by Sarah

Fancy that. Cordelia Chase so drunk she doesn't even realize I'm sitting no more than ten feet away from her at an upscale bar in LA, watching her every move. She's out with friends, all of whom I'm assuming are Angel's lackeys by the way they're trying to be hush hush about whatever they're talking about. But it doesn't matter, if I weren't so wasted myself I'd understand them. Slayer hearing and all.

Then again, who needs that? Who needs them? They all turned on me in the blink of an eye. They sent me to jail. They're the ones with their heads stuck so far up their asses they couldn't see that I needed help. So to hell with them. I'll find my redemption on my own.

I flag over the bartender, some chick with purple hair and make a funny face. This is supposed to be an upscale bar right? Well, who cares. Cordelia's here, that's all that matters. "Can I get another?" I ask sweetly, checking out her nametag. A purple haired chick named Taz. Now there's a mystery for ya. Maybe I need to call the Scooby gang in. Ha, now there's an idea. I wonder how long it would take them to kill and maim me? Not too long I'm sure, Buffy always was the better one. And you know, if I could've just accepted that a long time ago, none of this would've happened.

"So you gonna tell me what you're drinking?" The purple chick asks me, sounding a bit impatient.

"Alcohol," I smirk at her, pissing her off more. People are just too easy these days. She glares and I cave. "Rum and coke for me. And a shot of Southern Comfort for that brunette over there with them guys. Give her this with it," I smile goofily as I hand a piece of paper to purple chick. She looks annoyed but I slip her some extra cash and she happily complies.

She brings me my drink and I watch as she walks over to Cordelia, making sure she actually gets the right girl. Don't know how much I can trust some snobby bartender. But as long as the Queen gets the number I'm in. She's the cat that curiosity killed after all. And if I can somehow get on her side, I'm so in.

Okay, so I don't give a shit about being 'in'. I just want a challenge. Life has been awfully slow lately, and with them running around there's hardly any work for me. At least, any work I have to pay attention to.

Finally I see that Taz chick giving Cordelia the drink, slipping her my number along with it. Queen C looks around, obviously trying to figure out what guy gave her the number. She looks right in my eyes, right into the eyes of the person she despises most, and doesn't even recognize me. Has it been that long, or is she just that wasted?

I go back to my drink, slumping over the bar as purple chick comes back over. "Happy now?" she snorts, but there wasn't anything but jealousy in her voice. I might not be book smart, but I can read people in a heartbeat.

"Almost," I smile lazily at her as I lean back in my chair. "What time do you get off?"

"What's it to you?" she arches an eyebrow as she wipes down the bar, not even bothering to look at me.

"I was just thinking I owed you for helping me out is all," I answer in a more seductive tone, watching as she begins to crack.

"But you've paid your debt in full, you've got no more use for me. But I believe that if you actually think that girl is going to pay you any mind, you've got another thing coming. She comes here often, always with those same men, never seen her with anyone else. I have a feeling she's not looking, especially for a girl like you," her eyes briefly lock with mine, making sure I don't misinterpret that for an insult as she goes about her cleaning.

"So just what the hell do you mean by that?" I ask loud enough to get her attention, drawing her back over to me.

"You know what I mean. A girl like you. A girl like me. A girl who just wants a cheap fuck and a 'get the hell out' the next morning. Miss Chase isn't one of us. Now don't take this the wrong way lady, but she's got class. Real class. You don't stand a chance."

"Well you're wrong there. Ms Chase and I go back. I will have her." Suddenly this whole thing took on a new perspective. I wasn't even going to go after her in that way. But when there's a challenge I'm always the first to take it.

"I say you'll never get her," she walks off, sounding more than a little pissed. Seems like she's already tried.

"You never answered my question," I laugh as I call out to her again, to wasted to care.

"Midnight," she smirks. "Why? You gonna be waiting?"

"I just might be," I laugh as I light another smoke, letting her finally get back to her business. My eyes trail back to Cordelia, and I'm pretty sure that Wesley is there with her. Shrugging I go back to my drink, finishing it off, watching purple chick do her thing. She's actually quite attractive, especially when intoxicated. And for now, that's all I've got to worry about. Just have my fun tonight before the real games begin.


