The Darkest Childe
by Tiffany

(You can do it know you can do it baby)
You were always the darkest childe
Making all the grown ups sweat
Driving both your parents to distraction
With the sweetness in your head~~
You're the one who raped your superintendent
On the rooftop tied his hands and feet to the fence
You sucked his cock and fucked the man immobile
You paid your daddy's rent
You are the darkest childe
You spread your angel wings
And fly through the night into the dreams of ancient ruins
And make them sing

Faith moaned from beneath Cordelia, who was slowly and torturously blowing on Faith's throbbing pussy.

Delia had been taking her time with the other vampire, drawing out the experience to the fullest. She had been playing with her "sister" for quite some time, ever since their sire had left an hour before. She moved in closer to leisurely drag her tongue over the shorter vampire's clit. She held Faith's arching hips down to the bed, holding her still while she worked.

Faith drew her own hands down over her breasts, twisting her nipples harshly, hoping to bring herself to the edge quicker. "Please." she begged, hating both herself and Cordelia for having her beg. She had always taken it as a weakness and the other vampire knew it.

In response to the pleading Cordelia lightly nibbled on Faith's clit, drawing more of a response from her. She grinned as she vamped out, her eyes glowing golden. She slowly dragged her tongue down Faith's moist heat, abruptly plunging her tongue into her dripping hole.

Faith moaned again at the feeling of the cool tongue lapping at her dripping juices. She was able to arch up into the tongue as Cordelia's nails playfully scraped at the engorged clit of her friend.

Delia pulled her tongue from the other girl's slit, licking her way back up to her clit. Two of her fingers gently entered the other girl, slowly thrusting in and out. She gradually moved her lips over the rest of the other girls' body, pulling herself up to kiss Faith, her tongue creating the same rhythm as her fingers were doing.

Just as Faith felt herself reach the peak of passion, Cordelia pulled her fingers out of the breathless girl's body. Faith tried to glare at her, but was not succeeding. Her own fingers started to make their way down to her throbbing pussy, but were stopped by Cordelia.

"Please.Cordy.make me cum." Faith pleaded again, her begging turning into moans as the other vampire thrust her fingers into her again, bringing her to orgasm.

Cordelia cut off the moan, her tongue plunging into the other vampire's mouth again as her fingers slowed their movement, bringing Faith down from her orgasm.

Lost lover shameless girl
Bury me in your sultry curls
I'm in the wilderness alone
Let me kiss you until the dawn
Let me put your wilde things on
I've been howling in the fog so long

Angelus leaned in the doorway to his room, watching his two childer play with one another. He thought he made a good decision in turning them a few months back. He was finding that they were the perfect childer.

Of course, he wasn't going to make the mistakes that he had with his other ones. He wasn't going to let them go.they were going to stay family. They wouldn't know what freedom felt like.

Angelus grinned to himself as Cordelia teased the former Slayer, delaying her gratification, making her beg for it. He knew that Cordelia herself hated to beg just as much as Faith did. Maybe he would help Faith exact a little "revenge."

"Faith, Delia," he said in an even voice, entering the room. "Why don't we play a little game?"

"What kind of game?" Cordy asked, looking up at her sire.

Angelus locked eyes with Faith as he walked to the trunk at the end of the bed and pulled out some chains and manacles. "Just one that will bring forth pleasure.and pain."

He wrapped the chains around the bedposts as Faith clamped the manacles on Cordelia's wrists. Angelus completed the task by clamping the other set of manacles on to her ankles before standing up.

"Faith? Would you care to start?" he asked smoothly, starting to unbutton his black shirt.

"Definitely," the ex-Slayer smiled, gently placing her hand on the captive vampire's stomach, feeling the muscles jump under her touch. She slowly moved her hand up to Cordelia's breasts, her touch feather-light as she caressed them, bringing the nipples to hard points. Faith smelled the wave of arousal that swept up Cordelia

Cordelia's eyes locked with Angelus', knowing now that this little game was payback for making Faith beg. All three of them had a lot of pride and they all hated swallowing it in order to beg. She watched Angelus shed his shirt then sit in the chair next to the bed to remove his boots and socks. He watched as Faith started using her lips and tongue to follow the path that her hands were making on Cordelia's breasts.

He watched as Faith moved her head up, attaching her lips to Cordelia's, her tongue plundering the helpless girl's mouth. When she felt Cordelia begin to respond she pulled back with an evil smile, using her tongue to make a trail down to Cordelia's stomach, stopping to play in her navel.

"Care to join us?" Faith asked Angelus as the latter unfastened his leather pants and pushed them down his hips, stepping out of them.

