there any area in particular that we should take a lot at?"

"Eh?" Elizabeth said, confused for a moment. "Oh. Yes, the cemetery and the forest behind it."


"I will tell you tomorrow if there is any news."

Faith nodded. "Good. See you tomorrow then."

Elizabeth nodded and left.


When Elizabeth came to them the next day, Buffy and Faith could see that she was excited. "Sarah has been released," Elizabeth reported.

"Yes," Faith said, glad.

"Is she home now?" Buffy asked.

Elizabeth nodded. "Yes."

"Have you talked to her yet?"

Elizabeth nodded. "Yes, yesterday evening."

"Well, if you speak to her again, tell her to stay home, at least for a week. It wouldn't be good if she was seen out at late hours so soon after she has been cleared of being a witch."

"I shall tell her."

"And tell her we'll pay her a visit tonight," Faith said.

Elizabeth nodded. "I shall."


Elizabeth hesitated for a few moments. "Em, Faith, I would like to talk to you," she then said. "Alone."

Faith raised an eyebrow. "Okay," she said and looked at Buffy.

"I'll be outside," Buffy said and left.

"So, what's bothering you?" Faith asked.

Elizabeth hesitated and Faith could see that she was uncomfortable. "I. I'd like to know. more about you and. Cordelia," Elizabeth then said, blushing, and looked down.

Faith smiled. "You wanna know how far we go?"

Elizabeth gave her a puzzled look and then blushed. "I."

"It's okay, I'm not very shy about it, must be the time from which I am. Now, let's see. We can hold hands in public and kiss, but we do make love in private."

Elizabeth gave her a puzzled and excited look. "You. make love?" she asked and her blush deepened.

"Yeah, sure. As a matter of fact, we were about to do that when you brought me here."

Elizabeth blushed. "H. How?"

Faith smiled, noticing Elizabeth's discomfort. "Well, we can't do it the way men and women do it, but we do have fingers and our tongues and we explore."

Elizabeth blushed as she briefly imagined it. "Do. Do your parents know?"

"Sure. I mean, my mom, my biological mom knows and so do Cordelia's parents. Actually, I live with Cordelia's family and we share her room."

"And they. know that you. make love?"

"I guess so, we don't exactly keep it a secret. Mom, her mom, has seen us sleep together."

"And she doesn't mind?"

Faith shrugged. "She knows we love each other. Hell, my sister and me even consider her our mom. She's one cool lady."

"Cool?" Elizabeth asked, confused.

"Very okay."


"Anyway, I know this time is different from mine and you two should be very careful about showing affection to each other in public, but when you're alone, explore. If you want to try something, ask her. She might not agree to it right away, but she will think about it and perhaps she will agree to it later."

Elizabeth nodded. "Thank you."

Faith smiled. "No problem. Oh, stay away from her for a while, at least in public. Your grandpa might have had a change of heart, but you don't want to take risks, especially since others might not see it in a good light."

Elizabeth nodded. "I will."

"Good. We'll see you in the evening then."

"Okay." Elizabeth turned to leave, but then she thought of another question. "Em, I have another question."


"Em, there is something. strange about you," Elizabeth said hesitatingly.

Faith frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Well, I have this feeling, like you are only half a person."

"Oh," Faith said and smiled as she figured out what Elizabeth meant. "Yes, I am. Cordelia is my other half."

"But how?"

"Well, once we fought some demons and we were pulled into their realm. Our friends rescued us, but we had merged into one. One of our witch friends split us back apart."


Faith smiled. "Anything else?" she asked.

Elizabeth shook her head. "No."

"Then I'll see you tonight."


Elizabeth left and Buffy came back. "What did she want?"

Faith smiled. "She wanted to know about me and Cordelia and how far we go."

"How far. Oh."

"Yeah, oh." Faith smiled. "Feel like eating?"

"Definitely," Buffy agreed.


After dark, when most of the people were asleep, Elizabeth came to Faith and Buffy and took them to Sarah. When they got to her house, Elizabeth knocked on the shutters. A few moments later, the shutters opened a bit and Sarah looked out.

"I have brought Buffy and Faith," Elizabeth said.

The shutters opened wider and Elizabeth climbed in with Sarah's help. Buffy and Faith followed her and Faith closed the shutters after her.