"My place or yours?" I hear a husky voice ask from behind me.

Exhaling a puff of smoke I turn around and grin at her. "Mine. It's not much, but I only play on home territory. You got a ride?"

"Who doesn't?" she grins, as I give her a look to let her know I don't. It doesn't matter though. My bed, her car. How we get to where we're going doesn't matter. The final destination is an ugly place, full of false hope and empty emotions. The sad thing is, there's nothing you can do to change it. You can fuck to forget it, but in the morning it's all the same. At least this chick is someone who understands that concept.

I know I was suppose to be over all this by now. I was supposed to be a new person when I got out of jail. I could always blame it on my mother though. She was the one always whoring me out as a kid to get her another fix. I moved past it once though. But then she left me. At my first real mistake she left me.

But tonight isn't the time to think of her. Tonight I can get lost in someone else. Just for a few drunken hours. For just a few drunken hours I can pretend that I'm not in love with her. I can close my eyes and pretend this purple hair chick is her. Not that I'm in love with her anymore, I'm pretty sure that I got over that when I was in prison, alone and yes, afraid because of her. Why the hell would I love her after that? But then why the hell am I thinking about her?

Ah, to hell with it all. I'm drunk so I have a perfectly logical excuse for it. I look over at Taz and leave all my thoughts of the past behind. She's silently leading me to her car, an unreadable expression on her face and I decide to just enjoy the silence. Once again I wonder just how pathetic my life has become, going home to bed another meaningless girl, making bets on Cordelia's affection, and most of all, still not even caring whether I live or die.

"You know we can't get to your place until you tell me where I'm going," she breaks the silence and for a brief second I stare at her dumbly, wondering if I really am that drunk.

"It's not much farther. Take a right on Potomac about two miles down and you'll be there," I turn my eyes away, letting out a long sigh as my thoughts take over. Why can't I stop thinking about her? I've got plans to make, people to do.

"You know, we don't have to do this if you don't want. You seem kinda... Not all here right now," she mumbles, turning onto my street.

"No, that's exactly why I do need this. It's escape, just like drinking."

"Now I get it," she pauses as I point to the complex where my apartment is. Finding a spot, she parks the car and turns in her seat to look at me. "You run away from everything don't you?"

"Whatever. You don't know shit about me, and you know the rules. None of this personal shit," I growl out as I step out of her car and start walking towards the apartment, wondering if she'll follow.

It didn't take but a few seconds for me to hear her getting out of the car and start walking towards me. "I know enough," she whispers when she catches up to me. "When you're a bartender you learn to read people. I know that whoever hurt you so bad is close to, or is Ms Chase. And from your attitude I know that what you need isn't a fuck, but a friend."

"I thought you knew the rules?" I say frustrated as I turn around to face her. "This isn't analyze my life time. You can either come up with me, shut up and fuck me for the night and get the hell out in the morning, or you can just go home now."

She just stares at me, shaking her head then starts laughing. "Well rules are made to be broken. I'm not going to fuck you, I'm going to be your friend."

"And if I don't want any friends?" I question, arching my eyebrow at her, becoming slightly amused by the way this has all turned out.

"Well I suppose your shit out of luck?" She half states, half asks.

"So you'd give up a night of sex, to be my friend, why?" I ask, still not getting this concept. I've gotten by plenty well the last few years without friends. Who says I need one now? Look what happened last time I trusted people. I got left.

"I guess I'm intrigued. Besides, I wanna stick around to see if you manage to get Ms Chase."

"Cordy," I mumble as I open my door and sigh. "The ice queen. Cut the Ms Chase stuff. Makes me feel old." I pause and look at her. "So you comin' in or what?"

"I don't know, it's kinda late." She looks up at me and laughs. "Not that I was planning on sleeping when I came over here anyways."

"C'mon," I take her arm and pull her in. "You gotta understand though, I don't exactly have any friends. I'm not so sure uhh... Well of how to do anything but fuck people and kick them out."

"Okay, well first things first. Stop with all the 'fuck'. I realize that is what you're doing, but it really makes you sound bad when you talk about fucking people so much."

