Devil's Law
by FemVamp

The Devil's Advocate

Detective Kate Lockley sat at her desk and flipped though her newest case. Yet again, for the umpteenth time, someone had stuck her with an unbelievable and therefore unsolvable case. She suspected that even if she did solve the case she would still have to classify it as unsolved. Something smelt "otherworldly."

This is a case for demon cop.

Kate smiled. Lately both Doyle and Cordelia had been calling her demon cop. At least it was more original then what her so-called friends at the police department called her. The nicest was "Spooky Mulder"

They couldn't even come up with anything original.

Kate continued to read through the case file. A man had been accused of killing a family. There had been a great deal of blood loss. And the kicker was two puncture wounds by the jugular. It was a classic vampire case.

Ok this is bad. Calling vampires classic.

The man's name was Jeffrey Trinker. He was a big time business tycoon. He was also a recluse. Even in the file there was no picture of him

I guess he didn't want anyone to notice he didn't age.

Kate continued to read from the file. When she got to the bottom she saw something that made her blood boil. Jeffrey Trinker's lawyer was from Wolfram and Hart.


Lee Mercer walked down the hallway with Lilah Morgan and Lindsey McDonald at his flanks. They were discussing their newest client. A vampire by the name of Jeffrey Trinker.

"I can't believe that a hundred year old vampire would be that sloppy." Lilah commented.

"It happens." Lee said simply, "He was hungry."

"So how do we handle this one. " Lilah asked, "Do we bribe or kill the witnesses?"

"Bribery if possible, the other if not."

Lindsey continued to walk in silence. He was basically a good guy. At least that's what he told himself. He had agreed to work for Wolfram and Hart because they had offered him a whole lot of money. He had found out about their interesting clientele a month after he started. He had been given a case that seemed to be a normal run of the mill murder. He knew the guy he was defending was guilty, he just didn't know that he was a demon.

Now he was on his way to becoming a junior partner and now he was having second thoughts. Suddenly a conscience he thought he had killed years ago was coming back with a vengeance.

"You've been very quiet Lindsey." Lee commented.

"Sorry, sir." Lindsey feigned a smile.

"That's Ok we all have our quite introspective moments." Lee smiled, "My last one was whether or not to kill the bastard of a son-in-law of mine. Eventually I came to the only logical conclusion. What the hell." Lee paused for a moment, "Oh that reminds me. We've just hired a new partner for our little firm, and I want to the two of you to make him feel at home."

"Does he know about our.....clients?" Lialah asked.

"Don't think so, so don't scare him off on the first day." Lee paused, "We have plans for him. Big.....big plans."


Kate was sitting on Cordelia's couch having a.....discussion with Dennis. Well it was more like Kate talking and Dennis writing on a board, but it was interesting. When Kate had first found out about Cordelia's "roomate" she had been spooked. The two women had been in a relationship for over a month before Kate had become privy to the little secret.

"Here's your coffee Detective." Cordelia smiled.

Kate smiled. It had become a running joke with them. Cordelia very rarely called her Kate. She must preferred calling her Detective when they were alone and Demon cop when they were with the others. Angel and Doyle had found out about their relationship only recently and they were both a little hurt. Doyle more then Angel. Kate had known for awhile that Doyle was in love with Cordelia. She couldn't blame him though, Cordelia was a hard woman not to fall for.

"Thanks Cordy." Kate took a sip of the really bad coffee.

"So what were you and Dennis talking about?"

"The Tree of Knowledge." Kate smiled.


Kate laughed, "The Bible. Adam and Eve. The snake. The Garden of Eden."


I won. Dennis wrote on his board.

"I was playing devil's advocate, I agree with you."

"About what?"

"Nothing major, just that the Devil picked Eve not because she was a woman, but because she was an easier mark. She was an innocent. "

"And Adam wasn't?"

"Not to the same extent. He was in the world longer. Even if the Garden of Eden was a paradise, it was still the real world, which meant real stuff happened. Eve was there for less time, which made her less aware of the surrounding evil."

"So the snake conned her."

Yup. Hook, line and apple.

"This is what you were talking about?" Cordelia laughed, "You both have to get out more."

"You're the one to talk, Miss I nightlight for a vampire and live with a ghost." Kate smiled.

"Hey we all have our issues."

Cordelia smiled and then kissed Kate.

Cordelia and Kate heard Dennis hit his board and turned around to read it.

Hey if you're gonna do that go into your own room. Unless you want an audience.

Cordelia groaned and Kate laughed. They were about to do just as Dennis had suggested when the phone rang.

"There's only one person who'd call this late." Cordelia got up and headed for the phone.


"The one and only."

Cordelia spoke on he phone for a few minutes. Kate listened to what she could. Cordelia didn't sound too happy.

"Let me guess the bat signal?"

"Yeah we've been called to headquarters."

Kate got up, "Well its seems that Queen C and the Demon Cop are needed once again."

Both women heard Dennis once again bang on his board.

Denna nena nena nena ......

Kate laughed and Cordelia sighed.

"You two really need to get a life."


The Devil's Henchman

Cordelia and Kate walked into the Angel Detective Agency a little while later. Angel and Doyle were already discussing something or other. When the two women walked in, both men stopped talking.