He silently joined them on the bed, leaning down to give first Faith a kiss then Cordelia. He watched Faith out of the corner of his eye as she moved down between Cordelia's spread legs. She started lightly caressing the other girl's thighs near her yearning center, but not alleviating the pressure that Cordelia felt there. Faith's eyes lit up as she heard Cordelia's moan as the chained up girl arched her hips up.

Angelus placed his large hand on Cordelia's stomach, halting her movements. "Not so fast, little one," he whispered into her ear. "You know what you have to do first."

Cordelia only moaned in reply, not wanting to beg. She glanced down at Faith who was tracing patterns with her fingers on her inner thigh, moving closer to her center but never touching. She saw that Angelus was watching Faith as well.

Keeping one hand on Cordelia's abdomen Angelus reached down to pull Faith's head up to his, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, brutally scraping her full lips with his elongated fangs. He moved his lips from hers, running his tongue and teeth down her neck as his hand moved down to her breasts, kneading them in his hands.

He removed his one hand from Cordelia's stomach and used it to coax Faith's hips to straddle his. Faith rubbed her wet pussy over his hard cock. Locking eyes with Cordelia she impaled herself on him, leaning down to rub her nipples on his chest. Angelus' hands moved back to her hips as she rocked back and forth on him, her movements getting increasingly wild as she came closer to her orgasm.

Cordelia watched as her sire and sister had sex right next to her. She knew she should be jealous, but she was used to it. She just wished she could join in at the moment. Watching them always turned her on.

"Angelus." Faith moaned and she reached her climax, feeling her sire follow her. She collapsed forward onto his chest, resting her forehead against his neck. She glanced over at Cordelia, who had her eyes glued to the two of them. If it weren't for their vampiric hearing neither Angelus nor Faith would have heard Cordelia's whispered word.


You are the darkest childe
You have a sacred duty to perform upon this blessed earth
You must cradle those thoughts of the lustful lonely
Inside your wicked warmth
And you must
Get off
You are the darkest childe
And evil will never stop you
And people will mock you and try
To pop pop pop you into the market place where you cannot be bought
Understood you will be missed
There will be sadness
For the darkest childe
So long

"What was that, Cordelia?" Angelus asked with a smile as Faith moved off of him to sit on the other side of the chained girl.

"Please," she repeated. "Please.make me cum."

Angelus glanced at Faith, who responded with a smile. She moved her hand, gesturing that he could have the honors if he so chose. He reached over to kiss her again as she began to play with Cordelia's still hard nipples, twisting them between her thumb and index finger.

Angelus moved his own hand down to Cordelia's dripping wet pussy, thrusting his fingers into her center his thumb resting on her clit. He watched as Cordelia leaned her head back, her eyes closed, involuntary unneeded gasps escaping her throat.

He felt her muscles begin to clench as he moved his fingers in her, she was close to her climax and he pulled out of her, watching her eyes snap open and fly to him.

"Keep your eyes on me, Delia," he whispered to her as he moved himself in between her legs, thrusting his once-again hard cock into her. As he heard her moan he leaned down and captured her lips in a savage kiss.

He pulled back and continued his thrusting; still feeling the telltale contracting of her inner muscles, indicating that her release was still near but just out of her grasp. Faith moved her hand down and massaged Cordelia's clit, bringing the bound girl screaming to her climax.

Angelus pumped into her a few more times before letting himself reach his second climax. He looked at his two childer, both with their eyes partially closed, part in sated exhaustion and part due to the now rising sun that marked the beginning of a new day.

Lost lover shameless girl
Bury me in your sultry curls
I'm in the wilderness alone
Let me kiss you until the dawn
Let me put your wilde things on
I've been howling in the fog so long
So long to the darkest childe
Waiting in patient anguish
For the scent of someone's wilderness
To howl against the smog screen
Of accolade smoothies
Goose bump burgers and Christ-like fries
How long can this world keep fucking itself up the ass
Wonders never cease
How long would it have to be
Long enough to cause hysteria
Wide enough to cause great pain
I am in the wilderness alone

He pulled out of Cordelia and moved to undo her chains, dropping them back into the chest at the foot of the bed. He slid back into the bed, between his two girls and pulled them to him, both resting their heads on his chest.

As he fell asleep, he wondered if the two would wish to join him in tormenting the Slayer and the self-described 'Scooby Gang' the next night.let them learn that their two former friends, and at times enemies, were now part of what they had vowed to kill.

Oh God
Let me kiss you until the dawn
Let me put your wilde things on
I've been howling in the fog so long
Lost lover shameless girl
Bury me in your sultry curls
I'm in the wilderness alone
Let me kiss you until the dawn
Let me put your wilde things on
I've been howling in the fog so long