"Uh oh, she's trying to make a lady out of me," I laugh as I move to the kitchen and grab a beer. "Feel free to make yourself at home. It's not much, but it's all I've got. Want one?" I ask, handing her a beer.

"So tell me, why are you after Cordy?" she asks, taking the beer as I slump down on my couch next to her.

"Because you said I couldn't have her. I never turn down a challenge."

"But there's more to it. You were watching her all night, long before I ever even said anything."

"Look, it's nothing. I don't want to talk about it," I say in my warning voice.

"Just answer that one and I'll drop it," she counters.

Sighing, wondering just when I became such a pushover I looked seriously at her. "There was this group of friends in high school. A group I didn't fit in with, but was forced into. She was part of that group. I didn't like that I didn't fit in, and I fucked up bad. I hurt a lot of people, her included. Did things that landed me in jail for the last few years. Now I'm out, and I want to make up for it. She, strangely enough, seemed like the easiest one to start with. Happy now?"

"Yes, very much so," she laughed, sticking her tongue out at me, making me feel like a little kid again. I suppose this friends thing isn't too bad. Besides, if worse comes to worse it's not like I couldn't kick her ass in a second.

"So, you like video games?" I ask, changing the subject. Yeah, now I really feel like a kid.

"Who doesn't?" she answered with a question of her own.

"Good. You're my helper now. Get me unstuck on my game." I laugh, sliding off the couch to turn on my PS2. I suppose this friend thing isn't so bad after all.

And so it went that we spent all night together, playing video games, laughing and having fun. For so long, I had almost forgotten what that was like. After all, B was the last one who ever spent time with me like this. And that was five years ago. And that, as far as I was concerned. Was five too many. But now I can make up for it, and it seems as if I have someone to help me along the way. Yes, indeed. This definitely isn't so bad. Maybe even better than a uhhh... Better than sex.


I'm sitting back at the bar again, just like I have been ever since I met Taz. Actually, I'm starting to think she even saves this seat for me. It's the same one, every single night. Maybe that's why she doesn't believe me when I tell her that tonight's the night. Everything else is the same, and I've been a chicken up until now. So why would she think tonight's any different?

Though the fact that I'm refusing to tell her Cordelia called could play a part in that. So sue me, I've got a rep to protect. I suppose I don't want her to know Cordelia came to me. I want it to look like me for some reason. Guess there's a little bit of badass left in me. And the fact that I feel like that even makes me the slightest bit of a badass goes to show how desperate I am to hold onto the last part of the old me that's still around.

"Hey sunshine, snap out of it. Your girl just walked in. All alone too it appears," Taz smirks as she fills up a mug of Budweiser for someone.

My head snaps up at the thought and my eyes automatically begin to scan the room. True to her word, here she is, all alone. "It's on tonight," I look up at Taz, picture perfect grin plastered on my face.

"Yeah, I'll believe that when I'm dead," she laughs before walking off to help her customers.

"Just watch," I shout out, standing up from my barstool. This is even more perfect than I could've imagined.

Taz makes speedy with helping the customers as she walks to the end of the bar, her eyes fixated on me. I turn around long enough to wink at her before making my way over to Cordelia, my breath becoming ragged with a strange mix of fear and anticipation.

As I make my way closer Cordelia spots me and I can tell she's feeling the same way I am. It's a bit of an awkward situation to be in. After all, last time I saw her I was trying to kill her and the rest of the population of Sunnydale. "Not exactly the look I was expecting," she grins as I step in front of her. "Decide to give animal rights a try and lay off the leather?"

I can't help but laugh, feeling more relaxed already. "Only you C, only you."

"Glad you recognize that. Wanna have a seat?"

"I didn't think you'd actually show up," I mumble, shoving my hands into my pockets as I follow her to a table. "You were wicked wasted last night when you called."

"Yeah, and I'm planning on being just as wasted by the time the nights through," she replies as I hold her chair out for her.

"Nuh uh. No drinking tonight C." I scurry around to the other side of the table and take my seat. I look up at her and notice she's pouting. My God, some things really never do change.

"I need to have a logical excuse for being out with you though in case you decide to go psycho again. Being blasted out of my mind seems to be a logical enough reason. Then I can't be held accountable for my actions."

