Never Saw Her Coming
by FemVamp

Life is funny. Not Ha Ha, funny but, just when you think things can't get any weirder you end up with mind numbing visions funny. That's what life is.

I mean, just when everything is beginning to get into place for me, she walks back into my life. I had just gotten a job on an off- Broadway play, and it was a lead part no less, and demon hunting had been on the slow. I was finally becoming the old Cordelia Chase again. Minus of course the bitchy attitude (well mostly.)

Then who shows up at my door? Willow Rosenberg.

I'm a seer, I get visions, but I never saw her coming. I never I saw that I would fall head over heals in love with her. Hell in highschool I didn't even like her. Now here I am in love with her.

Like I said funny. It's funny that one minute we were bickering about some demon or another and the next we were having the best sex in my life. I have never had sex with a woman before. Willow has, and she said I was good.

Now here I am sitting alone in our apartment staring into space. Willow is leaving. After five years together she wants to call it quits and its all my fault. One too many late night rehearsal sessions. One to many fights about me wanting to be a star.

Damn it. I really wanted to be a star. I wanted to see the bright lights. I wanted to have people love me. But it all means nothing if she leaves.

I can't let her leave me. If I have to choose.....

If I have to choose I choose her. Yeah. I choose.....her.

I never saw her coming but I'll be damned if I see her leave.