Cordelia Chased
by Dylan

As Cordelia did her best to ignore the pounding of her heart, she couldn't shake the feeling that she was acting strangely out of character. The image conscious cheerleader couldn't quite believe what she had just done with Faith, in a public toilette of all places. And she couldn't quite believe what she was about to do with the Slayer in the sleazy motel room they were struggling to enter.

They were struggling because they couldn't keep their hands off each other. As much as Cordelia was throwing herself for a loop, she just didn't have the will power to stop. The two brunettes were kissing passionately. One of Faith's hands placed firmly on Cordelia's shapely backside, as the other one fiddled with the lock. The taller girl had her back to the badly painted door, Faith pinning her to it with the vigour of the tonguing she was currently giving her mouth.

It hadn't taken them long to get from the club to the motel, Faith having corralled Cordelia into allowing her to drive her precious car. Both girls were still safely in 'so ready to fuck' mode by the time they arrived.

"Hurry up and open the fucking door." Cordelia wanted to be inside, or to be more specific, she wanted in Faith's pants as soon as possible.

"Hey, it's you putting me off, babe." Faith finally got the key to turn in the lock at the same moment Cordelia reached her hand down and cupped the shorter girl's crotch.

"I just really want to stroke your pussy, Faith." She gave the leather encased treat a small rub.

"Hmm! I guarantee, you're gonna." Faith almost purred in her ear, then forcefully kissed the other girl, twirling her tongue around Cordelia's.

The Slayer pushed up against the cheerleader, obviously forgetting the fact the door was now unlocked. Rocking on Cordelia's hand, Faith groaned into her mouth, her heat penetrating the tight leather with the continued fondling of the older girl.

The taller brunette pushed up a little harder into Faith, wanting to see the effect she was having on the Slayer. Faith spread her powerful legs a little more and cupped Cordelia's breasts in a less than delicate grasp. Then she lowered one of her hands down and slid it up the inside of Cordelia's thigh. All the while essentially humping the hand between her legs.

The cheerleader was fairly positive Faith would still be able to feel the sticky remains of her recent orgasm on her thigh, but she wasn't thinking too much about hygiene issues right now. All she could get her brain cells to focus on, was the fact that Faith now had her fingers inside her pussy again, roaming around in the creamy cum.

"I'm gonna do it to you so good, C. For real, you're gonna get the fuck of your life. So if you wanna back's the time to do it." Faith swirled a fingertip over Cordelia's clit causing her to shudder.

The taller brunette was pretty sure she had just had the fuck of her life, back in the bronze. Obviously that was just a starter as far as Faith was concerned. Cordelia bit her lip, not quite sure of what she was getting herself into, but if it meant getting hot, naked and sweaty with the sexy Slayer, she was in.

Reaching behind her, with the hand previously occupied with rubbing against Faith's crotch, Cordelia grabbed the door handle and swung the flimsy piece of wood open.

"Are you gonna stand out here all night with your hand up my dress? Or are we gonna fuck?" The tall girl arched her eyebrow. Unfortunately Faith's own arched eyebrow looked far more wicked.

Looking up through her long eyelashes, Faith grinned. She appeared more like a little Devil than a warrior for the good fight. Her nostrils flaring slightly, and her eyes dark and menacing. The shorter girl seemed to be deciding which bit of the cheerleader to eat first, and Cordelia was trapped. Like a wounded animal being sized up by a hungry tiger. She loved it.

Faith's grin spread even wider as she took Cordelia by surprise, lifting the taller girl up so her legs were wrapped around her. Using her Slayer strength, the sexy brunette walked them both into the room, pushing the door shut with her foot. She encouraged Cordelia's face down to hers, and swept her tongue into the rich girl's mouth. Kissing her ferociously.

Cordelia clung on for dear life as Faith slowly moved them towards the bed. Her dress had crumpled up around her waist, exposing her soft wet folds that were now distributing her excitement onto the other girl's top, around her belly button. The athletic brunette wrapped her legs tighter, wanting more friction on her swollen clit.

"You trying to clean your cum off on my favourite shirt?" Faith leaned back, away from Cordelia's demanding mouth.