"Have a bit of faith. I'm different. I'd like the chance to prove that to you, and I'd like you to actually remember it," I sigh, knowing that this isn't going to be as easy as I thought. "Just one night, that's all I'm asking. If by the end of the night you're still not convinced, I'll leave you with my apologies and stay outta your hair forever. Fair enough?"

"Yeah, I suppose. Since when did you get logical?" she smirks as she runs her fingers through her hair. "Have you always had a brain?"

"Ouch, you're gonna make this hard on me aren't you?" I ask. "And yes, I've always had a brain. Just never much used it before. I let my emotions control me and took my fear and anger out in the wrong ways."

"What were you so angry about anyways? You had it made. Given the killing thing happened but you know they would've taken care of you. Hell, I would've even helped, but you didn't want anyone to."

"I didn't fit in though. All of you hated me. Except for B. She was the only one," I stare off, remembering that night when we killed Finch.

"The only one of what?" she asks.

"Have you always been so dense?" I can't help but tease back. I'm not really sure what to say to her now that I've actually got her in front of me. Saying I'm sorry and leaving is simple enough, but I suppose I want her to understand why. Not just to get my apology in but to get forgiveness, maybe even a little piece of mind.

"Duh, this is me. If I actually think I'll end up getting wrinkles. Who needs that?"

"Right. Still shallow too I see," I smile at her. "Hey, lets get out of here and do something."

"Like what? My life consists of this bar and work lately. Not exactly sure what there is to do out there."

"Oh yeah, we so need to get you to have some fun then," I stand up and reach down onto the table and tug on her hand. "We're going dancing."

"Come on Faith, I'm too tired," she wines, doing that cute pouting thing again.

"I'll let you drink," I pout right back at her, giving her my puppy dog eyes.

"What kind of bribe is that? You make me sound like an alcoholic!"

"Please? It's been so long since I've had anyone to go dancing with. I'll be your best friend?" I try to keep a straight face but can't help but bust out into laughter. So much for badass. At least it made her smile and stand up finally though. "About time lard ass," I wink as I start walking out of the bar with her huffing behind me, mumbling something about making me pay.

Once I get outside I stop to wait for her, her face as red as a lobster. "Chill C, I was just teasin'. You know you've got a nice ass."

"Of course I know, but I never knew you admired it," she replies, taking the lead as she walks to her car. "You were always so hung up on Buffy I'd have to run around naked to get you to notice me."

"I never knew you tried," I reply softly.

"No one did apparently. No big deal though. We all know that Buffy's your big love. That's why I'm here now. I figure all this is basically just leading back up to you getting back in with her, so I thought I'd help. We all know you need it."

We reach her car and she shuts off the alarm and unlocks the doors, sliding into the drivers seat. After a moment of letting her words sink in I slide into the car next to her, turning my head to look at her with wide eyes. "No, I'm not as dense as you all think I am. It's just easier that way. You can't let people down if they never expect anything of you to begin with," she concludes as she starts the engine, pulling out of the parking lot.

"This isn't something to get me back with B. It's me wanting to make up for what I did. And you shouldn't play so stupid. Being smart only makes you more attractive, and I highly doubt you would let anyone down. Trust me, I'm the master at it," I sigh.

"So, where are we going?" she asks, obviously deciding to stay away from serious.

"Vertigos. You know where it is?"

"Uh huh," she replies, a small smile playing on her lips and I can tell she's starting to feel a little bit more relaxed with me.

"Tell me C, when's the last time you've had someone to just go out with? Someone you don't work with all day long, someone you can just be you with?"

"Must you ask? I'd so rather not think about how pathetic my life has become since high school," she drones.

"Well see, we could be that for each other C. At least if you'd give me another chance." I shift uncomfortably in the seat, knowing I should just drop the serious. But then at the same time I can't. I only have until the end of the night to convince her, and once we get to dancing, talking won't be much of an option.

"I'm here now aren't I? Don't push it, just relax and see what happens okay?"

I don't speak after that, just sitting in silence for the rest of the trip. She does have a point, I can't push it. This is really a lot easier than I had expected it to be. But then that's probably because we're not actually discussing anything. Can't be too hard as long as we avoid the serious right?

