Never Been Kissed
by Evelyn Black

There was pizza, candy, and wine coolers sprawled out on the floor. Fred and Cordelia's idea of a girls' night. Gunn, Wesley, and Angel had all gone out for a guys' night out, demon hunting or partying, leaving the girls alone in the hotel.

Cordelia took another slice of pizza, and began to talk again. "-So then there he was, locking lips with Willow of all people!"

Fred listened, amazed. "Wow. She must have been a real-"

"Bitch, yeah. Pretended to be all innocent and whatever. But I didn't really care. Who needs a loser like Xander Harris? Besides, she's lesbo-chick now. She can lock lips with other peoples' girlfriends for all I care."

Fred stared into space for awhile, thinking.

It must have been longer than she thought. "Fred! Hello? Talking here. What's up?"

Fred shook herself out of the daze, looked up at Cordelia from where she had been lying on the floor. Fred quickly sat up. "Oh, it's nothing. I was just... wondering something."

Cordelia took a sip from her wine cooler. "Yeah, there's a surprise. What're you wondering?"

"Well... Haveyoueverkissedagirl?"

Cordelia didn't understood what the other woman had said. "Huh? You speaking Pylean?"

"Have... Have you ever kissed a girl?" Fred turned a bright shade of pink.

Cordelia answered this question simply. "Nope. You?"

"Well, no... I have to admit, I'm a little curious though."

It was clear to Cordelia that this girl had probably never been kissed in her life. Kind of like the movie, except, actually never. "You want to?" Cordelia asked her, moving a bit closer.

Fred jumped a little. "Well, I'm not sure if I-"

But Fred hadn't had a chance to finish the sentence. Cordelia's lips were on hers, softly kissing her. She was nervous a first. But this was Cordelia, there was nothing to be nervous about. Fred closed her eyes, and moved into the kiss, getting more comfortable.

Cordelia's mouth opened, allowing Fred's tongue access to it. Their tongues battled, massaged.

As the kiss ended, Cordelia gave a smile. "You know, if the guys would've walked in on that, we could've mad a fortune!"

Fred grinned back. No longer nervous, no longer a kissing virgin, she gave Cordelia Chase another kiss.