"Elizabeth," Buffy said, "go make sure that everyone in the house is asleep and stays that way until morning."

Elizabeth nodded in the darkness and left. "Do you have some thick blankets?" Faith asked Sarah. "We need to cover the windows."

Sarah nodded and went to her closet. "Here," she said and took out two thick blankets, which Faith then helped her put over the windows.

"You can turn on the light, but keep it at a minimum," Buffy said.

Sarah nodded and did so. "They are asleep," Elizabeth said as she returned.

"Good," Buffy said and looked at her. "You wanna introduce us?"

Elizabeth nodded and stepped closer. "Sarah, these are Buffy and Faith," she said and pointed at the Slayers as she mentioned them. "Buffy, Faith, this is Sarah."

"Hello," Buffy said and shook her hand.

"Hi," Faith said and did the same.

Buffy looked around and spotted two chairs. "How about we sit down," she suggested and sat on a chair.

Faith followed suit. All chairs being taken, Sarah sat on her bed and Elizabeth joined her. Faith noticed how close they sat and she also noticed that they were very nervous.

"It's all right if you hold hands," she said with a smile and Sarah paled a bit at that. "I don't know if she told you, but I have a girlfriend myself and Buffy here doesn't mind either," she told her.

Sarah and Elizabeth looked at each other and then Elizabeth took charge and slowly reached out with her hand and took Sarah's into her own. She smiled and Sarah smiled back after a moment of hesitation.

"That's better," Faith said.

Both the witch and the Slayer blushed. Then Sarah cleared her throat. "Thank you for helping her save my life," she said.

"No problem," Buffy said.

"Listen," Faith spoke up, "I don't know if Elizabeth told you yet, but I think it would be better if you stayed at home and not go out slaying, at least for a week. It wouldn't be good if you were seen outside at late hours."

Sarah nodded. "I know, but Miss Churchill might not agree."


"My Watcher."

"Oh. It doesn't matter."

"But she's my Watcher," Sarah protested.

"Precisely. She's the Watcher, you're the Slayer."

"Let me clear this up," Buffy said. "How old are you?"

"I'll be eighteen in three days," Sarah said

"Already? How long have you been a Slayer?"

"Almost two years."

"Oh. Anyway, before you were imprisoned, have you perhaps noticed that you might be losing your powers?"

Sarah and Elizabeth glanced at each other and Sarah shook her head. "No. Why?"

"Well, it happened to me and I was very worried, but I found out later that it was all a part of a test."

"A test?" Sarah asked, not liking the sound of that.

Buffy nodded. "Yes. I don't know which moron came up with it, but every Slayer has to pass this test when she becomes eighteen. It's a rite of passage or something. They give you drugs to make it look as though you are losing your powers. Then they lock you up with a particularly nasty vampire and you have to kill him. If you ask me, that test is designed to kill Slayers."

Sarah frowned. "But why?"

"Because they probably think we are too old and too independent by then and they don't want us to be independent, they want us to be alone and willing tools in their hands." She paused. "My Watcher did that to me, but then he had a change of heart and came to help me, but I had dealt with the vamp by then. He was thrown out of the Watcher's Council and I quit later."

"I don't work for them either," Faith added.

Sarah thought for a moment. "You are both Slayers?" she then asked, curious.

They nodded. "Yes," Buffy said.

"But how? I thought there was supposed to be only one Slayer per generation."

"There was, until I died."

"You died?"

"Not completely, but apparently I was dead enough for the next Slayer to be called. When she was killed, Faith was called."

"Okay, back to that test," Faith said. "Your Watcher might start giving you that drug. You let Elizabeth help you, pretend that it is working and that you are afraid that you are losing your powers. When you face the vamp and kill it, watch out whether she stops giving you the drug or not. If she does, good, if she doesn't, well, beat some sense into her. Either way, don't trust her unless you're certain she's willing to give her life to protect you."

"But she is only a Watcher," Sarah said.

"So is Giles, our Watcher, but he has helped us out plenty of times."


"Anyway," Buffy said, "Faith and I will stay here until the next full moon and we'll help you patrol. Seems the vamps got overconfident when they learned you were in prison. We showed them that there was no reason for overconfidence."

