A Kiss Between Friends
by Esperanza

Harmony was watching Cordy apply her brand new Iced Mocha lipstick. She had already done the rest of her face, trying to show Harmony the right way to apply make up. Harmony watched fascinated as Cordy rubbed her lips together, smearing the lipstick evenly.

"Have you ever kissed a girl?" Harmony asked suddenly, starting to blush as soon the question left her mouth. It was something she had been thinking about for a few weeks now, although she didn't think she'd ever get up enough courage to ask her. Ever since they had started hanging out, every aspect of Cordelia, from her clothes to her family life had fascinated Harmony. Hanging out with Cordelia made Harmony feel like she was someone.

Cordy looked surprised, "No, have you?"

Harmony looked alarmed for a moment, "No, I mean, that's gross." Cordelia rolled at her eyes and pondered Harmony's rushed statement. Cordelia could read Harmony like an open book and it was obvious the girl didn't think the idea was as gross as she liked to pretend.

"No, it's not. Haven't you ever been to New York? God, Harmony, grow up and face the real world." Cordelia paused and put her lipstick down. Cordy had never kissed a girl and she was curious, like all teenage girls were at sometime. She had seen a movie once where two girls kissed and had rewound it three times so she could watch it over gain. It was the most interesting thing she had ever seen, and made her tingle all over. Harmony was her best friend, and if she had to try it out on someone, they should probably try kissing each other.

"Come here, Harm." Cordy said as she went to go sit on her bed. Harmony looked nervous for a moment before scooting closer to the brunette. "Now close your eyes, and I'm going to kiss you." Harmony's blue eyes met Cordelia's brown eyes for a moment before they fell close. Taking a deep breath, Cordy leant in and caught Harmony's lips with her own. Slowly, because they were both afraid of going too far and scaring the other, their lips gently caressed. Cordy felt her heart start to pound as the kiss grew more intense. Harmony opened her mouth slightly and Cordy took the opportunity to slip her tongue into the other girl's mouth. She tangled her fingers in Harmony's blonde hair and moaned slightly.

Finally, Harmony pulled back with a slightly dazed look on her face. She was breathing heavily and Cordy couldn't help but smile a slow, slightly wicked smile. "Did you like that?" Harmony looked surprised at the question but finally nodded slightly. Her gaze seemed focused on Cordelia's lips before sliding down to her body. As Harmony seemed to stare at Cordy's full breasts, tight against the fabric of her nightshirt, Cordy's wicked smile grew.

"Lay back." She whispered and Harmony couldn't do anything but comply. Cordy smiled down at the blonde knowing that she had complete control over Harmony at this moment. Cordelia leant down and kissed Harmony very softly on the lips one more time before sitting up and slowly peeling off her nightshirt, revealing her naked body. Harmony's eyes seemed to widen and her breathing changed.

Reaching down to touch Harmony's breasts, Cordy massaged them through the girl's shirt as Harmony made little soft sighs as her eyes seemed fixed on Cordelia's breasts, swaying seductively so close to her.

"Harmony, would you like to touch me?" Cordelia asked and Harmony nodded her mouth too dry to speak. She tried wetting her lips but it didn't work as Cordelia took her hand and put it on Cordelia's full, round breast. Cordy gasped sharply as Harmony caressed and massaged. She leant it and kissed Harmony's lips; their tongues dueling as Harmony's hands never stopped. Cordelia broke the kiss and tugged at Harmony's shirt, indicating her desire to have it off. Now.

Harmony paused to slip her pink shirt off and when the two girls leant in to kiss again, they both gasped as their bare chests rubbed together, hard little peaks surrounded by softness. Sliding down to kiss Harmony's neck, Cordelia's lips finally met Harmony's breast. The blonde let out a little moan and grabbed the back of Cordy's head, never wanting her friend to stop. This is one of those moments that she had dreamt about but tried to deny and here it was, coming true. Cordelia kissed and licked her way down Harmony's stomach and, finally pulling off Harmony's pink panties, gave Harmony's wet core one slow lick. Harmony let out a gasp and moan.

"Oh, God, Cordy." She gasped, arching up, needing so much more. "Please." Cordy grinned wickedly at this power she had over Harmony, this power she had always had over Harmony. Lowering her head she gave Harmony long, slow licks until the girl was keening loudly.

"Please, Cordy, please. I love you, Cordy." Harmony called out, before whimpering, "please." Cordy finally took pity on her and found her clit, that one place that Harmony needed to have touched and when she did, Harmony arched off the bed screaming as she came, hard.

"Yes, thank you. I love you, Cordy. Yes," Harmony cried as Cordelia slowly brought her down. Slowly kissing her way back up Harmony's stomach, over her breasts, and finally up to her mouth, making the blonde taste herself on Cordy's mouth.

Pulling back to look at Harmony's flushed face and labored breathing, before taking Harmony's hand in her own. Entwining their fingers, Cordy brought their hands down to touch her own aching clit. She moaned as Harmony's fingers massaged her in so many ways, making her writhe and moan on the bed, all the while making tiny gasping sounds. Cordelia moved their fingers over slightly until they hit that spot and then, my God, she was coming. As she moaned and shook, Harmony kept her fingers moving, even when Cordy pulled hers away. Finally Harmony pulled her hand away and brought her fingers up to suck on them. Cordy shivered and pulled Harmony close, wrapping her arms around the girl. She pulled the covers up over them and reached over to click off the light.

Right before she fell asleep, Cordy gave one last kiss to Harmony's forehead and whispered, " I love you too."