As soon as we get to the club Cordelia's whole expression changes. It's like she suddenly perks up. Maybe this is what she's been needing as much as me. I couldn't possibly imagine having to hang out with those stuffy guys on a daily basis.

"You do know I expect you to dance with me while we're here right?" I offer her a lopsided smile as we start walking towards the door, digging in my pocket. Stupid cover charges.

"I'm aware," she grins right back at me, grabbing my hand to tug me into the club. This is definitely a step up from The Bronze back in Sunnydale.

She doesn't bother to waste time and pulls me straight to the dance floor, giving me a lascivious smile as I feel the beat of the music start to run through my body. This is what I was made for, and she knows it just as well as I do. I slide my hands down to her hips and pull her close to me. "You're in trouble now C," I wink, sliding my body up against hers as I start to move to the music.

"I wouldn't expect any less from you," she laughs, turning in my arms so that her back is pressed fully against me, reaching behind her to wrap her arms around my neck.

Those were the last words spoken for the next few hours as we danced. Our bodies never losing contact with each other, actually shocking me as she refused to leave me for the several men who tried to take my place. I held onto her tightly when the slow songs played, suddenly the need for human affection becoming overwhelming, yet let her have control on the fast songs.

By the time the night was through I was extremely parched, and very much in the need of some sort of release. Being close to Cordelia like that for so long cannot be good for anyone's health. "Hey C, I gotta get out of here. Gotta go uhh... slay or something."

"What's the matter?" she grins.

"Nothing. I'm a slayer C, it's my job. That whole 'chosen one' thing. Well, two in this case but yeah. Gotta go. So, see you later?" I breathe out in one long breath.

"I thought slaying only made you horny? And it only puts you in danger. Therefore you'd be safer just letting me take you home."

"When did you become so logical? And when did you start paying attention to what I say?" I laugh, shifting uncomfortably in my chair.

"Doesn't matter. Come on, I'll get you home. Besides, I have ulterior motives. If I know where you live, and you're number, I'll have you anytime I want you."

"Uh huh," I swallow, standing up to start walking out of the club, in desperate need of some fresh air. She definitely needs to work on how she words things. Not that I'm complaining of course.

We walk back to her car in silence, my brain working way to fast for me to get anything to even get past my lips. The ride back to my place is almost just as silent other than when I manage to actually blurt out directions every now and then. I know what I want, and I'm thinking at the moment Cordelia's about ready to test out that curiosity thing, but at the same time I know I can't let her tonight. I waited way to long to get back on her good side, and I won't screw it up the very first night.

Once we get there she parks her car and I'm not sure either of us know what to say. We both just watch each other in a very awkward silence. "So, call me sometime?" I ask hopefully.

"Yeah sure. Thanks for tonight. It was fun. I needed that."

"I can tell," I laugh as I take off the seat belt. "Thanks for giving me a chance C. Means a lot. I had fun." Opening the car door I begin to slide out, knowing if I stay in there any longer I'm bound to kiss her. Just before I can get out though she tugs on my arm, pulling me back down onto the seat.

"Usually dates end with a kiss," she clarifies.

"Date? This was a date?" She nods in response, and I can tell by the unsure look in her eyes she's just winging it. Clearly she wants this though, and who am I to deny her anything?

Reaching up I run my hand over her cheek before leaning over and placing a soft kiss on her lips. She seems to freeze for a second before pressing her lips back to mine, deepening the kiss as I feel her hand wrapping around my neck to hold me close. I can't help but let my tongue slide out over her bottom lip, moaning slightly when she opens her mouth to me, sliding her tongue out over my own.

Letting out a small whimper I pull back, too worked up from earlier to stop at all if I go on like this. "Good night C," I give her a quick peck on the lips before stepping out of the car, gently closing the door behind me.

I walk to the curb, watching as she drives off before I let a smile fall across my lips. That was just too good to even be true. I'm just glad we're not in school now, because I know I wouldn't be able to keep myself from bragging about that. Actually, speaking of bragging, I think I owe my dear friend Taz a call. Besides, if I'm not getting laid I definitely need something or someone to keep my mind off of that subject. Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure this is all too good to be true.