"How many did you kill?"

Buffy looked at Faith. "Twenty-five," Faith said.

"Wow," Sarah said, impressed.

"Mmm, B?" Faith said, thinking about something.

"Yeah?" Buffy said and looked at Faith.

"You're a high school graduate. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't these trials last, like, less than a year?"

Buffy thought. "Yeah, I think so. I think they started in March or May and lasted until the end of the year. October or November."

"Great, so the danger is almost over."


"So, how about we go slay some vamps?" Faith asked, feeling that Elizabeth and Sarah probably wanted to be alone.

Buffy raised an eyebrow, but she didn't comment. "Yeah, sure," she said.

"Okay, let's go then." She looked at Elizabeth and Sarah. "We'll see you later then. Good night."

"Night," Buffy said.

"Good night," Elizabeth and Sarah said in unison.

When the two Slayers from the future were gone, Elizabeth and Sarah sat next to one another on Sarah's bed again, holding their hands. They were quiet for a while and then Elizabeth spoke.

"I talked to Faith this morning."

"About what?" Sarah asked.

"About her. and Cordelia."

"Who?" Sarah asked, puzzled.

"Her girlfriend."

"Oh," Sarah said, blushing.

"She said that they can hold hands and kiss in public."

"Really?" Sarah said, amazed.

Elizabeth nodded. "Yes. She. She also said that they. make love," she said and blushed.

Sarah blushed as well. "They make. love?" she asked, nervous and excited at the same time.

Elizabeth nodded. "Yes."

"H. How?" Sarah asked, blushing even more.

"I. I didn't ask for details, but she said they. explore."


Elizabeth nodded again. "They. They use their. fingers and. tongues," Elizabeth explained, blushing deeper.

"Oh," Sarah said, her blush deepening as well.

They were quiet again, both thinking about the possibilities and about the restrictions people inflicted upon them. Elizabeth was the first to speak. "I. I would like to. kiss you," she said, nervous, and looked at Sarah, fighting her embarrassment to look into her eyes.

Sarah looked at her, surprised. She wanted to say something, but no words came out. She finally nodded. Elizabeth flashed a brief smile at Sarah's consent and then slowly started to move her head toward Sarah's. Sarah did the same. Elizabeth considered closing her eyes for the kiss, but decided not to, she wanted to see her girlfriend's eyes, they were so beautiful, deep, and she wanted to see her reaction.

Their heads finally met and the both hesitated for a moment before their lips finally joined in their first kiss. It was a short kiss, lips to lips only, but they both liked it. Their lips separated for a brief moment, but they both saw in one another's eyes that they wanted more, so their lips joined again.

This time, however, Elizabeth decided to try some of that exploration and she opened her lips a bit and allowed her tongue to brush Sarah's lips. Sarah looked at her, surprised, but she didn't protest and after a few moments, she decided she liked it and she opened her lips as well. Their tongues brushed and amusement flickered in their eyes. They both started to feel a bit bolder and they both opened their lips some more and allowed their tongues to play with one another.

When they finally broke the kiss, the were both breathless. They quietly stared at one another, both beaming. "This was so great," Elizabeth finally said.

Sarah nodded. "Yes," she agreed. She blushed. "I. I wish to do it. again."

Elizabeth smiled and also blushed. She nodded. "Me too," she admitted.

Their heads approached one another again, their lips joined and their tongues played with each other.

When they stopped, they were both breathless again. They stared at one another again, both beaming, and then Elizabeth hugged Sarah. "I love you, Sarah," she said.

Sarah was surprised, but she hugged her back. "I love you too, Elizabeth," she said.

They remained like that for a while, enjoying the closeness of their bodies for the first time.

"I. I really think I should go now," Elizabeth said when the broke the hug. Sarah nodded. She didn't want Elizabeth to go, but she knew that they both had to think about what had happened tonight.


"Em, Faith?" Buffy said when she woke up in the morning and found Faith cuddled up to her.

"Mmm," Faith said, her eyes closed.

"Wake up."

"Mmm?" Faith suddenly opened her eyes. "Buffy?" she said, surprised. Buffy smiled.


Faith blushed a bit and let go of Buffy. "Sorry, I thought you were Cordelia," she said and sighed, staring at the ceiling.

