Borrowed Dreams
by Angelina

"I'm looking for a way to become
The person that I dreamt of
When I was sixteen"

Faith stood by the bar and sipped her beer, watching couples dancing and talking. It felt strange to be back after such a long time. Strange in a nice way. So much had happened, things had changed, people had changed. Faith had changed.


Faith turned to see Buffy standing next to her. Only another slayer could have gotten that close without her noticing. Faith smiled.

"Hey, how's it goin'?"

"Good. You?"

"Five by five, B."

Buffy laughed out loud and shook her head at Faith.

"That takes me back a while."

"Probably best not to go back there."

Buffy nodded.

"A lot's gone on."

"Yep, and who'd have thought we'd end up here, all of us together at a genuine Scooby weddin'?"

Buffy looked out to the dancefloor where Willow and Xander were swaying gently together; him suave in his tux, her radiant in her long cream gown. Buffy smiled softly.

"I'm just glad we all made it."

Faith nodded her confirmation. She felt a presence approach her from behind and turned just as two arms slipped around her waist and a head of golden-brown hair rested itself on her shoulder. Faith wrapped an arm around Cordelia's shoulders and dropped a kiss on her neck.

"Hey babe."

Cordelia looked up and kissed Faith's lips chastely, getting comfortable in her embrace. She then turned to Buffy.

"Buffy, long time no see."

Buffy nodded. Cordelia continued.

"We were actually surprised to receive this invitation."

"I think it was important that we were all here."

Cordelia smiled.

"Yeah, I suppose it is." She glanced around the room, spotting familiar faces everywhere. "Am I the only one who's kinda glad that Spike and Dru got back together?"

Three sets of eyes turned to the couple, staring intensely into each other's eyes as they moved to their own beat.

"Nah, it's kinda sweet. I suppose it shows that love can be lasting... even if it is weirdoid vampire love." Buffy replied, trying to figure out why she hadn't staked Spike long ago.

"Giles is the one that surprised me, you think it's the handcuffs that did it?" Faith enquired as she watched Kate stand on tiptoe to whisper something in Giles' ear.

Buffy shrugged.

"I dunno, total fluke. She used her pay-off from the LAPD to take a trip to England, they both reached for the same newspaper in some little tea-shop one day and the rest is history. Guess us freaky types are just drawn to each other."

"I don't think Kate would describe herself as a 'freaky type'." Cordelia put in. "I'd say she was but she probably wouldn't."

"What's Wesley's date's name again? I keep forgetting." Buffy asked, looking at the ex-watcher.

"It's Charles Gunn, but he prefers Gunn. But Wes has him so domesticated these days it sounds kind of silly to call him that." Cordelia said, smiling as Wesley moved Gunn's hand from his ass to his back as they danced. She could just imagine the scolding Gunn was getting for 'being fresh' in public.

"Little Dawnie sure has bloomed huh B? Some rack that girl's got on her." Faith said, appreciatively.

Buffy's eyes burned and Cordelia hurriedly broke in.

"Uh, honey, you shouldn't really comment on someone's sister's boobs... it's just not nice."

"What? I was just saying she..."

Faith trailed off under the glares she was receiving from both Buffy and Cordelia. She turned her attention back to Dawn who had become quite the young stunner. Taller than her sister by quite a bit, gorgeous figure and soulful eyes. Currently she only had eyes for her dance partner. As he leaned down to place a long kiss on her lips Buffy had to turn away. Cordelia noticed this.

"Still not comfortable with that huh?" she asked.

"It's just...well...the 'he's too old for you' argument my mom used to use now makes a whole lot more sense to me. Of course, whenever I say it I'm a hypocrite. But I still can't shake know." Buffy shrugged.

Faith and Cordelia nodded in understanding. Angel and Dawn had been a shock to everyone, not least Angel. But they were very in love, clear for everyone to see.

"The only good thing is that I know they're not...well, you know, the whole soul clause that's one thing I don't have to worry about." Buffy said.

"Well, yeah B, but that's not to say they're not doing stuff. I've heard 'em sometimes down in the training room in the hotel and I'm tellin' ya they're not just kiss..."

"Faith!" Cordelia exclaimed.

Buffy looked aghast as her, very naive, illusions were shattered. Cordelia nudged Faith in the ribs and turned to Buffy.

"Anyway, I think you're being missed on the dancefloor, you better get out there."

Buffy nodded and started to leave.

"Oh B, by the way, congratulations."

Buffy paused and looked down at her long cream gown, identical to Willow's and a soft smile crept over her lips.

"Thanks, congratulations to you too."

And with that she turned and headed out onto the dancefloor where she was welcomed with open arms by her new husband and wife, each kissing her soundly before falling back into the rhythm of the music.

Cordelia leaned back against Faith.

"Do you think Buffy's pretty?" she asked, casually.

"Is there a right answer to that question?"

"Well, do you think she's prettier than me?" Cordelia amended.

"Cor, no-one on this planet is prettier, or sweeter, or sexier than you."

"Good answer. But will you still think that when I'm fat and ugly?"

Faith moved her hand down to the slight swell in Cordelia's abdomen.

"You will still be the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

Cordelia smiled and turned in Faith's arms so they were facing each other.

"I love you."

"I love you too, C."

"I've been thinking..."

"Did you strain yourself?"

"Shut up. About do you like 'Natasha'?"

"Sounds a bit Russian spy-ish babe."

"We're never going to agree on this."

"We've got six months to argue about it, we'll think of something. But right now, I want to dance with you."

Cordelia's face lit up.

"I can't think of anything I'd like more."

Faith took Cordelia's hand in her own and led her out to join the couples, and threesomes, on the dancefloor.