"Okay, so tonight you're going to talk to her," Taz says as she leans over the counter. I'm back, she's back, and Cordy and her groupies are back as well. All the same, just as every night that passes. It's been a week now since I've met Taz, and every night I sit here at the bar telling her this time I'm gonna do it, and every night I chicken out.

"I can't just go up to here with all those guys around. If I'm going to talk to her it has to be at least around people she doesn't know. I don't need people joining in on the bringing of my death thank you very much."

"Get over yourself. I bet it won't be half as bad as you think it'll be."

"Yeah, and you have no idea what I did to them," I reply as I watch Cordy. Normally I don't just flat out watch her, but tonight something seems off. She seems off. More tense and worried than usual. She's usually so relaxed and at peace with them. I don't know if it's just work that's bothering her or what, but for some reason I find I'm actually worried about her. Strange huh?

Though it could always be that Angel refused to give her the credit card or something. It wouldn't surprise me if she hasn't changed any since high school. Soul boy says she has, so I suppose it's not entirely impossible. I changed didn't I?

"Hey, I'm out of here," I say as I lay the money for my drinks on the bar. "Make sure she's taken care of eh?"

I'm pretty sure that it's been established that Cordelia is now 'mine'. I know Taz has the hots for her though, so she'll make sure nothing happens to her. Hell, things aren't even like Taz thinks. Yeah, I'll take her up on her challenge, but really all I want is to make amends. To just talk to Cordelia once. That was the real point of slipping her my number. Not to pick her up.

"Wait, you're leaving already? It's only ten!" Taz scolds, ignoring her other customers. It's a wonder she hasn't gotten in trouble yet.

"Yeah well I've got stuff to do. Catch you later." I swallow the last of my brew and turn to walk out but still persisting Taz calls out to me again.

"You gonna be mystery woman forever?"

I turn around and flash her my best smile, for some reason highly amused by that title. "Maybe," I laugh as the word slips from my lips before turning around to walk out of the bar.

It's not my fault I've got duties to do. All those vamps to kill. Yeah, I'm a real fucking saint now ain't I? Actually, I just needed to get out of there. Out of everything. This is starting to seem impossible. I've been trying for how long now? And what've I got out of it? Two measly friends. Given, it's better than nothing but I still haven't made up for anything.

I find I'm taking the long way home, hoping to find some vamps. Anything just to take my mind off my thoughts for a while. I don't like doing this deep thinking stuff. It only fucks me up more. It makes me want to give up and run away like the pansy I really am. But I can't can I? No, I'm Faith, the badass who doesn't give a damn about anyone or their opinions.

When I reach my apartment with still no vamps found I let out a long sigh. I know I could find some if I tried, they're crawling all over the place but I guess deep down I don't have the energy to fight anymore. Even if it is my 'duty' or whatever.

Whatever. That's exactly how I feel right now. I can't bring myself to care about anything at the moment other than the fact that I want to rage on something and I've got no clue why. See, more of the fucked up thinking. I've really got to stop that.

Letting myself into the apartment I smile, kicking off my shoes as soon as I enter the door. I'd like to say this at least proves that I can make something of myself, but I can't when if it weren't for Angel I wouldn't even have this place. But I suppose it does show that at least one person believes in me. Well, two actually. Taz is actually starting to think I'd have a chance with Cordelia. Now there's a pick me up thought. Can't help but laugh at that one.

Falling onto the couch I see my Playstation still out from when Taz and I played the other night and reach down to turn it on. I gotta give the girl credit, she's actually better than me at these things. I'm surprised I didn't scare her off, because I was a really poor sport about that one. Guess that just means I need more practice. See, there's something uhh... positive to focus on. Playstation's never depressed anyone, did they?

It doesn't take me long to get totally lost in the game. It's almost the best escape from reality. Not quite as pleasurable as sex, but a lot less harmful than getting wasted. Just as I'm really getting into it the phone starts ringing and I'm torn. Risk death on the game, or possibly miss out on an important call. Not that I get those very often. But Taz likes to call every once in a while and I'd hate to piss her off.

Sighing, I put the game on pause, knowing the second I unpause it I'll forget what I was doing and die. "What?" I snap into the receiver when I pick up the phone.