Buffy stared at her for a few moments. "You miss her."


"Don't worry, it just a little over three weeks."

Faith snorted. "Eternity with her is shorter that one month without her," she said.

Buffy smiled. "I guess."

They were quiet for a while. "I wonder if Elizabeth will return us back to the same moment she took us from."

Buffy frowned. "I don't know."

"I hope so. I can't imagine what Cordelia has to go through if time goes on for her."

Faith curled up like a fetus and pressed her ring to her lips. Buffy stared at her for a while and then put her hand on Faith's shoulder. "It'll be all right," she said, trying to comfort Faith.

Faith didn't immediately respond. "I sure could use dusting a couple of vamps to cheer me up," she then mumbled.

Buffy smiled. "You'll have to wait until dark for that."

Faith nodded. "Yeah. And then vamps beware."

Buffy laughed.


"Good morning," Elizabeth said as she came into the cave about an hour later.

"Morning," Buffy said.

"Hi." Faith said and raised an eyebrow. "My, you're glowing," she observed with a mischievous smirk.

Elizabeth was confused for a moment and then she blushed. "I. Well. We. kissed," she admitted, blushing.

"Ah, I figured something wonderful must have happened," Faith said with a smile.

Elizabeth hesitated for a moment. "I. I would like to know. more," she then said, blushing.

Faith smiled. "No problem."

"I'll take a hike," Buffy said, took some food and went out.

"Come on, let's sit down," Faith said and went to the makeshift bed. Elizabeth followed her. "Now, let's see. You kissed. Was it just lips to lips or did you, well, use your tongues as well?"

Elizabeth hesitated, nervous. "First, it was just lips, but then we used our tongues as well."

Faith flashed a big smile. "Way to go, girl," she said. "Anyway, have you ever masturbated?"

Elizabeth blushed a deep red and shook her head. "No," she said quietly.

"Well, you simply have to try. I mean, you can't please Sarah if you don't even know what pleases you. And don't forget to relax, allow yourself to enjoy the feelings you experience. Just make sure you don't moan too loud, you wouldn't want to get caught in the act," Faith added with a smirk. "And if you happen to have a mirror in your room, step in front of it, naked, and touch yourself, get to know what pleases you. And most importantly, don't rush it, take your time, alone and when you're with Sarah. Talk with her, tell her what you want to try and ask her to tell you what she would like to try." She paused. "And like I said before, explore, find out what you like. And, of course, don't be afraid to be perverse," she added with a mischievous grin.

"P. Perverse?"

Faith nodded. "Yes. Touch one another, your breasts, your pussies, your butts and lick there as well, taste your juices, poke your fingers into every hole imaginable."

Elizabeth nodded, blushing a deep read, her heart beating faster as her mind imagined the possibilities. "I. Thank you."

Faith smiled. "You're welcome. Oh, and make sure you're not caught in the act. If you two want to make love, you better come here."

Elizabeth nodded. "We will."

"Good. See you later."

Elizabeth nodded and left. A few moments later, Buffy returned, still munching on her breakfast. "You the shrink now?"

Faith grinned. "More like her mother. You know, the birds and the bees."

Buffy laughed.


In the evening, Elizabeth and Sarah were again sitting on Sarah's bed, talking. "I have spoken to Faith again," Elizabeth said, feeling nervous.

Sarah was also nervous, as little used to such open discussions about sex as Elizabeth. "What did she say?" she asked, avoiding her eyes.

Elizabeth hesitated. "She. She told me about what she and Cordelia do," she said and blushed, grateful that the blush couldn't be seen in the dim light.

"Really?" Sarah said, feeling awkward and excited at the same time.

Elizabeth nodded.


About an hour and a conversation later, Elizabeth left and Sarah lay in her bed, thinking about what Elizabeth had learned from Faith. She remembered the words and the heat building between her legs while Elizabeth was talking and the heat started to build up again. She considered touching herself, masturbating, but she just lay still for a while, her upbringing telling her she shouldn't. Finally, her rebellious nature won.

She slowly moved her hands to her breasts. She just held them still for a while, clasping her breasts, and then slowly started to rub them. She felt a bit awkward at first, but she soon started to like it and concentrated on the nipples. She let out a moan but quickly suppressed it, remembering that her parents were in the next room. Her right hand then slowly slid down her body, between her legs. She pressed her legs together, reluctant to actually touch herself, but her body had other plans.