"No...I'm trying to make more of it." She wanted to come again, all over Faith. Even though she had done that very thing not half an hour before.

"Oh, I'll do that for ya soon baby. I'll have you squirting like a fucking fountain."

They reached the edge of the bed, and Faith threw the panting cheerleader down, instantly leaping on top of her, between the brunette's long lithe legs. Both girls kicked their footwear off. Faith having slightly more of a struggle with her boots. Then they kissed passionately again. Sucking and biting in their overwhelming appetite to taste and feel as much of each other's mouths as possible.

Faith began working Cordelia out of her dress, not being too bothered about the fact she might rip it in her eagerness. To be truthful though, the normally materialistic girl wasn't all that bothered either. She just wanted out of it so she could get Faith equally as naked.

"Faith...wait." Cordelia lifted the dress over her head, allowing her breasts to fall out for the instant gratification of the Slayer.

Faith flicked her tongue over both nipples, and was about to push Cordelia down onto the bed so she could indulge herself with the cheerleader's large breasts. But the older girl wanted Faith out of her clothing. She didn't want to be the only one naked right now. And as fucking hot as Faith looked in her tight clothes. Cordelia was sure Faith, in the flesh, was going to look even hotter.

"Hey, get naked Slayer."

Faith narrowed her eyes slightly in a warning to the tall brunette. She was apparently not one to take commands. Cordelia lay back, resting on her elbows, waiting for some kind of verbal threat going by the look in the dark girl's enigmatic eyes. She could feel herself getting wetter with just the thought of Faith dominating her.

"I'll let you off that one, C. But remember, I call the shots. You're mine tonight, princess." Faith licked her lips suggestively. Cordelia was still amazed at how such a simple act could practically turn her to jello.

She lay on the bed, her legs spread in subconscious invitation, as Faith leapt off and began undressing.

The dark Slayer kept her eyes locked on Cordelia's, as she lifted her tight top up over her head and threw it to the floor. Her succulent breasts bouncing out with the freedom. She was wearing a black lace bra, which she left on as she slowly unbuttoned her leather pants. The cheerleader was mesmerised by every movement, as she watched the powerful girl strip for her.

Faith pushed the black leather down her lightly muscled thighs, revealing the matching black thong for her bra. She stepped out of her pants, kicking them to the corner of the dimly lit room. Cordelia could honestly say she had never seen anything quite as beautiful as Faith in skimpy black lace, and it looked so snug it could have been painted on.

"You're beautiful Faith. I mean, I always thought you were hot but... wow." Cordelia just couldn't express herself in the presence of such perfection.

Faith looked genuinely touched by the older girl's words, her sexy grin giving way to such a sweet smile for a second. But then the grin came back as she continued releasing her body from its confines. Cordelia watching her every move.

The dark Slayer finally stood before Cordelia, naked. Her firm, compact body, looking like a coiled spring ready to snap into action at any moment. The older girl just lay and drank in the sight, her heartbeat racing as she studied the radiant beauty.

Faith's wonderfully soft looking breasts with their dusky nipples, hard and waiting to be sucked. Her slender waist and solid stomach leading down to her small dark strip of pubic hair. Cordelia wanted Faith more than ever right now. More than anything.

Faith smiled, then seductively made her way back onto the bed, lifting one knee up onto the mattress and looking down at the expectant brunette.

"You look good to go, C. I can see how wet you are from here." Faith's dangerously husky voice rolled over the prone girl.

Maybe before her adventure in the toilette with Faith, Cordelia might have been embarrassed about the comment. But right now she didn't care, in fact she was proud to show off her soaking pussy, because it was proof of the fact that the gorgeous Slayer had caused it.

The tall cheerleader spread her legs a little more for Faith. Giving her even more to look at. She felt like a pro under Faith's lustful gaze, her dark pools devouring Cordelia's neat cunt.

The Slayer wet her lips, then began crawling up the bed between Cordelia's open legs. When she reached the tall girls thighs she placed kisses on her way up. Trailing her generous lips over bronzed skin. Then quickly placing a kiss on the cheerleader's dripping hole, sucking up a little of her warm fluid and drinking it down.

