Lady Is A Tramp
by Netgirl

Ring. Ring.

Ring. Ring.

"Wait. Hold on." Cordelia wrapped a towel around herself as she dashed across the apartment to clutch the cordless Dennis was holding in mid-air. "Hello?"

"Sweetie." Her lovers voice purred through the phone.

"Hi. I was expecting you to call earlier."

"I couldn't get out of the office. Can't be to careful."

"Never know who might be listening in huh." Cordelia half joked.

"Exactly. What have you been doing all day?"

"Just work. Had a vision. The worlds not ending this time you'll be sorry to know."

"How's your head?"

"Better since you're not messing with it." She never tired of reminding Lilah of that little stunt.

"Just business sweetie."

"So are you calling to check on my health or was there another reason."

"Borrachi has a show in town next month. I could get tickets."

"Lilah Morgan asking me on a date. Well I'm shocked and appalled."

"About as shocked and appalled as I was when you propositioned me."

"That wasn't a proposition honey, I just thought you could use some company after Billy worked his modjo on you."

"Well you certainly made me feel better."

"Glad I could help. Where are you?"

"In my car. I've just got to make sure Gavin doesn't have any goons following me today."

"Is he onto us?"

"Please. The only thing Gavin's on is Prozac. I never thought I'd say this but I miss Lindsey."

"He did have a nice voice. You know I've never heard you sing at Caritias."


"Really. What would you sing?" Questioned Cordelia, genuinely curious.

"Lady is a tramp." Lilah replied without hesitation.

"I think I'm insulted."

"And `vicious bitch' isn't an insult?"

"No it was a statement of fact." Laughed Cordelia. "We should go, you could serenade me with lady is a tramp."

"I thought you didn't want to go anywhere you're wacky friends could see you dating a morally ambiguous lawyer."

"And that's why we're going to a fashion show with over five hundred people." Cordelia grinned into the phone.

"Well unless files and records isn't telling me something about Angel I don't think he appreciates footwear."

"Listen I'm going to have to go. I'm dripping all over my floor."

Cordelia was convinced she could see Lilah's eyebrow arch. "I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself."

"I was in the shower. For a lawyer you have a ridiculously filthy mind."

"Hmm a shower why don't you get back in and I'll join you in a little while."

"Only if you go and get Borrachi tickets on your way."

"I'll make a call."

"And only if you promise to sing Lady is a tramp to me."

"You push a hard bargain Cordelia Chase."

"Well I'll just go and get all lathered up then..."

Phantom Dennis was banished from the bathroom while Cordelia showered. He watched the door open and a tall, statuesque and partially evil lawyer walked in singing softly. "And that's why the lady is a tramp.."