She pulled her nightshirt higher and slid her hand in her panties. She just held the palm pressed against her pussy and noticed that it was hot and wet. Slowly, almost reluctantly, she started to rub her palm against her pussy. Another moan almost escaped her, but she stopped herself in time. She continued for a while until her very first orgasm hit her. She pressed her legs together and buried her head in the pillow.

When the orgasm passed, she lay still for a while, thinking about what she had just done. It was a wonderful experience. In fact, it was the most wonderful experience ever, right after kissing with Elizabeth, and she wondered what it would be like to share it with Elizabeth. She had never seen another person naked before and she had never looked at or touched herself in an erotic way before when she was washing herself. She hesitated for a while, not feeling very bold about getting up in the middle of the night, undressing and the looking at herself. She had an excuse at first, there not being a mirror in her room, at least none in which she could observe her body in all its height, but then she realized that she could use the glass in the window to serve as a mirror.

She hesitated for a while longer and then got up and turned on the lamp. She moved a chair, set the lamp on it and then looked at the window to see if the reflection was clear enough. It was. She stared at the reflection for a while and then slowly, almost reluctantly, undressed. While she was undressing, she avoided looking at the window, feeling very awkward about what she was doing and what she was about to do.

When she was finally naked, she slowly lifted her head and looked at herself in the window. She was relieved when she didn't feel embarrassed at what she saw. She didn't know what other women, Elizabeth in particular, looked like naked, but she did like her own body. She hoped that Elizabeth would like it as well once they got to the part when they would make love for the first time.

She hesitated again for a while and then slowly ran her hands up her belly and to her breasts, all the time observing herself in the window. She covered her breasts with the palms and just held them for a few moments. Then she slowly started to massage and knead them, finally concentrating on the nipples. She liked the feeling and she looked down. Suddenly she got a perverse idea that she could lick and suck her own nipples. She flushed red at the thought, but then decided to try it out. She lowered her head and raised her left breast so she could reach the nipple. She hesitated for a moment and then took an experimental lick. She squirmed at the pleasant feeling and licked more boldly until she was sucking on her own nipple. She glanced at herself in the mirror and blushed, but she kept licking and sucking and then included her right nipple.

When she switched back to the left nipple, her right hand slid down her body, across her belly and to the dark triangle between her legs. The hairs were still wet. She gently ran her fingers across the slit, watching herself in the window. She flushed again when another perverse thought occurred to her, namely to lick the wetness of her pussy from her fingers. After all, when she and Elizabeth would make love, she might get to taste Elizabeth's juices and Elizabeth in turn might get to taste hers. She rubbed her fingers strongly against the wet hairs and the slit and then lifted them to her nose. She liked the smell and so she took an experimental lick. The taste was unusual, a bit salty with some other flavor she couldn't identify. She licked her fingers clean and then returned the palm back between her legs and started to masturbate again. She had to let go of her breasts and cover her mouth with her hand so she wouldn't wake her parents.

Just when she was about to cum again, she heard movement in her parents' bedroom. She quickly put out the lamp, picked up her clothes and jumped into bed, hoping that no one would come in. When no one did for the next minute or so, she quietly got up, moved the chair and the lamp back to their original positions and dressed herself. When she was lying again, relieved that no one had walked in on her, the door opened and her father peeked in. She pretended she was asleep and he left. She lay still for a while and then her hand went back between her legs. She needed to cum.


The next day, after taking food to the two Slayers from the future and reporting to Faith, Elizabeth went to visit Sarah, her first official visit to her girlfriend since Sarah had been cleared of being a witch. Sarah's parents were polite, but she noticed that they weren't exactly thrilled to see her. She felt a pang of guilt, but when she saw Sarah, she forgot all about it. She smiled and Sarah smiled back. She wanted to hug her, but she remembered that Sarah's parents were still around, so she just quietly took Sarah's hands into her own. They gazed into one another's eyes for a few moments and then Sarah quietly led her to her room, remembering to let go of Elizabeth's hands so that her parents wouldn't get suspicious.