"Well that's no way to answer the phone," I hear an unfamiliar voice tease on the other end. That voice definitely doesn't belong to Taz. Oh God, it's her! It's Cordelia!

"Yeah well, I hate having to take a break from the busy life of video gaming," I laugh softly, knowing this is possibly the most awkward situation I think I ever put myself in.

"Okay, so I don't know who you are, but someone from this number slipped me their number. You got a sleezy husband or something?" She asks, dead serious too.

"Husband?" I choke out through laughter. "No, God, no. I'll never have one of those. It was me who did it. Figured if I you knew I was a chick you wouldn't call."

"Well, curiosity was always one of my weak points. Besides, if I've got women trying to pick me up it must mean I'm a lot sexier than I thought."

"Let me guess, your the straightest one I could've gone after aren't you?" I smirk as I lay back on the couch, getting comfortable since it doesn't seem she's in any rush to get off the phone.

"You never know," she teases. Oh yeah, she's drunk off her rocker. She's actually giggling, like a real giggle for no apparent reason. Has Cordelia ever giggled in her life? That would be like me giggling. Gross.

"Well what if I want to find out?" I ask, knowing that the entire line of questioning is pointless. As soon as she figures out who I am, I'm back to square one. Which leaves me kissing ass, and not in the way I want to be.

"I suppose you'd have to stop hiding behind no name and a telephone. But of course, how do I know you're not some psycho? You know if I didn't have such a shitty day and weren't so wasted I wouldn't be doing this."

"And here I was thinking it was that curiosity thing. And I'm not psycho, anymore at least," I say hesitantly, deciding if I'm going for anything here, honesty is the only way I'll get her on my good side.

"Anymore?" she questions, and I can tell by her tone she thinks I'm only joking.

"Okay, I'm gonna lay this out for you, so stop being drunk for like, two minutes okay? Go back to senior year, Sunnydale High. I was there. I owe you an apology, but I suppose I'm too scared to do it any other way than this."

"A psycho from Sunnydale? Well strange demony things aside, there's only one. And she's..." she pauses, letting the reality sink in. "Faith?"

I nod in response, even though she can't see me over the phone. My eyes flicker over to my game, flicking on pause and let out a long sigh. "Don't freak out C, just let me explain, please?"

"Don't freak out?" she starts giggling again and this time I can't help but laugh back. This is just too amusing, even for me. She's so blasted she doesn't even care. "What are you going to do, kill me over the phone? Yeah, I'm scared now."

"Well, nice to know you're so unscared of me. Look, I just need, well want you to know I'm not who I was then. I'm sure Soul Boy told you I was out of prison a long time ago. I just want to make everything up to everyone. I got myself into a good place C, and now I'm trying for that redemption thing. Give me a chance?" I ask in a small voice, scared of the outcome.

"How am I supposed to do that? Wouldn't that in return involve me trusting you?"

"Well what do you have to lose? I mean, I already know you're hang out right? It would've been so easy for me to figure out where you live, to know your whole routine from just that. To do anything I wanted. But I was good. I am good now C, just give me a chance."

"Faith," my name comes out harsh. "I get you're point, I do. And trust me, Angel's trying to convince me of this point since you've gotten out. But it's not that easy. I know you and him have that connection, but why me? Why would you even care to try so hard with me?"

"Honestly? Because you're a lot less scary than B is. Just one chance, that's all I'm asking."

"Fine, one chance. And you realize how lucky you are that I'm wasted right?"

We both laugh at that and I crack a wide smile. "Yes, I do Queen C. And trust me, one chance is all I need."

"Uh huh. Better be. So, meet me tomorrow night?"

"Yeah, you got it. And before you go," I smirk. "You still curious by any chance?"

"Don't push your luck," she warns, and I can just picture her rolling her eyes. "Good night."

With that I hear the dial tone, the worlds largest smile plastered on my face and suddenly, the fact that I might possibly die in my video game doesn't seem so bad after all. Actually, this is shaping up to be quite the night. I'm just glad I didn't go after any vamps. I suppose luck is finally on my side. Now, if only I can get through this damn game finally I'll be all set. Gotta find someway to occupy myself for the next twenty something hours eh?

To Be Continued...