Maybe Gay
by Queena

"Cordelia, I'm still in love with you," he whispered, stroking the back of his fingers down her cheek gently. She opened her mouth, ready to speak to him now, but before she could, Xander closed the distance between them and placed a soft kiss on her lips. His tongue slid over her lower lip, asking entrance, but Cordelia pushed him away and cracked a loud slap right across his face.

"I can't believe you, you pig!" she cried.

Xander's shock was intensified when he felt a hand grasp his shoulder and spin him around. The cracking smack landed on his other cheek before he saw the angry face of his current girlfriend, Anya.

"Damn you! If I still had my powers I'd cover your manparts in honey and let a farm of bees lose on you!" she yelled feircely, smacking him again.

Xander raised his arms, trying to ward off the rain of blows that she was now dealing to him. "Anya! Baby! I'm sor-Ow!" The knuckles of Anya's fist bit harshly into his cheekbone as he started backing away from her.

"You bastard! You stepped on my Gucci shoes!" Cordelia shrieked and started smacking him in the back of the head. The assault was coming from both sides now. Xander whimpered then cut to the side, running away from the angry women.

In a last attempt to cause her boyfriend physical pain, Anya pulled her thick heel off of her foot and chucked it at him, pegging him in the middle of his back. Xander nearly lost his footing, crying out in pain, but he continued to run. "Coward!! I hope your testicles shrivel into tiny, ugly little raisins!!" she yelled after him.

With an angry sigh, Anya flailed her arms out to her sides and turned to see Cordelia brushing herself off. "I cannot believe his stupidity!" Cordelia griped. "Ew, he had his sweaty carpenter hands all over me."

"His stupidity?! I can't believe my own stupidity!" Anya said with self-disgust, falling down on a park bench. "What the hell was I thinking, falling for that loser?"

"Yeah! What were you thinking?!" Cordelia said and sat beside Anya, shuddering a bit at the Xander cooties still covering her arms.

Anya brushed her hair out of her face and gave Cordelia a pointed look. "Okay, okay," Cordelia relented, holding up her hands. "What were we thinking? Of course," she said, reverently. "I messed up first, which means you should have known better."

"You're not lying," Anya said with a nod. She rested her elbow against the cold metal of the arm of the park bench. "It doesn't matter," she said with a pout. "The novelty of those interlocking body parts was beginning to wear off."

"Boy! Good thing I realized that before I actually had sex with Xander," Cordelia said.

"Just rub it in, why don't you," Anya said gruffly.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I know where you're coming from."

"Why couldn't I be a gay human girl? Woman aren't nearly as complicated and hard to please as men are," Anya said.

"Oh, you know that's a lie. I don't believe anyone has ever described me or you as easy to please," Cordy said, a small smile playing on her lips.

"Well, you're right about that. But there is a certain sisterly thing, it's easier for woman to understand why other woman are hard to please. It's like a kinship thingy," Anya explained.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Cordelia said and pondered on it for a moment. "Then, if guys are such a big pain in the ass and neither of us can find one that's worth a damn or not a demon of the night, then why don't we just do it?"

"Do what?" Anya asked, casting a confused glance at Cordelia's profile.

"Be gay."

Anya raised her eyebrows and pressed her lips together. "I'm not sure if I could," she answered. Which was true. The possiblity had only ever crossed her mind once or twice and that had been before she'd been with Xander. She hadn't exactly had much time in the mortal realm to question her sexuality.

"Me either," Cordelia said and huffed. "I don't exactly cringe at the thought of being with another woman, but I surely don't get all tingly at the prospect either."

"Kiss me."

Cordelia turned to Anya, her eyebrows shooting up in surprise. "What?" she asked, a smile breaking out across her face. She had to be joking.

Anya shrugged. "If we kiss each other, then maybe we can tell whether or not we could ever be gay."

Cordelia's smile fell and she looked thoughful for a moment. "Maybe. Okay."

Turning to Anya, she tensed up a little bit. The two of them looked at one another, both more than a little uncomfortable, but still too curious to just forget about it. Anya leaned in stiffly and looked down at Cordelia's lips. "Well! Are you going to kiss me or not?" she asked, sounding flustered.

"Wait," Cordelia said, holding up her hand. "Why do I have to be the one to kiss you? Why can't you kiss me?"

Anya rolled her eyes and sighed. "FINE. I'll do it." She licked her lips and dove in, her lips pressing awkwardly against Cordelia's. Both girls closed there eyes and held their breath as they let their lips soften into the kiss. It really was much different than kissing a man, except Cordelia's lips were perfectly moisturized, soft and she doubted that they were ever chapped like Xander's.

Cordelia opened her lips just a bit, fearful that she would scare Anya with her boldness as she slid the tip of her tongue along Anya's lower lip. The other girl sighed into Cordy's mouth, opening her lips further. Cordelia smiled around the kiss. Anya's breath was sweet and tasted like orange tic tacs. Now, why couldn't men be more conscious about things like that. It was really nice.

Anya slowly and tentatively moved one of her hands from her own lap to rest it lightly on Cordelia's thigh. It was toned, but not overly hard. It was really nice. Their tongues touched just lightly before retreating back into their mouths. At the same time, they decided to pull away from the kiss.

Anya opened her eyes and looked expectantly at Cordelia. "So. What do you think? Are you maybe gay or bisexual or whatever the hell the PC term for it is?" she asked the dark haired girl in front of her.

Cordy raised her eyebrows. "It wasn't horrible. Maybe I am. You?"

"Probably. I liked kissing you more than I liked kissing Xander," Anya answered with a shrug.

"Naturally," Cordelia said smugly.

"So, what do we do now?" Anya asked.

"Well, shopping is always fun," Cordelia said, returning the smile that Anya gave her.