Cordelia allowed the smaller girl to claim her with her lips, as she kissed up over her twitching stomach and onwards to her full breasts. She sucked each nipple in turn, rolling her tongue around the puckered flesh. Then biting non too gently.

"You've got great fucking tit's, Cor." Faith blew hot air over the brunette's erect nipple as she spoke.

Cordelia had her head back, enjoying all that was being done to her. Enjoying the heat coming from the other girl. The intoxicating smell of her, and the taste of the sultry Slayer in her mouth.

She looked down just as Faith placed her powerful body on top of her, lying salaciously between the taller girl's thighs. Cordelia instantly arched up into the warm body, wanting to feel as much of the other girl on her as possible. Butterflies crashing around inside her.

She could already feel how wet Faith was, as the younger girl slid her pretty pussy over hers. It was the most incredible sensation Cordelia could ever even imagine having. Not just because it was another girl, and therefore a whole new experience. But because it was Faith.

It was Faith 'the vampire Slayer'. The sexy bad ass, who could have anybody, anytime. And often did. But Faith was with her. She was fucking her. She was spreading her hot, flowing essence all over her. Their fluids mixing as they rubbed together, groaning and kissing.

The two brunettes slipped against each other as Cordelia wrapped her long legs around the smaller girl, opening herself up, wanting Faith as close as possible. Humping each other's pussies. Their breasts touching, nipples hard and sensitive

"God, Faith. You are incredible." Cordelia sighed, then sucked Faith's fleshy lower lip into her mouth, before releasing it as the younger girl spoke.

"Ya think? I haven't even started on you yet." Faith stilled her motion on top of Cordelia, winking at her.

"I wanna do you properly, Cor." Faith kissed the older girl's neck, sucking her lightly.

"Wh...what do you mean?" Cordelia felt just fine doing what they were doing.

"I wanna fuck your hot little hole. Slide right inside it." She smiled lasciviously, causing the butterflies already crashing around deep inside Cordelia to go fucking crazy. Although, she still wasn't quite sure what the more experienced girl was getting at.

"Let me show you what I mean, C. You don't have to do it, but I really want to." Faith put particular emphasise on the 'really'.

The smaller brunette stretched over to the bedside cabinet, shifting her weight slightly on Cordelia. She reached into the draw and pulled something out, holding it between them.

It was a dildo. Not huge, but certainly on the big side. Double ended, although one side was slightly longer than the other. Cordelia's eyes had grown wide as she first noticed what it was, then they grew even wider as she realised it was attached to a harness. The sexy Slayer wanted to fuck her with a strap on.


"Fuck. Do it, Faith. I want you to."

Faith sat back on her heels on the bed grinning, teasing the inside of Cordelia's thigh with the tip of the stiff dildo. Then she proceeded to do the same to herself, spreading her legs wide in front of the cheerleader.

"I'm just gonna get it all nice and slick for ya, girlfriend."

Cordelia stared at the juncture between Faith's open thighs as she used her left hand to spread her intimate folds, showing the older girl the cavern of her glistening pink twat. Cordelia swallowed hard, watching the tip of the fake cock slowly penetrate the Slayer, as she slid it into her soft opening. Apparently with not too much resistance, due to the fact her pussy was already dripping. Her chocolate eyes remained fixed on Cordelia as she swallowed the toy with her vagina.

As the length of dildo disappeared up inside the dark girl's wet hole, she let out a wanton moan, then pulled it out a little way. Faith pushed it back in, harder and deeper than before, rocking her hips forward to meet it. She did it several times, shoving it up herself slowly. Getting the hard phallus just as slick as her pussy. The wet slurping sound of the Slayer's soaking hole reaching Cordelia's ears and driving her wild.

"Faith, that is so fucking sexy. You are one hot bitch." Cordelia was mesmerised by the younger girl's actions. Watching the sex toy getting well and truly lubricated for her more inexperienced tunnel.

Faith smiled sexily, her gorgeous dimples striking down her cheeks. She pulled out the dildo with a plop, then moved to stand by the bed. She stepped into the harness and placed the shorter end of the phallus comfortably inside her creamy hole. The longer shaft glistened with her pussy juice.

