Sweet Dreams
by Anne

The tall beautiful brunette sat at her desk causally flipping through the latest issue of Cosmo. The pretty blonde watched her from the doorway, wondering if this is what she had come to L.A. for. Without another thought in that pretty little head of hers she walked in the door.

Cordelia looked up from her magazine when she heard the door open. When she saw who it was she yawned " Angel's not here Buffy" and went back to her magazine. Buffy looked right at her and smiled slightly What a bitch she thought but aloud she said "I'm not here for Angel, Cordy." She tooked a deep breath. " I'm here because of you." Cordelia looked up.

" What for? I can't help you remember Slayers work alone or with the scooby gang. What did you come here for, A little female bonding, Some down time? " Her voice was dripping with sarcasm. Buffy knew this was a bad idea She turned around to walk out the door. "Wait Buff I'm sorry really. You know me, Bitch mode first Think later!" Cordelia smiled sheeplishly. Buffy looked into her eyes and knew she was really sorry.

Buffy smiled back "Ok i'll forgive you this time Queen C but next time I may have to pin you to the wall and ..." Buffy wiggled her eyebrows seductivly and laughed softly.

Cordelia's mind swarmed with images of Buffy pinning her wondering why it didn't bug her. Instead it made her kinda hot. Buffy looked into her eyes knowily.

Cordelia decided to have her own fun. She got up from the desk and watched over to where the slayer was standing. She was taller but She looked straight into her eyes " Don't make threats you don't intend to keep Slayer!"

Buffy looked into her eyes trying to figure out if Cordy was fucking with her or if she really had a desire in her eyes. Fuck it Buffy thought.

In one move she had Cordelia against the wall her small muscualar frame pinning the slightly taller girl. Buffy waited to see what would happen next. Their bodies were pressed tightly together and Cordy knew that she probably couldn't of gotten out of Buffy's grasp but she also knew she didn't want to.

Cordelia looked into Buffy's eyes. She saw desire and lust and she knew that her eyes showed the same. But Cordy added dare to her look. Buffy saw it as well and knew that she had to make the first move, well the second move just cause little miss Queen C dared her to.

Buffy leaned over and captured Cordy's lips in her own. At first the kiss was sweet and gentle but Buffy could only stay sweet for a moment. She tooked Cordy's bottom lip into her mouth nipping gently then sucking on it slowly. Her tounge outlined Cordy's lips before dipping inside.

Cordelia opened her mouth to Buffy's sweet torture letting their tounges dual in a sensual battle. Cordelia tangled her hand in Buffy's soft golden hair running her fingers through it before stopping at the back of her neck. Buffy's hand slid up Cordy's thigh feeling the heat before reaching it, She slipped a finger past the lacy panties to deep inside Cordy's wetness.

Cordy moaned softly against Buffy's lips. The girl had barley touched her and she had her maoning like she was having her brains fucked outta her!! Buffy slowly pulled away, not really wanting to but knowing that she had to.

"What the fuck was that?" Cordelia moaned opening her passion clouded eyes. Buffy smiled like the cat that just ate the canary.

"I'm a slayer Queen C remember? WANT! TAKE! HAVE!!"

With that Cordelia smiled back. "Shit you had me so why didn't you take me?"

Buffy looked up her own eyes and heartbeat slowing down to normal. "Cause.." Buffy shrugged "Not here, not now."

Cordelia went back over to her desk to sit down. "So how long have you wanted me?"

Gotta hand it to her Cordy was always blunt and to the point. Buffy looked up in suprise. Cordelia laughed at the suprise look in her eyes. "And they say I'm the one with the IQ of a rock. You just said so politley back there Want Take Have. And believe me you had!!!" Cordy raised her eyes seductively at that last part.

Buffy laughed quietly. " It was a few months ago when I found out you were working for Angel. I always knew you were a nice girl on the inside and hot on the outside" She finished with a giggle.

"Buffy Anne Summers, Are you flirting with me?" Cordy asked.

Buffy looked up suprised that Queen C knew her whole name. "Duh Yes what are you gonna do about it?"

Cordy liked this game. It was fun and her love life or lack of was not much to brag about. "Well I might just have to take you back to my place for some uh yeah female bonding." She looked her straight in the eyes "I know you won't say no to me" With that she got up and Kissed Buffy on the lips hard and passonate. "Let's go. Now." She whispered eagerly.

They broke apart heading for the door when they almost walked into Angel. Cordy wondered how this little scene would play out. "Hey Angel. You don't mind if I borrow Queen C over here for a while. I'll bring her back in one piece I promise"

Angel Just nodded. "Sure so what are you ladies up to anyway? Shopping? "He asked looking straight at Cordy.

Buffy looked at him with a smile. "Nah actucally, we're gonna try a little female bonding. Care to join?" Cordelia laughed and then choked.

Angel shook his head slightly, distaste covering his face " Uh No thanks. I'll stick to demon hunting and you to can go female bond and shop and whatever. Have fun. See you guys tomorrow."

With that Angel walked into his office while Cordy and Buffy walked out laughing. " Too bad he doesn't know what he's missing."

Buffy looked at Cordy "well he'll know by tomorrow thats for sure." With that said they went back to Cordelia's apartment and made love. It was unlike anything either of the two had ever experienced.


Buffy sat up in bed gasping slightly. She shook her head trying to clear her thoughts. What the fuck kinda nightmare was that? she asked herself. She had never thought of the Queen C in a sexual way. What a weird dream. The more she tried to ananlyze it the more it became clear.

She had a thing for the cheerleader. That explains why she never let the bitch die. She loved her to much to lose her and she knew inside Cordy was as soft as the rest of the gang. Buffy smiled before going back to sleep, mentally planning a trip to LA.

"Sweet Dreams," she said aloud to none in particular as she drifted into a peaceful sleep. Love still fresh on her face.