Calling Doctor Jones
by Angelina

Cordelia lay sprawled across Faith's bed on her stomach. She was flipping through a magazine aimlessly. She thanked the Lord that she had had the presence of mind to leave some copies of Cosmo and Vogue in Faith's motel room in the hope that she would start reading them instead of those silly comic books she insisted on poring over. Cordelia sighed. How had she ever got herself involved with someone like Faith? Then a smile played at her lips. She didn't care how, or why. She was just glad that she had someone as caring and loyal and loving and cute and protective and sweet and sexy and... the list went on. Faith may not have been perfect, but she was perfect for Cordelia and that was what mattered. One of her current imperfections was that she had kept Cordelia waiting for 20 minutes while she pottered around in the bathroom.

"Faith, what are you doing in there? You said you'd be right back." Cordelia whined.

"I'm just coming." Faith called back.

"You'd better not be, that's my job," said Cordelia distractedly as she shook her head in wonder at Jennifer Love Hewitt's latest fashion disaster.

The door to the bathroom opened. Cordelia looked up. Her breath caught in her throat as she absorbed the sight in front of her. Faith stood in the doorway bathed in the light from the bathroom. Her legs were bare and she was wearing a pair of black panties. Held up by her hips was a gun-belt. From the belt dangled a holster containing a handgun and a wound up bullwhip. Tucked into said belt was a worn and ripped khaki shirt. Only one button was fastened and the shirt was far too small for what it was attempting to cover, leaving very little to Cordelia's imagination. Faith's hair was loose and flowing in waves over her shoulders. She was wearing her trademark smirk. But the 'piece de resistance' was the hat, perched slightly askew atop her head.

"Woah." Cordelia breathed, standing up.

There were so many hormones pulsing through her body that speech seemed a little too difficult at that particular moment. Smiling at Cordelia's reaction, Faith unhooked the whip from her belt and cracked it once, revelling in the satisfying sound it made.

"You like?" she enquired, winding the whip up once more.

Cordelia, still unsure of her ability to speak, nodded slowly. Her eyes raked over Faith's body. She brought a hand up and dabbed at the corners of her mouth in case she was drooling.

"I thought you might like the outfit." Faith continued. "Of course, me bein' a big archeologist and all, I'll have to explore you thoroughly."

Cordelia finally found her voice. "Oh yeah? What would you be looking for, Dr Jones?"

Faith shrugged.

"I won't know till I find it. But I'd bet my bottom dollar that there's heaps of hidden treasure in this here site."

"Oh yeah baby, you'll have to go deep into my secret caverns to locate my most prized artefacts."

Cordelia's voice was much huskier than usual. She wanted to touch Faith so badly but she wanted to let Faith lead the way. Faith unfurled her whip once again and with a quick flick of her wrist she managed to wind it around Cordelia's waist without hurting her.

"I got you now. You're mine to do with what I want."

"Discover me, I'm yours for the taking."

Cordelia held up her hands in submission. Faith jerked the whip and Cordelia was pulled towards her. She caught her in her arms and leaned her back like she'd seen guys do in old movies.

"I think I got me a precious gem here." she whispered, looking deep into Cordelia's eyes.

"Yeah? Thinking about making a quick buck?"

"Nope. This particular gem is priceless. There's nothin' anybody in the world could offer me for it that I'd want."

Cordelia cupped Faith's face and brought their lips together in a heated kiss. Faith brought them back into an upright position. When they parted they were both breathing heavily, excited and aroused. Cordelia brought her hands down Faith's shoulders and over her breasts. She took hold of the material of the shirt and pulled, bursting the already strained button. Faith looked at her, amusement twinkling in her eyes.

"What? I always wanted to do that."

Cordelia smiled sheepishly. Faith shook her head and pulled Cordelia into a tight hug, laughing against her shoulder. She turned her head slightly and kissed Cordelia slowly and tenderly.

"I kinda love you C."

"I'm sort of fond of you too."


And without warning Faith picked Cordelia up and threw her onto the bed. She shrieked with fright and delight. Faith jumped up and stood over her prone body, a leg on either side of Cordelia's hips. She unfastened her belt and let it fall. Cordelia caught it and threw it to the side. Next came the shirt, which was also tossed away. Soon Faith wore nothing but a smile and the hat. She moved to take that off too but Cordelia spoke up.

"No, keep the hat on. You look really sexy in it."

Faith grinned. She left the hat where it was.

"OK Ms Chase. Prepare yourself. You're about to star in 'Faith Jones: Raider of the lost panties'."

"As long as there are no snakes involved."

"Nope, just me. Will I do?"

"Guess you'll have to won't you?"

Cordelia smiled and held her hand up. Faith accepted the invitation and lay down on top of Cordelia, kissing her hungrily.

And the rest of the night was devoted to playing out the scenes that Spielberg inexplicably left out of his classic trilogy.