Cordelia realised the other girl's essence was about to be inside her. But rather than gross her out, it turned her on even more, as she lay in wait, eagerly, on the dark girl's bed.

Faith climbed back onto the bed, nudging the fake erection up against Cordelia's hot centre as she positioned herself between her legs again. Leaning down to kiss her more gently than she had all night, the dark Slayer looked into Cordelia's hazel eyes, questioning without asking. Cordelia understood the question, and she more than knew the answer, she was ready for this.

What was baffling her was the apparent show of tenderness towards her from the other girl. She hadn't expected Faith to care about anything other than just fucking her, no questions asked. The cheerleader kissed the Slayer just as gently back and guided the sex toy to the brink of her moist entrance, smiling at Faith and answering the question 'yes', with her eyes.

Faith looked down at Cordelia, as she cautiously slid the tip of the fake cock inside the cheerleader, pushing it into her tight passage. Cordelia closed her eyes, the feel of the long shaft, with Faith's fluid coating it, almost taking her breath away. She wasn't experienced as far as sex went, not by a long way. Only ever having one partner before. But she wasn't afraid of the dark Slayer hurting her or pushing her too far. Somehow she knew Faith was going to do nothing but make her feel good.

The shorter girl gave the cheerleader a few seconds to adjust to the size of the dildo before slowly starting a rhythm, stroking the erection in and out of Cordelia. She pulled it out of the slick pussy, to the tip, then eased it back inside. Cordelia's legs fell apart, as far as she could, to open herself up completely for the dark beauty.

"God, Faith. That feels good." Cordelia tangled one hand into Faith's hair, as her right hand glided down to the brunette's firm butt.

They began kissing more passionately again. The hot smell and sound of sex fuelling their insatiable appetite for one another. Faith thrust into Cordelia a little harder, pushing the dildo deeper inside the taller girl. The cheerleader groaned under Faith, pushing her hips up to meet her. The action caused the other end of the fake cock to drive further inside the dark Slayer, and she groaned in appreciation.

"Man, I can feel how tight you are C. Feels so fucking fine." She lifted herself up, resting on her hands and looking down as the erection slipped it's way in and out of Cordelia, stretching her inexperienced walls with every stroke.

Faith sped her movements up, shoving the toy into the cheerleader's pussy with the intention of causing as much friction as she could. Cordelia fucked the smaller girl back with just as much vigour, as Faith crushed her lips back onto hers.

The stiff cock was now being rammed inside Cordelia at a quick pace. The tall brunette grabbing Faith's ass in encouragement. She wanted as much of the erection inside her as she could, and she wanted Faith to feel as much as she could at her end. They slipped against each other, as their bodies grew slick with sweat. Their combined cunt juice almost sticking them together as it flowed down to the sheet.

"Faith...fuck." Cordelia wrapped her legs around the strong Slayer. "Fuck me hard, baby."

Faith didn't deny her as she shoved the cock into her hot pussy hole. Cramming as much of it in as she could. Firm and fast. Both girls were groaning now. Cordelia almost crying out with every other skilful thrust. Her sticky twat swallowing the dildo as Faith fucked her hard with it, her sticky essence spurting out around the invader every time it got buried inside her.

The younger girl seemed to be enjoying herself just as much as Cordelia as she slammed against her. Her thick dark hair thrown to one side. Chocolate pools closing now and again from the sensations the two girls were giving each other. Lips parted, with rapid breaths escaping them.

The Slayer began rocking her hips along with every stroke, flicking the tip of the shaft over Cordelia's G spot. She was going so fast, the cheerleader knew it was the whole Slayer thing working in her favour.

"Oh God, Faith. I love you fucking my pussy...Ahh! Come for me...Slayer." Cordelia scratched her nails up the dark Slayer's back.

Faith rammed the fake cock deep inside the other girl's dark hole, filling her. Holding it there, and jerking it against Cordelia's sweet spot for a second before resuming her thrusting. Penetrating her deeper, faster. Causing them both to cry out.

