Sweet Fantasy
by Anne

Cordelia sat at her desk thinking about her dream. Her damn dream. Itwas annoying the hell out of her. It was bringing up feelings that she had pushed away and didnt want to deal with. All of a sudden she grabbed her head screaming in pain.

Angel came running in the office at her side immediately. "What did you see?"

Cordelia just looked at him "Thanks for the concern I'm fine! "

Angel looked guilty "I'm sorry Cordelia. Are you Ok?" Cordelia laughed. "Whatever! I saw Buffy, In LA." She watched carefully for his reaction. When she didn't see one she excused herself. She didn't want to see Buffy. She was the last person that she wanted to see. Damn that dream.

Cordelia was heading out the door when she bumped into Buffy. Of all people to bump into why her? Buffy looked kinda freaked out by Cordelia's presence as well.

"Hey Cordy where ya going?" Buffy didn't want her to leave. She came here to see her. And even though she didn't know what to do or say she didnt want her to leave.

"Buffy hey. I umm.. I'm heading home. Angel doesn't need me right now anyway. So you here to fight some big bad gross deamon thingie?" Cordelia couldn't even get her words out right. Damn.

Buffy cleared her throat. "Well Um.. I actually came here to see you." Buffy looked like she wanted to say more but she didn't.

Cordelia looked at her strangely. "Me? why me? We aren't really friends, Buffy."

Buffy was debating things in her head. "Yeah, no, we weren't, were we? Do you wanna go grab some lunch? Go shopping maybe?"

Cordelia noticed that Buffy looked like she wanted to spill so she agreed. They went to this little diner type place and talked about nothing really. Buffy told Cordelia about Sunnydale's newest demons and told her about Riley and the rest of the scoobie gang.

Cordelia asked about Dawn and Buffy told her without really telling her much. Cordelia told Buffy about Faith, and Kate, and Wesley and about the deamons in LA. After lunch, the girls went shopping.

Buffy was trying on all sorts of outfits that Cordelia kept picking out. Cordelia was sitting on a bench outside the dressing room when Buffy's head popped out of the door."Hey Cordy, can you zip me please?"

Cordelia slipped into the small dressing room and zipped her up.. She turned around to walk out but Buffy grabbed her hand. "What?" Cordelia wanted her to ket her go before she did something stupid.

Buffy looked straight in her eyes. She took a deep breath "Now's as good as any." With that she leaned forward and kissed the stunned cheerleader right on the lips.

Cordelia gasped slightly but didn't pull away. Buffy took the open mouth as an invation to dip her toungue in deeper. Their breath mixed as the tongues mingled. After a few moments they broke apart. You know needing oxygen and all.

"Wow! That was good." Cordelia sounded suprised. "And here I thought you wanted me to get you info on Angel."

Buffy laughed softly. But didn't say anything. Cordelia noticed her staring but couldnt figure out why. Finally she asked "What? What are you waiting for?"

Buffy shook her head. "You didnt seem suprised that I kissed you. Why not?"

Cordelia looked at her. "Honestly I was suprised, but at the kiss -- not your feelings."

Buffy's mouth was slightly agape. "How do you know what my feelings are?"

Cordelia laughed "I had a dream and then I had a vision of you, here. Not kissing me but here in LA. So I put 2 and 2 together and i got 4."

Buffy laughed at her little joke. "So what was this dream about?"

Cordelia laughed "How about you change into your clothes and we can go back to my place and I'll tell ya there." She leaned over and Kissed Buffy on the lips. Just a little kiss and then she left the dressing room.

Buffy changed quickly and then they went back to Cordy's place. After a little talking they made it to the bedroom discarding articles of clothing at every step. Finally they fell on the bed naked and kissing passionately.

The next morning Cordelia woke up holding her head. "I just wish these damn dreams would stop." She felt two small but strong arms slip around her waist.

Buffy placed a kiss on her shoulder "Bad dream?" She asked.

Cordelia turned in her arms. "Nope" she smiled "Just a little fantasy." Buffy mumbled something and snuggled up to the brunette.

Cordelia wrapped her arms around Buffy and drifted back to sleep.