As they sat quietly on the bed, their hands reached out and touched. They smiled at each other. They both wanted to share the things they had done the previous night, but they were both feeling awkward. Finally Elizabeth spoke. "I. I masturbated yesterday," she admitted quietly so that no one outside the room could hear her. She looked away, blushing. "And then I undressed myself and watched myself in the window as I was touching myself," she added, her blush deepening.

Sarah also blushed, but she was also relieved that Elizabeth had also masturbated. She knew that Elizabeth was a bit embarrassed and she decided to end it.

"I have also masturbated," she said, blushing a bit, but not as much as Elizabeth. "And while I was watching myself in the window, I. licked my breasts and I. I. tasted my. juices. And then I masturbated again."

Her blush became more obvious when Elizabeth looked at her, surprised and excited at the same time. Elizabeth smiled and gently squeezed her hand. "How. How did they taste?" she asked.

Sarah gave her a puzzled look before she realized what Elizabeth was referring to. She blushed again. "Salty," she said. "And. I think there was another flavor, but I don't know what."

"Did. Did you like it?" Elizabeth asked.

Sarah nodded, her eyes wide. "Yes," she whispered.

"Me too," Elizabeth said.

"You tasted your. juices as well?"

"Yes," Elizabeth said, nodding.

They sat quietly for a while, both thinking about what they had done, feeling a sense of satisfaction at being so perverse, at least according to the conventions of their own time, and they were both glad that the other liked it as well.

"How are Faith and Buffy?" Sarah finally asked.

Elizabeth looked at her. "They are fine. They say that the vampires seem to be more careful now."

Sarah smiled. "They should be."

Elizabeth smiled as well. "Yes. Oh, Buffy asked if your Watcher has bothered you?"

Sarah shook her head. "No. I haven't seen her since the day I was released. I'll avoid her for a few more days, until I go slaying again."

Elizabeth nodded. "And then we will see if she can be trusted."

Sarah nodded in agreement. "Yes."


"Faith!" Cordelia screamed.

Faith hugged her tightly. "Shh, it's okay, Cordelia, I'm back."

Cordelia hugged her even tighter and sobbed. "It. It was horrible," she whispered.

"I know," Faith said and caressed her. "I know."

"Is everything okay?" Mrs Chase asked as she peeked through the door a few moments later, having heard Cordelia's scream.

Faith looked back. "Yes. I'll tell you later."

Mrs Chase nodded and closed the door. "Faith?" Cordelia spoke.

"Yes?" Faith asked and caressed her.

"What happened?"

Faith sighed. "Buffy and I were called to Salem in 1692 to help save a Slayer."

Cordelia gave her a confused look. "But you were only gone for less than a moment."

Faith smiled. "I was gone for a month, but Elizabeth, the witch who called us, returned us to the same moment from which we were taken."

"Oh." Cordelia then frowned. "It hurt me like hell and you were only gone for a fraction of a second, I can't imagine how it must have hurt you," she said and caressed Faith.

Faith smiled. "I'll show you. Tonight."

Cordelia nodded. "Yes."

They were quiet for a while, but enjoying the closeness of their bodies, especially Faith, who hadn't felt Cordelia in a month. "You know," she finally spoke, "we're lucky we live in such. open times."

Cordelia raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"Well, the Slayer we went to save had a girlfriend."


"Yes, a witch."

"A witch?" Cordelia said, surprised. "In Salem? At the time they were burning them?"

"Yes. Anyway, the point is that they couldn't hold hands or kiss in public and they'd be in deep trouble if someone found out that they were in love with each other."

Cordelia thought about it. "Yes, we are lucky," she then agreed and gave Faith a kiss.

Faith smiled. "And guess what. Remember the prophecy about Hope?"


"Well, guess who wrote it. That witch we met."

Cordelia raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

Faith nodded. "Yes." She buried her head into Cordelia's shoulder and hugged her. "I missed you."

Cordelia caressed her. "We're together now," she said and gave her a kiss on the temple.

Faith smiled. "Yes, till death do us part."

"Till death do us part," Cordelia repeated.

"Happy anniversary."

Faith smiled again. "Happy anniversary."

"Okay, how about we kiss already?" Cordelia said with a grin.

Faith laughed and complied.