The Brink Of Understanding
by FemVamp

Cordelia Chase was sitting at a table in a restaurant alone. She hated to be alone but when you worked for a guy who didn't eat, much less go out in the daytime you didn't have much of a choice in the matter. There was always Wesley, but he was busy doing something or other. Besides Cordelia didn't want to eat and talk about demons and things and that's what all the conversations turned to when Wesley was around.

"So he spent the night?" Cordelia heard a man at the next table speak.

"Yes. " a woman responded.

Cordelia recognized the voice as Detective Kate Lockley. Cordelia smiled. Kate had a guy stay over. Maybe she was getting better. Cordelia remembered how bad Kate had been in the last few days. The death of her father had really hit her hard. She had almost lost it completely. Cordelia was proud of herself and the part she had played in helping the dynamic if somewhat cold Detective.

"I can't believe you spent the night with that broody source of yours."

Broody? Cordelia's heart skipped a beat.

"What was his name, Angle?' The man continued.

"Angel." The woman answered.

Oh my God. Oh my God. This is bad. This is way bad. This is end of the world, Armageddon, bad. Angelus bad.

Cordelia was panicking big time. She grabbed her cell phone and called the office. There was no answer.

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.

Could Angelus be back?

No it can't be. Angel's not that stupid. But he's a guy. A dead guy, but a guy. And the Detective is kinda cute in a Cagney and Lacey, you make one false move and I'll shoot you, sort of way. Then again, that IS Angel's type.


Cordelia looked up and saw Detective Lockely standing in front of her. Yes she was good looking. And her eyes.

No this isn't the time to think about that.

"Detective did you have sex with Angel last night?" Cordelia said bluntly.

Cordelia watched at the Kate's face turned white.

She has. Damn. This is I have to tell her.

"Because if you did. You are in real, and I mean real trouble. "

"What do you mean?" Kate asked worried.

"Angel can't have sex." Cordelia stammered in what she recognized as Willow mode, "I mean he can have sex, he has all the parts, but.... but he can't have sex.... not without becoming evil and bad....and evil."

Kate sat down across from Cordelia as she continued to babble, "My God.... You don't know what you've done. It's not your fault you had no way of knowing, but.... My God I have to call Buffy."

Cordelia grabbed her cell-phone again and was ready to press the speed dial for Giles' flat when Kate grabbed her arm.

"I didn't sleep with Angel." Kate smiled re-assuringly. "He was injured and I didn't know what to do so I put him in my bed and I slept on the couch. "

Thank God.

"Thank God."

"So, why can't Angel have sex?" Kate asked.

Cordelia frowned, "It's the escape clause for him having a soul. If he has one moment of true happiness, true peace. He will lose his soul and become Angelus again." Cordelia paused, "You don't want to meet Angelus, trust me on that."

"Bad, huh?"

"Bad doesn't begin to tell it." Cordelia paused trying to find the right words, "For every good there is in Angel there is twice as much bad in Angelus. Everything Angel does is because of Angelus. Because of what he did, as Angelus."

Kate frowned, "I didn't know."

"You can't have sex with Angel." Cordelia was back in Willow mode, "I know he is sexy and all that..... I mean even I had a thing for him at one point, but he can't find happiness, not now. Not anymore. If he does..... I know you love him. Anyone could. Trust me. People have tried. Just don't....."

"Cordelia." Kate smiled, "I'm not in love with Angel."

Cordelia looked at Kate blankly. "You're not."

Kate laughed, "Don't sound so surprised. Not everyone goes for the brooding hero. I perfer a little more down to earth. Plus I like.....people with heartbeats."


Kate smiled at Cordelia. Cordelia noticed for the first time that her hand was in the detective's. It felt comfortable there. She didn't want the Detective to let go. The Detective definitely was beautiful and that smile...

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable." Kate removed her hand.

Cordelia smiled, "Were you just hitting on me?"

Kate's face turned an odd shade of gray, "No...I mean... No."

Cordelia smiled wickedly. "Too bad. I might have said yes."

With that Cordelia got up and walked out of the restaurant leaving a very confused Detective behind her.

What the Hell?