Candy Dreams
by Amberina

Buffy popped another Jolly Rancher into her mouth and reveled in it. Green apple. Her favorite flavor. When she glanced around her bed, she realized that she had eaten a lot of candy. Too much. Her bed was covered in candy wrappers.

"Ooh," she winced slightly, and brought her hand to her toned stomach, relieved that, yes, she still was buff. "Thank god for that Slayer metabolism," she said out loud as she began to gather up the wrappers. She was sure she had only eaten a few peices.

The empty wrappers filled up her wastebasket. She was about to launch into a couple of sit-ups when the phone rang.


"Buffy. Hey. I - uh, needed to . . . "



"Why are you calling me?"

"Because I wanted to - I wanted to tell you that there is a major sale at the mall on - shoes - and I thought you'd be interested. Because everybody needs shoes. Bye." Cordelia abruptly hung up.

Buffy placed the phone back in it's cradle and stared at it for a moment. "That was wierd," she said with a shrug.

She flipped her lightswitch off and curled up in bed, drifting off to sleep almost instantly.


Buffy spotted Cordelia down the beach, sprawled out on a beach towel, and made her way over to her. She couldn't help but notice how gorgeous Cordy looked, all bronze and glistening in her gold bikini. Her breasts were almost falling out of her top.

Buffy sat down next to her in the sand and smiled. "Hey, Cordelia."

Cordelia opened her eyes, and looked Buffy up and down. Buffy was wearing a simple black bikini. "Buffy. I'm glad you're here."

Buffy raised her eyebrow, and forced herself not to stare at Cordelia's barely covered chest. "Are you?"

Cordelia flipped over and sighed. "Yeah. Could you do my back?"

Buffy snapped out of her daydream. "What?'

Cordelia tossed a bottle of sunscreen at Buffy. "Do my back. Skin cancer is so passe."

"Oh. All right." Buffy poured a bit of the creamy liquid onto her hand and began to smooth it on Cordelia's back. Her skin felt hot to the touch and as the sunscreen melted into her perfect skin, the scent of coconut wafted up.

Cordelia moaned slightly and shifted a bit. "Undo my top so you can get the whole thing."

Buffy stared at the clasp in horror. There was no way she'd be able to restrain herself if she were to unhook Cordelia's top. No way. "I - "

"Come on, Buffy. We don't have all day. Well, we actually do, but hurry anyway."

Buffy glanced around and noticed that the beach was empty. Hadn't it been crawling with people only a few minutes before?

"Buffy, what is your problem?"

"I - uh . . . " Buffy sighed and finally undid the clasp on the Cordelia's top with nervous, fumbling fingers.

Before Buffy could continue rubbing the lotion on her, though, Cordelia sat up, and tossed her top to the side. "Buffy, do you like what you see?" she asks it as if it is an everyday question along the lines of, "Is it cloudy today?"

Buffy relaxed a bit. Cordelia wanted what she wanted and the beach was now deserted, save them. "You know I do."

Cordelia acted like she never doubted that would be the answer, and knowing Cordelia, she probably didn't. "I want to see you."

Buffy obliged, quickly dropping her top. "Seeing and liking?"

Cordelia gives her a lustful look and pulls her down on the beach towel with her. "You are one hot little Slayer, Buffy."

Cordelia's hands softly grasped Buffy's ass and Buffy let out a little involentary squeal. "Cordy."

"I'm here, baby, I'm here," Cordelia whispered into her ear right before she pressed her soft, sensual lips to her's.


Buffy sat up straight in bed. "Oh, God, no! Please no!" Buffy exclaimed, her eyes wide in horror.

It must have been the candy. Yeah, that's it. The stupid candy. Made her have weird dreams. It certainly had nothing to do with the fact that she was head over heels in love with Cordelia Chase.

Of course not.