"So what new evil is going boogey woogy this time?" Cordelia asked as they entered.

Doyle smiled, "Ah two of the loveliest ladies I have ever seen. Miss Cordelia and Miss Kate."

"Hi Doyle." Kate smiled.

"Can we get back to business." Angel said pretending to be angry.

"Sir. Yes sir." Cordelia saluted.

Angel ignored her and turned to Kate "It seems that one of the witness in the case you brought me was found dead an hour ago."

"Let me guess, it wasn't natural causes."

"It was a Andorie Demon."

Kate closed her eyes and winced, "And the other witness?"

"Doyle has him in protective custody."

"And Mr. Trinker?"

"Disappeared." Doyle responded.

"Damn." Kate paused, "This has Wolfram and Hart written all over it."

"So what do we do now." Cordelia began, "We can't just walk right into the building and say 'hey where'd ya hiding a vamp named Trinker?"

"They'll be expecting us." Angel frowned.

"Well how about you go all secret identity guy and get someone to tell you where he is?"

"They'd notice him." Kate said simply.

"Then get someone they wouldn't notice." Cordelia turned to Angel, "Even you have got to have friends."

"None that can act well enough."

"Then find someone who can act."

Kate, Doyle, and Angel just looked at each other.

"What, what did I say?"

"You're a genius Queen C." Doyle beamed, "Did anyone ever tell ya that?"

"What?" When her three friends didn't say anything Cordelia shook her head, "Oh no you don't. I won't do it." They kept staring this time smiling, "No."

The next day Cordelia Chase became the newest employee at Wolfram and Hart.


The Devil's Charm

"Wolfram and Hart. Please Hold." Cordelia pressed button, "Wolfram and Hart. Please hold." Cordelia pressed yet another button, "Wolfram and Hart. Please hold."

Cordelia had been working at Wolfram and Hart for three days now and every day was the same.

"Wolfram and Hart. Please hold."

When Cordelia had gone looking for a job at the law firm she had expected to get a job that suited her. Maybe a lawyer's assistant or a clerk of some sort. Instead she was a secretary.

Why do I always have to be a secretary? I have skills

"Wolfram and Hart. Please Hold. "

The night before Cordelia went looking for a job at the law firm, she had called Willow up for some hacking tips. She had also managed to get the lowdown on what was going on in Sunnydale. The thing that got her the most was that Willow was dating a girl.

We finally have something in common

The two women had talked for hours about their latest significant others and how everyone reacted to them. While they were doing this, Willow hacked into a bunch of computers and had gotten Cordelia a new name, social security number and had even developed a shady past for the prom queen.

Well I should have been prom queen

Cordelia's name was now Delia Black. She was born in San Francisco to a boozing father and an uncaring mother. Her family moved around alot and she had no real ties to anything. Oh yeah and she made sure to tell the guy interviewing her that she knew about demons and the like. Cordelia knew that was what got her the job.

That and I flirted with the loser.

Now Cordelia (AKA Delia Black) was a secretary at Wolfram and Hart. Her job was to pour coffee, blood, or whatever the client wanted. Her immediate boss was a guy by the name of Lee Mercer. From what Cordelia heard he was a bigwig.

At least I'm working for someone important.

"Wolfram and Hart. Please Hold. "

"Hello, Delia."

Cordelia looked up, "Oh Hi. Mr. Mercer. You have a ton of messages."

"Thank you Delia." Lee smiled, "Anything important?"

"Uhh, a message from a demon named Xavier. Wanted to know if the little problem he had has been taken care of."

"If he calls back, tell him yes."

Cordelia wrote a message on a piece of paper, "A chaos demon stopped by a little while ago, I told him you were busy, He said if you didn't get back to him, he'd eat your flesh."

Lee smiled, "Tell him I'll eat his first."

Again Cordelia wrote on a piece of paper, "Your wife called."

Lee frowned, "Oh yes, the dinner party." Lee then smiled, "There wouldn't happen to be an emergency that I can deal with to get out of it?"

"No, sorry." Cordelia smiled.

"Oh well." Lee paused, "I need you to do me a favor."

"Sure." Cordelia paused, "What is it?"

"There's a detective agency I need you to get some info on."

"Uhhh...sir. I'm just a secretary." Cordelia said worried.

Lee smiled, "You are no such thing. Your records say that, but I think you are destined for great things here at our little law firm."

Cordelia beamed despite herself, "Thank you, sir."

"So will you do the research?"


"This detective has been a thorn in our side for too long now, and with the new partner who will be arriving soon, we don't need the headache."

"What's the name of the detective?" Cordelia asked already knowing the answer.

"He's a vampire, named Angel." Lee frowned, "I want all the info you can dig up, so to speak."

Cordelia felt her face go white. "I'll do my best."

"I'm sure a smart girl like you won't disappoint me." Lee turned to walk away, "Oh and by the way, file this for me." Lee handed a manila envelope to Cordelia.

Cordelia waited for Lee to walk away and then opened the envelope. Inside was everything she wanted and needed to know about a vampire by the name of Jeffrey Trinker.

It's time to get the hell out of dodge.

To be continued