By now the flimsy headboard was slamming against the wall, the bed creaking in protest of the vigorous activity going on. Neither girl seemed to care, too wrapped up in one another, and the will to make each other come good and hard.

Cordelia was lost in the sensation of Faith fucking her pussy. The dildo plunging in and out of her. She was loving being filled by the other girl, and loving her hot hard body rubbing against hers. The dark girl's beautiful breasts and hard nipples were caressing her own with every thrust. Beads of sweat from the Slayer landing on the tall cheerleader, trickling in-between them. The sweet smell coming from Faith was intoxicating. Cordelia wanted to burn it all into her memory.

She could feel Faith's pussy dripping down the hard cock, and into her, as the toy slammed inside her pink twat. Cordelia was so wet she was sure it would be oozing out of her, mixing with the other girls, and down across her asshole with the pounding she was receiving from Faith.

The Slayer crushed her lips to Cordelias' as the cheerleader began to shake. Her oncoming orgasm beginning to take hold. She knew she couldn't hold on any longer, as much as she wanted Faith to continue fucking her, she was going to come.

"Oh Faith...Oh! Yeah." Cordelia grabbed onto Faith's ass. Pushing the wild Slayer closer to her.

Faith herself seemed to be reaching the point of no return too. She was groaning with every other thrust. The other end of the strap on pounding inside her, being shoved upwards into her dark tunnel, as Cordelia pushed her hips towards the smaller girl in her need to be fucked deep and hard by her.

"Fuck, C. You're so fucking good." Faith gripped the headboard with one hand, the other tangled up in Cordelia's long hair. She placed her forehead on the cheerleaders' and began to tremble.

The two girls continued fucking each other. Their breathing ragged, cries piercing the heat of the room. Cordelia's ankles banging against Faith's backside, as she stroked the stiff toy in and out of her greedy cunt.

"Jesus, Faith. Oh! Baby...come for me. I want your cum inside me." Cordelia raised her hips as her orgasm ripped through her.

She screamed out, gripping onto the powerful Slayer, who followed right behind. Trembling as she came all over the girl beneath her, soaking both of them in creamy cum.

"Fuck...Cor. Hell yeah!" Faith rammed the fake cock into Cordelia one last time and slumped down onto her, as the taller girl wrapped herself completely around the sexy brunette.


Cordelia eventually allowed her legs to fall back to the bed, after several minutes, unable to cling on any longer. Her strength disappearing from her. She kissed Faith's cheek as the dark Slayer rested her head against her. She felt thoroughly fucked. Her pussy walls still convulsing around the erection buried deep inside her. The fact that Faith's fake cock was twitching, due to her own convulsing cunt, was only turning her on more.

Despite how fulfilled by the other girl she felt, and even knowing that Faith had also came, Cordelia didn't feel the need to stop anytime soon. She wanted Faith. She wanted to touch her and taste her, because so far she hadn't.

"'re amazing. I wanna touch you pussy. I want to put my fingers inside you and make you come." She ran her right hand through the Slayer's luscious hair as Faith leant over her, looking down into the cheerleaders hazel eyes.

The dark girl smiled sexily.

"Baby, you just did make me come. Real fucking hard. You're one great fuck, C." She kissed the taller girl, swirling her tongue into her mouth.

Then she stopped, and slowly slipped the sex toy out of Cordelia. The cheerleader's cum gushed out of her pussy as Faith backed out of her, unhooking herself from the harness at the same time. She slid the other end out of herself and threw the strap on to the floor, lying back down on the bed, reclining on her back next to the taller brunette, catching her breath.

Cordelia turned to her side and began trailing her hand over the dark girl's moist body. She fondled her succulent breasts, then drifted down her stomach towards Faith's short damp curls. Before she reached her goal however, Faith stopped her.

"I need to go pee, gorgeous. And you need to get gone, it's late." She moved to get up off the bed, but Cordelia didn't want to release her just yet. She reached up and pulled the surprised Slayer down onto her, between her legs.

"Don't go...Faithy." She rubbed her engorged pussy up into the other girl, pouting in a totally un-Cordelia like way.

"C, I gotta piss." Faith wasn't really struggling however. Obviously enjoying Cordelia's twat too much.

"So...just do it." Cordelia dug her nails into Faith's butt.

"Huh? You want me to piss on ya?" Faith had a puzzled half smile on her face.

Cordelia couldn't quite believe she had said that. And she couldn't believe that the thought of it actually made her even hornier. But she just wanted Faith, in every way. The normally flawless cheerleader desired all of the dangerous Slayer, all over her.

"Fuck, yes." She slid her pussy lips over Faith's. Her breathing quick and eager.

She didn't care how strange it might have seemed to Faith. Or how disgusting. Probably because the girl currently on top of her didn't exactly look grossed out.

"Jesus, Cor. You're one dirty bitch, but I like it." She kissed Cordelia, then continued. "The thing is though, I don't wanna piss all over my bed. And it's too late to sort out something else. So maybe next time, I'll piss all over ya, if that's what you want." Cordelia sighed at the thought of Faith's hot piss and cum soaking her.

She had to concede that it was probably time for her to get home after all. She didn't want to get into her father's bad books. It was going to be hard peeling herself away from Faith's gorgeous body however.

"I really don't wanna go. I wanna fuck you all night." She pouted again. As the dark eyed Slayer removed herself from her grasp, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"I know. It'd be fucking great, C. But you should go." Faith leant down and retrieved Cordelia's dress from the floor, throwing it towards her. The cheerleader frowned a little, unsure whether or not this was a blow off.

"I know what you're thinking, C. But that's not it. I promise we'll go at it again. I loved fucking you. And man, you got me thinking all kindsa shit now with the whole pissing on you thing." Faith licked her lips, smiling wickedly as Cordelia slipped her dress back on, believing the younger girl.

The cheerleader stood before Faith, looking down into her dark chocolate eyes. She really didn't want to leave. Thoughts of them getting together again, and exploring a few limits, doing nothing to halt the new flow of fluid between her thighs. The Slayer grinned up at Cordelia and lifted her short dress, exposing the damp folds of her pussy.

"Just making a mental note, Cor. I wanna see it again soon though." She leant forward and kissed the dark curls.

"Only if I get to see yours next time too." The spoilt girl placed a finger under Faith's dimpled chin. Lifting her face to look at her striking features, before bending down and kissing her softer than most of their kisses had been.

"I'm gonna go home now and think about penetrating you with my tongue, and drinking your cream." She took a deep breath before standing to go. Faith stood also, her pupils now large and impossibly dark again.

"Go on, C. Get the hell out before daddy comes looking for ya, and finds me sitting on your face." The Slayer encouraged her to the door.

"Erm! Faith? Can I have my panties back?" Cordelia had just realised she didn't have them. Faith having taken them off her, back in the club.

"Nope. I'm gonna hold onto them. Then I can smell your sweet cunt whenever I want." She winked at the tall girl.

Cordelia shrugged. Actually feeling quite proud that Faith wanted to keep a trophy.

"Ok...But what do I get?" She eyed Faith hopefully.

"You get this, gorgeous." Faith slipped a finger into her own wet pussy, then lifted the now glistening digit to Cordelia's lips, placing it in her mouth.

She closed her eyes and sucked on the offering, snaking her tongue around it. Wanting to lick as much of it off as she could. Faith tasted wonderful. Musky and hot. She wanted more. Needed more. Much more. But she had to go. She allowed the finger to be slipped from her mouth.

"You're a fucking tease, Faith. We better get together again soon, cos I wanna eat you out in the biggest way. And I want you in my pussy, in my ass. And pissing all over me. I wanna be dirty with you Faith, really dirty." She kissed Faith hungrily, then opened the door to leave. Glancing at the dark girl's beautiful nakedness before turning.

"Later Slayer." She left Faith looking just a tad flustered as she made her way slowly back to her car. Her cum, and some of Faiths', still running out of her conquered pussy, and down her thighs.

She didn't care though, she wanted to do it all again. With Faith. To Faith. She was confident that she would...pretty soon, if she had anything to do with it, which she did. She was Queen C after all, and always got what she wanted.